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100 Best-Loved Poems

by Philip Smith

Popular, well-known poetry: "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love," "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" "Death, be not proud," "The Raven," "The Road Not Taken," plus works by Blake, Wordsworth, Byron, Coleridge, Shelley, Emerson, Browning, Keats, Kipling, Sandburg, Pound, Auden, Thomas, and many others. Includes 13 selections from the Common Core State Standards Initiative: "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening," "Fog," "Chicago," "Jabberwocky," "O Captain! My Captain!" "The Road Not Taken," "Musee des Beaux Arts," "Ozymandias," "Sonnet 73," "The Raven," "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," "Ode on a Grecian Urn," and "The River Merchant's Wife: A Letter."

100 cosas sobre mí

by Lucy Dillon

Cuando estás a punto de perderlo todo, te das cuenta de lo que es importanteGina Bellamy va a comenzar de nuevo después de unos años que ella preferiría olvidar. Pero las cosas que ha ido acumulando durante tanto tiempo parecen no encajar con la persona que es ahora.Así que Gina toma una decisión para simplificar su vida. Va a regalarlo todo y a quedarse solo con un centenar de objetos especiales. No necesita nada más.Pero eso significará afrontar de una vez por todas su pasado y estar dispuesta a recibir al futuro. Y a lo que este pueda traer#La crítica ha dicho...«Llegará al corazón de las lectoras y las mantendrá enganchadas hasta el final».Publishers Weekly«Una novela que te hará sentir bien sobre la importancia de vivir la vida al máximo».The Sun«Absolutamente brillante. Inteligente y enormemente emocionante. Se lo recomendaré a todas mis amigas».Sophie Kinsella, autora de Loca por las compras«100 cosas sobre mí es agridulce, delicioso y, finalmente, redentor; el tipo de libro que hace que quieras vivir mejor tu propia vida».Jojo Moyes, autora de Yo antes de ti«Cuando termines de leer 100 cosas sobre mí sentirás que conoces a la protagonista como a tu mejor amiga# Una novela que de alguna manera logra reunir tus más románticas fantasías con una reflexión realista sobre la vida en toda su gloriosa complejidad».Cosmopolitan online«Una historia inteligente, reconfortante y muy real sobre la pérdida y la redención».Stylist«Una novela profunda y romántica».Sunday Mirror

100 Drawings

by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Glück, director of Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum, wrote as early as 1922 of Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) that his drawings were perhaps his ultimate artistic achievement. This founder of Secessionsstil and leader of the revolt against the Viennese academies was able to achieve greater freedom in his drawings than in his more laboriously executed paintings. While there are only about two hundred completed oils, the drawings number in the thousands, and are reported to have at times quite littered his studio. He himself considered them finished works, and often exhibited them alongside his paintings.Klimt's subject matter is almost exclusively the female body, naked or half clothed. For this he earned the reputation of erotic artist, and while he did not suffer the outright persecutions of his successors Schiele and Kokoschka, he was nevertheless subjected to the trials that a frankly erotic artist had to undergo in Vienna, where the everyday subject of conversation was the current love affairs of celebrities but where audiences were shocked by the sight of a dancer's naked legs. An issue of Ver Sacrum which reproduced one of his drawings was confiscated by the authorities. The drawings reveal above all that concern of great draughtsmen from Michelangelo through Blake the marriage of subtle grace and expressive dynamism that is the human body. Like that of these two past masters, Klimt's method is essentially linear. He knew, as they did, that line, rather than shading, the creation of volume or the use of color, is the natural medium for expressing the freedom of the living human form. As he matured as an artist there was an increasing awareness of this and a greater and greater spontaneity that approached, finally, "the lightness of a net of gauze."

100 Favorite English and Irish Poems

by Clarence C. Strowbridge

This compact anthology contains many of the best works of 59 poets writing in English--from the complex rhyme schemes of Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser and lovely sonnets of the preeminent English poet and playwright William Shakespeare to William Blake's visionary works and John Keats' profound insights into the nature of beauty, art, and mortality.Here also are beloved poems by Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Christina Rossetti, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Burns, William Butler Yeats, Rupert Brooke, T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden, Dylan Thomas, and 43 other great English, Irish, and Scottish writers. In addition to a concise introduction, this volume provides brief commentaries on the poets represented. The result is a carefully selected anthology that will be studied and treasured by students and poetry lovers alike. Includes 5 selections from the Common Core State Standards Initiative: "Loveliest of Trees," "Musee des Beaux Arts," "Ozymandias," "Sonnet 73," and "Ode on a Grecian Urn."

100 Geometric Games

by Martin Gardner Pierre Berloquin Denis Dugas

There are three loops in a tangle of rope. How many are independent, and how many are interlocked?Two knights stand on a chessboard. How many other knights must you add so that each square is occupied or threatened by a knight?Among six seemingly identical drawings of mandalas, each rotated by multiples of 60 degrees, one is different. Which is it, and why?Challenge yourself with these mind-benders, brainteasers, and puzzles. Each of them has been carefully selected so that none will be too tough for anyone without a math background - but they're not too easy. Some are original, and all are clearly and accurately answered at the back of the book.

100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics

by Heinrich Dörrie

"The collection, drawn from arithmetic, algebra, pure and algebraic geometry and astronomy, is extraordinarily interesting and attractive." -- Mathematical GazetteThis uncommonly interesting volume covers 100 of the most famous historical problems of elementary mathematics. Not only does the book bear witness to the extraordinary ingenuity of some of the greatest mathematical minds of history -- Archimedes, Isaac Newton, Leonhard Euler, Augustin Cauchy, Pierre Fermat, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Gaspard Monge, Jakob Steiner, and many others -- but it provides rare insight and inspiration to any reader, from high school math student to professional mathematician. This is indeed an unusual and uniquely valuable book.The one hundred problems are presented in six categories: 26 arithmetical problems, 15 planimetric problems, 25 classic problems concerning conic sections and cycloids, 10 stereometric problems, 12 nautical and astronomical problems, and 12 maxima and minima problems. In addition to defining the problems and giving full solutions and proofs, the author recounts their origins and history and discusses personalities associated with them. Often he gives not the original solution, but one or two simpler or more interesting demonstrations. In only two or three instances does the solution assume anything more than a knowledge of theorems of elementary mathematics; hence, this is a book with an extremely wide appeal.Some of the most celebrated and intriguing items are: Archimedes' "Problema Bovinum," Euler's problem of polygon division, Omar Khayyam's binomial expansion, the Euler number, Newton's exponential series, the sine and cosine series, Mercator's logarithmic series, the Fermat-Euler prime number theorem, the Feuerbach circle, the tangency problem of Apollonius, Archimedes' determination of pi, Pascal's hexagon theorem, Desargues' involution theorem, the five regular solids, the Mercator projection, the Kepler equation, determination of the position of a ship at sea, Lambert's comet problem, and Steiner's ellipse, circle, and sphere problems.This translation, prepared especially for Dover by David Antin, brings Dörrie's "Triumph der Mathematik" to the English-language audience for the first time.

100 Great Short Stories

by James Daley

"This is a wonderful collection of authors from America and around the world. Centuries are covered, making this a great resource for English teachers and any lover of literature." -- Life Community ChurchThis treasury of one hundred tales offers students and other readers of short fiction a splendid selection of stories by masters of the form. Contributors from around the world include Edgar Allan Poe, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Guy de Maupassant, Charles Dickens, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain, Saki, Luigi Pirandello, Kate Chopin, and Ring Lardner. The stories, which are arranged chronologically, begin with tales by Daniel Defoe ("The Apparition of Mrs. Veal," 1705), Benjamin Franklin ("Alice Addertongue," 1732), and Washington Irving ("The Devil and Tom Walker," 1824). Highlights from the nineteenth century include Ivan Turgenev's "The District Doctor" (1852), Sarah Orne Jewett's "A White Heron" (1886), Thomas Hardy's "Squire Petrick's Lady" (1891), and Rudyard Kipling's "Wee Willie Winkie" (1899). From the twentieth century come James Joyce's "Araby" (1914), Franz Kafka's "The Judgment" (1916), Virginia Woolf's "The Mark on the Wall" (1921), "The Broken Boot" (1923) by John Galsworthy, and many others."A fabulous collections of stories sure to please any reader! The chronological layout is perfect for those looking to explore the development of stories over time and their relation to society." -- Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library

The 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852-1958: Who Wrote Them and What They Did

by Julian Watkins

Styles in advertising will change, but there is no copywriter, artist, or campaign planner who will not profit by studying proved successes, whether of 50 years ago or today. In this single volume are 100 of what are probably among the most successful advertisements ever to appear in print, plus an additiional 13 added especially for this edition. These 113 ads are proven salesmen-almost every one had phenomenal results. They have not been included because of personal whim, or for their beauty. The ultimate criterion here is the only one that really counts: whether an ad did what it was supposed to do. These ads helped change the habits of a nation, built reputations, gave new expressions to the language and-first and foremost-sold millions of dollars of merchandise, from Rolls Royce automobiles to Lux Soap, from Riviera Pears to Steinway Pianos. You learn the salient facts behind these ads as well, often expressed in the words of the originator himself. Men who understood intuitively the workings of mass persuasion techniques long before they became widespread describe their own thoughts, reasonings, and hunches. Earnest Elmo Calkins tells about his experiences in creating Phoebe Snow for the Lackawanna Railroad. Bruce Barton tells about his work on the "Five Foot Shelf" ad, which increased eight-fold the number of coupons received. David Ogilvy describes his campaigns for Hathaway Shirts and Rolls Royce. Raymond Rubicam tells of Squibb's "Priceless Ingredient." More than 100 ads tell better than any textbook or professional analysis exactly what is the secret ingredient that makes an ad "click" when a thousand others fail.

100 Historic Ships in Full Color

by John Batchelor

This collection of magnificent original full-color paintings accurately depicts 100 amazing ships -- from the royal barge of the Egyptian pharaoh Cheops (2657 B.C.) and the Viking ships that visited North America around A.D. 1001 to Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria (1492), and the nuclear submarine U.S.S. Seawolf. 100 illustrations in full color.

100 Horas

by Rachel Vincent

Maddie está fastidiada del circulo de amigos presumido y superficial de su prima Génesis. Génesis está cansada de la predecible escena social de Miami, con entradas exclusivas, pequeños juegos de poder y novios traicioneros.Mientras que Maddie ansía pasar momentos familiares durante esas vacaciones de primavera, Génesis busca las novedades, como una salida de último minuto a una playa virgen en Colombia. Y cuando Génesis quiere algo, sucede. Pero el paraíso tiene su precio. Arrastrados fuera de sus campamentos en medio de la oscuridad de la noche, Génesis, Maddie y sus amigos son secuestrados y retenidos en medio de la jungla para pedir un rescate. A todos les parece muy extraño, menos a Génesis. Ella sabe que los han escogido por una razón. Y esa razón es ella. Ahora, mientras las horas transcurren, solo hay una cosa cierta: Si los rehenes de Miami no pueden poner de lado sus problemas personales, ninguno de ellos saldrá vivo.

100% Naty

by Vicente Gallart Naty Abascal

La estilista e icono de la moda a nivel mundial Naty Abascal ha decidido compartir, por primera vez, todos sus conocimientos para proponerte un fascinante viaje por el armario de la mujer actual. A través de él, conocerás cuestiones tan prácticas como qué piezas básicas son imprescindibles y cuáles te sobran, qué accesorios son los más idóneos para el día y cuáles son los que realmente triunfan de noche, cómo es conveniente vestirse a la hora de trabajar o qué debe contener una maleta de viaje perfecta. Este manual también pone los puntos sobre las íes respecto a temas más delicados como la necesaria renovación constante o los errores de estilo más habituales.Junto al periodista de moda Vicente Gallart, Naty Abascal te invita a descubrir los secretos de una moda que lucha contra el aburrimiento sin caer en el ridículo, de una moda que rompe protocolos sin perder un ápice de elegancia, de una moda que te ayude a renovarte tanto por fuera como por dentro.

100 Numerical Games

by Martin Gardner Pierre Berloquin Denis Dugas

Follow the hour hand and minute hand of a clock for 24 hours. How many times do they form a right angle?Timothy's house has several rooms, each of which has an even number of doors, including doors that lead outside. Is the number of outside doors even or odd?Stimulating and delightful, this collection of puzzles features original and classic brainteasers. The author, a puzzle columnist for Le Monde, specially selected these mind-benders for the widest possible audience, ensuring that they're neither too hard for those without a math background nor too easy for the mathematically adept. All puzzles are clearly stated and accurately answered at the back of the book - and they're great fun to consider, whether you crack them or not. Includes a Foreword by Martin Gardner.

100 primeras palabras

by Varios Autores

Más de 100 divertidas imágenes para que los niños aprendan de manera rápida y sencilla sus primeras palabras. Formato para todo tipo de dispositivos electrónicos.

100 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs

by Guy Edwardes

100 Ways to Improve Your Landscape Photographs is an easy-reference guide to landscape photography; packed with practical advice and stunning photos this book will help and inspire photographers of all levels. This is a simple and comprehensive trouble-shooting guide to landscape photography. the book is divided into themed sections and features simple explanations of techniques, which will help both beginners and more advanced photographers get the results they want. The thematic sections cover all areas of landscape photography, including coastal, panoramic and seasonal, as well as lighting effects, composition and exposure.

100 Ways to Take Better Nature & Wildlife Photographs

by Guy Edwardes

This guide is suitable for all levels of photographers. 100 Ways to Take Better Nature and Wildlife Photographs features 100 practical and inspiring tips on every aspect of the genre. Guy Edwardes' breath-taking pictures accompany his eas-to-follow advice on a wide range of subjects from capturing the actions of large mammals to snapping wild birds and flowers in the garden.With tips on everything from technique to composition, coping with extreme field conditions to Photoshop software manipulation, this is an invaluable guide for anyone with a passion for photography of the natural world.

100 Ways to Take Better Portrait Photographs

by Bjørn Thomassen Daniel Lezano

100 Ways to Take Better Portrait Photographs is a practical and informative guide to every aspect of portrait photography from informal pictures of family and friends to professional studio techniques. It contains: Straightforward, practical tips and advice Over 100 inspirational portrait photographs Invaluable digital manipulation techniques Whether you're earning a living as a professional portraitist or snapping informal social shots just for fun, this latest reference volume offers clearly presented advice on the many aspects of digital and film portraiture: Composition and posing Outdoor and studio portraits Fashion, glamour and beauty shots Group portraits - family, social, corporate and business

100 Ways to Understand your Cat

by Roger Tabor

Everything you need to understand about your cat is here in this essential owner's handbook. Discover 100 fascinating aspects of your cat's habits and lifestyle, learn how your cat communicates with both you and their feline friends, and become confident in caring for your cat, for a happy and rewarding relationship. This eBook features six major subject areas; how cat's work, a cat's life, cat families, cat behaviour, keeping cats, and cat troubles, as well as straight-forward cross-referencing to related subjects, as well as fascinating in-depth features that also give insight into the mysterious world of the cat.

100 zumos para cuidar tu salud

by Sarah Owen

Las 100 mejores recetas de zumos para estimular el cuerpo y la mente. ¿Sabías que algo tan sencillo como tomarse un zumo recién exprimido o prepararse un batido energético es suficiente para obtener todas las vitaminas, minerales, antioxidantes y nutrientes esenciales que necesitamos para sentirnos bien y tener un aspecto fantástico? Este libro nos propone un centenar de recetas de zumos naturales, de preparación sencilla y rápida, que son especialmente apropiados para potenciar nuestro sistema inmunitario, aportarnos energía, combatir el envejecimiento y paliar algunas de las dolencias más comunes como las alergias, la anemia, el estrés o el insomnio. Los ingredientes frescos y sabrosos nos ayudarán a comer mejor hoy para disfrutar de un mañana más sano.

1001 Most Useful Spanish Words NEW EDITION

by Dr Pablo Garcia Loaeza

This slim travel companion and at-home reference features 1,001 common words, each accompanied by a brief definition, a sentence demonstrating proper usage, and a translation. Up-to-date entries cover modern technology and consumer electronics, and a categorized section offers a convenient quick reference for words related to the family, the days of the week, and the seasons. Helpful tips on usage explain some of the finer points of vocabulary and grammar.

100de Maniere vir jou om geld te verdien

by Elmarié Bernard Levine

Hierdie unieke boek wys jou honderde verskillende maniere waarop jy geld kan verdien. As jy 'n ekstra tweede inkomste wil ontvang….As jy meer geld elke maand in jou bankrekening wil sien….Dan is hierdie boek 'n lewensredder. Daar is soveel maniere waarmee jy in jou vrye tyd geld kan verdien en dinge te doen waarin jy goed is en wat jy liefhet. Daar is iets hier vir almal! Baie van hierdie wettige inkomstegeleenthede sal kontant in jou beursie sit, sonder dat jy jou huis hoef te verlaat. Om 'n gereelde kontantvloei in jou lewe te kry, het jy die kennis en wysheid nodig om te weet wat jy moet doen om dit vir jou te laat gebeur. Jy moet weet wat is die name van die maatskappye wat jou sal betaal. Jy het verskeie strome van inkomste en bronne van lopende kontant nodig, wat in jou bankrekening inbetaal word. En daar is meer as net een manier om geld te verdien. Die geheim van sukses is wat jy self daarvan maak. Jy is net 'n paar minute weg om te begin om gereeld dollars in jou bankrekening te ontvang. So waarvoor wag jy....Hierdie unieke boek sal jou honderde verskillende maniere en idees gee hoe jy 'n deurlopende vloei van ekstra inkomste in jou lewe sal kry!…. kies die geleenthede waarvan jy die meeste hou en laat jou inkomste begin!

101 τρόποι για να βρείτε όλα όσα θέλετε online Του Bernard Levine

by Nikoletta Samoili Bernard Levine

101 τρόποι για να βρείτε όλα όσα θέλετε online Του Bernard Levine Σε αυτό το βιβλίο θα βρείτε μια απίστευτη ποικιλία από υπέροχα δωρεάν αγαθά για εσάς. Εδώ θα βρείτε τα πάντα, από έπιπλα, καφέδες και τσάι όπως επίσης ρούχα ακόμα και πολύτιμα αυτόγραφα διασήμων, ταπετσαρία, παιχνίδια, στολίδια για το σπίτι συμπεριλαμβανομένων δέντρων και φυτών κήπου, ψηφιακές κάμερες καθώς και χρώματα βαψίματος! … Συν πάρα πολλά ακόμα καταπληκτικά δωρεάν πράγματα για εσάς! Η αξία όλων αυτών που δίνονται δωρεάν είναι χιλιάδων δολαρίων …και ναι, είναι όλα δικά σας… απολύτως δωρεάν χωρίς κανένα κόστος …δεν πληρώνετε τίποτα… πάρτε τα όλα, χαρείτε τα!

101 Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks

by Bill Tarr

This abundantly illustrated, easy-to-follow guide offers beginning magicians expert advice for successfully performing over 100 tricks, each graded according to difficulty. Requiring neither sleight of hand nor complex props, these fascinating tricks can all be performed with everyday objects.Step-by-step instructions, complemented by nearly 400 explanatory illustrations, show you how to master such all-time classics as The Inexhaustible Hat, The Cut and Restored Turban, Dyeing the Silks, The Chinese Rings, and The Vanishing Bowl of Water. You'll also learn to perform the mystifying manipulations of The Rising Cards, The Telltale Card, and The Impossible Location and to execute such quick tricks as The Invisible Lasso, Steel through Steel, and The Indestructible Handkerchief. With this book as your guide, you'll even master such baffling exploits of mental magic as Fingers That See, The Great Telephone Trick, Magic Squares, Super Memory, and dozens more. In addition to complete instructions, the text includes a glossary of professional terms, notes on constructing necessary props, and a brief but fascinating section on great magicians, past and present.Like many magicians, author Bill Tarr has been performing since an early age. In this book, his enthusiasm, knowledge, and admiration for his subject are readily apparent. By following the expert advice and instructions he has put forth in this easy-to-follow guide, you'll soon be adept at a repertoire of tricks sure to dazzle friends and family alike.

101 Great American Poems

by The American Poetry Literacy Project

This book is designed to showcase the extraordinary richness and variety of American poetry in all its splendor. From formal odes and dialect verse to love sonnets and works of social protest, these poems cover more than 350 years of American culture and history.

101 Great Samurai Prints

by John Grafton Utagawa Kuniyoshi

One of the last great names in the Japanese ukiyo-e style, Utagawa Kuniyoshi was an undisputed master of the warrior woodblock print. Born in Tokyo in 1797, his talent became evident by the tender age of 12, when he became an apprentice to a famous print master. Starting out with vivid illustrations of cultural icons--including Kabuki actors and Japanese heroes--he moved on to a unique treatment of warrior prints, incorporating elements of dreams, omens, and daring feats that characterized his distinctive style. These dramatic eighteenth-century illustrations represent the pinnacle of his craft. One hundred and one full-color portraits of legendary samurai pulse with movement, passion, and remarkably fine detail. A must for collectors of Japanese art and a perfect first work for those who want to start their own collection, it includes brief captions and a new introduction.

101 Needlepoint Stitches and How to Use Them: Fully Illustrated with Photographs and Diagrams

by Hope Hanley

Tired of doing the same basic stitches over and over again? Noted designer Hope Hanley can help you bring new excitement and beauty to your needlepoint in more than a hundred different ways. In this practical, extremely well-organized guide she presents a treasury of 101 decorative stitches, with an easy-to-read chart and an actual-size photograph for each one.Only stitches which adequately cover the canvas have been included in this versatile collection. In Tapestry no warp threads are allowed to show through, so why let canvas show in needlepoint? Enhance and individualize your needlepoint projects with expert advice on a host of exquisite stitches: rep stitch; fancy cross stitch; Renaissance stitch; cross stitch; Herringbone stitch; shaded stripe stitch; double stitch; mosaic stitch; French stitch; Greek stitch; velvet stitch; closed cat stitch; and scores more.The author explains precisely where and how to make best use of each stitch (as a filling stitch in small areas, as a background or a grounding pattern), and tells whether each is slow or quick to work up and whether it's best on mono or two-thread canvas. No stitch combinations have been included, just the fundamental stitch. Think up your own combinations -- there are hundreds of them!Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced needleworker, give your needlepoint a vibrant new look with this modestly priced, indispensable reference work.

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