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Wordsworth and Coleridge

by Patrick Campbell

Lyrical Ballads have always been wedded to controversy. Though the judgments of the periodicals and the ensuing authorial reaction have long since been superseded by a plethora of scholarly interpretations, the debate still focuses on their elusive, paradoxical character. Are the poems traditional or experimental, a random collocation or an organized sequence? Patrick Campbell surveys the critical fluctuations of nearly two centuries while privileging recent approaches which have sought fresh perspectives on the volume - contextual, formalist and genre-based, psycho-analytic, materialist, maverick. The Ancient Mariner, Tintern Abbey, The Thorn and The Idiot Boy accorded individual treatment. The author then offers a personal interpretation of all the remaining poems and considers the vexed issue of the unity of Lyrical Ballads from a fresh perspective.

Sheridan And Goldsmith

by Katharine Worth

Each generation needs to be introduced to the culture and great works of the past and to reinterpret them in its own ways. This series re-examines the important English dramatists of earlier centuries in the light of new information, ew interests and new attitudes. The books will be relevant to those interested in literatire, theatre and cultural history, and to threatre-goers and general readers who want an up-to-date view of these dramatists and their plays, with the emphasis on performance and relevant culture history. This book explores the reasons for the deep and lasting appeal of Sheridan's and Goldsmith's comedies, showing how they operate at the profound imaginative level and draw on their author's experience as Irish wits in an English scene. Their subtle dramatic techniques are examined in relation to physical features of the eighteenth-century stage. A chapter on sentimental comedy relates to plays such as Hugh Kelly's False Delicacy to the balance of irony and sentiment in Goldsmith's The Good Natur'd Man and Sheridan's A Trip to Scarborough. The continuing freshness of the comedy of mistakes, masks and Harlequin-like role playing which the two playwrights draw from the operatic and theatrical conventions of their day is illustrated from modern productions. These have helped to illuminate the psychological truth and social awareness underlying the sparkling surfaces of Sheridan's and Goldsmith's classic comedies.

An Introduction to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English

by R. P. Draper

This critical survey of modern poetry from Thomas Hardy to Seamus Heaney considers both the self-consciously revolutionary innovations of Modernism and more traditional developments, taking fully into account the extent to which 'English' can no longer be equated solely with England. Scots, Welsh and Irish poetry, and poetry from Commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean, are recognised as equally important aspects of the diversity that characterises modern poetry in English; and, in particular, the contributions of North American poets such as Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens and Robert Lowell receive the major emphasis that their achievement and extensive influence warrants and attention is given to important new perspectives in the work of women poets such as Adrienne Rich, Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop.

Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care

by James Jaggers Dunbar Ivy Eduardo M. Da Cruz

An innovative book that covers the fields of pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery and intensive care, also providing the availability of a specific website that will facilitate comprehensive data on surgical and medical management of congenital or acquired cardiac disease in pediatric patients and in adult patients with congenital heart disease. The aim of the textbook is to teach the bedside physicians, pediatricians, pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, intensivists, nurses and all other professionals involved with such patients, basic and advanced concepts of anatomy, pathophysiology, pre, peri and postoperative management of critically ill children and adults with congenital heart disease allowing these professionals to anticipate, prevent and efficiently treat such pathologies. The chapters in the book will include detailed description of the anatomy, pathophysiology, current preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative assessment and management of the most common cardiac anomalies; it will also provide guidelines for the management of medical and surgical complications. This includes not only cardiovascular issues but also guidelines for the integral management of cardiac patients, with extensive description of general principles of protection and treatment of complications affecting multiorganic performance, nutrition, skin protection to mention some. In addition, the book will have chapters dedicated to the management of cardiac patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, uni and biventricular assistance, continuous veno-venous and arterio-venous hemofiltration and plasma exchange. Practical guidelines for cardiovascular nursing, research and physiotherapy care will be also included in the book. It will include chapters focused on cardiac database & risk factor assessment, cardiac transport, cardiac transplantation, acute and chronic pulmonary hypertension, management of cardiac failure, hybrid approach to complex cardiac defects, discontinuation of life and management of cardiac anomalies in underdeveloped countries, to mention some. Last but not least, the project includes a specific website allowing caregivers to review medical and surgical procedures and to estimate their patients risk scores by the Aristotle score system. For this, a contract would have to be established with the Aristotle Society and we do not anticipate any inconvenient with this procedure, Dr Lacour-Gayet being one of the mentors of this score. "

Principles of Diabetes Mellitus

by Leonid Poretsky

"Principles of Diabetes Mellitus, Second Edition" is an important update to the comprehensive textbook first published in 2002 and reissued in 2004. It is written for physicians of all specialties who, on a daily basis, deal with an illness which has reached epidemic proportions. The book is also intended for medical students and investigators of all aspects of diabetes. The last five years have witnessed major developments in our understanding of diabetes and in therapeutic approaches to this disease. Thus, in addition to updating all chapters, the authors added eight new chapters to the second edition. "Principles of Diabetes Mellitus, Second Edition" covers diabetes in all of its aspects - genetics, epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, therapy and prevention.

Management of Insect Pests to Agriculture

by Henryk Czosnek Murad Ghanim

Thanks to the application of new technologies such as whole-genome sequencing, analysis of transcriptome and proteome of insect pest to agriculture, great progress has been made in understanding the life style, reproduction, evolution and nuisance to crops caused by insect pests such as aphids, planthoppers, and whiteflies. We believe that time has come to summarize progress and to have a glance over the horizon. In this Book experts in the field discuss novel means to increase the different kinds of resistances of plants to better limit the effects of pest, to understand and disturb the hormonal regulation of embryogenesis, molting, metamorphosis and reproduction, to determine the function of insect genes in diverse processes such as metabolism, interaction with plants, virus transmission, development, and adaptation to a changing environment. The knowledge presented here is discussed with the aim of further improving control strategies of insect pestsman";mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-bidi;mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi; mso-ansi-language:NL;mso-fareast-language:NL;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA">.

Insects and Diseases of Mediterranean Forest Systems

by Timothy D. Paine François Lieutier

Insect and disease issues are often specific to the Mediterranean forest systems rather than shared with the temperate forests. In addition to the specific native insects and diseases, the forests are subject to the invasion of exotic species. The forests are also at risk from high degrees of human activity, including changing patterns of forest fires, land management activities, intensive plantation forestry using introduced timber species from other Mediterranean climate zones, and atmospheric deposition. Combined with elements of global climate change that may disproportionately affect Mediterranean climate systems, this creates a number of significant management issues that are unique to the Mediterranean forests. It is our goal that the information contained in this volume will contribute to understanding the unique aspects of Mediterranean forest systems and to protecting these critical resources.

Prediction Methods for Blood Glucose Concentration

by Luigi Del Re Eric Renard John Bagterp Jørgensen Harald Kirchsteiger

This book tackles the problem of overshoot and undershoot in blood glucose levels caused by delay in the effects of carbohydrate consumption and insulin administration. The ideas presented here will be very important in maintaining the welfare of insulin-dependent diabetics and avoiding the damaging effects of unpredicted swings in blood glucose - accurate prediction enables the implementation of counter-measures. The glucose prediction algorithms described are also a key and critical ingredient of automated insulin delivery systems, the so-called "artificial pancreas". The authors address the topic of blood-glucose prediction from medical, scientific and technological points of view. Simulation studies are utilized for complementary analysis but the primary focus of this book is on real applications, using clinical data from diabetic subjects. The text details the current state of the art by surveying prediction algorithms, and then moves beyond it with the most recent advances in data-based modeling of glucose metabolism. The topic of performance evaluation is discussed and the relationship of clinical and technological needs and goals examined with regard to their implications for medical devices employing prediction algorithms. Practical and theoretical questions associated with such devices and their solutions are highlighted. This book shows researchers interested in biomedical device technology and control researchers working with predictive algorithms how incorporation of predictive algorithms into the next generation of portable glucose measurement can make treatment of diabetes safer and more efficient.

Kant's Radical Subjectivism

by Dennis Schulting

In this book, Dennis Schulting presents a staunch defence of Kant's radical subjectivism about the possibility of knowledge. This defence is mounted by means of a comprehensive analysis of what is arguably the centrepiece of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, namely, the Transcendental Deduction of the Categories. Radical subjectivism about the possibility of knowledge is to be understood as the thesis that the possibility of knowledge of objects essentially and wholly depends on subjective functions of thought, or the capacity to judge by virtue of transcendental apperception, given sensory input. Subjectivism thus defined is not about merely the necessary conditions of knowledge, but nor is it claimed that it grounds the very existence of things. Novel interpretations are provided of such central themes as the objective unity of apperception, the threefold synthesis, judgement, truth and objective validity, spontaneity in judgement, figurative synthesis and spatial unity, nonconceptual content, idealism and the thing in itself, and material synthesis. One chapter is dedicated to the interpretation of the Deduction by Kant's most prominent successor, G. W. F. Hegel, and throughout Schulting critically engages with the work of contemporary readers of Kant such as Lucy Allais, Robert Hanna, John McDowell, Robert Pippin, and James Van Cleve.

Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery

by Hui Sen Chong Carol E. H. Scott-Conner Jamal J. Hoballah

This text is a fully updated and revised third edition of a highly successful text. The format of this text is unique and has been very successful. A total of 286 short chapters organized into 24 Sections provide operative dictation templates for all of the common and the vast majority of the uncommon and even rare operations performed by general and vascular surgeons. Each chapter also provides a succinct synopsis of the operation through bullet-ed lists which include Indications, Essential Steps, Note these Variations, and Complications. The book thus serves two purposes: these operative dictation templates can be used verbatim when dictating the operative note for a procedure; and the book provides ready reference to the trainee going into the operating room to do the procedure for the first time, or to someone preparing for their Board examinations. Space for notes allows surgeons to personalize the book and turn it into a resource unique to their situation. Fully updated and expanded, Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery, Third Edition includes significant additions that include flexible endoscopic procedures (now recognized as a core part of general surgery training and practice), single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and robotic approaches to the rectum. The endovascular procedures have been significantly expanded, as have the approaches to venous disease and to A-V fistula creation. Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery, Third Edition is intended for practicing surgeons, who may modify each template to reflect their own individual practice. It also serves as a concise reminder of essential steps in those operations that may be only rarely performed.

Gravity Inversion and Integration

by Mohammad Bagherbandi Lars E. Sjöberg

This book contains theory and applications of gravity both for physical geodesy and geophysics. It identifies classical and modern topics for studying the Earth. Worked-out examples illustrate basic but important concepts of the Earth's gravity field. In addition, coverage details the Geodetic Reference System 1980, a versatile tool in most applications of gravity data. The authors first introduce the necessary mathematics. They then review classic physical geodesy, including its integral formulas, height systems and their determinations. The next chapter presents modern physical geodesy starting with the original concepts of M. S. Molodensky. A major part of this chapter is a variety of modifying Stokes' formula for geoid computation by combining terrestrial gravity data and an Earth Gravitational Model. Coverage continues with a discussion that compares today's methods for modifying Stokes' formulas for geoid and quasigeoid determination, a description of several modern tools in physical geodesy, and a review of methods for gravity inversion as well as analyses for temporal changes of the gravity field. This book aims to broaden the view of scientists and students in geodesy and geophysics. With a focus on theory, it provides basic and some in-depth knowledge about the field from a geodesist's perspective.

Post-Sustainability and Environmental Education

by Stephen Sterling Bob Jickling

This book provides a critique of over two decades of sustained effort to infuse educational systems with education for sustainable development. Taking to heart the idea that deconstruction is a prelude to reconstruction, this critique leads to discussions about how education can be remade, and respond to the educational imperatives of our time, particularly as they relate to ecological crises and human-nature relationships. It will be of great interest to students and researchers of sociology, education, philosophy and environmental issues.

Orofacial Disorders

by Nelson Rhodus James Fricton João N. A. R. Ferreira

This cutting-edge book is a quick reference guide to the evidence-based evaluation, diagnosis, and management of the broad spectrum of orofacial disorders. Each chapter is devoted to a particular disease or disorder and presents advances in our understanding of the condition, the most recent evaluation and diagnostic strategies, and up-to-date treatment approaches. In addition, strategies for integration of care into routine dental practice are explained, and information provided on how to comprehensively diagnose and manage orofacial disorders. The coverage encompasses the latest technological advances in the field, such as novel pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, gene transfer techniques, radiotherapy modalities, and a vast array of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches including complementary and alternative therapies for orofacial disorders. Although the management of orofacial disorders is emerging as a distinct field of dentistry, many dentists and physicians are unfamiliar with recent advances in the care of patients with these disorders including orofacial pain, oral lesions and cancer, malodor, xerostomia, obstructive sleep apnea, bruxism and oral parafunctional behaviors, temporomandibular disorders, occlusal dysesthesias, orofacial neuropathic pains, and headaches. This book, written by world class experts, is deliberately geared to the level of understanding of a clinician. It will serve as an ideal evidence-based reference and source of specific clinical recommendations in daily practice.

Identity, Meaning, and Subjectivity in Career Development

by Julie Gedro

This book closely interrogates the construct of identity and the role it plays in career development. It provides guidance for HRD practitioners and researchers who create career development programs through a typology of different categories of identity, such as demographics, life events, and career histories. The book presents a framework for considering and addressing career development from a critically reflective perspective of identity as a result of choice, chance, and adaptation. It offers a comprehensive understanding and awareness of tacit, nuanced, and stigmatized issues that were once shameful but have now become more socially acceptable. As a result, HRD practitioners can design programs and resources that have a richness and relevance that might heretofore be lacking. The book also offers guidance for individuals as they take charge of their own identities and career trajectories in an increasingly complex and unpredictable working environment.

The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War

by Robert J. Gordon

In the century after the Civil War, an economic revolution improved the American standard of living in ways previously unimaginable. Electric lighting, indoor plumbing, home appliances, motor vehicles, air travel, air conditioning, and television transformed households and workplaces. With medical advances, life expectancy between 1870 and 1970 grew from forty-five to seventy-two years. Weaving together a vivid narrative, historical anecdotes, and economic analysis, The Rise and Fall of American Growth provides an in-depth account of this momentous era. But has that era of unprecedented growth come to an end?Gordon challenges the view that economic growth can or will continue unabated, and he demonstrates that the life-altering scale of innovations between 1870 and 1970 can't be repeated. He contends that the nation's productivity growth, which has already slowed to a crawl, will be further held back by the vexing headwinds of rising inequality, stagnating education, an aging population, and the rising debt of college students and the federal government. Gordon warns that the younger generation may be the first in American history that fails to exceed their parents' standard of living, and that rather than depend on the great advances of the past, we must find new solutions to overcome the challenges facing us.A critical voice in the debates over economic stagnation, The Rise and Fall of American Growth is at once a tribute to a century of radical change and a harbinger of tougher times to come.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis

by Richard Imrich Viera Štvrtinová Burkhard Leeb Josef Rovenský

In the present monograph, we offer current insights into polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arthritis. Both diseases are typical for advanced age, and their incidences increase with aging. Both diseases are a center point of interest not only for rheu- tologists, gerontologists, ophthalmologists or neurologists, but also for general prac- tioners. Early diagnosis and rapid treatment, mainly with glucocorticoids can save one of the most precious senses-vision. Damage to other organs (heart, aorta, co- nary arteries, liver, lungs, kidneys), which are supplied by the arteries affected by ischemic syndrome in the setting of giant cell arthritis, has serious consequences as well. Late diagnosis of giant cell arthritis can have fatal consequences for affected patients. It is a matter of fact that the human population is aging. Therefore, more attention has to be paid not only to diagnosis, clinical course and treatment of rheumatic d- eases in elderly, but also to their genetic, immunologic, endocrinologic, chronobiologic mechanisms, and state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities. I am convinced that the int- disciplinary research of the diseases will allow us to diagnose and treat the rheumatic diseases even faster and more effectively in the future.

Atlas of Thyroid Ultrasonography

by Zdeněk Fryšák Milan Halenka

Combining high-quality ultrasound scans with clear and concise explanatory text, this atlas includes side-by-side depictions of various conditions of the thyroid both with and without indicative marking. Each ultrasound finding is displayed twice, six figures per page: The left-hand image is a native figure without marks; the right-hand image depicts marked findings. In this way, readers have the opportunity to see the native picture to assess it by themselves and then correct their opinion, if necessary. Five sections comprise this atlas, including the normal thyroid, diffuse thyroid lesions, both benign and malicious lesions (including various carcinomas), and rare findings. Including nearly 1500 ultrasound scans and covering the range of thyroid conditions, Atlas of Thyroid Ultrasonography will be a key reference for endocrinologists, radiologists, and primary care physicians, residents and fellows treating patients with thyroid problems.

Dermatoanthropology of Ethnic Skin and Hair

by Howard I. Maibach Neelam A. Vashi

Dermatoanthropology of Ethnic Skin and Hair is a comprehensive text that extensively examines cutaneous disease in persons with skin of color. The breadth of knowledge in this book encompasses the wide scope of dermatologic disease with 26 distinct and unique chapters. It serves as a guide to the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders for those populations with darker skin types. Vashi and Maibach's Dermatoanthropology of Ethnic Skin and Hair provides an overview of medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology in addition to providing an extensive anthropological and basic science background to fully understand skin disorders in persons of color. Topics of discussion include anthropology of skin and hair, biophysical properties of ethnic skin, structure and function of the skin, physiologic pigmentation, mucosal lesions, acne, rosacea, inflammatory disorders, infections, autoimmune disorders, connective tissue disease, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and depigmentation, keloids, scarring, pediatric disease, alopecias, adnexal disorders, common cosmetic concerns and treatments, and cultural considerations.

Human Chromosome Atlas

by Gesa Schwanitz Parvin Mehdipour Javad Karimzad Hagh Claudia Behrend

This atlas presents the results of cases of structural chromosome aberrations based on the currently available methods of analysis for different types of abnormality. It particularly focuses on which spectrum should be chosen when combining the different techniques to achieve the best method of diagnosis in individual cases, for example direct preparation of cells and mitoses, short or long-time cell culture, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), analysis of interphases, microarray or DNA sequencing. Generally it has to be taken into account, that the development of new and improved investigation methods is forthcoming. Thus, by improvement of diagnostic possibilities new fields of investigation arise, and special groups of patients with cytogenetic analyses can be re-analysed under new research questions.

Cross-Cultural Personal Selling

by Barbara A. Sypniewska Anna Antczak

Providing in-depth analysis, this book enables readers to understand the theoretical aspects of personal selling and explores the difficulties of selling services which are sensitive to cultural, age and gender differences, and to customers originating from diverse cultural zones. Agents and personal sellers must be aware of these differences and be familiar with the expectations of customers. Cross-cultural Personal Selling provides extensive empirical research results with special emphasis on competences, skills and qualifications of personal sellers which are necessary for successful, effective and efficient promotion campaigns aimed at customers from different cultures. Academics of international marketing and promotion will find this study extremely useful, as well as practitioners looking to expand their knowledge on personal selling.

Presidential Elections in Mexico

by Reynaldo Yunuen Ortega Ortiz

This book analyzes the transformation of the Mexican political system during the last four decades seen through the lens of its presidential elections. In the 1970s, Mexican presidential elections were without choice; thirty years later, the number of candidates and the competition increased dramatically to multiple parties and candidates. How can we classify presidential elections in Mexico between 1976 and 2012? How should these complex processes and the behavior of the Mexican electorate be explained? This monograph uses a mixed methodology including historical and statistical analysis of the presidential elections in Mexico to address these questions. In its chapters, the project presents a typology of presidential elections generally followed by detailed analysis of the presidential elections between 1976 and 2012.

New Advanced GNSS and 3D Spatial Techniques

by Maurizio Barbarella Janusz B. Zieliński Raffaela Cefalo

This book provides the latest research on and applications of advanced GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and 3D spatial techniques in the fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geophysics, Architecture, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. It offers an updated reference guide on the above-mentioned topics for undergraduate and graduate students, PhDs, researchers, professionals and practitioners alike.

Local Leadership in a Global Era

by Amy M. Hochadel

This book examines local leadership and policy changes as a result of globalisation. The author identifies what behaviours are facilitating the connection of local economies to the global economy and what local structures enable or inhibit the activity. It presents positive indicators from empirical research and three local case studies, that a dyadic arrangement of transformational leadership and a legislative-activist structure are more likely to connect a local economy to opportunities in the global economy. Further, the research presents a new measure for behaviour and structure to deduce the potential for local participation in a global economy. The book is based in and expands several fields of study, and will appeal to scholars of international relations, economics, public management, immigration and politics.

After-School Programs to Promote Positive Youth Development

by Nancy L. Deutsch

The first volume of this SpringerBrief presents a series of papers compiled from a conference about how after-school programs may be implemented to promote positive youth development (PYD) hosted by Youth-Nex, the University of Virginia Center to Promote Effective Youth Development. This volume reviews the importance of after-school programs for PYD and discusses key components of effective after-school programs. It also discusses issues related to the evaluation and measurement of quality in after-school programs. In addition, the brief presents suggestions for how researchers, policy makers, and practitioners can move the field forward and maximize the potential of after-school time and programs for promoting positive youth development for children and adolescents. Topics featured in this brief include: The history of the relationship between after-school programs and positive youth development. Specific features of programs that are important for advancing positive youth development. Issues in and approaches to measuring quality in after-school programs. The Quality, Engagement, Skills, Transfer (QuEST) model and its use for measuring effective after-school programs. A case study evaluation of the Girls on the Run program. After-School Programs to Promote Positive Youth Development, Volume 1, is a must-have resource for policy makers and related professionals, graduate students, and researchers in child and school psychology, family studies, public health, social work, law/criminal justice, and sociology.

Magnetometry in Environmental Sciences

by Tadeusz Ossowski Leszek Łęczyński Maria Jeleńska

The book offers a review of the work of the Polish Research Group on selected topics of environmental magnetism: the application of magnetic methods to study pollution of outdoor and indoor air, street dust, polluted soil, air filters and indoor dust; the use of magnetic properties to study pedogenic processes in soils and soil structure; as well as deposition processes in recent sediments. The authors focus on detailed cases and provide in-depth explanations of the causes of and relations between physical processes. The examples of different studies demonstrate how to apply magnetometry to solve problems in related disciplines, how to better understand the complexity of the magnetic structure of substances and mediums as well as how to trace interactions between the environment and natural and anthropogenic factors.

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