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The Case is Closed: Grey Mask, The Case Is Closed, And Lonesome Road (Miss Silver #2)

by Patricia Wentworth

When a new clue arises in a long-closed murder inquiry, Miss Silver fights to free an innocent manMarion Grey is growing used to the idea that her husband will never leave prison. After the horrors of a very public trial she is almost able to find relief in her resignation. But when new evidence suggests her husband may be innocent after all, she hires a professional--Miss Silver--to clear his name. It begins with a chance encounter on a busy train, when a friend of Marion's meets a half-mad woman who claims to know something of the Grey case. With her is a man who disappeared during the trial, and may know something that could see Marion's husband set free. Who is he, and where has he gone? To find out, the demure detective Miss Silver must track him down before becoming a victim herself.

This Troubled World

by Eleanor Roosevelt

“We will have to want Peace, want it enough to pay for it, before it becomes and accepted rule.” With these words, Mrs. Roosevelt concludes her appeal for peace on earth, good will to men.During the past year, World Peace has seemed more difficult of achievement than ever before, despite the efforts of Leagues and Courts. This discouraging situation has inspired Mrs. Roosevelt, whose life is bound by special ties to the whole fabric of our country’s welfare, to express her own sincere beliefs on the subject. She has analysed many peace plans and, as a result of her studies, presents her own suggestions as to how permanent peace can be brought about.This is a thoughtful book, written by a woman who realises that it is easier to keep out of situations which lead to war than it is to bring about peace once war is going on. If we can dispassionately go over the difficulties which arise between conflicting interests within our own borders, we will be in a better position to understand and arbitrate the quarrels which lead to war among other nations.

Lonesome Road: Grey Mask, The Case Is Closed, And Lonesome Road (Miss Silver #3)

by Patricia Wentworth

A terrified young woman asks Miss Silver for help unmasking someone who has threatened her lifeRachel Traherne does not want to meet Maud Silver. She does not want to tell her that someone has threatened her life, because she does not want that dreadful fact to be true. But see Miss Silver she must, for the stout, old-fashioned detective is the only person in London who may be able to keep her safe. Rachel has been receiving threatening letters about her deceased father's fortune. The first two letters were vague; the third said simply, "Get ready to die." Since then she has been nearly killed three times: first by a flight of sabotaged stairs, second by fire, and third by a box of poisoned chocolates. She fears it may be a family member, jealous of her inheritance and willing to kill to get it. But who could it be? Miss Silver is going to find out.

The Secret of Spiggy Holes (Secret Stories #2)

by Enid Blyton

In Enid Blyton's classic Secret Stories mystery always leads to adventure. <p><p> Mike, Peggy, Nora and Jack are having a lovely summer at the Cornish seaside. While out exploring the Spiggy Holes caves, they discover a secret passage leading to the Old House on the cliff. But when they encounter the Old House's horrid new owner, the children are convinced he is hiding some secrets of his own ...First published in 1940, this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated.

The Butterfield Overland Mail: by Waterman L. Ormsby, Only Through Passenger on the First Westbound Stage (The\huntington Library Classics Ser.)

by Waterman L. Ormsby

This is the classic firsthand account by Waterman L. Ormsby, a reporter who in 1858 crossed the western states as the sole through passenger of the Butterfield Overland Mail stage on its first trip from St. Louis to San Francisco. Ormsby’s reports, which soon appeared in the New York Herald, are lively and exciting. He describes the journey in close detail, giving full accounts of the accommodations, the other passengers, the country through which they passed, the dangers to which they were exposed, and the constant necessity for speed.“A most interesting account of the first westbound trip of an overland mail stage.”—Southern California Historical Society Quarterly“The best narrative of the trip and one of the best accounts of western travel by stage.”—Pacific Historical Review“If other travelers had been as careful and observant as Ormsby we should know vastly more about our country and the ways of our fathers than we do...The book is fascinating. It will prove interesting to all who care for travelogues, the history of the West, and particularly to those interested in our economic history.”—Journal of Economic History

In the Balance: A Miss Silver Mystery (book Four) (Miss Silver #4)

by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver attempts to save a young girl from her murderous husband Maud Silver, demure private eye, hardly has time to finish one adventure before another demands her attention. She is making her way back to London when, with a terrible jerk, her train thrusts a young woman into her compartment--a beautiful woman in a state of shock. She is Lisle Jerningham, a newlywed with money--which may be about to get her killed. Lisle fled her home in a hurry when she overheard a sinister conversation through the bushes. Her new husband's first wife died of an accident, and the resultant infusion of cash saved his family home. Now broke again, he may be trying to engineer a second convenient mishap. Lisle has already survived one attempt on her life, but only Miss Silver can help her make it through the next.

The Miss Silver Mysteries Volume Two: In the Balance, The Chinese Shawl, and Miss Silver Deals with Death (The Miss Silver Mysteries)

by Patricia Wentworth

The British governess-turned-sleuth solves three of her most intriguing cases, in this “timelessly charming” series (Charlotte MacLeod). Retired governess and teacher Maud Silver has found a new calling: private detection. With her knitting needles and fondness for Tennyson, she may seem an unlikely sleuth, but Scotland Yard would be lost without her. “Patricia Wentworth has created a great detective in Miss Silver, the little old lady who nobody notices, but who in turn notices everything” (Paula Gosling, author of the Jack Stryker Mysteries). In the Balance: On a train back to London, Miss Silver meets a frightened new bride. Lisle Jerningham has fled her home after overhearing a seemingly sinister conversation. Her husband’s first wife died in an apparent accident, and the resultant infusion of cash saved his family home. Now he’s broke again. Will he attempt a second convenient mishap? The Chinese Shawl: Actress Tanis Lyle may lack professional training, but her natural charisma seems to hypnotize all who meet her. The rising star has just finished filming her first motion picture. Unfortunately, it will turn out to be her last. Who did Tanis fail to charm? The answer could lie with a distant cousin and a long-standing family feud. Miss Silver Deals with Death: In wartime London, the once grand Vandeleur House has been divided into flats, its glorious façade now concealing a nest of intrigue. When one inhabitant reports she’s being blackmailed by another, Miss Silver is brought in to sort out the suspects from the residents, which include a woman who lost her fiancé after their ship was struck by a Nazi torpedo and a sleepwalking maid with a curious past.

The Chinese Shawl: In The Balance, The Chinese Shawl, And Miss Silver Deals With Death (Miss Silver #5)

by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver must intervene when an age-old family feud returns with fatal effectAll London loves Tanis Lyle. A beautiful amateur who happened accidentally on a career in the theater, she has just finished filming her first motion picture. Though hardly beautiful, the young woman has electric charm, and seems to hypnotize all who meet her. This is the effect she has on Laura Fane, a distant cousin who has long heard rumors of the great beauty who, because of a long-standing family feud, she has never been allowed to meet. When Tanis's life is cut short by an unknown hand, Miss Silver hunts for the killer. As she and Laura quickly learn, great beauty invites hate just as readily as it does love.

Miss Silver Deals with Death: In The Balance, The Chinese Shawl, And Miss Silver Deals With Death (The Miss Silver Mysteries #6)

by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver investigates a case of blackmail in an apartment houseVandeleur House was great once. The home of a prominent court painter, its ballroom and parlors hosted the brightest of the Victorian era. Now divided into eight flats, it is an apartment building whose glorious façade conceals a nest of diabolical intrigue. There is Maude, a young woman who was crossing the Atlantic when her steamer was struck by a Nazi torpedo. She survived; her husband did not. Then there's Ivy, a sleepwalking maid with a curious past. And last there is Mrs. Underwood, a snobbish woman dreadfully embarrassed that she is being blackmailed by another resident. And all that drama in just one flat. There are many secrets in Vandeleur house, and it will take the full force of gentlewoman detective Maud Silver's intuition to unravel them.

Taoist Secrets of Eating for Balance: Your Personal Program for Five-Element Nutrition

by Mantak Chia Christine Harkness-Giles

Explains how to use your Taoist astrology birth chart as a personal nutritional guide for health, longevity, and organ energy balance • Explores how to help balance your birth chi through your eating habits as well as explaining how foods address your five-element energetic profile • Provides detailed food lists based on ancient Taoist wisdom that reveal their effect on the Yin, Yang, and five-element energies • Shows how your five-element energies outline your life and influence success in relationships and at work We are each born with a unique combination of heavenly and earthly energies defined by the five elements and dictated by the universe at the moment you take your first breath. This “birth chi” can be calculated using the year, month, day, and time of your birth, and it reveals your personal profile of health and emotional strengths and weaknesses as well as the energy cycles you will encounter throughout your life. In this Inner Alchemy astrology nutrition guide, Master Mantak Chia and Christine Harkness-Giles explore how to strengthen your birth chi through your eating habits, revealing which foods will address imbalances in your five-element organ energy profile. The authors explain which organs are connected with each element--fire, earth, metal, water, and wood--and provide detailed food lists based on ancient Taoist wisdom that reveal the energetic temperature, flavor, and organ related to many common foods and superfoods. They emphasize the importance of local, seasonal, and fresh foods and of yin-yang balance for health. The authors illustrate the five elements’ characteristics through sample profiles for celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Meryl Streep, along with Taoist nutritional recommendations based on their charts. The authors also explore how your Inner Alchemy astrology profile determines your life and relationships and explain how Inner Alchemy practices and five-element nutrition can improve all aspects of your life. By eating in line with your personal five-element energetic profile, as part of ancient Inner Alchemy techniques, you can improve health and longevity and strengthen connections with your loved ones and the energies of the cosmos.

While Still We Live

by Helen Macinnes

Helen MacInnes again demonstrates her unique mastery of the dramatic suspense novel in this superbly plotted thriller about a young English girl whose innocent holiday visit to Poland is suddenly twisted into a nightmare of violence and terror when she is mistaken for a Nazi spy.

The Clock Strikes Twelve: The Clock Strikes Twelve, The Key, And She Came Back (The Miss Silver Mysteries #7)

by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver investigates the murder of a great British industrialistThough they share a manor house, the Paradines are not close, and their patriarch does nothing to discourage the petty jealousies that divide wealthy families. A cold figure, James Paradine prefers work to his relations, but on New Year's Eve he convenes the household. Valuable plans have been stolen from his office, and only one person could be to blame. He knows the culprit's name, and gives the thief until midnight to come forward. By midnight, James Paradine is dead. Was it the thief who killed him, or could it have been someone else, acting on different motives entirely? The local constables are baffled, and it is left to prim detective Maud Silver to out the murderer.

Death Knell (Duncan Maclain Mystery #5)

by Baynard Kendrick

When Troy Singleton is murdered on the Terrace of Larmar Jordan, Larmar is the prime and most obvious subject. But Duncan MacLain the famous blind detective is called in to figure out if Larmar is truly innocent. Come along on a thrilling novel from the perspective of the blind detective who can shoot at sound, and has a trained police dog Driest and a guide dog Schnucke. Can Duncan put the pieces of the puzzle together in time?

The Miss Silver Mysteries Volume Three: The Clock Strikes Twelve, The Key, and She Came Back (The Miss Silver Mysteries)

by Patricia Wentworth

Three cozy mysteries in the “ingenious [and] satisfying” historical series featuring a retired English governess who finds a second calling as a detective (The Scotsman). Meet Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess and “little old lady who nobody notices, but who in turn notices everything” (Paula Gosling, author of the Jack Stryker mystery series). The Clock Strikes Twelve: A wealthy British family convenes in their manor house for New Year’s Eve. But when their industrialist patriarch dies, it’s up to prim Miss Silver to determine who rang in the new year with murder . . . The Key: A German Jewish scientist working for the British war effort is murdered, and his new formula has been stolen. Now Miss Silver must find the killer or risk an explosive disaster . . . She Came Back: Three years after everyone thought she died in France, Lady Anne Jocelyn returns to England. The lady may be who she claims to be, or perhaps she’s a fraud—or even a Nazi spy. Only Miss Silver will be able to divine the truth.

Out of Control (Duncan Mclain Mystery #6)

by Baynard Kendrick

Blind or not, Captain Duncan Maclain saw through Marcia Filmore almost from the start. She was young, beautiful, and deadly--a criminal psychopath who would stop at nothing to protect her rich marriage. And so, when blackmailer Walter Crane turned up dead, it was only natural that Maclain should start feeling his way through the dark and devious maze that led to Marcia. But that lethal lady intended to protect herself--even if she had to kill again . . . and again . . . and again...

Ghost Stories of Old New Orleans

by Frank De Caro Charles Richards Jeanne DeLavigne

"He struck a match to look at his watch. In the flare of the light they saw a young woman just at Pitot's elbow -- a young woman dressed all in black, with pale gold hair, and a baby sleeping on her shoulder. She glided to the edge of the bridge and stepped noiselessly off into the black waters." -- from Ghost Stories of Old New OrleansGhosts are said to wander along the rooftops above New Orleans' Royal Street, the dead allegedly sing sacred songs in St. Louis Cathedral, and the graveyard tomb of a wealthy madam reportedly glows bright red at night. Local lore about such supernatural sightings, as curated by Jeanne deLavigne in her classic Ghost Stories of Old New Orleans, finds the phantoms of bitter lovers, vengeful slaves, and menacing gypsies haunting nearly every corner of the city, from the streets of the French Quarter to Garden District mansions. Originally printed in 1944, all forty ghost stories and the macabre etchings of New Orleans artist Charles Richards appear in this new edition.Drawing largely on popular legend dating back to the 1800s, deLavigne provides vivid details of old New Orleans with a cast of spirits that represent the ethnic mélange of the city set amid period homes, historic neighborhoods, and forgotten taverns. Combining folklore, newspaper accounts, and deLavigne's own voice, these phantasmal tales range from the tragic -- brothers, lost at sea as children, haunt a chapel on Thomas Street in search of their mother -- to graphic depictions of torture, mutilation, and death. Folklorist and foreword contributor Frank de Caro places the writer and her work in context for modern readers. He uncovers new information about deLavigne's life and describes her book's pervasive lingering influence on the Crescent City's culture today.

The Key: The Clock Strikes Twelve, The Key, And She Came Back (The Miss Silver Mysteries #8)

by Patricia Wentworth

The murder of a government scientist demands the attention of Miss SilverMichael Harsch's life has never been easy. A German Jew, he fled his country when Hitler came to power, escaping the concentration camps by the skin of his teeth. His wife and daughter were not so lucky, and he vowed revenge on the Fuhrer through science. He set to work on a marvelous new explosive that, in the hands of the British army, could silence the German guns forever. But on the eve of his great triumph, the scientist is struck down. The government asks Miss Silver, the dowdy detective, to help solve the murder and recover the valuable explosive. Was Harsch killed by a half-mad opponent to the war effort, or was it one of Hitler's undercover agents who pulled the trigger?

Francia contra los robots

by Georges Bernanos

En 1948, el reconocido escritor de inspiración mística Georges Bernanos desapareció, dejando el manuscrito de un último libro, publicado póstumamente: Francia contra robots. Esta apasionada defensa de la libertad es un desafío a las idolatrías paganas de ganancia y fuerza, con una increíble actualidad. Esta diatriba contra la "sociedad de las máquinas" es un grito futurista, para señalar una sociedad en la que es posible llevar una vida digna de seres humanos.Esta visionaria obra señala una Sociedad futura donde la tecnología domina a los seres humanos y los deshumaniza. Atacando la conformidad burguesa en nombre de sus creencias católicas, el autor afirma "que no es ni de izquierda ni derecha" y los conflictos internos son especialmente la fuente de las maldades que disminuyen al hombre y todas las tiranías que lo aplastan.“El peligro no está en las máquinas, de lo contrario deberíamos hacer este sueño absurdo de destruirlas por la fuerza, a la manicura de los iconoclastas que, rompiendo las imágenes, se halagaron aniquilando también las creencias. El peligro no está en la multiplicación de máquinas, sino también en el número cada vez mayor de hombres, que desde su infancia, solo desean lo que las máquinas pueden proveer”.

A King Alone

by Jean Giono

An existential detective story by one of France's most popular modern writers, set in a mid-nineteenth century mountain village, available in English for the first timeA King Alone is set in a remote Alpine village that is cut off from the world by rugged mountains and by long months when the ground is covered with snow and the heavens with cloud. One such winter, villagers begin mysteriously to disappear. Soon the village is paralyzed by terror, which gives way to relief and eager anticipation when the outsider Langlois arrives to investigate. What he discovers, however, will leave no one reassured, and his reappearance in the village a few years later, now assigned the task of guarding it from wolves, awakens those troubling memories. A man of few words, a regal manner, and military efficiency, Langlois baffles and fascinates the villagers, whose different responses to him shape Jean Giono’s increasingly charged narrative. This novel about a tiny community at the dangerous edge of things and a man of law who is a man alone could be described as a metaphysical Western. It unfolds with the uncanny inevitability and disturbing intensity of a dream.

Man for Himself: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Ethics (Routledge Classics Ser. (PDF))

by Erich Fromm

"There is no meaning to life except the meaning man gives his life by the unfolding of his powers." --Erich FrommAre we primarily determined by nature or nurture? What are the best ways that people can live productively? In Man for Himself, renowned social philosopher Erich Fromm posits: With the gifts of self-consciousness and imagination, any individual can give his or her own unique answer. This answer is rooted in our human nature, and should correspond to mankind's powers of reason and love. Therefore, Fromm reasons, "living itself is an art." In his humanistic concept of man, Fromm describes various character orientations that are to be found in Western culture. For the first time, Fromm analyzes the parallels between economic concepts of market value and how we value others and ourselves--the idea of personality as a commodity. He argues for a return to humanistic ethics, and discusses issues such as the question of conscience, of selfishness and self-love, and of pleasure and happiness. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erich Fromm including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author's estate.

Wicked Uncle: Dark Threat, Latter End, And Wicked Uncle (The Miss Silver Mysteries #12)

by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver investigates the murder of one of Britain's most powerful men Dorinda Brown takes a job working for the wealthy Porlock family on a whim, and quickly finds it to be the hardest position she has ever had. The father, Gregory, is a charming tyrant--just the sort of man her aunt always warned her about. His wife is an overfed fool, entirely blind to the defects of her despicable son, and unsympathetic to the pain he causes his governesses. All that Dorinda can stand, for she needs the job. But when murder comes to the Porlock house, it brings along much more unpleasantness. There is a question of blackmail, first of all, and a shocking realization about Dorinda's past. All told, it adds up to a frightful mystery--the sort that only Miss Maud Silver, the governess-turned-detective, can solve.

Dark Threat: Dark Threat, Latter End, And Wicked Uncle (The Miss Silver Mysteries #10)

by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver visits the country to keep an eye on a friend who may be in perilIt is time for Judy to get out of London. Her sister and brother-in-law have just perished in an air raid, leaving her in charge of their four-year-old daughter, and Judy wants no more to do with death. She arranges for work in a piece of the countryside untouched by the war: a charming manor called Pilgrim's Rest. But it may be that she has more to fear than the Blitz. When she tells Frank Abbott of her plans, he warns her that strange things have been happening at Pilgrim's Rest. The family patriarch is recently dead of mysterious circumstances, and his heir has just suffered a series of near-fatal accidents. He cannot sway Judy, for she needs the work. But he does convince the governess-turned-detective Maud Silver to follow Judy to the village, to be on hand in case country living turns dangerous.

The Eye of the World: Book One of 'The Wheel of Time' (Wheel of Time #1)

by Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age, and Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

The Miss Silver Mysteries Volume Four: Dark Threat, Latter End, and Wicked Uncle (The Miss Silver Mysteries)

by Patricia Wentworth

Three cozy mysteries in the “timelessly charming” historical series featuring a retired English governess who finds a second calling as a detective (Charlotte MacLeod). Meet Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess and “little old lady who nobody notices, but who in turn notices everything” (Paula Gosling, author of the Jack Stryker mystery series). Dark Threat: Judy Elliot leaves war-torn London for a job as a maid in the peaceful countryside. But something’s not right at the house known as Pilgrim’s Rest. Fortunately Miss Silver is skilled at shedding light on deadly secrets . . . Latter End: Wealthy Mrs. Lois Latter thinks she has everything, but that doesn’t stop someone from giving her poison. And with the late matron’s long list of enemies, Miss Silver has her work cut out for her . . . Wicked Uncle: Gregory Porlock didn’t become one of Britain’s most powerful men by following the rules. But when he’s found with a knife in his back, the game is over. Now Miss Maud Silver must deduce who’s playing dirty.

The Politics of Gender Culture under State Socialism: An Expropriated Voice (Routledge Research in Gender and Politics)

by Hana Havelková Libora Oates-Indruchová

Though there has been much research on the incomplete emancipation project of state socialism in East and Central Europe, very little has been published on how the state and its institutions conceived of gender as a concept. This book seeks to understand if and how this conceptualization developed in the second half of the twentieth century, and what impact it had on everyday life and on culture. This study moves beyond the dichotomous gender perspectives and towards a nuanced understanding of the diverse discursive negotiations, agendas, actors and agency involved in state-socialist gender practices. Including a detailed case study on Czechoslovakia, contributors explore these issues in a series of independent, but collaboratively developed studies, placing their research in the context of other East Central European countries. The studies collected in the volume bring to light fresh material and consider it from the combined perspective of current gender theory and internal ideological dynamics of state socialism, breaking new ground in gender theory, cultural theory and studies of state socialism. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of gender studies, socialism, Cold-War politics and Eastern European politics and culture.

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