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by Margueritte Bro

A sensitive novel, beautifully written, a holding story, lively characterization- this has virtually everything one wants for a novel for young adults. It really is a poignant emotional experience in its wise study of a girl growing up. When Sarah was eleven years old, her father died, and on his deathbed expressed his hopes that she would be a great artist. Sarah concentrated everything towards fulfilling his hope, but finally, with the help of understanding friends faced the fact that her gift was not in the field of art, but that she had the potentials of becoming a fine musician. Her life takes her from her Minnesota home town to New York and finally overseas to entertain for the soldiers of World War I. Love, passion, the loss of her fiance in the war, and the ripening of artistic understanding are all a part of her experience. A vital book.

The Patch of Blue (Grace Livingston Hill Series #34)

by Grace Hill

Back Cover: "Sweet, gentle Natalie Halsey and good-looking Chris Walton fell, in love in the happy-go-lucky days of the 1920s. Then came America's Great Depression. Chris couldn't earn a living, and their future together was imperiled. But Natalie's faith and Chris's unexpected bravery proved an unbeatable combination in their valiant struggle for a 'patch of blue.'" Like other Grace Livingston Hill novels, the author pens this story within a Christian context. Through their struggles, the couple and their nuclear families learn and/or increase their faith in God and adopt and/or strengthen their Christian values.

Pat's Harmony

by Page Cooper

In the fall, Pat's father had promised her a chestnut colt with two white feet she'd named Harmony. But Pat's father was killed in a rodeo accident, and, over the winter, the colt had been lost in the buttes of South Dakota. Pat was advised to forget him and pick another horse for her own. But in the spring, mud-caked, starved, rickety, and "not worth the powder to shoot him," Harmony was found, and given a second chance to become the outstanding horse Pat believed he could be. This is the fictionalized story of the real show horse Harmony, the beautiful chestnut horse that Pat developed into one of the nation's outstanding jumpers and working hunters.

Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective

by Martha Lally and Suzanne Valentine-French

Developmental psychology allows for ease of modularity, and this text uses a chronological lifespan format. The book was organized in the typical developmental psycology chronological format and then further broken down within each chapter by developmental domain: physical, cognitive, social.

11th Standard etihash GSTB Gujrat rajya sala pathyapustak mandal gandhinagar

by Dr Like This. J. Parmar Convener Dr. Jan Solanki

ગુજરાત સરકાર દ્વારા મંજૂર થયેલા ધોરણ 11, ઈતિહાસ વિષયના નવા અભ્યાસક્રમ અનુસાર તૈયાર કરવામાં આવેલ આ પાઠ્યપુસ્તકમાં કુલ ૧૫ પાઠ આપેલ છે.

4th Standard hindi semester 2 GSTB Gujrat rajya sala pathyapustak mandal gandhinagar

by Shree Prajaapati Shree Naayak Shree Paramaar Shree Kaapadee Shree Gohil Shree Phakeer

પ્રસ્તુત પાઠ્યપુસ્તક ધોરણ 4 હિન્દી દ્વિતીય સત્ર નું છે જેમાં 8 પાઠ આપેલ છે અને 2 પુનરાવતન આપેલ છે.

7th Standard gujrati semester 2 GSTB Gujrat rajya sala pathyapustak mandal gandhinagar

by kishorbhai Parth;Jigneshpuri Goswami;mahamadrafik  Mansouri;Nitaben Upadhyaya;Ratanben  Parmar;Manishbhai suthar ;Subhashbhai Harijan;Kapilaben Chowdhury;Bhagavadas Dudhrajia;Kalpesh Patel;Dakshaben Gajjar;Jitendrabhai Kapadia;Jyotsnaben Borania;Prakashbha

આ પાઠ્યપુસ્તકને અનુભવ, ચિંતન, ઉપયોજન અને નિષ્કર્ષ તારવવાને લગતી પ્રવૃત્તિઓ દ્વારા શિક્ષણને અધ્યેતાકેન્દ્રી બનાવવાનો પ્રયાસ કર્યો છે.પાઠયપુસ્તક દ્વારા પ્રવૃત્તિલક્ષી શિક્ષણની બાબત નાવીન્યપૂર્ણ રીતે પ્રસ્તુત કરવામાં આવી છે. તે દ્વારા અધ્યયન અધ્યાપન પ્રક્રિયા રોચક બનશે.પ્રસ્તુત પાઠ્યપુસ્તક ધોરણ 7 ના દ્વિતીય સત્ર નું છે તેમાં ૧૧ પાઠ અને 2 પુનરાવર્તન છે તેમજ પુરક વાંચન પણ છે.

Jharkhand Ki Rajneeti M.A. - Kolhan University Chaibasa, Jharkhand: झारखण्ड की राजनीति एम. ए. – कोल्हान विश्वविद्यालय चाईबासा, झारखंड

by Rashmi Sharma Prof. Mahabir Singh Tyagi

विश्वविद्यालय अनुदान आयोग (UGC) द्वारा प्रदत्त मॉडल पाठ्यक्रमानुसार Choice Based Credit सेमेस्टर प्रणाली (CBCS) पर आधारित लोकप्रिय तथा छात्रोपयोगी पुस्तक है। झारखण्ड की राजनीति यह पुस्तक कोल्हान विश्वविद्यालय, चाईबासा झारखंड की एम. ए. की कक्षाओं के नवीनतम् पाठ्यक्रमानुसार लघु उत्तरीय तथा वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्नोत्तर सहित है। इस पुस्तक में सम्पूर्ण नवीनतम् पाठ्यक्रम, गत वर्षों के सोल्वड पेपर्स, सरल प्रश्नोत्तर रूप और अधुनातम् क्रमबद्ध विषय-सामग्री दी गई है।

Working with Words Vocabulary Grade 7

by Pathway

48 Lessons Each lesson is divided into 3 parts.

The Kidnapper's Club (Church Choir Mysteries #8)

by Roberta Updegraff

Number 8 in the Church Choir Mysteries series.

Bachelor of Arts Entrance Examination Test Guide

by The Conceptum


Reading Milestones: Level 5 Purple Book 10

by Cynthia King Susan Rose Stephen Quigley Patricia McAnally

Underwater Adventure, The Family Party, Giants of the Past, Help! Help!, The Tiger, Train Mystery, Elephants, New Words.

Reading Milestones: Level 5 Purple Book 1

by Cynthia King Susan Rose Stephen Quigley Patricia McAnally

A Fish Tale, The Divorce, A Letter to Grandmother, Koalas, The Cookie Elf, Another Animal With a Pocket, New Words.

Reading Milestones: Level 5 Purple Book 2

by Cynthia King Susan Rose Stephen Quigley Patricia McAnally

A Special Present, The Ugly, Gray Duckling, The Shoplifter, The New Tree House, The Little, Brown Bat, The Trumpeter Swan, New Words.

Reading Milestones: Level 5 Purple Book 3

by Cynthia King Susan Rose Stephen Quigley Patricia McAnally

Danny's Money, Levi Strauss, The Pants, Peddler, Rescue from the Dry Well, All About Vitamins, Rapunzel, Fairy Tales, New Words.

The Coin Conspiracy (Church Choir Mysteries #9)

by Eileen Berger

Gracie Parks, a red-headed widow, choir member, master chef and sleuth, and the choir of Eternal Hope work to solve the theft of a valuable gold coin. This is book 9 in the Church Choir Mysteries series.

The Angel's Secret (Church Choir Mysteries #11)

by Nicola Furlong

The latest activity at Willow Bend Senior Center is pottery instruction, and even Gracie Park's octogenarian Uncle Miltie gives it a whirl. Then Libby Simmons' bracelet goes missing and no one can find it. Gracie tries to solve the mystery while busily involved in her church's efforts to feed a hungry family for the holidays. Then a car accident on the ice lands Gracie in the unheated home of the young Freeman family, where sensitive listening and clever sleuthing help her find out the angel's secret. This is book 11 in the Church Choir Mysteries series.

Lekhashastra Vittiya Lekhankan Bhag – 1 Class 11th N.C.E.R.T Raipur - Chhattisgarh Board: लेखाशास्त्र वित्तीय लेखांकन (भाग – 1) कक्षा 11 वीं एन.सी.ई.आर.टी. रायपुर - छत्तीसगढ़ बोर्ड

by Raipur C. G. Rajya Shaikshik Anusandhan Aur Prashikshan Parishad

लेखाशास्त्र वित्तीय लेखांकन (भाग - 1) कक्षा 11 वी का राज्य शैक्षिक अनुसंधान और प्रशिक्षण परिषद् छत्तीसगढ़ रायपुर ने पुस्तक हिंदी भाषा में प्रकाशित किया गया है, इस पाठपुस्तक में आठ अध्याय दिये गये है, जिसमे हर अध्याय के विवरण कि व्याख्या कि कि गई है ।

Vyavsay Adhyanan Bhag-1 Class 12th N.C.E.R.T Raipur - Chhattisgarh Board: व्यवसाय अध्ययन (भाग-1) कक्षा 12 वीं एन.सी.ई.आर.टी. रायपुर - छत्तीसगढ़ बोर्ड

by Raipur C. G. Rajya Shaikshik Anusandhan Aur Prashikshan Parishad

व्यवसाय अध्ययन (भाग-1) कक्षा 12वीं का राज्य शैक्षिक अनुसंधान और प्रशिक्षण परिषद् छत्तीसगढ़ रायपुर ने पुस्तक हिंदी भाषा में प्रकाशित किया गया है, इस पाठपुस्तक में आठ अध्याय दिये गये है, जिसमे हर अध्याय के विवरण कि व्याख्या कि कि गई है । इस पाठ्क्रम में व्यवसायिक वातावरण की जानकारी तथा अधिक समृद्ध बनाने के लिए व्यवसाय की प्रतिक्रिया की गई है इस पुस्तक में ज्ञान प्रयोग द्वारा वास्तविक स्थितियों का समावेश किया गया है ।

The Blueplate Perils (Church Choir Mysteries #10)

by Roberta Updegraff

This is book 10 in the Church Choir Mysteries series.

Puzzle in Patchwork (Church Choir Mysteries #12)

by Roberta Updegraef

With the help of her friends in the choir at Eternal Hope and her cat, master chef and sleuth Gracie Lynn Parks unravels mysteries while cooking and praying to God. Everyone is preparing for the Founder's Day picnic in Willow Bend. It's sure to be successful, filled with community pride and good fellowship. But when someone seems to be stealing antiques, fingers are pointed - and Gracie must try to soothe hurt feelings while finding out what's really going on. This is book 12 in the Church Choir Mysteries series

Current Affairs-2019 - Competitive Exam

by Speedy

करेंट अफेयर्स 2019 में राष्‍ट्रीय एवं अंतर्राष्‍ट्रीय आर्थिक पुरस्‍कार सम्‍मान एवं खेल संबंधी महत्‍वपूर्ण घटनाओं को बताया गया है। यह पुस्‍तक परिक्षार्थियों के लिए पूर्ण रूप से उपयोगी है। इस पुस्‍तक से देश, विदेश में होने वाले सभी परिवर्तन जैसे नियम, आर्थिक स्थिति, बजट, आय व्‍यय चर्चित व्‍यक्ति आदि की जानकारी होती है।

Kurukshetra December 2019

by Publication Division

Kurukshetra December 2019 is focused on agro industry to increase farmer’s income. India has the world’s 10th largest arable land, 20 agro-climatic regions and 15 major climates. The harvest & post-harvest losses for agriculture commodities are very high. The 68th Round of NSSO survey on employment estimated about 48.9 percent worker’s major livelihood support coming from agriculture. While price led growth of agriculture, as a means of enhancing income is not stainable: the only way is to infuse agro-industrialization in the urban-rural continuum following the cluster approach. In the article focused on textile industry the readers have an opportunity to look at the statistics, the status and the future of the sector. The magazine also looks upon the unfair trade practices and gives a very good scenario of dairy industry in India. Read more about the organic milk also. Jute industry which is in dire straits also has coverage and bamboo industry and its way forward.

Science Reporter December 2019

by Csir Publication

Science Reporter for the month of December 2019 encompasses the quantum supremacy story, the Nobel prizes, Feymans prophecy and the special story on double bonanza of two solar eclipse in India in 2019 in a span of six months. The current edition also celebrates the 100 years of international astronomical union and in interesting research it discusses the controlled human infection model. In the spectrum the reader has chance to know the viewpoints of different scholars on the new education policy 2019. Sushee srinivas writes on the numbers of great Indian bustard. In addition to this, in the regulars read the quizzes and recent developments. In the book review this time, the book which has been reviewed is Handbook of science journalism by Abhay Rajput. Students will also love the different robotic kits that has been given in the magazine. Read on for a very interesting edition.

Yojana December 2019

by Publication Division

Yojana December 2019 focuses on urbanisation and the major topics covered under it are related to AMRUT, urbanisation and informal sector mobility responsive urban planning and from the archives, the article by V.Nath is about the cities, suburbs, the region and hinterland. In the focus section the magazine discusses about slums in India which is a must read for aspirants for exams. Case study from yadari in Telangana is about developing natural forest cover. The most important in terms of finding solutions for the society is by SS china about addressing stubble burning with cooperative model. Sheetal Kapoor who is an advocate in consumer affairs writes about the consumer protection act 2019. The last edition of the year 2019 has all that a reader would ask for.

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