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The Lost Woman

by Gilly Stewart

How much do you know about your family? Feisty, hard-working Catherine McDonald knows what's best for everyone, and tries to make it happen. To keep her aristocratic family's heads above water, she's turned their Scottish Highland home, Annat House, into a hotel, but she's struggling to establish her business. And things don't improve when a woman goes missing in the nearby mountains and the hotel becomes the setting for a media circus. Successful businessman Haydn Eddlington-Smith has had enough of fitting in with other people's wishes. He's moved to the Highlands so he can do exactly what he wants. So why does he find himself spending so much time with his interfering neighbour, Catherine? When the present is so complicated, how do you let the past go?

Sunshine Through The Rain

by Gilly Stewart

Ellen is settled in Edinburgh when one day her sister begs a favour: can she come and look after her farm and three children while she has a much-deserved holiday. Ellen loves her niece and nephews, but the animals are a bit of a worry ... After a manic yet fun weekend, her world is shattered when a freak accident kills her sister and leaves her as the children's legal guardian. Ellen never asked for children, nor to run a farm, but now she's in charge of both. Desperately juggling her responsibilities, Ellen is driven to find a compromise between her old life and her new: one the children will accept, and that will allow her to keep something of herself as well. Into the mix is thrown their neighbour, handsome, brooding Kit. He's more than willing to help out on the farm, but not so willing to open up to Ellen...

Rachel's Coming Home

by Gillian Villiers

With her parents too unwell to run their boarding kennels, twenty-five-year-old Rachel Collington decides to resign her teaching job and come home to help out. After all, how hard can moving back be? It's a rude awakening when she finds the kennels' reputation in tatters, her teenage brother going off the rails, and arrogant TV personality Philip Milligan just moved to the area and seemingly out to cause trouble for everyone. With life determined to throw obstacles in her path, the last thing she expects is romance, but help often comes from the unlikeliest of places ...


by Gilli Allan

Jess has made a series of bad life choices and all have let her down. Escaping London, she sets out to recreate herself in the idyllic countryside, and this time she wants to get it right. She wants to lead a responsible, tranquil life with her young son Rory, but soon discovers stresses which pull her in opposing directions - conflict over a new bypass, between friends, and worst of all, between lovers. Educated, experienced, and pragmatic, James is a widowed farmer whose opinions differ from, and enrage, Jess. His young shepherd, Danny, is an uneducated and inexperienced idealist. Jess is attracted to them both, and realises if she wants her idyllic countryside life to survive, she must choose her Mr Right. The only problem is - which one is he?

Life Class

by Gilli Allan

Four people hide secrets from the world and themselves. Dory is disillusioned by men and relationships, having seen the damage sex can do. Fran deals with her mid-life crisis by pursuing an online flirtation which turns threatening. Stefan feels he is a failure and searches for self-validation through his art. Dominic is a lost boy, heading for self-destruction. They meet regularly at a life-drawing class, led by sculptor Stefan. They all want a life different from the one they have, but all have made mistakes they know they cannot escape. They must uncover the past - and the truths that come with it - before they can make sense of the present and navigate a new path into the future.

Fly or Fall

by Gilli Allan

Wife and mother, Nell, fears change, but it is forced upon her by her manipulative husband, Trevor. Finding herself in a new world of flirtation and casual infidelity, her principles are undermined and she's tempted. Should she emulate the behaviour of her new friends or stick with the safe and familiar? But everything Nell has accepted at face value has a dark side. Everyone - even her nearest and dearest - has been lying. She's even deceived herself. The presentiment of disaster, first felt as a tremor at the start of the story, rumbles into a full blown earthquake. When the dust settles, nothing is as it previously seemed. And when an unlikely love blossoms from the wreckage of her life, she fears it is doomed. The future, for the woman who feared change, is irrevocably altered. But has she been broken, or has she transformed herself?

Undo the Past

by Gill Sanderson

Laura McLeod enjoyed her work on the paediatric ward, but she was less involved with the social side of the hospital. The arrival of the new Senior Registrar, John Hawke, wouldn't, she thought, change that. But John had other ideas. He could see she was hiding something from the world, something she needed to face before she could go forward to really enjoy her life. And if he could persuade her to make him part of that life, so much the better ...

Raised by the Midnight Sun: The journey of growing up Alaskan, one season at a time.

by Sparky Jones

A routine spring fishing trip for Mom and Dad, turned into a unpredictable journey for Spring Flower Johnson and her big brother JJ. A modern day little house on the prairie, set in interior Alaska, filled with intrigue, and suspense. Keeping up with daily chores of a subsistence lifestyle while their parents are away, is the least of their worries. They find themselves defending their home from intruders, crossing paths with bears, facing a deadly illness, and making new friends. Readers find themselves losing their breath in fear and finding youthful laughter, while learning Alaska history and survival skills. Raised By the Midnight Sun leads you on an emotional rollercoaster, through birch trees,and over tundra, as Spring Flower decides if the country life is for her. Will their parents allow them to stay behind again once they hear of the dangers they have faced alone?

Margaret, Midnight, and the Alaskan Sled Dog Musher: The Alaskan Sled Dog Musher

by Valerie Boever

Margaret, Midnight, and the Alaskan Sled Dog Musher present a delightful tale for anyone who has ever had a dog for a best friend.

Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas: Ultimate Future of the Past another Alaskan Mystery

by Marianne Schlegelmilch

Could it have been a strange coincidence or a magical matter of fate that allowed the final draft of Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas to be finished during the full solar eclipse of May 2012? For Mara Benson, interspersed among all the losses have been moments of brilliant awareness, yet until now, she has been comfortable--perhaps even secure--drifting in the wake of life's journey. Now, in the third book of the Feather series, Mara Benson will finally reach the ultimate future of her past. You've come to know her well. Destiny will now allow her to know herself. Join her in this modern day mystery as she expands her horizons, makes new liaisons, is tempered by fresh challenges, and emerges from the shadows of darkness into the nurturing warmth of the sun--all in this place named Alaska that they call the last frontier.

Grandpa's Airplane: An Alaska Grandpa Bush Pilot Story

by Kirk Thomas

Whenever Kirk would fly DeHavilland Otter N6868B his adult children would say to their kids, "There goes Grandpa," as he would fly by. It wasn't long before the kids would hear an airplane and immediately look to see if it was "Grandpa's Plane." The story came about as Kirk heard accounts of his grandchildren getting excited as his airplane would fly overhead and hearing the grandkids say, "We saw you fly by today Grandpa." Constant requests for rides from the grandkids cemented the storyline.

The Time is Now

by Gill Sanderson

It's Scrub nurse Jane Cabot's twenty-ninth birthday and she would like to be married before she is thirty. Her life is full - theatre nurse, Samaritan's Counsellor, choir member, hockey player - but so far she has not found the right man. Could the new anaesthetist David Kershaw be the one? He's a good worker, thoughtful of staff and patients, obviously interested in her - and drop-dead gorgeous. But she has been warned about him. He only likes casual relationships. As she gets to know him she realises that he has problems - as she does herself. Could they solve their problems togther?

The Specialist's Secret

by Gill Sanderson

It was all that he wanted, a new life for Dr Alex Storm. Promotion to Specialist A and E Registrar at a good hospital in the North. He would be near his mother, his sister and her family, near the countryside he loved so much. Then a devastating letter made all his dreams and hopes seem futile. He would have to find release in work. Charge Nurse Sam Burns thinks the new registrar is definitely something special. They work well together, they become friends and soon it is obvious to her that they could be more than friends. But she knows something is wrong - why is Alex so afraid of committal? Somehow she must find out - and together they can solve the problem!

The Noble Doctor

by Gill Sanderson

When midwife Lucy Stephens catches sight of Dr Marc Duvallier at an office party, she knows she won't be able to stay away - and she knows he feels the same. However, Marc knows that when he becomes fully qualified he must return to his family home, to a desolate village in the French Alps, which he knows isn't right for Lucy. He feels the noble thing to do is to end their relationship, and while they both try to avoid each other, they once again thrown together -this time by a life-threatening situation. Can love find a way to beat the odds?

The Doctor's Engagement Wish

by Gill Sanderson

Doctor Erin Hunter had been the Golden Girl in school. She remembered Josh Harrison from those days, an amiable, athletic boy who ran in a different crowd from hers. Now they are G.P.Registrars together in Keldale, the village where she had been born. They are living in adjoining cottages and necessarily see a lot of each other. Cautiously, they get to know each other and fall in love. But Erin has a problem. Is she engaged to David King? He insists that she is, says that she agreed to marry him shortly before they had the appalling fall from Helvellyn that resulted in David having to have a leg amputated and and she losing her memory. Can Josh helps her to find the truth...

The Doctor's Baby Surprise

by Gill Sanderson

When playboy doctor Toby Sinclair discovers he has a son, he knew he had to face up to his responsibilities - but how? Knowing nothing about children, he turns to Dr Annie Arnold for help, even though he's behaved badly towards her in the past. Annie feels there is nothing left between them, but she can't refuse to help baby Charlie. Together, they begin to construct a life for the infant and she grows to love the child. Surprising even herself, she realises that she's also growing closer to Toby. After all they've been through, could they become the happy family she always dreamed of?

The Doctor's Adoption Wish

by Gill Sanderson

Nurse Jane Hall is a wanderer. She is happy in her life in the Californian mountains until her brother-in-law Dr Cal Mitchell arrives with terrible news. Jane's sister and brother in law have both been killed in a car crash. They have left a three-year-old daughter, Helen. Cal wants to adopt Helen and needs Jane's permission. But Jane decides that she needs to be close to her now orphaned niece. She will come back to England with Cal and they can both try to make Helen happy. Cal isn't too happy with this but has to give way. Sharing the care for Helen works quite well. Cal and Jane grow closer to each other. But Cal has bitter memories of his own marriage. Is he ready to take a chance and ask Jane to marry him?

The Consultant's Rescue

by Gill Sanderson

A new life. Jane Wilson is now the new ward manager of the Special Care Baby Unit at the Wolds hospital. After nursing her dying husband for three years, she decides to put behind her the hopes of having a family and concentrate on the work she loves. But then she finds herself working for consultant Chris Fielding - who has problems with a nearly-ex wife. Jane and Chris are drawn together- even more so because both have suffered. Can they find happiness together?

The Consultant's Recovery

by Gill Sanderson

After Dr Jonathan Knight is blinded in a freak accident, rehabilitation worker Tania Richardson tries all she can to help him accustom to life without sight. As he starts to open himself up she learns more about the enigmatic doctor, and she finds herself becoming drawn to him. However, Tania has a few secrets of her own, ones she cannot tell Jonathan. When an experimental operation is offered to him that could possibly restore his sight, she realises time is running out as she decides whether or not to admit the dark secrets she has kept hidden for some years - and whether they'll ruin their relationship before it even starts.

Seventh Daughter

by Gill Sanderson

Dr Delyth Price was stunned by her reaction to her new boss, the intriguing Dr James Owen. He was everything she'd ever wanted in a man. But Delyth was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and had a gift that not everyone understood. James, at least, seemed prepared to listen, if not to believe ... and he asked her out, even if he was clearly holding something back. Then she discovered his light-hearted side, and fell even more deeply in love.

Midwife's Baby Wish

by Gill Sanderson

Life has to go on. Lyn Pierce's husband is dead. Now there is no need for her to worry about whether or not she can have children. Bringing babies into the world makes her happy and so she is more than contented with her life as a midwife. Then Dr Adam Fletcher joins her practice. They meet first when he rescues her from drowning and they quickly become more than just friends. But Adam loves children, and is determined to have a family. He loves Lyn as much as she loves him. But could she marry a man when the chances are that they will never have a child of their own?

Walter's Story: Pedro Bay, Alaska -- Past, Present, and Distant Memories

by Barbara Atwater

Several years ago, while working on a family tree for the community of Pedro Bay I became intrigued by the region's past and its many fascinating characters. Soon thereafter, I decided to document the history of the north Iliamna Lake region through the eyes of one of my uncles, Walter Johnson. Walter is the son of a man from Estonia and a local Dena'ina/Russian woman, Annie, my great grandmother. Although Walter was one of nine children, he grew up alone with his mother. From her he learned the Dena'ina language and its folklore. Walter's wonderful storytelling captures well what life was like on the lake for most of the 20th Century.

Anthya's World: An adventure of mystery and intrigue spanning the galaxy

by Cil Gregoire

Droclum is dead, but artifacts of his evil remain. Rahlys and a chosen few of her warriors join Anthya and Quaylyn on an expedition to the Devastated Continent, to search for the seven members of the lost expedition, and to explore the island continent, transformed by the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vatre. Meanwhile back on Earth, Vince and Maggie are immersed in unique challenges of their own. Anthya's World intricately weaves a powerful tale that spans from Alaska's North Slope and Upper Susitna Valley to a world across the Milky Way Galaxy.

Courtroom, Cartridges, and Campfires: Lawyering on the Last Frontier--Alaska

by Wayne Ross

Wayne Anthony Ross arrived in Alaska in the late 1960s with a law degree, a new wife, and no job. Courtrooms, Cartridges, and Campfires is about the colorful characters he met, and the adventures he had in his first decade in the Last Frontier. These include curmudgeon judges, colorful attorneys, cantankerous brown bears, gamblers, crooks, memorable guides, moose and mouse hunts, sheep and caribou hunts, fishing contests, and courtroom dramas and antics. His stories go a long way toward answering the question "What is a nice boy from Wisconsin doing in a place like Alaska?"

The Lost Tree Of Life: A Search for the Garden of Eden in the Frozen Tundra of Alaska

by Don Johnson

Welcome to Beaver Village Pit in Alaska, where botanist Kenai Cranston searches for extinct plants within the frozen tundra of The Last Frontier. During his research Cranston discovers seeds from the Garden Of Eden's Tree Of Life. The tree's seeds are stolen and the fight for the fruit is the beginning of what could become World War III. The Lost Tree takes an intensely personal look at a wide range of human relationships and personality extremes. Characters run from outrageously callous to the extremely tender. The story chronicles senseless human greed mixed with the humor of trying to obtain excessive wealth. Great care is shown in closely tracking mankind's history, while suggesting possible earthly and heavenly mechanisms, which could have been used in generating that history. The Lost Tree Of Life is a fictional account of what may have been going on behind the scenes during some of mankind's most amazing history.

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