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Loose Cannon

by Becky Black

Military intelligence officer Lieutenant Barb Carolus is ordered to investigate Colonel Locke, a rogue officer suspected of selling military weapons on the black market. Colonel Locke is from Barb’s home planet and she knows exposing his crimes will tarnish the reputation of those rare people like her who’ve escaped the poverty and gangs of their home world to become officers. But orders are orders and she always does her duty.For the mission she’s teamed with the unconventional -- and in Barb’s opinion, entirely unprofessional -- undercover agent Taya Borovsky. Working with Taya will test Barb’s by the book approach to the limits, especially when attraction overcomes her irritation with Taya. Bitter about upholding standards nobody else does, Barb gives in to her desires.When the mission goes bad, Barb and Taya are on the run and outgunned. To survive, Barb must learn from Taya’s unconventional methods and improvise a solution to complete her mission and save their lives.

An Island, Lost

by Wayne Mansfield

Clint is travelling on a small Cessna Citation over the Pacific. When the plane hits a pocket of turbulence, he is wrenched from his nap and plunged into a nightmare. The plane plummets into the ocean.Clint and one other passenger, a man named Carlos, survive. The hulk of the plane sinks, leaving them adrift with no land in sight. They fight to stay alive, but thirst and exhaustion overtake them.Purely by luck Clint finds himself washed ashore on a mysterious island. But where is Carlos? Did sharks get him? Did he drown? With survival foremost in his mind Clint finds clean water and fruit and a safe place to rest.Then Clint discovers the island is inhabited by other castaways, men who have been washed ashore on this unknown island over the years. One of the men is Andy, with whom Clint falls in love.Only much later does he discover Carlos’s fate, along with the fact that the island has more secrets to reveal. One that could cost him his life.

Let the Music Say I Do

by J. D. Walker

Jared Page and Joey Seever have a complicated relationship. They’re ex-lovers and former band members who still play together musically on occasion. Whenever Joey needs someone to fill in for a gig, Jared is the one he calls, despite their past history and the fact that Joey hadn’t wanted to take their relationship to the next level -- marriage -- and then cheated on him. Jared still has feelings for Joey even after all these years, though he’s become bitter and resentful.The next time Jared fills in for a gig, he finds out that Joey has slept with a band member named Grady. Worse, Joey messed things up by cheating on Grady just like he had with Jared. In the fallout that follows, Jared says and does some things he instantly regrets.He knows their friendship is worth saving, and he wants another chance at Joey’s heart, too. But there are things in Joey’s past that keep him running from commitment. Can they mend their relationship? Will Jared be able to convince Joey that love is nothing to fear, and marriage is just music to which to say, “I Do?”

Amazon Don

by R. W. Clinger

When TV zoologist Donlito Estar, better known as “Amazon Don,” accidentally bumps his Hummer into insurance salesman Carlos Dasio’s truck, an instant connection occurs between the two men. Carlos has had a crush on the star for years. Carlos is invited to visit Donlito’s palatial residence, where he’s bitten by Donlito’s pet red coral snake. Donlito comes to the rescue with anti-venom and saves his life, which cements the men’s relationship.But Carlos is crushed when he thinks he witnesses Donlito having public sex with a variety of men at Club Heat in downtown Barefoot Beach. Brokenhearted, Carlos ditches Donlito, who claims it’s all a big misunderstanding. But despite his resolve, Carlos is unable to control the way his heart yearns for Donlito. Why and how has he so easily fallen in love with the sexy TV star?

Entering Autumn

by Wayne Mansfield

As Clayton stares mournfully into the full-length mirror, he sees a 48-year-old stranger reflected back, an aging man whose paunch and saggy skin make him hard to recognize as the toned, athletic man he once was. In the youth-obsessed gay world, the older, more unattractive, and more overweight you are, the more difficult it is to find love and companionship. The prospect of having to endure his twilight years alone terrifies Clayton.Then two events occur, both of which impact on his life.The first is the arrival of a new neighbor. Dean is a hot young man in his early thirties -- more than fifteen years Clayton’s junior. That doesn’t stop Clayton from fantasizing about something intimate, and even romantic, happening between them. But in his haste to make his fantasies real, he commits a terriblefaux pas.The second, and infinitely more devastating, event is the bombshell dropped by his oldest and best friend, Emmett. Neither he nor Emmett has any way of knowing the end result. But even in their wildest imaginations, they couldn’t come close to guessing the eventual, and wholly surprising, outcome.

Barefoot Storm

by R. W. Clinger

Twenty-four-year-old Storm Darlington, wealthy mogul of Darlington Securities, decides to remove himself from his heavy workload in New York City and spend a month in Barefoot Beach, Florida.In Barefoot Beach, Trent Long is happy with his lifeguarding duties. He enjoys the sun, taking photos, and saving lives. But his world is turned upside down when Storm enters it. Sparks ignite the moment their two worlds collide. The only fly in the sunscreen ointment is Storm’s best friend, and retired Wall Street stock broker, Barbara Mullen.Storm is forced to rethink his romantic feelings for the sexy lifeguard when Barbara reveals some of Trent’s secrets. But there’s very little time to think because Barefoot Beach is threatened by hurricane Edwin. Threats also come from Barbara, who insists she’ll end her friendship with Storm if he doesn’t dump Trent.During the hurricane’s fury, Storm questions his relationship with Barbara, his busy life of finances in New York City, and the secrets he’s learned about Trent. Can Storm come to terms with all three? Will he be able to navigate the stormy waters of love, loss, and a possible future in Barefoot Beach?

Metal and Dust Book 2: Ty's Trick

by Eve Francis

Tycoon Wind has lived as a hacker on The Government's surveillance facility, Sector 17, since she was twelve years old. The entire time, stories have ruled her life. As The Government's librarian, she has been in charge of surveying what the people read and deleting the dangerous stories if necessary. But Ty has realized over the years that merely deleting something from the database does not fully make it disappear. Using her mother's recipe for ink, she has been writing down the stories she's been forced to delete, along with her personal stories about her mother, her life in the compound, and anything else she can remember late at night.Soon, Ty meets Mace, another young soldier forced to live and abide by The Government’s strict rules and constant surveillance. At night, they carry on a relationship that would make the love stories Ty writes out pale in comparison.For a long time, Ty believes her secret writing and smuggling of the stories outside of the compound is enough. But when another hacker, Riley Hurwitz, escapes without a trace, Ty begins to take back her own life and makes plans to escape. With the help of Mace, Ty finally writes the last line she has always wanted to see for herself: happily ever after.


by Wayne Mansfield

Jacob is a photographer and artist. One day, as he is walking through the woods, he catches a glimpse of a fairy, a tiny, flying human-shaped creature.He knows no one will believe him, not even his lover Robert, so the following day Jacob ventures back into the woods whereupon he discovers more than he bargains for. An old oak lying across the rushing waters of a small river is the gateway to another world.Fairy Land is a place of wonders where he meets Kellen, a fairy soldier, Faena, a vain beauty, and King Utrin. Jacob is eager to return home to Robert, but the fairy king gives Jacob a task he must complete before they will show him the way back. He must break the energy barrier between Fairy Land and the Demon Realm for the fairy soldiers to pass through.In the realm of the Demons, Jacob meets Xavier, from whom he discovers what the fairies have been hiding from him -- time passes differently in these realms than on earth. Devastated, far away in both time and distance from his home and beloved Robert, what is the twist that returns the smile to Jacob’s face? The surprise that brings the joy back to his now miserable existence?

Hell, Look at Me

by Edward Kendrick

Scene designer Charlie Cox is in a clandestine relationship with the theater's lead actor, Ricky Moore. Charlie knows it will never be more than that because Ricky is too egotistical to want to be seen in public with a man who has deep burn scars on one arm. Not that Charlie blames him, since he's certain he’s a freak in almost everyone's eyes.Jace Parish, the scene shop boss, is in love with Charlie but will never let him know. Jace thinks he’s uninteresting because he’s thirty and starting to bald, which makes him look middle-aged. He also has never admitted to anyone he works with that he’s gay.Liam Dolan owns the gym where Jace comes to work out his anger and frustration. Liam has been drawn to Jace from the beginning but believes Jace is straight, so has never revealed his feelings to Jace.Ricky Moore knows he is using Charlie for his own selfish ends. What Ricky can't figure out is why, when he can and does have anyone he wants in his bed, he keeps coming back to Charlie.These four men have preconceived ideas about themselves and each other. What will it take for them to realize love is possible, if they will only give it a chance?

Does the Feeling Go Both Ways?

by A. R. Moler

Deep cover DEA agent Landon Cross can’t seem to escape his past. First, his cover is blown by a guy he’d busted in another operation. Then, his rescuer is medic Trey Jernigan, his best childhood friend, first love, and a person Landon betrayed as a teenager.Now Landon’s life is a mess and so is he, physically and emotionally. Incredibly, Trey forgives Landon and allows his former friend back into his life in all kinds of ways Landon would never have thought possible.But a crucial decision Landon made while undercover comes back to haunt him. Trey also has to deal with very tangible pieces of his own past. Will Trey and Landon be able to solve their problems and build a life together?

Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound

by Jeff Adams

The events from two years ago are still fresh in Simon Robert’s mind as he and Alex Miller begin their sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Nightmares are a routine occurrence as Simon relives the crimes his father and brother committed. Now, with his father ill and asking to see him, Simon must decide if he should see the man who tried to send him away to be fixed. And then there's Zach. Simon's conflicted about making peace with his older brother who tormented him as they grew up and caused him to be outed to his parents, friends and teammates.Alex wants Simon to find closure, but Alex is furious at the thought of forgiving Zack. With no clear direction, Simon finds guidance from an unexpected, but very welcome, source.At the same time, the University’s student body is faced with an anti-gay attacker among them. When he witnesses an attack first hand, memories threaten to overwhelm Simon. At the same time, he’s also emboldened to take action, which might turn him into a target.Despite the distractions, Simon works towards his future as he begins working with teens at the local LGBT community center. He has the opportunity to use his story as a teaching tool to help others come out. While he’s never enjoyed telling his story, he looks for the courage to speak his truth to an audience.Luckily, not everything is chaos. Simon and Alex mark their anniversary in epic fashion, continue to play hockey and hang out with good friends. But with many demands on them, can Simon and Alex set up the rebound necessary to create the scoring opportunity for their future?

Double Coverage

by R. W. Clinger

Who is murdering the Eastern States Football League officials in Vanmer, Pennsylvania? And why is the killer using Vanmer Vipers’ helmets as murder weapons?Johnny Knight, photojournalist for the Independent, takes on one of the most dangerous jobs and responsibilities he has ever attempted. As he begins to unravel clues about the Helmet Killer murders, he uncovers a gambling ring involving numerous Viper players and a real estate mogul with a town full of secrets. And what about the missing money from the first victim, a whopping nine hundred thousand dollars? Is a Viper footballer paying off his steep gambling debts by murdering well-to-do officials?Along the way, Johnny falls in love with two very attractive and different men -- the sexy owner of McMuscles Gym, Matthew McDestin, and the jockish running back for the Vanmer Vipers, Beckley Roarke. Both have a piece of Johnny's heart, and both really don't want to share Johnny. So what's a detective to do when he's seeing two hotties at the same time?Can Johnny piece together the puzzle of murder and bring the Helmet Killer to justice, putting Vanmer at peace again?

Behind the Red Curtain

by Eve Francis

Cassandra Lightman grew up making trinkets and toys. She was on her way to inventing a "flying machine" when she was committed to a sanatorium for hysteria. That's where Dr. Timothy Brown found Sandra and saw her promising intelligence. After Sandra shows Dr. Brown how to cure hysteria in women, she begins to work under him in his medical practice. Since Sandra cannot practice medicine and has no support from her family, she must carry on her position in secret. She goes into Dr. Brown’s office through the back door, speaking to no one, and always covering her face.Sandra soon meets Bedelia Morten, one of her patients behind the red curtain. Bedelia Morten is an upper class wife with a banker husband and three children of her own. She suffers from insomnia and nightmares, which leads her to seek out Dr. Brown’s practice. Though Bedelia is initially skeptical of Sandra’s skill, she soon learns to appreciate Sandra’s talent and company.When their relationship becomes too close, Sandra is encouraged by Dr. Brown to invent a "stand-in" for herself. Sandra goes back to her experimental roots and visits her idol-inventor Marlin Manchester. Sandra works many long nights in hopes of creating the first steam-powered vibrator. When Sandra’s invention takes off, she is forced to reconsider her role both in and out of the examination room, her future, and who she wants by her side.

Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues

by J. D. Walker

Lester “Les” McCoy is a retired cowboy who now lives in the city, working days at the Ranch and Feed. Heloveshis country music. Not so his tenant, Damien Ridley, who lives downstairs in his duplex and works evenings at the gym.”Metal boy,” as Les likes to call him, prefers to listen to all things rock and metal at decibels that make his ears bleed. Damien is attracted to Les, which he makes abundantly clear with those translucent gray eyes and his hot, kissable mouth. Problem is, although Les is in lust with Damien, he's an old prairie bachelor and sees his metal boy as too young for a roll in the hay. He'd rather be put out to pasture.Enter a friend who's gay-bashed and a co-worker who kicks his head out of his ass, and Les reconsiders whether a heavy metal dude can help an old cowboy with the blues.

A Deadly Game of Malice

by Paul Alan Fahey

It's spring 1942. Caroline Graham is six months pregnant, overweight, irritable, and most decidedly bored with her "delicate" condition. She hates being tied down and resents her husband Cyril and her cousin Edward for being off on assignment and having fun while she's confined to the village. She grows more restless each day, and her good friend and confidant Leslie Atwater does his best to boost her spirits but fails miserably. What Caroline needs is a problem to solve, "something juicy" to challenge her mind. And, of course, that's exactly what she gets.Be careful what you wish for.First there's a rash of poison pen letters circulating in the village. Librarian Elspeth Hunter receives a letter, and is the first to die, presumably by her own hand. Other deaths follow. Are the sudden deaths connected to the letters? As weeks pass and the bodies mount, Caroline and Leslie discover a pattern that suggests something more sinister is at work. With Leslie's help, Caroline must use all her cunning and put her life at risk to uncover a cold-blooded murderer -- a remorseless killer who continues to raise the stakes in a deadly game of malice.

Family Ties

by Lisa Gray

Danny Carmody has lived life privileged but lonely. He has always sacrificed his own needs to meet the demands of his family. Now he is faced with an arranged marriage intended to reunite the Carmodys and the Dwyers, the city's two most powerful families. Out of his sense of duty, he agrees. But always a romantic at heart, he secretly nurtures hopes of finding love within this sterile business arrangement. Once he meets his intended groom, Evan -- a talented, attractive architect -- those hopes soar.Evan Dwyer has grown up reviled by his family. Before he was even born, his mother was blamed for breaking up a planned marriage between the Carmodys and the Dwyers. As a result, both Evan and his mother have lived their lives in virtual exile. But now he has suddenly been deemed of use to the families, and they are blackmailing him into participating in the arranged marriage.Furious, he reaches out to the FBI for help and finds only more complications. Too many people want to use him to advance their own agendas. By the time Evan realizes Danny might just be the safe harbor he's looked for all his life, it may well be too late. Evan has set in motion forces that threaten to destroy any hope they have for a future together.

Giving Up My Room

by Eva Hore

At eighteen, Shawna hasn't come out to her family as a lesbian. It’s a secret she isn’t ready to reveal, but when her mother's sexy coworker comes to visit with husband in tow, Shawna can't take her eyes off the woman.After a night of playing spy, with her digital camera in hand, Shawna takes a bold chance. When Sarah's husband leaves for a few days, Shawna acts on her desires -- with unexpected, but very pleasant, results.

Hawaiian Wedding

by J. M. Snyder

City planner Remy McIntosh and architect Lane Anders are back from the best-selling novel,Just the Three of Us,to plan their Christmas wedding! When Remy married Kate, he’d only done so because it was the right thing to do, as she was pregnant with Braden. This time around, he’s marrying for love, and he wants everything to be just right.At the time of their engagement, Virginia didn’t allow same-sex couples to marry, so Lane suggests they splurge and plan the perfect wedding in Hawaii. Because the island is so far away, Remy hires someone local to plan everything for them. He hates giving up so much control, but the wedding planner is someone Lane knew in high school, so she can’t be all bad, can she?Unfortunately, things go wrong right from the start. Remy hopes to spend a week alone at Christmas with his lover in Hawaii before their families arrive for the wedding. But his son is erroneously booked on the same flight as Remy and Lane, and they have to spend their romantic tropical holiday entertaining a nine year old boy. Then the wedding planner disappears for the weekend to participate in a surfing competition.When Remy decides to obtain a marriage license on his own, he discovers he needs proof of his divorce, which he doesn’t have with him, and Kate’s stuck in Virginia in a freak snowstorm that may ground her plane until after the wedding is scheduled to take place.As things continue to spiral out of his control, Remy doesn’t know whether to laugh at his troubles or cry with frustration. Will he and Lane get to say “I do” on an Hawaiian island beach? Or should they just throw in the towel and elope back in the courthouse in Virginia?

Christmas Orgy

by Eva Hore

When our neighbors, Matt and Jane, invited us to a Christmas party, I jumped at the chance, but my wife, Sally, went along reluctantly. To our surprise, this party turned out to be something entirely different from what we expected.Now I'm torn between wondering if I truly know my wife ... and wanting to explore this new avenue in our relationship.NOTE: Contains scenes depicting menage (FFFM) sex.

Metal and Dust Book 1: The Siege

by Eve Francis

Samandra Keen is the leader of a resistance movement that has set up camp in a deserted military base in the wake of a government meltdown and disbanding of the fifty states. Now threatened by constant surveillance and with no information they can trust, people like Samandra must fend for themselves and only trust their instinct. Samandra’s biggest fear is her past coming back to haunt her -- growing up inside a mapped “red zone” and her prison time for being an activist. To fall back into the lure of time and memory, Samandra knows, will be the first act that leads her astray. In order to win and maintain her power, Samandra focuses on her tight military crew, fending off attacks from another resistance movement called The Tea Traitors, and staying hidden from The Government.When Riley Hurwitz, a young hacker and weapons maker, breaches Samandra’s military compound, she is taken prisoner. With Riley now bound to a bed and gagged, Samandra is determined to figure out why someone as smart as Riley has been caught. As Riley’s plan slowly unravels and her true intent found out, Riley strikes a deal with Samandra: they can both band together and share power -- or Samandra’s crew will be destroyed from the inside.What results between Riley and Samandra is a constant battle of wills until they both understand that their mission in this futuristic landscape is not to be bound to an idea or a cause for war -- but to one another.

Welcome to Grayville

by Faye Worthington

Welcome to Grayville, where women learn about the power of love, friendship, and the battles of everyday life.Meet Becca Mantra, who is having a secret love affair and doesn't realize she's pushing her husband Jay over the edge. Why is she so happy about her infidelity with a woman half her age? Maybe it’s because Tuckie Brice, a greasy mechanic at Monkey’s Garage who suffers from depression, is actively seeking psychological help for her problems, while Jay is not.There’s also psychologist Dr. Sharon Shaw, who sees Tuckie twice a week, falls in love with Trevina Banter, a paperback mystery writer. When Trevina saves Jay from a suicide attempt, she decides to write a strange short story, which has nothing to do with her prize-winning sleuth.And then there’s Julia Bevel, an abused wife with a questionable attraction to her best friend, Cindy Cotter. When she steps out of her comfort zone and makes a physical pass at Cindy, Julia’s visit to Grayville will never be forgotten, and her life changes in dramatic ways.Together the women of Grayville share their individual tribulations and triumphs of everyday life in their small Pennsylvania community.

Love Has Reasons

by Michael P. Thomas

Santa Fe attorney Danny Hanrahan loves life in his adopted hometown. He’s got good friends, a great job, and a gorgeous home. The only thing he’s missing is someone with whom to share it all, but when his trusty assistant Monica sets him up with her sexy son Ashok, Danny quickly considers the “boyfriend” box checked, too.Ashok is fit, charming, and dynamite in the sack; falling in love with him is a piece of cake. Embracing Ashok’s alter ego, celebrated drag diva Raima Reason, proves to be more of a challenge. Danny divorced his wife for a reason, and it wasn't so he could go out and find someone who takes even longer than she did to put on makeup. When Raima's career looks set to take off, Danny has to decide if he's along for the ride, or if a boyfriend who's sometimes a girl is more than he can handle.

A Bored Game Girl

by J. D. Walker

Carmen Jenson is the kind of girl who loves to read books in bed, watch movies at home, and play board games on the weekends. Her girlfriend Patty, however, claims she's not exciting enough, and dumps her. Carmen decides she’s had enough of failed relationships and decides to stay single for a while, though in her heart she wants something more.Nel Patrick is the bus driver on Carmen's daily route to work. She always teases Carmen about chasing down the bus because she’s late. Carmen thinks nothing of the friendly banter between them until a chance meeting on the bus. While talking about Carmen's desire for a meaningful relationship, Nel reacts in a way that’s totally unexpected, leaving Carmen at a loss to understand her strange behavior.A few days later, Nel shows up at Carmen’s workplace. When Nel's attraction to Carmen comes out into the open, they go out on a date. A hot night of loving leads Carmen to wonder if she’s finally found the game girl she's always wanted.

Too Long Among the Dead

by Paul Alan Fahey

Psychiatrist Haleigh Hugo thinks he’s found the perfect setting for his experimental treatment plan -- an isolated home in the middle of a small lake in the high Sierras. Dr. Hugo’s office mate and life partner, Guy Sanford, is unconvinced that the benefits of the treatment plan outweigh the risks, but soon gives in to the charm and boundless enthusiasm of his lover.Dr. Hugo’s subjects are six female patients who have failed to make what he considers significant progress in one-to-one therapy. They all share something in common: grief over the loss of a loved one, a psychological barrier that prevents them from moving on. Hilary Colbert lost her life partner to a serious illness; Jennie Travers no longer trusts her unfaithful husband; Meeda O’Connell’s infant son died in his crib; Vera Field wakes from a coma to learn her father has committed a senseless crime: Sarah/April Preston no longer knows who she is and suffers from a loss of identity; and Emily West has psychic abilities yet longs for a normal human existence.The six patients, overseen by Dr. Hugo and Dr. Sanford, descend on Devonshire, a simple mountain home on the lake for a weekend of intense therapy. Yet within the walls of the home lies a terrible and painful secret that haunts anyone who comes near.

Unorthodox Heart

by Francis Gideon

Dr. Dmitri Cosma meets Hugh Duchamp in the worst way possible -- by accidentally hitting Hugh with his car. Though Hugh insists he’s all right, Dmitri sees a chance to take time off work and help out a man in need. Dmitri convinces Hugh to exaggerate his injuries to get a better pay off from the insurance company and thus give him enough money to get out of debt. Hugh is baffled by Dmitri’s acts of kindness as Dmitri visits him in his hospital room, sends him presents in the mail, and invites him to dinner when all is said and done.Hugh longs to be treated like a real person without any medical issues and to thrive without people treating him as if he’s broken. Dmitri’s past is more tangled than it appears on the surface, and his lucrative practice leaves him bored and apathetic. As they wait for the insurance check to clear, they can’t help but wonder where things stand between them. Is this the start of a beautiful relationship? Or are both men just setting themselves up for disappointment again?

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