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Children and Peace: From Research to Action (Peace Psychology Book Series)

by Nikola Balvin Daniel J. Christie

This open access book brings together discourse on children and peace from the 15th International Symposium on the Contributions of Psychology to Peace, covering issues pertinent to children and peace and approaches to making their world safer, fairer and more sustainable. The book is divided into nine sections that examine traditional themes (social construction and deconstruction of diversity, intergenerational transitions and memories of war, and multiculturalism), as well as contemporary issues such as Europe’s “migration crisis”, radicalization and violent extremism, and violence in families, schools and communities. Chapters contextualize each issue within specific social ecological frameworks in order to reflect on the multiplicity of influences that affect different outcomes and to discuss how the findings can be applied in different contexts. The volume also provides solutions and hope through its focus on youth empowerment and peacebuilding programs for children and families. This forward-thinking volume offers a multitude of views, approaches, and strategies for research and activism drawn from peace psychology scholars and United Nations researchers and practitioners.This book's multi-layered emphasis on context, structural determinants of peace and conflict, and use of research for action towards social cohesion for children and youth has not been brought together in other peace psychology literature to the same extent. Children and Peace: From Research to Action will be a useful resource for peace psychology academics and students, as well as social and developmental psychology academics and students, peace and development practitioners and activists, policy makers who need to make decisions about the matters covered in the book, child rights advocates and members of multilateral organizations such as the UN.

Dimension Theory: A Selection of Theorems and Counterexamples (Atlantis Studies in Mathematics #7)

by Michael G. Charalambous

This book covers the fundamental results of the dimension theory of metrizable spaces, especially in the separable case. Its distinctive feature is the emphasis on the negative results for more general spaces, presenting a readable account of numerous counterexamples to well-known conjectures that have not been discussed in existing books. Moreover, it includes three new general methods for constructing spaces: Mrowka's psi-spaces, van Douwen's technique of assigning limit points to carefully selected sequences, and Fedorchuk's method of resolutions. Accessible to readers familiar with the standard facts of general topology, the book is written in a reader-friendly style suitable for self-study. It contains enough material for one or more graduate courses in dimension theory and/or general topology. More than half of the contents do not appear in existing books, making it also a good reference for libraries and researchers.

Human Cell Transformation: Advances in Cell Models for the Study of Cancer and Aging (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology #1164)

by Richard Kremer Johng S. Rhim Anatoly Dritschilo

This book, part contributed volume, part proceedings, discusses state-of-the-art advances on human cell transformation in cell models for the study of cancer and aging. Several of the chapters are from the Human Cell Transformation: Advances in Cell Models for the Study of Cancer and Aging conference that was held in June 2018 at McGill University. The authors represent international expertise on a wide variety of topics ranging from different types of cancer (prostate, bone, breast, etc.) to tumor microenvironment, tumor progression, homogeneity, and possible therapies and treatments.

Water Resources Management in Romania (Springer Water)

by Martina Zeleňáková Gheorghe Romanescu Abdelazim M. Negm

This book discusses water resources management in Romania from a hydrological perspective, presenting the latest research developments and state-of-the-art knowledge that can be applied to efficiently solve a variety of problems in integrated water resources management. It focuses on a wide range of water resources issues – from hydrology and water quantity, quality and supply to flood protection, hydrological hazards and ecosystems, and includes case studies from various watersheds in Romania. As such, the book appeals to researchers, practitioners and graduates as well as to anybody interested in water resources management.

Triathlon Medicine

by Sergio Migliorini

This book offers an ultimate clinical guide to all the medical issues related to triathlon – a very popular Olympic and international sport, and the most modern of all the endurance activities. Triathletes experience a range of environmental conditions and physiological demands, depending on the race, that must be taken into consideration when preparing for medical assistance. The book addresses in detail the topics of cardiovascular adaptations, overuse injuries, overtraining syndrome, endurance anaemia, nutrition and the physiological aspects associated with the discipline. It provides information on the training and technical aspects of the different distances in triathlon disciplines, with a special focus on safety in open-water swimming. Dedicated chapters also cover issues related to female, young, master and para-triathletes. Combining research perspectives with many years of experience practicing in the field, this book offers sport medicine physicians, orthopedists, physical therapists and coaches a comprehensive guide to the evaluation, treatment and prevention of all the overuse conditions and to improving athletes’ performance.

Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance

by Frank R. Noyes Sue Barber-Westin

The wealth of information provided in this unique text will enable orthopedic surgeons, medical practitioners, physical therapists, and trainers to ensure that athletes who suffer anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, or who require major knee operations for other reasons, have the best possible chance of safely resuming sporting activity at their desired level without subsequent problems. Divided into seven thematic sections, the coverage is wide-ranging and encompasses common barriers to return to sport, return to sport decision-based models, and the complete spectrum of optimal treatment for ACL injuries, including preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation. Advanced training concepts are explained in detail, with description of sports-specific programs for soccer, basketball, and tennis. Readers will find detailed guidance on objective testing for muscle strength, neuromuscular function, neurocognitive function, and cardiovascular fitness, as well as validated assessments to identify and manage psychological issues. In addition, return to sport considerations after meniscus surgery, patellofemoral realignment, articular cartilage procedures, and knee arthroplasty are discussed. Generously illustrated and heavily referenced, Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations is a comprehensive resource for all medical professionals and support staff working with athletes and active patients looking to get back in the game with confidence.

Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring

by Alan David Kaye Scott Francis Davis

This book is a comprehensive, focused resource on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IOM). This rapidly evolving field has created a demand for an up-to-date book such as this that builds on foundational concepts necessary to the practice of IOM in the context of anatomy and physiology. Each chapter is designed to not only inform the reader, but to also test the reader on the information presented - therefore promoting practical, problem-based learning. Surpassing the quality of its successful predecessor, Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring, Second Edition, is positioned to suit the needs of residents and fellows studying for the IOM certificate programs, physicians and anesthesiologists practicing IOM, and neurotechnologists both experienced and in training.

The Sun and Photovoltaic Technologies (Green Energy and Technology)

by Tomislav Pavlovic

This book covers solar energy and the use of solar radiation in connection with lighting. It provides a detailed introduction to solar energy, photovoltaic (PV) solar energy conversion, and solar lighting technologies, while also discussing all of these elements in the context of the Balkan Peninsula. In the context of solar energy, the book covers a range of elements, from the structure of the sun, to PV solar plants. It subsequently addresses the status quo of solar technologies in Bulgaria, Serbia and the Republika Srpska and analyses the development of these technologies over the years, including their economic status, and how these aspects have shaped their current status. Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals, particularly those based in the Balkans, will find this book both informative and interesting.

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation

by Jack W. Tsao

This thoroughly revised and updated work covers numerous advances in traumatic brain injury diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and pathophysiology. Since publication of the first edition in 2012, there has been greatly increased public awareness of the clinical consequences of even the mildest of head injuries, and the result has been a concerted effort of countries around the world to increase research funding. This second edition continues to focus on mild traumatic brain injury--or concussion--and contains updates to all the original chapters as well as adding new chapters addressing clinical sequelae, including pediatric concussion, visual changes, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and blast-associated TBI. Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation, Second Edition, is a comprehensive resource designed for neurologists, primary care clinicians, sports physicians, and other medical providers, including psychologists and neuropsychologists, as well as athletic trainers who may evaluate and care for individuals who have sustained a TBI. The book features summaries of the most pertinent areas of diagnosis and therapy, which can be readily accessed by the busy clinician/professional. In addition, the book's treatment algorithms provide a highly practical reference to cutting edge therapies, and an updated appendix of ICD codes is included. An outstanding contribution to the literature, Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation, Second Edition, again offers an invaluable resource for all providers who treat patients with TBI.

Case Studies in Emergency Medicine: LEARNing Rounds: Learn, Evaluate, Adopt, Right Now

by Colin G. Kaide Christopher E. San Miguel

This book contains a variety of medical case studies from actual patients presenting to the emergency department. It includes not only typical cases that present to the ED but also less common, yet very important cases that one can't afford to miss. Each chapter begins with a case – or set of cases with typical and atypical aspects – of the disease in question. This is followed by high-value learning points on the condition with introductory/background points, physiology and pathophysiology of the disease, how to make the diagnosis, and finally how to initiate treatment. The cases provide expert discussion with tips and tricks, personal experience with management of each of the cases, and a follow-up description of the outcome of the cases to provide the reader with closure. To supplement each case study, all 67 chapters include a pattern recognition component that identifies the key diagnostic features of the disease discussed. The chapters conclude with a summary of the diagnostic and treatment details of each condition. Using a concise, easy-to-read, bulleted format, the book helps readers to learn, evaluate, adopt new practices, right now (LEARN). Emergency Medicine Case Studies - LEARNing Rounds: Learn, Evaluate, Adopt, Right Now is an essential resource for a variety of emergency medicine clinicians including experienced physicians, residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical students rotating in the emergency department. Finally, this book can be used as a basis for small group discussions, especially in emergency medicine training programs.

Reframing the Vernacular: Politics, Semiotics, and Representation

by Gusti Ayu Made Suartika Julie Nichols

The aim of this book is to reflect on ''vernacularity'' and culture. It concentrates on two major domains: first it attempts to reframe our understanding of vernacularity by addressing the subject in the context of globalisation, cross-disciplinarity, and development, and second, it discusses the phenomenon of how vernacularity has been treated, used, employed, manipulated, practiced, maintained, learned, reconstructed, preserved and conserved, at the level of individual and community experience. Scholars from a wide variety of knowledge fields have participated in enriching and engaging discussions, as to how both domains can be addressed. To expedite these aims, this book adopts the theme "Reframing the Vernacular: Politics, Semiotics, and Representation",organised around the following major sub-themes: • Transformation in the vernacular built environment • Vernacular architecture and representation • The meaning of home • Symbolic intervention and interpretation of vernacularity • The semiotics of place • The politics of ethnicity and settlement • Global tourism and its impacts on vernacular settlement • Vernacular built form and aesthetics • Technology and construction in vernacular built forms • Vernacular language - writing and oral traditions

Water Resources Management in Balkan Countries (Springer Water)

by Gheorghe Romanescu Abdelazim M. Negm Martina Zelenakova

This book presents an overview and knowledgeable on water resources management in Balkan countries – Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, and Bulgaria.The book shows the state of the art and also the latest research findings of the different aspects of water resources management in Balkan countries with case studies that reveal the best practice in water resources management, development, and protection. Researchers and scientists from the Balkan countries present their experiences and expertise on a wide range of water resources topics.Therefore, the book is of particular interest to decisions planners/makers and stakeholders. Also, the book will be useful to experts, professionals, researchers, scientists, practitioners, academics working in the field of water resources management in Balkan countries and analogous regions.

The Rise of Green Finance in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges for Issuers, Investors and Marketplaces (Palgrave Studies in Impact Finance)

by Marco Migliorelli Philippe Dessertine

This book offers a comprehensive discussion of how green finance has been growing thus far and explores the opportunities and key developments ahead, with particular emphasis on Europe. The main features of the market, the key products, the issue of correctly defining green finance, the main policy actions undertaken, the risk of green washing and the necessary steps to mainstream green finance are discussed in depth. In addition, the book analyses some highly relevant aspects of the market that so far have not been sufficiently explored in the policy, industry and academic debate. This includes the potential role of digitalisation and blockchain in fostering green finance, the crucial role of the effective financing of the agriculture to reach climate and environmental targets and the possible relationship between sustainable finance and other forms of "alternative" finance. This book will be of interest to academics, practitioners, financial institutions and policy makers involved in green finance and to the finance industry in general.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Math Cognition (Mathematics in Mind)

by Marcel Danesi

This is an anthology of contemporary studies from various disciplinary perspectives written by some of the world's most renowned experts in each of the areas of mathematics, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, semiotics, education, and more. Its purpose is not to add merely to the accumulation of studies, but to show that math cognition is best approached from various disciplinary angles, with the goal of broadening the general understanding of mathematical cognition through the different theoretical threads that can be woven into an overall understanding.This volume will be of interest to mathematicians, cognitive scientists, educators of mathematics, philosophers of mathematics, semioticians, psychologists, linguists, anthropologists, and all other kinds of scholars who are interested in the nature, origin, and development of mathematical cognition.

Information and Communication Technologies (Computational Social Sciences)

by Federico Cecconi Marco Campennì

This book presents the effects of integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) and economic processes in macroeconomic dynamics, finance, marketing, industrial policies, and in government economic strategy. The text explores modeling and applications in these fields and also describes, in a clear and accessible manner, the theories that guide the integration among information technology (IT), telecommunications, and the economy, while presenting examples of their applications. Current trends such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data technologies used in economics are also included. This volume is suitable for researchers, practitioners, and students working in economic theory and the computational social sciences.

Shaping Natural History and Settler Society: Mary Elizabeth Barber and the Nineteenth-Century Cape (Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series)

by Tanja Hammel

This book explores the life and work of Mary Elizabeth Barber, a British-born settler scientist who lived in the Cape during the nineteenth century. It provides a lens into a range of subjects within the history of knowledge and science, gender and social history, postcolonial, critical heritage and archival studies. The book examines the international importance of the life and works of a marginalized scientist, the instrumentalisation of science to settlers' political concerns and reveals the pivotal but largely silenced contribution of indigenous African experts. Including a variety of material, visual and textual sources, this study explores how these artefacts are archived and displayed in museums and critically analyses their content and silences. The book traces Barber’s legacy across three continents in collections and archives, offering insights into the politics of memory and history-making. At the same time, it forges a nuanced argument, incorporating study of the North and South, the history of science and social history, and the past and the present.

Human-Computer Interaction. Perspectives on Design: Thematic Area, HCI 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 2019, Proceedings, Part I (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #11566)

by Masaaki Kurosu

The 3 volume-set LNCS 11566, 11567 + 11568 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Human Computer Interaction thematic area of the 21st International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2019, which took place in Orlando, Florida, USA, in July 2019. A total of 1274 papers and 209 posters have been accepted for publication in the HCII 2019 proceedings from a total of 5029 submissions. The 125 papers included in this HCI 2019 proceedings were organized in topical sections as follows: Part I: design and evaluation methods and tools; redefining the human in HCI; emotional design, Kansei and aesthetics in HCI; and narrative, storytelling, discourse and dialogue. Part II: mobile interaction; facial expressions and emotions recognition; eye-gaze, gesture and motion-based interaction; and interaction in virtual and augmented reality. Part III: design for social challenges; design for culture and entertainment; design for intelligent urban environments; and design and evaluation case studies.

Ethical Issues in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

by Kate A. Mazur Stacey L. Berg

This book identifies the various ethical challenges that arise in pediatric hematology/oncology and provides the necessary tools to overcome these challenges. Aiming to expand upon and strengthen providers’ knowledge and experience in pediatric health care ethical issues, the text positions providers to be beneficial resources to faculty, staff, patients, and families within their institution. It presents a multidisciplinary approach to sound ethical practices that is necessary to effectively care for these patients and their families. The book reviews the principles of ethical decision-making, the unique difficulties in using children as research subjects, common ethical conundrums involved in providing end-of-life care, and general moralities of professional practice. Written by experts in their fields, Ethical Issues in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology is an innovative and valuable resource for clinicians, practitioners, and trainees who work in the field of pediatric hematology/oncology.

Topics in Infinitely Divisible Distributions and Lévy Processes, Revised Edition (SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics)

by Alfonso Rocha-Arteaga Ken-iti Sato

This book deals with topics in the area of Lévy processes and infinitely divisible distributions such as Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type processes, selfsimilar additive processes and multivariate subordination. These topics are developed around a decreasing chain of classes of distributions Lm, m = 0,1,...,∞, from the class L0 of selfdecomposable distributions to the class L∞ generated by stable distributions through convolution and convergence.The book is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 studies basic properties of Lm classes needed for the subsequent chapters. Chapter 2 introduces Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type processes generated by a Lévy process through stochastic integrals based on Lévy processes. Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for a generating Lévy process so that the OU type process has a limit distribution of Lm class.Chapter 3 establishes the correspondence between selfsimilar additive processes and selfdecomposable distributions and makes a close inspection of the Lamperti transformation, which transforms selfsimilar additive processes and stationary type OU processes to each other. Chapter 4 studies multivariate subordination of a cone-parameter Lévy process by a cone-valued Lévy process. Finally, Chapter 5 studies strictly stable and Lm properties inherited by the subordinated process in multivariate subordination.In this revised edition, new material is included on advances in these topics. It is rewritten as self-contained as possible. Theorems, lemmas, propositions, examples and remarks were reorganized; some were deleted and others were newly added. The historical notes at the end of each chapter were enlarged.This book is addressed to graduate students and researchers in probability and mathematical statistics who are interested in learning more on Lévy processes and infinitely divisible distributions.

Martin Waldseemüller’s 'Carta marina' of 1516: Study and Transcription of the Long Legends

by Chet Van Duzer

This open access book presents the first detailed study of one of the most important masterpieces of Renaissance cartography, Martin Waldseemüller’s Carta marina of 1516. By transcribing, translating into English, and detailing the sources of all of the descriptive texts on the map, as well as the sources of many of the images, the book makes the map available to scholars in a wholly unprecedented way. In addition, the book provides revealing insights into how Waldseemüller went about making the map -- information that can’t be found in any other source. The Carta marina is the result of Waldseemüller’s radical re-evaluation of what a world map should be; he essentially started from scratch when he created it, rejecting the Ptolemaic model and other sources he had used in creating his 1507 map, and added more descriptive texts and a wealth of illustrations. Given its content, the book offers an essential reference work not only on this map, but also for anyone working in sixteenth-century European cartography.

The Atlas of Health Inequalities in Japan (Global Perspectives on Health Geography)

by Tomoki Nakaya Yuri Ito

This new health atlas of Japan presents a series of maps about the health of the contemporary Japanese population, i.e. detailed maps of health indicators in small areas using cartograms. This is the first comprehensive small-area based health atlas about contemporary Japan using vital statistics from 1995-2014. Each map is supplemented with concise explanations written by leading epidemiologists and health geographers in Japan. The book employs various cutting-edge methods in spatial epidemiology, Bayesian spatial smoothing for the reliable mapping of mortality indices, advanced cartographic transformations using the concept of aerial cartograms, and summary statistics of socioeconomic health inequalities. The atlas highlights geographical aspects of social gradients in health by comparing mortality maps with distribution of deprivation index during the recent long-lasting economic stagnation period of Japan known as the lost decades. This health atlas will be a useful resource for international comparisons between Japan and other advanced countries in terms of health and related socioeconomic disparities between regions. It will be of interest to public health practitioners, administrators, researchers and students working on health geography and public health.

David Bohm: A Life Dedicated to Understanding the Quantum World (Springer Biographies)

by Olival Freire Junior

This authoritative biography addresses the life and work of the quantum physicist David Bohm. Although quantum physics is considered the soundest physical theory, its strange and paradoxical features have challenged - and continue to challenge - even the brightest thinkers. David Bohm dedicated his entire life to enhancing our understanding of quantum mysteries, in particular quantum nonlocality. His work took place at the height of the cultural/political upheaval in the 1950's, which led him to become the most notable American scientist to seek exile in the last century. The story of his life is as fascinating as his ideas on the quantum world are appealing.

Management of Patients with Pseudo-Endocrine Disorders: A Case-Based Pocket Guide

by Michael T. McDermott

Comprised of illustrative clinical cases, this unique pocket guide presents descriptions of patients who have symptoms, physical signs or laboratory abnormalities that they believe are due to disorders of the endocrine system (hormone secreting glands and overall metabolism) but which are not, or probably are not, due to an endocrine disorder. These are common situations in the clinical practice of endocrinology. Each chapter includes clinical cases illustrating differing presentations and outcomes, and each individual case description is followed by a discussion that includes the differential diagnosis of these symptoms, signs and/or lab abnormalities and why they are not likely due to endocrine disease or, alternatively, why and how a deeper exploration for endocrine disorders might be needed. In all cases, an emphasis is placed on listening to the patient and providing a respectful and compassionate response and approach to evaluation and management of the proposed disorder. Discussions are referenced whenever reference material is available, and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines are presented whenever applicable. Topics discussed include chronic and adrenal fatigue, obesity, anxiety and depression, sweating and flushing, alcohol- and opioid-induced symptoms, low testosterone, pseudo-hypoglycemia and pseudo-Cushing's syndrome, among others.Clinical endocrinologists, primary care physicians and related allied medical professionals will find Management of Patients with Pseudo-Endocrine Disorders a valuable resource in their clinical practice with these common but often challenging patients.

Close Encounters of Art and Physics: An Artist's View

by Laura Pesce

Close Encounters of Art and Physics is a voyage in time through the abstract ideas harboured in the minds of humans, starting from the graffiti art of cave dwellers and extending to the street art of contemporary men and women. In seeking parallels with science, the author looks far back to the first geometric ideas of our ancestors as well as ahead to the contemporary science of present-day physicists. The parallelism and analogies between these two fields bear witness to a real entanglement in the human brain. The second part of the book contains about 25 colour images showing the author's stunning glass artwork representing ideas such as dark matter, quantum entanglement, cellular automata and many others that are almost impossible to capture in words. Furthermore, many of the physicists who have themselves made major contributions in these fields provide their comments and analysis of the works. The book provides entertaining and informative reading, not only for practicing artists and physicists, but also anyone curious about art and physics.

Basic Quantum Mechanics (Undergraduate Texts in Physics)

by Kyriakos Tamvakis

This textbook on quantum mechanics has been designed for use in two-semester undergraduate courses. It describes the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, explains the use of the mathematical formalism and provides illustrative examples of both concepts and methods. Although the aim is to enable students to master the use of quantum mechanics as a tool, the author also discusses the meaning of quantum concepts. To this end the book contains a variety of relevant examples, worked out in considerable detail, as well as a substantial number of pertinent problems and exercises. The latter will be extremely helpful, if not essential, for gaining a deep understanding and command of the subject. This book is based on the author's thirty years experience of teaching the subject.

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