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by National Council of Educational Research Training

Mathematics Textbook For Class IX has been designed in a way so as to enable students to tackle difficult mathematical problems with ease. Published by NCERT, this book comprehensively covers the curriculum for the CBSE board and provides convenient ways of solutions to various numerical problems. The textbook has copious diagrams and solved examples to facilitate easier understanding and better adaptability among students. Unnecessary jargon is kept at bay, making mathematics more interesting for the students. Every topic is supported with abundant solved examples and practice sums to constitute a complete learning experience.

Beauty-protecting Soldier King: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by Chen HaoNan

Was the first generation soldier king hiding in a mental hospital to seek courage, or was he forced to do nothing? In order to complete the lowest level F grade mission, he had returned to the city and unintentionally unveiled a corner of the dark world. Inheritance expert, high-level cultivator, underworld sect, ancient martial arts experts came one after another... How would he deal with it? Beauties came one after another … What should he choose? As a industrious gardener who flew through tens of thousands of flowers, his leaves did not touch his body, Ye Tian Xie gave a dishonest smile, "I want to protect the flowers, but I also want to get rid of the insects!"

Farming: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by Xiao TiMo

Modern medicine students forget the heart, once dressed into an ancient peasant girl. Initially, he only wanted to make a fortune through his medical skills, but he didn't expect that he would have to fight a hooligan and outdo a shrew. Although the situation was unsatisfactory, it was a good thing that the medicinal field, the opening of a medical clinic, and the passing of days! Shen Cangxin, set a small goal and fight for it … Woo! Woo! Envy, good girl. First, earn a child. Shen Wansan:?

Rebirth: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by Duo XiaoTian

In the past, Qin Yang had always thought that after his rebirth, he would be able to beat up all of his enemies and make up for all the regrets he had in his previous life. However, when he was reborn, he found out that it was indeed like this: On Earth, the feeling was much better than in the cultivation world. However, when he truly reborn, he discovered that it was indeed like this: On Earth, the feeling was much better than in the cultivation world.

Roaring Fierce Soldier: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Xiao Feng

He was the instructor of a mysterious troop and the number one soldier that all forces feared when he returned to the city and the dragons entered the sea he was also a prodigal who had fallen into the trap of millions of young ladies.

Carefree Master in City: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by Xi NianXiaoMeng

How would a loli do it? He had tricked her into hugging him on the bed! How could he do that? One flick, two flick, three flop! How does the queen do it? The wax whip and the shackles!

New Story of Lv Bu: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by San ZangDaShi

This was a book about human nature. Loyalty and betrayal, life and death were all reflected in this book. Every single moment, every single character was struggling with their own thoughts. Their will had made this book a reality. The story of a small Golden Triangle warlord passing through the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty to become a famous general, Lu Bu, and struggling to survive in the stormy seas. Every step he took was filled with fear, and he had to pay the price of blood. The complicated relations between the late Han Dynasty's valve families, the life on the market of the small people, the vast and magnificent natural scenery, and the vivid and lifelike characters of the three countries occupy a great deal of space in this book.

Red Alert: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by Chi FanShuDeHongShao

The world after the nuclear war was a wasteland, and nature was radiating with extraordinary vitality! The world was shrouded in green, and the lush woodlands had become a paradise for all living beings to hunt and evolve! The former hegemon of humanity had become the lowest level of existence in the food chain, surviving tenaciously and with great difficulty! The gears of history have begun to turn again, beginning with the Dirty Valley.

Heavenly King Descending: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Du AiQingTian

In the vast expanse of the Azure Sky Prairie, the sky was covered in a haze. The biting cold gale swept through the entire prairie, causing layers of grass to turn over, causing people to be unable to open their eyes. Dark clouds also accumulated in the sky, and the clouds intersected and overlapped with each other. A thunderstorm that covered the entire prairie was about to arrive. Such weather was extremely rare in this famously sunny prairie.

Supplier of Heaven: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Gui BiFengMao

Being a big shot in the heavenly court made me extremely rich in the mortal world. With the heaven realm trading system in his hands he held the only trading channel between the heavenly court and the mortal realm all sorts of unsatisfied expressions could be seen on her feet as many different kinds of beauties swarmed over this was a story of a diaosi rebutting in and laughing at the three realms.

The Magic Trading System: Volume 10 (Volume 10 #10)

by Zheng Xiao

He obtained a spatiotemporal trading system, which could be sold as treasure and could buy all sorts of magical goods from the system's market. From then on, the country bumpkin Zheng Hao became famous and gradually became a rich man with both wealth and power!

HRM in Africa: Understanding New Scenarios and Challenges in an Emerging Economy

by John E. Opute

This book explores the effective management of HR functions in an African context. While previous research has thoroughly explored central issues such as staffing, benefits, employee relations, and HR compliance, other topics such as appraisals, promotion, succession planning, and exits have rarely been considered. The author draws on empirical research and incorporates contextual issues such as technology, politics, culture, and economics to enrich readers’ understanding of HR in Africa’s emerging economies. By highlighting theoretical underpinnings while also placing emphasis on the practical relevance of HR issues, this book offers an insightful guide for students and scholars interested in HR and management in developing economies.

MATLAB Codes for Finite Element Analysis: Solids and Structures (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications #157)

by Nicholas Fantuzzi Antonio J. Ferreira

This book illustrates how MATLAB compact and powerful programming framework can be very useful in the finite element analysis of solids and structures. The book shortly introduces finite element concepts and an extensive list of MATLAB codes for readers to use and modify. The book areas range from very simple springs and bars to more complex beams and plates in static bending, free vibrations, buckling and time transient problems. Moreover, laminated and functionally graded material structures are introduced and solved.

Regulatory Issues in Organic Food Safety in the Asia Pacific

by Goh Bee Chen Rohan Price

The book seeks to address the intersection of food organics and the emergence of a new contractualism between producers, distributors and consumers, and between nation states. Additionally, it seeks to cater to the needs of a discerning public concerned about how its own country aims to meet their demands for organic food quality and safety, as well as how they will benefit from integration in the standard-setting processes increasingly occurring regionally and internationally. This edited volume brings together expert scholars and practitioners and draws on their respective insights and experiences in the field of organics, food and health safety. The book is organized in three parts. Part I outlines certain international perspectives; Part II reflects upon relevant histories and influences and finally, Part III examines the organic food regulatory regime of various jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific.

Tribocorrosion (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology)

by Nuria Espallargas Stefano Mischler Anna Igual Munoz

This book is a toolbox for identifying and addressing tribocorrosion situations from an engineering point of view. It is an accessible and introductory guideline to the emerging and interdisciplinary field of tribocorrosion covering the main concepts of tribology and corrosion. It describes specific tribocorrosion concepts, models and experimental techniques as well as their application to practical situations in which mechanical and chemical phenomena act simultaneously.

Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment in Industrial Biotechnology (Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology #173)

by Magnus Fröhling Michael Hiete

This book reviews the assessment of industrial biotechnology products and processes from a sustainable perspective. Industrial Biotechnology is a comparably young field which comes along with high expectations with regard to sustainability issues. These stem from the promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and replacing fossil resources in the near or later future and using green technology, i.e. more environmentally friendly technologies. The intended economic, ecological and social benefits, however, need to be proven, resulting in a variety of challenges, both from a methodological and application point of view. In this book, specific assessment and application topics of industrial biotechnology are addressed, highlighting challenges and solutions for both developers and users of assessment methods. In twelve chapters, experts in their particular fields define the scope, characterize industrial biotechnology and show in their contributions the state of the art, challenges and prospects of assessing industrial biotechnology products and processes.The chapter 'Societal and Ethical Aspects of Industrial Biotechnology' of this book is available open access under a CC BY 4.0 license at

EKG an 60 Fällen lernen und üben: die häufigsten Diagnosen und Fallstricke mit Selbsttest

by Elisabeth Ratzenböck Jens Lohrmann Michael Kühne

Sie müssen regelmäßig EKGs beurteilen, fühlen sich aber nicht gut dabei? Egal, ob Sie als Assistenzarzt in der Inneren Medizin noch unsicher sind, Sie als nicht-internistischer Notarzt nur "Zacken" verstehen oder Sie als Hausarzt ihr EKG-Wissen schnell auffrischen möchten: Dieses Buch ist für Sie da. Eine Notfallmedizinerin und zwei Kardiologen mit langjähriger klinischer Erfahrung erklären anhand 60 "echter" EKG-Kurven, worauf es bei der Beurteilung ankommt und welche Fehler Sie vermeiden sollten. Die EKGs sind auf einer Seite unkommentiert, damit Sie ihren aktuellen Wissensstand überprüfen können und auf der nächsten Seite mit der richtigen Diagnose und Erklärungen versehen. Zusätzlich wird das jeweils aus der EKG-Auswertung resultierende erforderliche Procedere beschrieben. So gewinnen Sie Routine und Sicherheit.

Market Access Management für Pharma- und Medizinprodukte: Instrumente, Verfahren und Erfolgsfaktoren

by Ralph Tunder

Die pharmazeutische Industrie steht im deutschen Gesundheitswesen häufig im Mittelpunkt kontroverser Kostendiskussionen. Als Resultat zielten die Maßnamen der Gesundheitspolitik in den letzten Jahren vorrangig auf (Kosten-)regulierungen der Arzneimittelindustrie ab, deren bisheriger Höhepunkt die Einführung des AMNOG im Jahr 2011 darstellte. Die bis dato freie Preisbildung wurde abgelöst durch ein zweistufiges Verfahren bestehend aus Nutzenbewertung und Preisverhandlung. Diese gravierenden Veränderungen der gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen für die Arzneimittelindustrie hatten einen erheblichen Bedeutungszuwachs des Themas Market Access zur Folge. Die Motivation zur Erstellung des Buches ist es, eine Publikation zu schaffen, die nicht nur den aktuellen Status widerspiegelt, sondern vielmehr auch die wesentlichen Instrumente und Verfahrensweisen aufzeigt und auch kritisch hinterfragt. Der Leser soll so einen Einblick in die Materie als auch nötiges Rüstzeug bei der konkreten Umsetzung erlangen. Das Buch dient dazu, Market Access Managern oder Interessierten fundiertes Hintergrundwissen zu vermitteln.

Caveolae: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #2169)

by Cedric M. Blouin

This volume explores techniques used to study either the structure or the functions of caveolae and their components in several normal and pathophysiological situations. The chapters in this book cover topics such as selective visualization of caveolae by electron microscopy techniques; spatiotemporal analysis of caveolae dynamics and mechanics using live cell fluorescence microscopy; in vitro reconstitution such as liposomes and GPMVs as tools to study caveolin- and cavin-interacting partners; pulling of tethers from the cell plasma membrane using optical tweezers; and immunofluorescence-based analysis of caveolin-3 in the diagnostic management of neuromuscular diseases. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.Authoritative and comprehensive, Caveolae: Methods and Protocols is a valuable resource for both novice and expert researchers who are interested in discovering new roles or regulations of formed caveolae, and proteins composing their coat in various model organisms.

Social Science Democratic Politics I - Class 9 - Competitive exam - Ncert

by Ncert

This is a Social Science Textbook for Class 9, Published by Ncert.

Legend of Solitary Dream: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Ruo LiuMeng

He had been living in the dream for a thousand years. He had come out of a dark forest called Death's End, so how could he, who knew nothing about this world, walk from an ignorant youth to the peak of the world? What exactly happened in the middle?

All His Love Go to His Little Cute Wife: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Li JiaGongZi

Ning Xia, as an adopted daughter, had replaced her elder sister and married a handicapped man. However, on the day of the wedding, that man didn't show up at all. She, by herself, had completed the wedding of two people.As a small assistant, she appeared in front of the rumored tyrannical CEO Pei, "Hello, CEO Pei. I am Ning Xia from the HR Department who has come to assist you in your work.""Speak, who sent you here as a spy?"

Ancient Divine Master: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Meng RuJiangNan

He was born lowly, but his will was firm and he was unwilling to be mediocre.An accident had allowed him to pass down the sacred art, allowing him to be reborn into a dragon. From then on, he would step onto the road of martial arts with his domineering glory.He walked out of the Savage City and stepped into the Heavenly Myriad Domain where the sects stood, the experts were revered, and geniuses were as numerous as the clouds. He cultivated in the Dragon Art, summoned heavenly tribulation's thunder and lightning, and condensed it to an indestructible body …

Daddy, Here Is Mommy: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Yao XiaoXiao

On the night of the coming of age ceremony, she was framed by her loved ones and became pregnant accidentally.Four years later, she came back from the fire, messing up the wedding of her former fiancé and sister, stirring up the storm of revenge.Unexpectedly, a noble and domineering man confined her to his arms."Vengeance, I'll take revenge for you. You only need to be at ease to be my woman."Following that, a little jade doll ran over and hugged her tightly …

My Hubby is a Domineering CEO: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by Mo ZheYuNiang

That night, Mu Qiqi had lost her most precious treasure after being tricked by her vicious stepsister …After leaving the airport four years ago, she was called Mommy by the little shota as soon as she returned. Mu Qiqi had a stupefied look on her face. She had just graduated and hadn't gotten married yet, where did these kids come from?Kindly sending the child home, but did not want to put himself into a wolf's den, first work and then give the room and car, finally …

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