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Controversies in the Technical Aspects of ACL Reconstruction

by Volker Musahl Robert G. Marx Stefano Zaffagnini Norimasa Nakamura

This book provides the reader with the best available evidence on the most pressing issues relating to reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with the goal of supporting surgical reconstruction of the ACL and improving outcomes for patients. Key topics for which evidence-based information is presented include selection of graft material and source, the use of different surgical techniques, graft rupture in relation to surgical technique, and progression to osteoarthritis. The book will aid the surgeon in making decisions with respect to fixation devices and tensioning, the bundles to be reconstructed, and whether to preserve remnants or partial bundle ruptures. An evidence-based stance is taken on evolving topics such as the anatomy of the tibial insertion site of the ACL and the role of the anterolateral capsule and posteromedial corner in high-grade rotatory instability. Furthermore, novel technical developments for measurement of knee laxity and soft tissue navigation are discussed. The reader will also find useful information on general issues concerning physical examination, arthroscopic setup, timing of reconstruction, anesthesia, and anticoagulation.

Mobile Research

by Axel Theobald

Dieses Buch bietet einen aktuellen #65533;berblick zur mobilen Online-Forschung. Ziel ist es, sowohl die Grundlagen des neuen Forschungszweigs zu skizzieren als auch aktuelle Anwendungsf#65533;lle und Praxisbeispiele zu beschreiben, um dem Leser die F#65533;lle der M#65533;glichkeiten von Mobile Research zu veranschaulichen. Dar#65533;ber hinaus werden auch Forschungsans#65533;tze pr#65533;sentiert, die derzeit noch im experimentellen Stadium sind, aber ein hohes Entwicklungspotenzial aufweisen. Die Online-Forschung ist die wichtigste Befragungsmethode f#65533;r Markt- und Sozialforscher weltweit. Wie andere Bereiche auch, unterliegt die Branche gerade einem merklichen Wandel durch das mobile Internet sowie die rasende Verbreitung entsprechender Kommunikationsmittel wie Smartphones und Tablets. Dieser Trend wird sich ohne Zweifel fortsetzen und in der Marktforschungs-Praxis Spuren hinterlassen. Der Inhalt - Mobile Marktforschung weltweit - Gestalterische Umsetzung mobil optimi erter Befragungen - Auswirkungen auf die Datenqualit#65533;t - Aufbau und Betrieb mobilbasierter Access Panels - Neue Fragetypen f#65533;r die mobile Marktforschung - Einfl#65533;sse von Mobile Research auf die qualitative Forschung - Mobile Ethnographie - Marktforschung und das Internet of Things

Betriebswirtschaftliche Aspekte von Industrie 4.0

by Sebastian Berlin Lars Grünert Mischa Seiter

Das Sonderheft der ZfbF stellt die Ergebnisse des Arbeitskreises "Integrationsmanagement neuer Produkte" der Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft dar und zeigt facettenreich auf, wie umfassend die betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung bei der L#65533;sung der aufkommenden unternehmerischen Fragestellungen durch Industrie 4. 0 mitwirken kann. Industrie 4. 0 besch#65533;ftigt seit einigen Jahren die deutschen Unternehmen als eines von zehn Zukunftsprojekten der Bundesregierung. Die Untersuchung der betriebswirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen dieser Entwicklungen bildete, bis auf wenige Ausnahmen, einen Randaspekt der Forschung. Allerdings verursachten Industrie 4. 0-Initiativen in den letzten Jahren bereits weitreichende betriebswirtschaftliche Konsequenzen, die zum Teil ganze Branchen ver#65533;nderten. Wortmann, Bilgeri, Weinberger und Fleisch beleuchten die Entwicklung von Ertragsmodellen im Internet of Things. Die Autoren Gr#65533;nert und Sejdic leiten zun#65533;chst einen Bezugsrahmen f#65533;r Industrie 4. 0-getriebene Gesch#65533;ftsmodellinnovation ab. Kersten, Schr#65533;der und Indorf analysieren die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf das Supply Chain Risikomanagement. Butschan, Nestle, Munck und Gleich befassen sich mit dem Kompetenzaufbau zur Umsetzung von Industrie 4. 0 in der Produktion. Schlie#65533;lich arbeiten Obermaier und Grottke die Herausforderungen von ,,Industrie 4. 0"-Technologien f#65533;r das Controlling heraus und zeigen das Potential dieser Technologien f#65533;r das Controlling auf.

Discrimination at Work

by Marie Mercat-Bruns

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press's new open access publishing program for monographs. Visit to learn more. Do the United States and France, both post-industrial democracies, differ in their views and laws concerning discrimination? Marie Mercat-Bruns, a Franco-American scholar, examines the differences in how the two countries approach discrimination. Bringing together prominent legal scholars--including Robert Post, Linda Krieger, Martha Minow, Reva Siegel, Susan Sturm, Richard Ford, and others--Mercat-Bruns demonstrates how the two nations have adopted divergent strategies. The United States continues, with mixed success at "colorblind" policies, to deal with issues of diversity in university enrollment, class action sex-discrimination lawsuits, and rampant police violence against African American men and women. In France, the country has banned the full-face veil while making efforts to present itself as a secular republic. Young men and women whose parents and grandparents came from sub-Sahara and North Africa are stuck coping with a society that fails to take into account the barriers to employment and education they face.Discrimination at Work provides an incisive comparative analysis of how the nature of discrimination in both countries has changed, now often hidden, or steeped in deep unconscious bias. While it is rare for employers in both countries to openly discriminate, deep systemic discrimination exists, rooted in structural and environmental causes and the ways each state has dealt with difference in general. Invigorating and incisive, the book examines hot-button issues such as sexual harassment; race, religious and gender discrimination; and equality for LGBT individuals, thereby delivering comparisons meant to further social equality and fundamental human rights across borders.

Coding Theory and Applications

by Øyvind Ytrehus Vitaly Skachek Ángela I. Barbero

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications, ICMCTA 2017, held in Vihula, Estonia, in August 2017. The 24 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this volume. The papers cover relevant research areas in modern coding theory, including codes and combinatorial structures, algebraic geometric codes, group codes, convolutional codes, network coding, other applications to communications, and applications of coding theory in cryptography.

Exploring Quantum Foundations with Single Photons

by Martin Ringbauer

This thesis uses high-precision single-photon experiments to shed new light on the role of reality, causality, and uncertainty in quantum mechanics. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the current understanding of quantum foundations and details three influential experiments that significantly advance our understanding of three core aspects of this problem. The first experiment demonstrates that the quantum wavefunction is part of objective reality, if there is any such reality in our world. The second experiment shows that quantum correlations cannot be explained in terms of cause and effect, even when considering superluminal influences between measurement outcomes. The final experiment in this thesis demonstrates a novel uncertainty relation for joint quantum measurements, where the textbook relation does not apply.

Holistic Health in Children: Conceptualization, Assessment and Potential

by William Pickett Nathan King Valerie Michaelson

This book presents the results of the Canadian Holistic Health in Children project. Rooted in an ancient concept, this study addresses some novel thinking surrounding the assessment of health and its determinants in adolescent populations. Holism refers to the assessment of complex systems as composite wholes, instead of or in addition to their constituent parts. This idea is rarely applied to the study of health in children, and its application to adolescent populations represents a potentially important gap in knowledge. It fills this gap by conducting a series of analyses in a mixed methods paradigm. Quantitatively, it develops new measures and analytic strategies to be used in the assessment of health and its determinants in adolescents, and then applied these a series of national and cross-national studies. Qualitatively, it explores the origins and models of health inferred from existing theory as well as quantitative findings with groups of young people, and captures the richness of their stories in recurrent themes and metaphor. This book outlines the basic elements of theory that underlie holistic understandings of adolescent health, quantitative and qualitative findings, and then presents and interprets the results and translates them into a series of practical recommendations.

Early Evolution of Human Memory

by Michael J. Walker Héctor M. Manrique

This work examines the cognitive capacity of great apes in order to better understand early man and the importance of memory in the evolutionary process. It synthesizes research from comparative cognition, neuroscience, primatology as well as lithic archaeology, reviewing findings on the cognitive ability of great apes to recognize the physical properties of an object and then determine the most effective way in which to manipulate it as a tool to achieve a specific goal. The authors argue that apes (Hominoidea) lack the human cognitive ability of imagining how to blend reality, which requires drawing on memory in order to envisage alternative future situations, and thereby modifying behavior determined by procedural memory. This book reviews neuroscientific findings on short-term working memory, long-term procedural memory, prospective memory, and imaginative forward thinking in relation to manual behavior. Since the manipulation of objects by Hominoidea in the wild (particularly in order to obtain food) is regarded as underlying the evolution of behavior in early Hominids, contrasts are highlighted between the former and the latter, especially the cognitive implications of ancient stone-tool preparation.

Brain-Computer Interface Research

by Christoph Guger Brendan Allison Mikhail Lebedev

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are rapidly developing into a mainstream, worldwide research endeavor. With so many new groups and projects, it can be difficult to identify the best ones. This book summarizes ten leading projects from around the world. About 60 submissions were received in 2011 for the highly competitive BCI Research Award, and an international jury selected the top ten. This Brief gives a concise but carefully illustrated and fully up-to-date description of each of these projects, together with an introduction and concluding chapter by the editors.

Tourism in Transitions

by Marek Więckowski Dieter K. Müller

This book explores the relationship between transition and tourism geographies on a global scale, discussing how tourism has been used as a tool to recover from decline or to manage change caused by event-driven, rapid transitions in a region's economy, politics or environment. With case studies from Europe, America, Asia and Africa, it provides examples of how specific communities and industries around the globe have reacted for better or worse. It also includes analyses of shifts within the tourism industry itself and examines the complex issues arising for localities that have to face the demands and standards of an increasingly globally interlinked tourism industry. From Whistler to Angola, casino gaming in Colorado to art tourism in Japan, the contributors investigate such factors as tourism-induced community chan≥ the social and economic impacts second-home owners have on rural communities in the developing world; reconstruction of local tourism systems after crisis events such as wars; and the competitiveness of ski areas in light of climate change. Overall, the book offers a thoughtful study of the role of geographical and temporal scales for tourism during periods of unprecedented transition, equipping readers with new ways of conceptualizing change and adaptation.

Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement

by Richard Messnarz Rory V. O'Connor Svatopluk Stolfa Jakub Stolfa

This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 21st EuroSPI conference, held in Luxembourg, in June 2014. The 18 revised papers presented together with 11 invited papers in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected. They are organized in topical sections on SPI and very small entities; process improvement frameworks; testing and improvement issues; SPI and people issues; SPI and quality issues; software processes in various contexts. The volume also contains selected keynote papers from EuroSPI workshops and invited papers covering the topic of creating environments supporting innovation and improvement.

Rock Grouting at Dam Sites

by Ulrich Hungsberg Friedrich-Karl Ewert

This book focuses on the permeability of the foundation of dams, how to determine their state and how to tighten permeable rock to achieve safe foundations for large dams. It includes theoretical fundamentals as well as lessons learned in their application in practical construction work in eminent projects. It also discusses aspects such as the permeability of the rock mass at the dam site, including the hydraulic characteristics of water conducting openings and their effect on the reliability of water pressure test (WPT) results; the influence of particular geological factors on the hydrogeological regime at the site, as well as the hydrofracturing behavior and individual groutability; and the relationship between quantities of grout takes and the degree of impermeabilization.

Compact Representations for the Design of Quantum Logic

by Robert Wille Philipp Niemann

This book discusses modern approaches and challenges of computer-aided design (CAD) of quantum circuits with a view to providing compact representations of quantum functionality. Focusing on the issue of quantum functionality, it presents Quantum Multiple-Valued Decision Diagrams (QMDDs - a means of compactly and efficiently representing and manipulating quantum logic. For future quantum computers, going well beyond the size of present-day prototypes, the manual design of quantum circuits that realize a given (quantum) functionality on these devices is no longer an option. In order to keep up with the technological advances, methods need to be provided which, similar to the design and synthesis of conventional circuits, automatically generate a circuit description of the desired functionality. To this end, an efficient representation of the desired quantum functionality is of the essence. While straightforward representations are restricted due to their (exponentially) large matrix descriptions and other decision diagram-like structures for quantum logic suffer from not comprehensively supporting typical characteristics, QMDDs employ a decomposition scheme that more naturally models quantum systems. As a result, QMDDs explicitly support quantum-mechanical effects like phase shifts and are able to take more advantage of corresponding redundancies, thereby allowing a very compact representation of relevant quantum functionality composed of dozens of qubits. This provides the basis for the development of sophisticated design methods as shown for quantum circuit synthesis and verification.

Changing Inequality

by Rebecca M. Blank

Rebecca M. Blank offers the first comprehensive analysis of an economic trend that has been reshaping the United States over the past three decades: rapidly rising income inequality. In clear language, she provides an overview of how and why the level and distribution of income and wealth has changed since 1979, sets this situation within its historical context, and investigates the forces that are driving it. Among other factors, Blank looks closely at changes within families, including women's increasing participation in the work force. The book includes some surprising findings--for example, that per-person income has risen sharply among almost all social groups, even as income has become more unequally distributed. Looking toward the future, Blank suggests that while rising inequality will likely be with us for many decades to come, it is not an inevitable outcome. Her book considers what can be done to address this trend, and also explores the question: why should we be concerned about this phenomenon?

Coming of Age in America: The Transition to Adulthood in the Twenty-first Century

by Jennifer Holdaway Maria J. Kefalas Patrick J. Carr Mary C. Waters

What is it like to become an adult in twenty-first-century America? This book takes us to four very different places--New York City, San Diego, rural Iowa, and Saint Paul, Minnesota--to explore the dramatic shifts in coming-of-age experiences across the country. Drawing from in-depth interviews with people in their twenties and early thirties, it probes experiences and decisions surrounding education, work, marriage, parenthood, and housing. The first study to systematically explore this phenomenon from a qualitative perspective, Coming of Age in America offers a clear view of how traditional patterns and expectations are changing, of the range of forces that are shaping these changes, and of how young people themselves view their lives.

Taxing the Poor: Doing Damage to the Truly Disadvantaged

by Katherine S. Newman Rourke O’brien

This book looks at the way we tax the poor in the United States, particularly in the American South, where poor families are often subject to income taxes, and where regressive sales taxes apply even to food for home consumption. Katherine S. Newman and Rourke L. O'Brien argue that these policies contribute in unrecognized ways to poverty-related problems like obesity, early mortality, the high school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, and crime. They show how, decades before California's passage of Proposition 13, many southern states implemented legislation that makes it almost impossible to raise property or corporate taxes, a pattern now growing in the western states. Taxing the Poor demonstrates how sales taxes intended to replace the missing revenue--taxes that at first glance appear fair--actually punish the poor and exacerbate the very conditions that drove them into poverty in the first place.

Numerical Methods for Time-Resolved Quantum Nanoelectronics

by Joseph Weston

This thesis develops novel numerical techniques for simulating quantum transport in the time domain and applies them to pertinent physical systems such as flying qubits in electronic interferometers and superconductor/semiconductor junctions hosting Majorana bound states (the key ingredient for topological quantum computing). In addition to exploring the rich new physics brought about by time dependence, the thesis also develops software that can be used to simulate nanoelectronic systems with arbitrary geometry and time dependence, offering a veritable toolbox for exploring this rapidly growing domain.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, and History in Metal Gear Solid V

by Amy M. Green

This book explores the video game Metal Gear Solid V's exploration of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through a careful analysis of its thematic elements and characters. It also considers the game's complex take on post-9/11 history. Metal Gear Solid V consists of two interrelated titles, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes is examined as a post-9/11 narrative exploring America's use of Guantanamo Bay and the extraordinary rendition program as tools in the War on Terror. The Phantom Pain is examined as a work exploring post-9/11 in trauma, especially in returning soldiers. The characters appearing in both games are given substantial consideration and analysis as embodiments of different forms of PTSD and trauma. This book appeals especially to those interested in video game study, to those who are enthusiasts of video games, and those interested in post-9/11 narratives.

The Obligations of the Carrier Regarding the Cargo

by Ilian Djadjev

This book addresses the legal and contractual obligations of sea carriers regarding due care for the cargo under a contract of carriage. While the general framework employed is the leading international liability regime, the Hague-Visby Rules, the discussions in each chapter also account for the possible future adoption of a new regime, the Rotterdam Rules. The subject matter concerns the standard for the duty of care for goods as codified in the Hague-Visby Rules, but the work also touches upon a wide range of related topics found both in law and in practice, providing valuable commercial, technical and historical links as well as various solutions that have been found at the national and international level to address challenges arising in this specialised area of law. The book is divided into six chapters, which gradually reveal the complexity of the topic. Chapter 1 provides a thorough introduction to the two main transport documents in use, and to the basic logic behind shipping, sea-going trade and related national and international legislation. In turn, Chapter 2 presents an overview of the relevant provisions of the Hague-Visby Rules. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 examine the problems arising out of the insertion of a FIOS(T) clause in the contract of carriage; the carriage of goods on deck; and the carriage of goods in containers, respectively. Lastly, Chapter 6 provides an overall conclusion on the legal status quo and current practice, as well as future prospects. The book was written with a number of potential readers in mind and is intended to open up the topic to a broader audience. It is suitable both for readers who wish to advance their learning (e. g. professionals, practitioners and postgraduates) and for readers with little or no prior knowledge of the topic (e. g. students and researchers).

Differential Privacy and Applications

by Philip S. Yu Wanlei Zhou Gang Li Tianqing Zhu

This book focuses on differential privacy and its application with an emphasis on technical and application aspects. This book also presents the most recent research on differential privacy with a theory perspective. It provides an approachable strategy for researchers and engineers to implement differential privacy in real world applications. Early chapters are focused on two major directions, differentially private data publishing and differentially private data analysis. Data publishing focuses on how to modify the original dataset or the queries with the guarantee of differential privacy. Privacy data analysis concentrates on how to modify the data analysis algorithm to satisfy differential privacy, while retaining a high mining accuracy. The authors also introduce several applications in real world applications, including recommender systems and location privacy Advanced level students in computer science and engineering, as well as researchers and professionals working in privacy preserving, data mining, machine learning and data analysis will find this book useful as a reference. Engineers in database, network security, social networks and web services will also find this book useful.

The Search for Better Educational Standards

by Martin Thrupp

​This book deals with the development of New Zealand's standards system for primary school achievement, 'Kiwi Standards', which took effect from 2010 onwards and is becoming increasingly embedded over time. The approach, where teachers make 'Overall Teacher Judgements' based on a range of assessment tools and their own observations rather than using any particular national test, has created predictable problems with moderation within and across schools. It has been claimed that this 'bold' Kiwi Standards approach avoids the narrowed curriculum and mediocre outcomes of high-stakes assessment in other countries. Yet this book suggests it just produces another variant of the same problems and demonstrates that even a relatively weak high-stakes assessment approach still produces performative effects. The book provides a blow by blow account of the development of a policy including the continuous repositioning of New Zealand's Government as it has sought to justify the policy in the face of opposition from educators. Indeed the Kiwi Standards tale provides a world-class example of teachers fighting back against policy, with the help of academics. There is an indigenous Māori aspect to the story as well. Finally, this book also provides comparative international perspectives including responses from well-known US, English and Australian academics.

International Disputes and Cultural Ideas in the Canadian Arctic

by Danita Catherine Burke

This book explores the Canadian relationship with its portion of the Arctic region which revolves around the dramatic split between the appearance of absent-minded governance, bordering on indifference toward the region, and the raging nationalism during moments of actual and perceived challenge toward the sovereignty of the imagined "Canadian Arctic region. " Canada's nationalistic relationship with the Arctic region is often discussed as a reactionary phenomenon to the Americanization of Canada and the product of government propaganda. As this book illustrates, however, the complexity and evolution of the Canadian relationship with the Arctic region and its implication for Canada's approach toward international relations requires a more in-depth exploration

Critique as Critical History

by Bregham Dalgliesh

This book presents the first sustained articulation of a Foucauldian oeuvre. It situates Foucault's critique within the tradition of Kant's call for a philosophical archaeology of reason; in parallel, it demonstrates the priority in Foucault's thought of Nietzsche over Heidegger and the framing of reason against an ontology of power. Bregham Dalgliesh hereby claims that at the heart of the Foucauldian oeuvre is the philosophical method of critical history. Its task is to make the will to know that drives thought conscious of itself as a problem, especially the regimes of truth that define our governmentalities. By revealing the contingency of their constituent parts of knowledge, power and ethics, Dalgliesh demonstrates that critical history offers an alternative mode of critique to the hithertofore singular reading of the intellectual heritage of enlightenment, while it fosters an agonistic concept of freedom in respect of our putatively necessary limits.

Highlighting the Importance of Big Data Management and Analysis for Various Applications

by Reda Alhajj Behrouz Far Mohammad Moshirpour

This book addresses the impacts of various types of services such as infrastructure, platforms, software, and business processes that cloud computing and Big Data have introduced into business. Featuring chapters which discuss effective and efficient approaches in dealing with the inherent complexity and increasing demands in data science, a variety of application domains are covered. Various case studies by data management and analysis experts are presented in these chapters. Covered applications include banking, social networks, bioinformatics, healthcare, transportation and criminology. Highlighting the Importance of Big Data Management and Analysis for Various Applications will provide the reader with an understanding of how data management and analysis are adapted to these applications. This book will appeal to researchers and professionals in the field.

The Un-Polish Poland, 1989 and the Illusion of Regained Historical Continuity

by Tomasz Kamusella

This book discusses historical continuities and discontinuities between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, interwar Poland, the Polish People's Republic, and contemporary Poland. The year 1989 is seen as a clear point-break that allowed the Poles and their country to regain a 'natural historical continuity' with the 'Second Republic,' as interwar Poland is commonly referred to in the current Polish national master narrative. In this pattern of thinking about the past, Poland-Lithuania (nowadays roughly coterminous with Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia's Kaliningrad Region and Ukraine) is seen as the 'First Republic. ' However, in spite of this 'politics of memory' (Geschichtspolitik) - regarding its borders, institutions, law, language, or ethnic and social makeup - present-day Poland, in reality, is the direct successor to and the continuation of communist Poland. Ironically, today's Poland is very different, in all the aforementioned aspects, from the First and Second Republics. Hence, contemporary Poland is quite un-Polish, indeed, from the perspective of Polishness defined as a historical (that is, legal, social, cultural, ethnic and political) continuity of Poland-Lithuania and interwar Poland.

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