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Public Administration in Central Europe: Ideas as Causes of Reforms (Routledge Studies in Governance and Public Policy)

by Stanis 322 Aw Mazur

This book examines the extent to which recent transformations of administrative systems and public management mechanisms in Central European (CE) countries serve the purpose of providing effective and efficient public institutions, high quality of public services, respect for the rule of law, and the citizens’ trust in the state. It details the reasons behind the major differences in the modernisation paths followed and their attendant inconsistencies and how, despite the adoption of values and solutions prevailing in the EU upon accession, these countries are shifting, to varying degrees, towards institutional design reminiscent of illiberal democracies. Taking a comparative approach and based on rich original data, it applies theoretical models to explain the nature and implications of the processes under consideration and identifies the determinants that impact upon the transformation of public administration systems and its consequences. This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of public governance, public administration and policy, East European studies, and more broadly politics, law, sociology but also economy.

Gender, Identity and the Culture of Organizations (Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society)

by Iiris Aaltio Albert J. Mills

Gender, Identity and the Culture of Organizations considers how organizations operate as spaces in which minds are gendered and men and women constructed. This edited collection brings together four powerful themes that have developed within the field of organizational analysis over the past two decades: organizational culture; the gendering of organizations; post-modernism and organizational analysis; and critical approaches to management. A range of essays by distinguished writers from countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden, explore innovative methods for the critical theorizing of organizational cultures.In particular, the book reflects the growing interest in the impact of organizational identity formation and its implications for individuals and organizational outcomes in terms of gender. The book also introduces research designs, methods and methodologies by which can be used to explore the complex interrelationships between gender, identity and the culture of organizations.

Constructing Post-Soviet Geopolitics in Estonia (Routledge Studies in Geopolitics)

by Pami Aalto

This work examines the construction of post-Soviet political space, geopolitical discourses and boundaries in Estonia. Making use of innovative methodological solutions such as Q-methodology, its analysis includes in-depth interviews that elucidate a variety of issues through human experience and subjective perception, such as Estonian-Russian border disputes of the 1990s, inter-ethnic issues and national integration and security.As Estonia is one of the frontline EU accession countries and is queuing for membership of NATO, the book raises broad questions of post-Soviet geopolitics in the Baltic region and across Europe. Indeed, Pami Aalto argues that small states such as Estonia should be understood as active participants in post-Soviet and European geopolitics, and not simply pawns in a superpower environment.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An Applied Approach

by Michael G. Aamodt

Michael Aamodt's Fifth Edition of INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: AN APPLIED APPROACH appeals directly to students by incorporating a high degree of scholarship along with many real-world examples that make the excitement of this field obvious. This text integrates charts and tables to simplify such complicated issues as employment law, job satisfaction, work motivation and leadership. While striking a balance between research, theory and application, Aamodt introduces humor to make the student's reading more enjoyable. Students will be able to relate to industrial/organizational psychology by viewing such practical applications as how to write a resume, survive an employment interview, write a job description, create a performance appraisal instrument, and motivate employees.

Wreck of the Old 97, The (Disaster)

by Larry G. Aaron

With Fast Mail train No. 97 an hour behind schedule, locomotive engineer Steve Broady, according to legend, swore to "put her in Spencer on time" or "put her in Hell." Through eyewitness reports and court testimonies, historian Larry Aaron expertly pieces together the events of September 27, 1903, at Danville, Virginia, when the Old 97 plummeted off a forty-five-foot trestle into the ravine below. With more twists and turns than the railroad tracks on which the Old 97 ran, this book chronicles the story of one of the most famous train wrecks in American history, as well as the controversy surrounding "The Wreck of the Old 97," that most famous ballad, which secured the Old 97 a place within the annals of American folklore.

The Palgrave Handbook of Holocaust Literature and Culture

by Victoria Aarons Phyllis Lassner

The Palgrave Handbook of Holocaust Literature and Culture reflects current approaches to Holocaust literature that open up future thinking on Holocaust representation. The chapters consider diverse generational perspectives—survivor writing, second and third generation—and genres—memoirs, poetry, novels, graphic narratives, films, video-testimonies, and other forms of literary and cultural expression. In turn, these perspectives create interactions among generations, genres, temporalities, and cultural contexts. The volume also participates in the ongoing project of responding to and talking through moments of rupture and incompletion that represent an opportunity to contribute to the making of meaning through the continuation of narratives of the past. As such, the chapters in this volume pose options for reading Holocaust texts, offering openings for further discussion and exploration. The inquiring body of interpretive scholarship responding to the Shoah becomes itself a story, a narrative that materially extends our inquiry into that history.

Atlantic Salmon Ecology

by Øystein Aas Sigurd Einum Anders Klemetsen Jostein Skurdal

The Atlantic salmon is one of the most prized and exploited species worldwide, being at the centre of a massive sports fishing industry and increasingly as the major farmed species in many countries worldwide. Atlantic Salmon Ecology is a landmark publication, both scientifically important and visually attractive. Comprehensively covering all major aspects of the relationship of the Atlantic salmon with its environment, chapters include details of migration and dispersal, reproduction, habitat requirements, feeding, growth rates, competition, predation, parasitsm, population dynamics, effects of landscape use, hydro power development, climate change, and exploitation. The book closes with a summary and look at possible future research directions. Backed by the Norwegian Research Council and with editors and contributors widely known and respected, Atlantic Salmon Ecology is an essential purchase for all those working with this species, including fisheries scientists and managers, fish biologists, ecologists, physiologists, environmental biologists and aquatic scientists, fish and wildlife department personnel and regulatory bodies. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught should have copies of this important publication. Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Salmon is one of the world's most commercially important species Backed by the Norwegian Research Council Experienced editor and internationally respected contributors

Tournaments of Power: Honor and Revenge in the Contemporary World

by Tor Aase

Thirty years ago, modernization theory contended that notions of honor would become obsolete in modern democracies. Being an archaic remnant of our pre-modern past, honor would be substituted by dignity under modern conditions. When honor does emerge as a valid social theme in modern society, as it sometimes does during court hearings, in gang fights, and in violent reactions to insult, it is often ascribed to immigration from pre-modern cultures where honor still matters in social life. Thus honor becomes part of the cultural baggage that is transfered to the host country through migration. However, the fact that highly modern social formations like MC gangs are also obsessed with honor seriously questions the validity of classical modernization theories. It seems that honor is not just a pre-modern weed in a modern garden of dignity, but an integral part of modernity. Since honor emerges under pre-modern as well as under modern conditions, it is relevant to ask under which circumstances it becomes a theme in interaction. Blurring the distinction between the modern and the pre-modern in this manner allows us to ask what honor is really all about. Containing a wealth of international contributions from Scandinavia, USA, Mexico, Kurdistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Japan, Tournaments of Power provides first-hand ethnographic accounts and important answers to these vital questions.

Privacy, Domesticity, and Women in Early Modern England

by Corinne S. Abate

The ten essays in this collection explore the discrete yet overlapping female spaces of privacy and domesticity in early modern England. While other literary critics have focused their studies of female privacy on widows, witches, female recusants and criminals, the contributors to this collection propose that the early modern subculture of femaleness is more expansive and formative than is typically understood. They maintain that the subculture includes segregated, sometimes secluded, domestic places for primarily female activities like nursing, sewing, cooking, and caring for children and the sick. It also includes hidden psychological realms of privacy, organized by women's personal habits, around intimate friendships or kinship, and behind institutional powerlessness. The texts discussed in the volume include plays not only by Shakespeare but also Ford, Wroth, Marvell, Spenser and Cavendish, among others. Through the lens of literature, contributors consider the unstructured, fluid quality of much everyday female experience as well as the dimensions, symbols, and the ever-changing politics and culture of the household. They analyze the complex habits of female settings-the verbal, spatial, and affective strategies of early-modern women's culture, including private rituals, domestic practices, and erotic attachments-in order to provide a broader picture of female culture and of female authority. The authors argue-through a range of critical approaches that include feminist, historical, and psychoanalytic-that early modern women often transformed their confinement into something useful and necessary, creating protected and even sacred spaces with their own symbols and aesthetic.

Recent Advances on Soft Computing and Data Mining: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Soft Computing and Data Mining (SCDM 2020), Melaka, Malaysia, January 22–⁠23, 2020 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing #978)

by Jemal H. Abawajy Rozaida Ghazali Nazri Mohd Nawi Mustafa Mat Deris

This book provides an introduction to data science and offers a practical overview of the concepts and techniques that readers need to get the most out of their large-scale data mining projects and research studies. It discusses data-analytical thinking, which is essential to extract useful knowledge and obtain commercial value from the data. Also known as data-driven science, soft computing and data mining disciplines cover a broad interdisciplinary range of scientific methods and processes. The book provides readers with sufficient knowledge to tackle a wide range of issues in complex systems, bringing together the scopes that integrate soft computing and data mining in various combinations of applications and practices, since to thrive in these data-driven ecosystems, researchers, data analysts and practitioners must understand the design choice and options of these approaches. This book helps readers to solve complex benchmark problems and to better appreciate the concepts, tools and techniques used.

Debates on Islam and Knowledge in Malaysia and Egypt: Shifting Worlds

by Mona Abaza

This book is a comparative study of the sociological field in two different Muslim societies: Malaysia and Egypt. It analyses the process of the production of 'knowledge' through the example of the modern 'Islamization of knowledge debate' and local empirical variations.

Handbook of Digital CMOS Technology, Circuits, and Systems

by Karim Abbas

This book provides a comprehensive reference for everything that has to do with digital circuits. The author focuses equally on all levels of abstraction. He tells a bottom-up story from the physics level to the finished product level. The aim is to provide a full account of the experience of designing, fabricating, understanding, and testing a microchip. The content is structured to be very accessible and self-contained, allowing readers with diverse backgrounds to read as much or as little of the book as needed. Beyond a basic foundation of mathematics and physics, the book makes no assumptions about prior knowledge. This allows someone new to the field to read the book from the beginning. It also means that someone using the book as a reference will be able to answer their questions without referring to any external sources.

Mimicry and Display in Victorian Literary Culture: Nature, Science and the Nineteenth-Century Imagination (Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture #123)

by Will Abberley

Revealing the web of mutual influences between nineteenth-century scientific and cultural discourses of appearance, Mimicry and Display in Victorian Literary Culture argues that Victorian science and culture biologized appearance, reimagining imitation, concealment and self-presentation as evolutionary adaptations. Exploring how studies of animal crypsis and visibility drew on artistic theory and techniques to reconceptualise nature as a realm of signs and interpretation, Abberley shows that in turn, this science complicated religious views of nature as a text of divine meanings, inspiring literary authors to rethink human appearances and perceptions through a Darwinian lens. Providing fresh insights into writers from Alfred Russel Wallace and Thomas Hardy to Oscar Wilde and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Abberley reveals how the biology of appearance generated new understandings of deception, identity and creativity; reacted upon narrative forms such as crime fiction and the pastoral; and infused the rhetoric of cultural criticism and political activism.

Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems - IV: Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems, CMSM'2019, March 18–20, Hammamet, Tunisia (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering)

by Mohamed Slim Abbes Fakher Chaari Mohamed Haddar Lotfi Romdhane Abdelmajid Benamara Mnaouar Chouchane Nizar Aifaoui Zouhaier Affi Lassad Walha

This book offers a collection of original peer-reviewed contributions presented at the 8th International Congress on Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems (CMSM’2019), held in Hammamet, Tunisia, from the 18th to the 20th of March 2019. It reports on research, innovative industrial applications and case studies concerning mechanical systems and related to modeling and analysis of materials and structures, multiphysics methods, nonlinear dynamics, fluid structure interaction and vibroacoustics, design and manufacturing engineering. Continuing on the tradition of the previous editions, these proceedings offers a broad overview of the state-of-the art in the field and a useful resource for academic and industry specialists active in the field of design and modeling of mechanical systems. CMSM’2019 was jointly organized by two leading Tunisian research laboratories: the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of the National Engineering School of Monastir, University of Monastir and the Mechanical, Modeling and Manufacturing Laboratory of the National Engineering School of Sfax, University of Sfax.

Renewable Gas: The Transition to Low Carbon Energy Fuels (Energy, Climate and the Environment)

by Jo Abbess

The author looks at the prospects for a transition from natural gas to low carbon gas, which could take several decades, and at how this will depend on the evolution of the fossil fuel industry. She investigates the technologies and energy systems for making the best use of renewable gas resources.

ICT: Changing Education (Master Classes In Education Ser.)

by Chris Abbott

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing the face of education. In this timely and accessible book, Chris Abbott examines the process by which ICT, and in particular its role in relation to literacy, has become central to national educational policies.The author traces the history of computer use in schools and examines the concept of virtual learning communities using case studies involving learners, parents and educationalists. The role of the Internet is considered along with the differing national policies on its adoption and on developing online context. ICT: Changing Education reveals the development of open and flexible learning as the next stage of ICT's involvement with education.

Special Educational Needs and the Internet: Issues for the Inclusive Classroom

by Chris Abbott

With Internet access for every school now a reality, teachers are beginning to explore the use of the Internet in the education of children with special needs. This book describes its benefits for children across the spectrum of special educational needs, from those with physical disabilities or sensory impairment to those with learning or social difficulties.With contributions from leading practitioners in the field, this book addresses the huge range of possibilities the Internet and associated technology offer for these pupils. Combining current theory and debate with practical guidance and inspiring case studies, this book considers:* how the Internet can be used to gather and publish information* how to communicate effectively through technology* policy and management issues for schools* the continuing challenges for access and inclusion.This book will be of interest to all teachers involved in special education needs, in both mainstream and special schools.

History of William the Conqueror

by Jacob Abbott

Jacob Abbott was one of the most prolific American writers of history in the nineteenth century, writing many biographies on the world's most influential leaders in a clear and exciting style. This comprehensive volume, first published in 1849 and part of Abbott's Illustrated Histories series, details the remarkable and fascinating life of William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England. The king's life is researched and recorded thoroughly, chronicling the years from his illegitimate birth to his calamitous burial. Born in Normandy and promised the throne of England by King Edward, William decided to invade the country after another contender for the crown took the throne. Abbott recounts the famous Battle of Hastings in great detail, and with an enthralling narrative captures the young conqueror's struggles, ambition, and aspirations during his time in power. William the Conqueror's reign in England significantly transformed the country, whose residents resented being ruled by a foreigner who relied entirely upon his army to keep the country in subjugation and who suppressed their many revolts. With a brief history of the Saxon and Danish kings of England and the dukes of Normandy, and original engravings, this book is great for anyone interested in the political struggles of the Middle Ages, and is a valuable addition to any history buff's library.

Evidence-Informed Nursing: A Guide for Clinical Nurses

by Pamela Abbott Robert McSherry Maxine Simmons

This introductory text to evidence-based practice provides nurses and other health professionals with a clear idea of why they should use research information as a basis for high-quality patient care and how they should use that information in the clinical setting. In a logical progression which helps the student build knowledge systematically the text looks at:*the rationale for evidence-based care*what research is and approaches to it*the benefits of research to clinical practice*critical appraisal skills*reflective practice and decision-making*how to put research into practice*the importance of research disseminationA summary of essential points to remember is included at the end of each chapter and the text is firmly grounded in the clinical context. This book provides an indispensible reference guide suitable for use at all levels of training and practice.

The Joyce Girl: A Novel of Jazz Age Paris

by Annabel Abbs

“Abbs has found a gripping and little-known story at the heart of one of the 20th century’s most astonishing creative moments, researched it deeply, and brought the extraordinary Joyce family and their circle in 1920s Paris to richly-imagined life.”—Emma Darwin, bestselling author of A Secret Alchemy and The Mathematics of LoveFor readers who adored novels like The Paris Wife, Z, and Loving Frank, comes Annabel Abbs highly praised debut novel, where she spins the story of James Joyce’s fascinating, and tragic, daughter, Lucia. “When she reaches her full capacity for rhythmic dancing, James Joyce may yet be known as his daughter’s father . . .” The review in the Paris Times in November 1928 is rapturous in its praise of Lucia Joyce’s skill and artistry as a dancer. The family has made their home in Paris—where the latest ideas in art, music, and literature converge. Acolytes regularly visit the Joyce apartment to pay homage to Ireland’s exiled literary genius. Among them is a tall, thin young man named Samuel Beckett—a fellow Irish expat who idolizes Joyce and with whom Lucia becomes romantically involved. Lucia is both gifted and motivated, training tirelessly with some of the finest teachers in the world. Though her father delights in his daughter’s talent, she clashes with her mother, Nora. And as her relationship with Beckett sours, Lucia’s dreams unravel, as does her hope of a life beyond her father’s shadow. With Lucia’s behavior growing increasingly erratic, James Joyce sends her to pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Here, at last, she will tell her own story—a fascinating, heartbreaking account of thwarted ambition, passionate creativity, and the power of love to both inspire and destroy. The Joyce Girl creates a compelling and moving account of the real-life Joyce Girl, of unrealized dreams and rejection, and of the destructive love of a father.

Against the Flow: Education, the Art and Postmodern Culture

by Peter Abbs

At once provocative and inspiring, Against the Flow is a work of polemic from an internationally respected writer and thinker on arts education. Peter Abbs argues that contemporary education ignores the aesthetic and ethical as a result of being in thrall to such forces as the market economy and managerial and functional dictates. He identifies the present education system as being inimical to creativity and authentic learning and instead, narrowly focused on the quantitative measuring of results. This absence of a creative and ethical dimension in education has implications for art making in wider society. Art is shown as emerging from, and appealing to, the ironic postmodernist sensibility and mass media-led culture, while being devoid of philosophical significance.This book opens up a fresh and timely debate about the vital power of creativity in modern education. Drawing on examples from modern poetry, literature and visual art, it is an eloquent and passionate argument for the need to develop ethical and aesthetic energies to confront the growing vacuity of contemporary culture.

Four Days in September: The Battle of Teutoburg

by Jason R. Abdale

For twenty years, the Roman Empire conquered its way through modern-day Germany, claiming all lands from the Rhine to the Elbe. However, when at last all appeared to be under control, a catastrophe erupted that claimed the lives of 10,000 legionnaires and laid Romes imperial ambitions for Germania into the dust. In late September of 9 AD, three Roman legions, while marching to suppress a distant tribal rebellion, were attacked in a four-day battle with the Germanic barbarians. The Romans, under the leadership of the provinces governor, Publius Quinctilius Varus, were taken completely by surprise, betrayed by a member of their own ranks: the German officer and secret rebel leader, Arminius. The defeat was a heavy blow to both Romes military and its pride. Though the disaster was ruthlessly avenged soon afterwards, later attempts at conquering the Germans were half-hearted at best. Four days in September thoroughly examines the ancient sources and challenges the hypotheses of modern scholars to present a clear picture of the prelude to the battle, the fighting itself and its aftermath.

Translation between English and Arabic: A Textbook for Translation Students and Educators

by Noureldin Abdelaal

This textbook provides a comprehensive resource for translation students and educators embarking on the challenge of translating into and out of English and Arabic. Combining a solid basis in translation theory with examples drawn from real texts including the Qu’ran, the author introduces a number of the problems and practical considerations which arise during translation between English and Arabic, equipping readers with the skills to recognise and address these issues in their own work through practical exercises. Among these considerations are grammatical, semantic, lexical and cultural problems, collocations, idioms and fixed expressions. With its coverage of essential topics including culturally-bound terms and differences, both novice and more experienced translators will find this book useful in the development of their translation practice.

Guide to the Inpatient Pain Consult

by Alaa Abd-Elsayed

This book provides a practically applicable guide on the management of patients with pain in the inpatient setting in a variety of populations.Chapters are focused on how to treat patients with a particular condition including multiple sclerosis, liver failure, sickle cell anemia, organ related pain, and autoimmune diseases. Therefore, enabling the reader to develop a thorough understanding of how to appropriately analyse the condition and put together a suitable treatment plan for a variety of pain related conditions. Guide to the Inpatient Pain Consult comprehensively covers how to manage patients with pain in the inpatient setting, and is of use to trainees and practising internists, hospitalists, surgeons, and anaesthesiologists.

Contemporary Domestic and Foreign Policies of Iran (Middle East Today)

by Pejman Abdolmohammadi Giampiero Cama

This book is a comprehensive analysis of the domestic and foreign politics of Iran, focusing on its complex nature from political, social and cultural perspectives. It has adopted a multidisciplinary approach, combining comparative politics and intellectual and modern history with international relations. It analyses the institutional structure of the Islamic Republic, the main political and social actors and alliances, as well as Iranian opposition forces both inside and outside the country. The book tries to simplify the seemingly intractable complexity of the Islamic Republic by demystifying it and using political science methods to prove that it is a peculiar hybrid regime.

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