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Thomas J. Watson, IBM and Nazi Germany

by Geoffrey G. Jones Adrian Brown

Considers the strategy of U.S.-owned IBM, then a manufacturer of punch cards, in Nazi Germany before 1937. Opens with IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson meeting Adolf Hitler in his capacity as President of the International Chamber of Commerce. IBM had acquired a German company in 1922, and like other American companies, found itself operating after 1933 in a country whose government violently suppressed political dissent and engaged in intimidation and discrimination against Jews. Explores the tensions between IBM's German affiliate and its parent, and provides an opportunity to explore the options and responsibilities of multinationals with investments in politically reprehensible regimes.

Financing Anghami's Growth

by Ramana Nanda Eren Kuzucu

In December 2012, less than two years into the founding of their music-streaming platform Anghami, cofounders Elie Habib and Eddy Maroun found themselves evaluating an unorthodox term sheet. Habib and Maroun needed to make a decision vis- -vis the proposal put forth by the MBC Group, the region's largest media network. The offer was a media-for-equity deal, which would provide Anghami with advertising towards the media giant's millions of viewers and boost its chances of competing with the likes of iTunes and Spotify in the Middle Eastern market. However, the deal would also cost the cofounders a significant share of their company, and might place them in the middle of a rivalry between MBC and Rotana, the region's largest music label. The case takes the reader through the co-founders' journey, from the founding of the company to the successes and challenges they have faced navigating product launch, scale-up, and partnerships.

Khan Academy 2018

by William A. Sahlman Nicole Tempest

Online global education nonprofit tries to balance far-reaching long term aspirational vision with short term need for greater focus and prioritization.

DraftKings and the Future of Fantasy Sports

by Robert F. Higgins Julia Kelley

Founded in 2012, DraftKings helped change the fantasy sports landscape by popularizing daily fantasy sports (DFS), or short-term fantasy sports tournaments that offered big cash prizes to winners. The company's valuation exceeded $1 billion by 2015, but DraftKings soon faced intense scrutiny from government agencies about whether its business model violated federal laws preventing sports betting and online gambling. Then, in May 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a federal law that had prohibited states from legalizing sports betting. Now that states could legalize sports betting, what should DraftKings' next steps be?

Kurukshetra April 2019

by Publicationdivision

This is a monthly magazine of Kurukshetra April 2019 of this year.

Yojana April 2019

by Publicationdivision

This is monthly magazine of Yojana April 2019 of this year.

Lest Earth Be Conquered

by Frank Belknap Long

The primitives--anthropologists tell us that primitive man believed he could be in several places at the same time. He had no sense of time as we understand it, and could think of himself as living in the past and present simultaneously. And the future...? He was convinced, too, that he could at the same time be a human being and an animal; space and time held no restrictions for him. And the future...? Suppose it weren't just a primitive fantasy, suppose such powers were slumbering in some people and could be awakened. The future is now... especially for a young boy in a small midwestern town that has somehow aquired the idea that the entire Earth is in danger--from the new neighbors down the street.

Violence in the Hood: The Streets of Chicago

by Tyshondra Barnes

Violence in the Hood: The Streets of Chicago is a short documentary book that talks about violence that is affecting our country. More violent acts are happening throughout this nation among men/ women and children. There are to many guns out on the streets. Likewise people are being brutal assaulted. This is happening throughout the entire world where people are not safe. The violence that is happening in Chicago, IL is having people to move out the city and don't want to look back. The community is infested with drugs gangs and poverty addition to There is a lack of jobs. Many programs have being shut down schools and it leads to more young people running the streets. The book is based on true actual events that are still happening within this city. The city of Chicago needs a wakeup call.

God's Gift of Language A

by Phyllis Rand

God's Gift of Language A Writing & Grammar Work-text Phyllis Rand Ed. D.

Political Science - Tamil Medium - Higher Secondary First Year - Tamil Nadu Board

by Government Of Tamilnadu

Political Science is like the skill set of a swimmer. The person with swimming skills can swim in any water body whether it is a pond or a lake or an ocean. A political science student with apt knowledge, attitude and skills can join any career of general nature. This book is intentionally designed to explain each concept in depth at the end of the every units with help of suitable pictures and diagrams. It leads to a way to get clarification about the importance of this subject in future and the doctrines of ancestors in politics try’s to implement the essence by nature.

General Tamil - Tamil medium - Higher Secondary First Year - Tamil nadu Board

by Government Of Tamilnadu

Education is not only the way to become wise but it is the foundation of life forever. We have understood that the textbooks in students hands create a way to succeed as well as lead others to follow up with new inventions. The methods and technics used in this book will definitely make the students to feel free and comfortable even while learning tough concepts.


by Sandeep Garg

Salient Features of the Book: Each topic has been written in accordance with the latest guidelines issued by CBSE, The concepts have been systematically explained through use of diagrams, tables and examples, HOTS Questions with answers have been given at the end of each chapter to enhance the student’s understanding, analytical ability and interpretation, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers have been given at the end of each chapter, Each chapter contains True and False Questions and NCERT textbook questions (with hints), Value Based Questions with answers have been given in the revision section, Practical Problems have the considerable weightage in the Board Examination To have a competitive edge, large number of comprehensive solved and unsolved practical problems have been given and Power Booster Section has been provided for knowledge enrichment of the students. pub-3

Peace Comes to Castle Oak

by Jane Annixter Paul Annixter

A crow, a 'coon, a fox, a dog are most of young Colin's life and soon the problems that his family and other adults are facing become part of it too. For his sister wants to become a nurse, his brother returns from the war very much apart from the swamp and woods world he has known, and Colin's father has to fight against his sister's victimization when she is widowed and his own trigger fast temper. Colin is helped by Nat Stemline, a buckskin hero who lives off the woods, and by his own ability to take care of himself, while his father, protecting his older children, finds that he can control his instinct to kill when too hard pressed and bring peace, as do the 'coon and the fox, to the great tree, Castle Oak. A ""whole boiling"" of southern lore surrounds an intermeshed family story which touches on violence but which resolves its conflicts with peace -- and pride. Homegrown dialect, customs and inherited ways keep this local in feeling and form, and a deep knowledge of the outdoor world and the humans who have learned its secrets gives it a special attraction.

ADVANCE TAMIL - Tamil Medium - Higher Secondary First Year - Tamil nadu state board

by Government Of Tamilnadu

Education is not only the way to become wise but it is the foundation of life forever. We have understood that the textbooks in students hands create a way to succeed as well as lead others to follow up with new inventions. The methods and technics used in this book will definitely make the students to feel free and comfortable even while learning tough concepts.

Freedom to Farm

by Ezra Taft Benson

Summing up, and looking Ahead, First vote for Freedom, War Fever, The Panacea period Acorns, Huckleberries and reindeer Meat, The new Law to right an old Wrong, Vetoes, Productivity and Prices, Prosperity by Legislation, The Stubborn Surplus, Incentives and Postponements, First Decisions, New Farming: New Farmers, Where we Began.

Barnabas, Quentin, and the Scorpio Curse

by Marilyn Ross

"IS THE SIGN OF SCORPIO THE MARK OF DEATH? Terror reigns at Collinwood when several patients at a nearby psychiatric clinic at which Barnabas Collins is a patient are stabbed to death. Each victim's forehead is marked with a scorpion, the zodiacal symbol of death. Then Diana Collins, another relative of the Collins family who is undergoing psychiatric treatment at the hospital, finds a bloody knife in her room. Diana, whose astrological sign is Scorpio, is afraid that she may have committed the murders during one of her blackouts. The fear that she is losing her mind is compounded when no one will believe she has seen a strange, wolf-like creature prowling the grounds. The only person who will listen to her story is Barnabas. But can he help her when he too has become a suspect?" There are plenty more books in this series based on the classic television show, Dark Shadows. Look for: #3. Strangers at Collins House, #5. The Curse of Collinwood, #8. The Demon of Barnabas Collins, #18. Barnabas Collins and the Nightmare Assassin , #20. Barnabas, quentin and the Witch's Curse, #21. Barnabas, Quentin and the Haunted Cave and #22. Barnabas, Quentin and the Frightened Bride.

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