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Once Upon Time in Japan

by Juliet Winters Carpenter Roger Pulvers

When wily animals, everyday people and magical beings come together in a collection of Japanese fairytales and stories, wonderful things are bound to happen! Bringing Japanese folk stories to the English-speaking world, this book presents eight stories from the popular NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation's popular radio seriesOnce Upon a Time in Japan. Each story is brilliantly illustrated by a talented Japanese artist. The tales recounted here are among Japan's oldest and most beloved stories. Entertaining and filled with subtle folk wisdom, these retold stories have been shared countless times in Japanese homes and schools for generations. Like good stories from every time and place, they never grow old. Kids (and their parents!) will enjoy hearing these stories read aloud on the accompanying CD. The fairytales and classic stories in this collection include: The Wife Who Never Eats--the story of a man who learns the hard way the evils of stinginess. The Mill of the Sea--the story of how a greedy man was responsible for the saltiness of sea water. The Monkey and the Crab--the crabs teach a tricky monkey a lesson in fairness and honesty. The Magical Hood--an act of kindness reaps great rewards. Sleepyhead Taro and the Children--a story about what can be accomplished at the right time, and with the right help and the right spirit. The Fox and the Otter--how a fox pays the price of deceit and selfishness. The Gratitude of the Crane--a story about the rewards of kindness and the danger of curiosity. The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter--a girl who starts life very tiny turns out to be big in many ways.

All About the Philippines

by Gidget Roceles Jimenez

This family-friendly Phillipines children's book is packed with fun facts about Filipino culture, history, and daily life! All About the Philippines takes you on an incredible journey across the colorful island nation of the Philippines with Mary, Jaime and Ari--three Filipino cousins who look totally different and yet are the best of friends. You'll visit their homes, their schools, their families, their favorite places, and much more. They'll show you how kids in different parts of the Philippines come from many different ethnic groups and have very different cultures--each with its own traditions, languages and beliefs. . . and yet, they are all 100% Filipino! This children's book, aimed at kids ages 8 to 12, brings them on an exciting trip though some of the most fascinating islands on earth. Join Mary, Jaime and Ari to see the how earthquakes, typhoons and other natural events can be scary and yet also make the islands beautiful and full of life. Check out Filipino games, and make your ownsipa--the Philippines's version of a hacky-sack. Experience the festivals and foods of various different cultures found in the Philippines, and try a few easy recipes. Make aparol--a Filipino holiday decoration that you can enjoy all year long. Learn about the conquistadors and traders who came to these islands many centuries ago. Learn how peoples who speak very different languages can communicate easily when they meet. And a lot more! Along with fun facts, you'll learn about the spirit of the Philippines that make this country and its people totally unique. This is a book for families or classrooms to enjoy together.

North Korea Confidential

by Daniel Tudor James Pearson

North Korea is one of the most controlled and isolated societies on earth, but what is it actually like to live there? How do you make money in a failed economy? How do you have fun under a violent, repressive dictatorship, and how does the secretive and infamous prison camp system work? Read this book to find out.North Korea Confidential explains how the devastating famine of the 1990s became a catalyst for a network of black markets which have created a new generation of North Korean capitalists. From skinny jeans, to home-made booze, where there's a market for it, today's North Koreans can probably buy it.In seven fascinating chapters the authors explore modern North Korea today for the ordinary "man and woman on the street." They interview experts and tap a broad variety of sources to bring a startling new insider's view of North Korean society-from members of Pyongyang's ruling families to defectors from different periods and regions, to diplomats and NGOs, to cross-border traders from neighboring China, and textual accounts appearing in English, Korean and Chinese sources. The resulting stories reveal the horror as well as the innovation and humor which abound in this fascinating country.

Continuing Korean

by Ross King Jaehoon Yeon Insun Lee

Following Elementary Korean, Continuing Korean is the second volume in Ross King and Jaehoon Yeon's popular series of college-level Korean textbooks.This volume is aimed at the student with one year of Korean language study under their belt, and particularly the student who has mastered the patterns and vocabulary introduced in King and Yeon's Elementary Korean, the first book in this series.Each of the fifteen chapters in Continuing Korean introduces new language in context, through dialogues and reading passages featuring the Murphy family and the Kim family, followed by vocabulary, grammar points, and exercises-all designed to learn Korean as thoroughly as possible. Every five chapters there is a short review section to consolidate language learned so far. All dialogues, reading texts, vocabulary words, and example sentences are given in Korean Hangul and English. An accompanying free downloadable audio provides native-speaker recordings of dialogues, reading passages, and key words and phrases. Concise grammar notes in English, extensive glossaries, and an answer key make this book suitable for those studying alone, as well as for classroom use.

Fables in Ivory

by Adrienne Barbanson

To introduce these miniature sculptures to a wider audience and, at the same time, to tell some of the legends that inspired their creators, Adrienne Barbanson presents here a collection of superb photographs accompanied by a narrative text designed to enhance the reader's appreciation of this remarkable by relatively unfamiliar art.

Wang Wei the Painter-Poet

by Dorothy Brush Walmsley Lewis Calwin Walmsley

This Chinese art history book is a study of a single poet-artist--Wang Wei--perhaps the most influential of antiquity.This eighth-century genius, whose versatility is comparable to that of the great Italian Leonardo da Vinci, lived during the Tang Dynasty when the most brilliant cultural period in Chinese history was at its height.Whatever he attempted--as artist, poet, musician, doctor and official--he performed with a master's touch. As a poet he earned the title of "Great." He is acknowledged as the father of pure Chinese landscape painting., destined to become classic throughout the world. Wang's initiative in monochromes and his advanced skills in techniques were harbingers of different types of paintings.Greatest of all his innovations is the long horizontal Chinese scroll, reaching a length, in some instances, of over twenty feet.

Face at the Bottom of the World and Other Poems

by Graeme Wilson Hagiwara Sakutaro York Wilson

The poetry of Hagiwara Sakutaro is still little known in the in the English-speaking world, though this is not altogether surprising when the importance of his work remains inadequately recognized in Japan itself. Nearly all Japanese critiques of post-Meiji poetry acknowledge Hagiwara as one of the best (if not, indeed, the very best) of modern Japanese poets; but almost all critics, having briefly made some such admission, thereafter shy away from him, strangely to devote long paragraphs to other poets patently less talented, sadly more diffuse and far less influential. Why? Perhaps the reason is that Hagiwara, for all his brilliance, seems somehow to switch on darkness, to radiate black luminance. In the beaconry of modern Japanese literature he is an occulting, rather than a flashing, light: but he remains nevertheless a lighthouse of supreme importance.

Exotics and Retrospectives

by Lafcadio Hearn

"Even the worst tea is sweet when first made from the new leaf."--Japanese proverb.Here is a Lafcadio Hearn gem about Japanese customs and traditions destined to survive the inroads of time and Western trends. This masterpiece has the deep azure patina of Fuji-san; it utters the chirping notes of Suzumushi, the caged insect; it is as melodious as Kajika, the singing frog--and is an altogether delightful and entrancing portrayal of a nation's "Exotics and Retrospectives," told by a master storyteller.

Korean Favorites: Periplus Mini Cookbooks

by Jonathan Hopfner Yu-Kyoung Moon

Korean food has been gaining popularity in the US in recent years. Korean food puts heavy emphasis on rice, vegetables, and meats. Korean food is known for being savory, spicy, and healthy. Korean Favorites contains recipes to make over 35 delicious, authentic Korean classics. Recipes for a diverse selection of foods like condiments, pickles, desserts, meats, poultry, rice, noodles, seafood, snacks, appetizers, soups, and stews. Recipes include:Classic cabbage kimchiCrisp honey ginger donutsBulgogiSesame ginger chickenBibimbapStir fried shrimpSeafood and scallion pancakes (Pajeon) Beef rib soupAnd many more Korean favorites! Also included are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, over 35 clear photos, and an overview of basic Korean ingredients to create some of the tastiest Korean classics. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!

The Coming Indoors and Other Poems

by Bernard Lionel Einbond

This collection of haiku poetry from Bernard Lionel Einbond is a spectacular.Part one includes Rising Darkness, Countenances of the Poor, and The Coming Indoors, then part two concludes with Insomnia in Haiku Form. Each poem expressed paints a simple mental picture of each experience with Bernard:-The bright one starin the black wide sky...observethe old wise owl.-Have you ever heardthe sound of snowflakes fallingon the snow? Listen.he snow? Listen.

Delicious Asian Seafood Recipes

by Lee Geok Boi

Seafood is one of the most eaten types of food in Asia. Featuring over 40 mouth watering recipes, Delicious Asian Seafood Recipes is sure to be a hit in your kitchen. This cookbook contains easy step-by-step instructions for all of your favorite seafood dishes from Asia. Inside are recipes to prepare various fish, prawns, squid, and shellfish. Recipes include:Sweet and sour whole fishBarbecued sambal stingrayPrawn spring rollsChili crabPrawn wonton soupBlack pepper crabSambal squidOtak-OtakAnd many more! Also included in this book are unit conversion tables, dual unit measurements, an overview of basic Asian ingredients, how-to guides to buying and cleaning fresh seafood, and over 30 detailed photos. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!

Tuttle Pocket Japanese Dictionary

by Samuel E. Martin Sayaka Khan Fred Perry

The Tuttle Pocket Japanese Dictionary is the most up-to-date pocket Japanese dictionary available. It covers the contemporary terms and expressions used daily in business and educational settings.This comprehensive, portable reference has both Japanese-English and English-Japanese sections. It contains over 18,000 entries, featuring words and phrases most useful for everyday interactions, and features a two-color layout with easy-to-read headwords in blue. It includes the following key features:Designed specifically for foreigners who are studying and using Japanese on a daily basisContains over 18,000 words and expressionsFully updated with recent vocabulary and slangClear, user-friendly layout with headwords in blueRomanized and Japanese script forms for every wordThe right choice for students, travelers and residents

Tuttle Learner's Korean-English Dictionary

by Kyubyong Park

This is a comprehensive Korean to English and English to Korean dictionary for language learnersFinally, here is the dictionary that learners have been waiting for: one that specifically answers the needs of English speakers who are studying Korean. Designed for learners who are a elementary to intermediate level, it contains over 5,600 Korean headwords, including the most essential contemporary words, commonly used example phrases, and business and technical terms. Along with refreshingly clear English definitions, the entries are packed with helpful extra details that make learning easier. Included are:5,633 example sentences given in Hangul, romanizations, and EnglishEnglisn-Korean Word Finder allows two-directional use.Explanations of common idiomatic expressions.Special notes to clarify differences and distinctions that can be challenging for English speakers.Romanization is included for all terms and examples, to assist learners.Extensive notes on grammar and meaning enhance understanding.Especially high-frequency words are marked.Endings and particles-very important components of the Korean language, but often overlooked in reference materials-are clearly indicated and explained.This dictionary presents, with care and expertise, all the words that are most essential for learners to know.

The Chinese Language for Beginners

by Lee Cooper

A simple introduction to Chinese writing, pronunciation and intonation using short stories. Appropriate for all ages.Reading basic Chinese becomes simplified in this highly attractive and unusual manual designed for readers of all ages. Chinese writing, pronunciation, and vocabulary are described here in an entertaining and interesting manner to help beginners learn quickly. The author starts with simple characters and then combines these to make sentences and stories. This step-by-step process allows the reader to develop a basic knowledge of the complex Chinese language with maximum comprehension. A section dealing with pronunciation and intonation and a vocabulary list of the characters used in the book are included as an aid for he reader. Beautiful, imaginative Chinese characters, hand painted by a professional calligrapher and amusing illustrations by the author supplement the text and make learning to read Chinese fun along with fancy.

Tuttle Concise Japanese Dictionary

by Samuel E. Martin Sayaka Khan Fred Perry

This is the most up-to-date Japanese Dictionary on the marketNow with 30% more content, Tuttle Concise Japaense Dictionary allows for easy reference for both Japanese to English and English to Japanese. It's compact size allows for easy transport without limiting the content. This Japanese dictionary is perfect for Japanese language students, or business people and tourists travelling to Japan. It contains over 25,000 words and expressions, carefully selected to cover all important aspects of life and commerce in Japan. In addition, extensive information on Japanese grammar and Japanese pronunciation are included.This dictionary contains the following features:25,000 Japanese words and expressionsUp-to-date local Japanese slang and idiomsA guide to Japanese pronunciation and Japanese GrammarRomanized forms (romanji) and authentic Japanese characters (kanji) and script (kana)Extensive notes with detailed tips on usage and social contextParts of speech, common phrases and idiomatic expressionsOther dictionaries in this bestselling series you might be interested in include: Concise Chinese Dictionary and Concise Korean Dictionary.

Carved & Decorated European Art Glass

by Ray Grover Lee Grover

Rarely has a book been accepted so quickly as a standard reference in the collecting field as Ray and Lee Glover's Art Glass Nouveau, which deals primarily with American aspect of this fascinating subject. Now, in an even more magnificent volume, the present similar detailed coverage of the art glass produced in Europe from 1880 to 1930.Again in full color, 424 plates beautifully portray the accomplishments of the outstanding French and English artist of this period. In very informative text, which is closely related to the illustrations, the Grovers identify the individual techniques of each of these artists.This magnificent book, like its predecessor, is a definitive work permanently available for reference. It, too, is a must for everyone requiring advanced as well as basic knowledge in the field of art glass.

Surfing Hawaii

by Lorca Lueras Leonard Lueras

Surfing Hawaii is a guidebook to surfing at some of the most incredible surfing destinations in the world.Join Periplus' team of knowledgeable authors-photographer-surfers as they take you on an action-filled tour of the remarkable island of Hawaii. Drop into stoking wave circumstances-hopping from north to south across the Hawaiian Islands-through the extraordinary birthplace of surfing.This surfing guide contains:More than 140 action-charged photographsInsightful essays by surfers for surfersDetailed maps of important surf spotsUp-to-date travel advisoriesSurf, suft and more surfIf you like surfing or you are an inspiring surfer; this book will help guide you through the tips and tricks of the sport, including travel advisories, medical precautions, and safety hazards signs. And of course the spectacular views and places to surf in Indonesia are will be made aware to you.

Korea Land of the Morning Calm

by Craig J. Brown

This richly photographed travel pictorial tours Korea--a place of dynamic innovation with strong traditional currents.Several years ago, a columnist at one of Korea's English language newspapers used the byline "Only the Morning is Calm." And while Korea is known as the Land of the Morning Calm, that columnist was right on target. From the hectic sidewalks of the cities, to skiers zipping down mountain slopes, Korea is anything but a country stuck in time. Yet, the past is not forgotten here. Elements of Shamanism persist, and Confucian tradition remains the foundation of Korean culture.If you are seeking to travel to or experience a country that fuses a thoroughly modern mindset with a deep appreciation for tradition, Korea is the place. Now, combine a vivacious Asian culture with stunning mountain landscapes, rugged coastlines interspersed with stretches of glistening white sand beaches and cities that vibrate with energy and you've got an idea of what this unusual country is all about.

Java Adventure Guide

by Periplus Editors

The ultimate adventure guideThis is the most comprehensive guide to Java ever produced. Hundreds of pages of travel tips and dozens of lively articles on history, nature, and the arts, take you right under the surface of Javanese life, with visits to lots of unique places.Under the volcanoJava's 121 active volcanoes rumble and roar above one of the world's most dramatic tropical landscapes. Whether you come here to trek the volcanoes or to visit the island's impressive ancient monuments, Java provides the adventure of a lifetime.The nitty gritty, from A to ZDetailed maps of all areas of interest are included along with personal recommendations from our expert authors on how to get around, where to stay and eat, and how to get the best value for your money.

Thai Garden Style

by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

Containing over 250 photographs by world-renowned Italian photographer Luca Invernizzi Tettoni and authoritative text by gardening expert William Warren, Thai Garden Style is a unique book. Showcasing many of the finest contemporary Thai gardens in lavish colour, it contains a wealth of botanical-and other-information. Some of the gardens are in private homes, others in top international hotels and resorts, and each is a fantastic portrayal of tropical luxuriance.

Tropical Asian Style

by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni William Warren

Tropical Asian Style contains over 400 colour photos by world-renowned photographer Luca Invernizzi Tettoni. Well-known architects, designers and authorities on Asia's cultural heritage provide insightful views on the houses and their design elements. A final section on tropical decorating provides helpful tips on selecting Asian fabrics, furniture and artifacts.

Origami Games

by Joel Stern

Fold and play fun origami games with this easy origami book for children.Origami Games is a unique twist on the traditional origami paper craft book. It contains clear and easy illustrated instructions for creating whimsical origami game pieces. At its heart, it offers suggestions on how to use origami to play both fun, competitive, and cooperative games, building individual skills and teamwork. A perfect origami-for-kids book it also encourages folders to come up with and document their own customized games using a template provided in the back of the book, making it a great way to learn origami. There's even a section for parents and teachers that discusses the educational and developmental benefits of origami, along with suggested classroom activities.This origami book contains: 89 page, full-color book 22 original origami games 21 foldable origami game pieces Clear, step-by-step instruction Tips and guide to using origami in the classroom You'll soon find that making the origami components of the games is just as fun as playing the games themselves!Origami games include: Balancing Act Basket Bombs Flying Saucer Froggie Olympics Relay Rings Slay The Dragon Bowl 'Em Over And many more...

Dancing Out of Bali

by Richard Attenborough John Coast

"If you know where to look, you can still discover and recognize what it was that intoxicating John Coast fifty years ago." -Sir David AttenboroughThis book is one of the great classics about Bali, now with dozens of illustrations and photographs.Dancing out of Bali is a fascinating personal account of a young Englishman who settled in a small house in Bali in the midst of the political turmoil that griped post-war Indonesia. There, he immersed himself in Balinese culture and made ambitious plans to bring a troupe of Balinese dancers and musicians to Europe and America. The book relates John Coast's daring and remarkable adventure that took him from revolution in Indonesia to the footlights of London and Broadway. Within a few weeks, the troupe had captured the hearts of audiences. Here are photographs of Bali and stories of the performer's magic island and of the enchanting dancers, including the beautiful 12-year-old Ni Gusti Raka. She became a star overnight and delighted audiences everywhere during the troupe's triumphant tour.It is also a story of Balinese culture and life in Bali-following the devastating Japanese occupation-of music and dancing in Bali, of many of the island's great performing dancers and musicians,

Mah Jong Anyone?

by Lucille Evans Kitty Strauser

Mah Jong, the ancient game of China, is enjoying another burst of popularity in America, as well as in Asia. Often seen as a mystery to Westerners, Mah Jong includes the combination of skill, chance and social interaction of Western games like dominoes, bridge and dice.Authors Strauser and Evans unlock this mystery with an easy-to-follow instructional book which outlines the rules and strategy of the game for Westerners. The perfect primer for the new player and a convenient manual for old hands, Mah Jong, Anyone? gives basic information on equipment, accessories, terminology, rules of play, scoring, penalties and bonuses. Experienced Mah Jong players will especially welcome the section on special hands.

Kyoto & Nara The Soul of Japan

by Toshitaka Morita Philip Sandoz

The cities of Kyoto and Nara are known throughout the world for their extraordinary beauty. In Kyoto and Nara: The Soul of Japan, their modern state of serenity is well illustrated with depth and distinction in the photographs of Toshitaka Morita. Commentary by Philip Sandoz provides essential background information about the two historic cities.Following the book's carefully laid-out design, the reader is taken from season to season and from the past to the present in a way that will remind onetime visitors of the peace and calm they experienced in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, in tranquil gardens and elegant inns. Future visitors will find greater reason to finally take the trip they have dreamed of, to walk the worn paths past statues of smiling foxes, rows of red gateways, and roofs of tile shaped like cresting waves.The seasons, the centuries, and the social state of the country have brought numerous changes to these two former capital cities. Still, Kyoto and Nara possess enough proof of former days of glory that even a first-time visitor will recognize that they are indeed the soul of Japan. In this volume photographer Toshitaka Morita and writer Philip Sandoz have recorded that soul admirably.

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