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Desejando um Beijo

by Dawn Brower Wélida Muniz

Você alguma vez sonhou com um casamento no natal? A vida de solteirona nunca pareceu tão boa, mas infelizmente nem isso salvaria Lady Juliette Brooks. Seu pai lhe arranjou um noivado com um homem violento. Restando a ela apenas uma escolha - forçar o Duque de Kissinger a honrar uma promessa feita há muito tempo. Grayson Abbot, o Duque de Kissinger, não quer se casar com Lady Juliette. Ele não quer se casar com ninguém. Mas tinha feito uma promessa a ela, e não queria voltar atrás em sua palavra... Então, relutantemente, aceita fugir com ela. Eles iniciam uma aventura durante a temporada de festas de natal. Enquanto correm para chegar à Escócia, sofrem com os atrasos, com o tempo gelado e experimentam uma amizade a qual eles quase haviam esquecido. Juliette finalmente descobrirá como é ser beijada, e em troca, ganhará o coração do duque?

Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France

by Jean Beaman

A free ebook version of this title will be available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more. While portrayals of immigrants and their descendants in France and throughout Europe often center on burning cars and radical Islam, Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France paints a different picture. Through fieldwork and interviews in Paris and its banlieues, Jean Beaman examines middle-class and upwardly mobile children of Maghrébin, or North African immigrants. By showing how these individuals are denied cultural citizenship because of their North African origin, she puts to rest the notion of a French exceptionalism regarding cultural difference, race, and ethnicity and further centers race and ethnicity as crucial for understanding marginalization in French society.

Keys to Tetouan

by Orna Taub Mois Benarroch

Keys to Tetouan is the novel of the Benzimra family and its infinite branches expanded all over the world. They are born in the city of Tetouan, Morocco and emigrate to Madrid, New York, Paris, the Amazons, Jerusalem, Greece, and wherever the wind takes them. But they keep longing for the city and keep returning in search of a bride or of an answer to their never ending encompassing of the world. Since 1492, when Spain chases the Jews, this small community settles less than a 100 miles from the frontier with Spain, waiting for things to change and come back, a comeback that instead of happening brings Spain into their city in 1860, creating new ties and new problems with their old motherland.

Diario di una ragazzina quasi figa - Vi presento Maddi. Ooops!

by Annarita Tranfici B Campbell

Ciao a tutti, ragazzini e ragazzine "quasi fighi". Qualcuno di voi potrebbe aver già letto "Diario di una ragazzina "quasi figa" - La mia nuova scuola". Ma vi siete mai chiesti per quale motivo Maddi sia stata costretta a lasciare la scuola? Cosa può essere successo di tanto grave? In questo libro incontrerete una Maddi un po' più giovane e meno saggia e scoprirete cosa le è capitato nella sua vecchia scuola (prima che fosse costretta a lasciarla). "Diario di una ragazzina quasi figa - Vi presento Maddi. Ooops!" è un libricino divertentissimo per ragazzini e ragazzine dagli 8 ai 12 anni. Maddi non è una ragazzina "figa", ma nemmeno una cervellona. È divertente e tende spesso a cacciarsi nei guai. Seguite Maddi in tutte le sue avventure! Speriamo apprezzerete il prequel della fortunata serie "Diario di una ragazzina "quasi figa"! I ragazzini "quasi fighi" spaccano!

The Stealer of Memories

by Mois Benarroch William C

It has happened to all of us, we're talking with our brother of a childhood memory and suddenly he says, but you didn't do that, I did. And that seems normal. But, what do we remember when we remember? Scientific studies show that in less than twenty-four hours we have already changed the memory of what has happened to us. Perhaps our memories are not always completely ours, only partially ours, partly they are what others who were in the same place have told us, and partly perhaps they are memories of others that with time are infiltrated in our brain. The narrator of "El Ladrón de Memorias" does not steal memories, but he feels like a thief, because he is drawn to pulling at some moments other people's most intimate memories, only to realize that he can no longer differentiate his memories from the others. "The Stealer of Memories" is an autobiography of the entire world. "Rarely have I had the opportunity to read a book on ebook format with the characteristics of "The Stealer of Memories". Mois Benarroch has the strange particularity of talking about anything and has a way of making you unable to stop reading. I have compiled many fragments of his book because they seemed interesting, intuitive and I think I almost believe that in fact the author is a memory thief: "...But there is one that doesn't go away. And it is that every text is autobiographical. Each character is the author. Nothing original in that. I know. But I'm not saying that every text is based on the life of the writer. Just the opposite. It is based on the not-life of the writer. The wife who appears in the text of a male writer is not the writer's wife, and vice versa, the homosexual will be the one who was not, the rich one is the rich one that the writer longs to be, if he is poor. The writer defines himself by what he cannot be. What he cannot be is not infinite. One cannot not-be just anybody. He can only be characters or people he is able to imagine..." I have

Practical Reverse Engineering

by Elias Bachaalany Alexandre Gazet Bruce Dang

Analyzing how hacks are done, so as to stop them in the future Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing hardware or software and understanding it, without having access to the source code or design documents. Hackers are able to reverse engineer systems and exploit what they find with scary results. Now the good guys can use the same tools to thwart these threats. Practical Reverse Engineering goes under the hood of reverse engineering for security analysts, security engineers, and system programmers, so they can learn how to use these same processes to stop hackers in their tracks. The book covers x86, x64, and ARM (the first book to cover all three); Windows kernel-mode code rootkits and drivers; virtual machine protection techniques; and much more. Best of all, it offers a systematic approach to the material, with plenty of hands-on exercises and real-world examples. Offers a systematic approach to understanding reverse engineering, with hands-on exercises and real-world examples Covers x86, x64, and advanced RISC machine (ARM) architectures as well as deobfuscation and virtual machine protection techniques Provides special coverage of Windows kernel-mode code (rootkits/drivers), a topic not often covered elsewhere, and explains how to analyze drivers step by step Demystifies topics that have a steep learning curve Includes a bonus chapter on reverse engineering tools Practical Reverse Engineering: Using x86, x64, ARM, Windows Kernel, and Reversing Tools provides crucial, up-to-date guidance for a broad range of IT professionals.

In Het Rood

by Janine van der Kooij Colleen Cross

Wanneer Katerina en haar vriend Jace een onverwachte uitnodiging voor een feestje accepteren is misdaad wel het laatste waar ze aan denken. Maar dan laat een zogenaamd superdure wijn een vieze smaak achter in Kats mond en ontdekt ze een miljoenenzwendel. En dat alles nog voor het diner! nederlandse boeken, actie & avontuur, mystery & detective, vrouwelijke speurneuzen, gezellige mysterie

El libro sobre babosas de Elias Zapple

by Ana Martinez Elias Zapple

Conozcan a mis herócias Babosas. Steve, la Babosa, El General Fairfax la Babosa, Gino la Babosa, Akira la Babosa Ninja, Selina la Babosa y muchas, muchas más. Ellas son mis mejores amigas, mis más leales sirvientes, mis valientes soldados y mi única fuente de proteína. Las babosas son útiles, habilidosas coloridas y comestibles y te cubrirán de baba pegajosa si te burlas de mi bigote ¡el Señor Elegante! ¡Este libro contiene divertidos datos sobre babosas y mucha diversión babosa!

Le Livre des Limaces d'Elias Zapple

by Line Bouchard Elias Zapple

Description du livre : Laissez-moi vous présenter mes limaces héroïques : Steve la Limace, Général Fairfax la Limace, Gino la Limace, Akira la Limace Ninja, Sélina la Limace et bien d'autres encore. Ce sont mes meilleurs amis, mes loyaux serviteurs, mes courageux soldats et mon unique source de protéines. Les limaces sont utiles, habiles, colorées, comestibles et elles n'hésiteront pas à vous couvrir d'un mucus gluant si vous osez insulter ma moustache, M. Snazzy! Un livre rempli d'anecdotes sur les limaces et totalement Zapple!

Libro dei lumaconi di Elias Zapple

by Silvia Adinolfi Elias Zapple

Fate la conoscenza dei miei eroici lumaconi: Steve il lumacone, Generale Fairfax il lumacone, Gino il lumacone, Akira il ninja lumacone, Selina la lumacona e tanti, tanti altri. Loro sono i miei migliori amici, i miei fedeli servitori, i miei impavidi soldati e la mia unica risorsa di proteine. I lumaconi sono utili, piendi di capacità, colorati e commestibili e vi ricopriranno di bava se oserete offendere il mio baffo, il Signor Snazzy! Un libro pieno di dati sui lumaconi e totalmente alla Zapple-maniera!

Mein Monster, Buch 1 – Boris, mein Retter

by Kaz Campbell Michaela Bittner

Dies ist ein ideales Buch für Mädchen und Jungen zwischen 5 und 9 Jahren. Es hat kurze Kapitel, ist witzig und zeigt, dass am Ende die Guten gewinnen. Ihr Kind wird von dieser Geschichte begeistert sein. Bobby hat einen besonderen Freund. Verratet es keinem, aber sein Freund ist ein Monster. Sein Name ist Boris und er ist rot und pelzig und hat zwei goldene Hörner. Boris hilft Bobby, wenn dieser schlecht träumt. Im ersten Buch nimmt Bobby seinen Freund Boris mit in die Schule. Dem gefällt nicht, dass Jan der Mobber so gemein zu Bobby ist. Jan ahnt nicht, dass Boris eine peinliche Überraschung für ihn bereithält. Das 2. Buch „Felix – das freche Monster“ wird auch bald auf Deutsch erhältlich sein.

Deep Active Learning

by Kayo Matsushita

This is the first book to connect the concepts of active learning and deep learning, and to delineate theory and practice through collaboration between scholars in higher education from three countries (Japan, the United States, and Sweden) as well as different subject areas (education, psychology, learning science, teacher training, dentistry, and business). It is only since the beginning of the twenty-first century that active learning has become key to the shift from teaching to learning in Japanese higher education. However, "active learning" in Japan, as in many other countries, is just an umbrella term for teaching methods that promote students' active participation, such as group work, discussions, presentations, and so on. What is needed for students is not just active learning but deep active learning. Deep learning focuses on content and quality of learning whereas active learning, especially in Japan, focuses on methods of learning. Deep active learning is placed at the intersection of active learning and deep learning, referring to learning that engages students with the world as an object of learning while interacting with others, and helps the students connect what they are learning with their previous knowledge and experiences as well as their future lives. What curricula, pedagogies, assessments and learning environments facilitate such deep active learning? This book attempts to respond to that question by linking theory with practice.

Netizenship, Activism and Online Community Transformation in Indonesia

by Ario Seto

Focusing on the concept of prudence as ethical groundwork for digital practices and activism, this book considers digital media expediency and populism as conflicting required experiences that lead digital citizens to discover activism. It highlights the importance of digital citizens' experience of 'being-in-the-digital sphere' and encourages the reader to look at the dynamics of online movement as a part of a community's search for significance between the online and offline realms of activism. Based on ethnographic research about the largest Indonesian online community, Kaskus, this book uses Indonesian digital citizenship as an example of online activism in a post-authoritarian state, with media viewed as a tool for democratic advancement and a catalyst for social movements among activists, students, and citizens both in Indonesia and further afield. Set at the intersection of media anthropology, sociology, Asian studies, and Citizenship studies, this book considers the shape and future of digital democracy in post-authoritarian state.

Japanese Advance into the Pacific Ocean

by Akitoshi Hiraoka

This book asserts that the albatross was the reason for the advance of the Japanese into the isolated islands in the Pacific after the abolition of the Japanese "closed-door" policy that had been in effect from the seventeenth century to the latter part of the nineteenth century. The birds' plumage was of high quality and sold at quite a good price in Europe. The Japanese realized the advantage of this global trade, and their desire to capture albatross motivated them to advance into the Pacific. The exploration of the uninhabited islands had become a fast-moving trend, defined by the author as the "Bird Rush". As a consequence, the advance into the Pacific by the Japanese resulted in the expansion of Japanese territory. The author has interpreted this Japanese movement into the Pacific by making use of the framework of three distinct shifts: in the aim of their actions from birds to guano / phosphate ore, in the agents of action from individual speculators to commercial capital and then to monopolistic capital, and from the sea near Japan to the wider Pacific. This concept can be termed "a view of history centered on the albatross".

Practical Immunodermatology

by Hong-Duo Chen Xing-Hua Gao

This book discusses typical skin diseases from an immunological point of view, introducing the latest immunological techniques and practices. It begins with a brief overview of the human immune system, including the basic concepts and principles as well as the general symbols used in immunology. Part Two describes the human skin as an integral part of the immune system, explaining the immunological roles of major cellular and molecular composites in the skin. Part Three illustrates typical skin diseases that have immunological involvement (immunodermatological conditions). It describes 40 skin diseases, focusing on immunological causes, pathogenesis, pattern of reaction and treatment choices and responses. The final part discusses advanced immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy in dermatology, providing detailed descriptions of immune techniques for the diagnosis of skin diseases, their principles and background, indications, requirements for sampling, test protocols, interpretation of results and trouble shooting. This work offers insights into both the systemic immune system and the skin immune system, and integrates the information into discussions of clinical diseases, relevant immune techniques and immunological drugs. Presenting the latest advances in clinical immunology, it is an invaluable resource for dermatologists, residents and graduate students in dermatology.

Kompetenzentwicklung in analogen und digitalisierten Arbeitswelten

by Gabriele Molzberger Daniela Ahrens

Dieses Buch thematisiert die M#65533;glichkeiten und Bedingungen der Gestaltung von betrieblicher Kompetenzentwicklung als Voraussetzung f#65533;r Innovationen in Zeiten demografischen und technologischen Wandels. Welchen erneuernden Beitrag leistet Kompetenzentwicklung in Unternehmen verschiedenster Branchen? Innovation wird in diesem Buch breit gefasst: in technologischer, organisationaler und sozialer Hinsicht.

Ganzheitliches Chancen- und Risikomanagement

by Jens O. Meissner Stefan Hunziker

Das unternehmerische Risikomanagement wird in diesem Werk erstmals interdisziplin#65533;r behandelt. Autoren aus Wissenschaft und Praxis lassen sowohl betriebswirtschaftliche als auch soziologische und psychologische Erkenntnisse einflie#65533;en, die in zahlreichen Entscheidungssituationen im Unternehmen relevant sind. Zudem werden Schnittstellen zu weiteren F#65533;hrungsinstrumenten aufgezeigt und praxisorientierte Umsetzungskonzepte erl#65533;utert.

Data Privacy Management, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

by Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí Hannes Hartenstein Guillermo Navarro-Arribas Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro

This book constitutes the refereed conference proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Data Privacy Management, DPM 2017, on conjunction with the 22nd European Symposium on Research in computer Security, ESORICS 2017 and the First International Workshop on Cryprocurrencies and Blockchain Technology (CBT 2017) held in Oslo, Norway, in September 2017. The DPM Workshop received 51 submissions from which 16 full papers were selected for presentation. The papers focus on challenging problems such as translation of high-level buiness goals into system level privacy policies, administration of sensitive identifiers, data integration and privacy engineering. From the CBT Workshop six full papers and four short papers out of 27 submissions are included. The selected papers cover aspects of identity management, smart contracts, soft- and hardforks, proof-of-works and proof of stake as well as on network layer aspects and the application of blockchain technology for secure connect event ticketing.

Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence

by Sozo Inoue Aoi Honda Yasuo Narukawa Vicenç Torra

This volume contains papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Modeling Decisions for Arti?cial Intelligence (MDAI 2005), held in Tsukuba, Japan, July 25-27. This conference follows MDAI 2004 (held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), the proceedings of which were also published in the LNAI series (Vol. 3131). The aim of this conference was to provide a forum for researchers to discuss about theory and tools for modeling decisions, as well as applications that - compass decision-making processes and information fusion techniques. In this second edition, special focus was given to applications related to risk, security and safety. The organizers received 118 papers, from 14 di?erent countries, 40 of which are published in this volume. Each submission received at least two reviews from the Program Committee and a few external reviewers. We would like to express our gratitude to them for their work. The plenary talks presented at the conference are also included in this volume. The conference was supported by the Department of Risk Engineering of the University of Tsukuba, the Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics (SOFT), the Catalan Association for Arti?cial Intelligence (ACIA), the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (AGAUR 2004XT 0004).

Applied Computer Sciences in Engineering

by Roberto Ferro-Escobar José Luis Villa-Ramírez Eduyn Ramiro López-Santana Juan Carlos Figueroa-García

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Forth Workshop on Engineering Applications, WEA 2017, held in Cartagena, Colombia, in September 2017. The 59 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from156 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections such as computer science; computational intelligence; simulation systems; internet of things; fuzzy sets and systems; power systems; logistics and operations management; miscellaneous applications.

Advances in Web-Based Learning – ICWL 2017

by Baltasar Fernández Manjón Gerhard Hancke Elvira Popescu Haoran Xie

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Web-Based Learning, ICWL 2017, held in Cape Town, South Africa, in September 2017. The 13 revised full papers presented together with 9 short papers and 3 poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 56 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on Inquiry-Based Learning and Gamification; Learning Analytics; Social Media and Web 2. 0-based Learning Environments; Assessment and Accessibility in Higher Education; Open Educational Resources and Recommender Systems; and Practice and Experience Sharing.

Introduction to Turkish Labour Law

by Tankut Centel

This book provides essential information on the legal rights of employers and employees in Turkey, plus up-to-date sections on wages, working hours, employment contracts, discrimination laws, and unions. The work mainly consists of three parts: introduction, individual labour law, and collective labour law in Turkey. The extensive material and numerous court decisions presented in each chapter will introduce readers to the major current debates in labour law and encourage them to engage in critical and independent assessment. As such, the book offers an engaging and accessible overview of the development and status quo of labour law and industrial relations issues in Turkey.

Ramanujan Summation of Divergent Series

by Bernard Candelpergher

The aim of this monograph is to give a detailed exposition of the summation method that Ramanujan uses in Chapter VI of his second Notebook. This method, presented by Ramanujan as an application of the Euler-MacLaurin formula, is here extended using a difference equation in a space of analytic functions. This provides simple proofs of theorems on the summation of some divergent series. Several examples and applications are given. For numerical evaluation, a formula in terms of convergent series is provided by the use of Newton interpolation. The relation with other summation processes such as those of Borel and Euler is also studied. Finally, in the last chapter, a purely algebraic theory is developed that unifies all these summation processes. This monograph is aimed at graduate students and researchers who have a basic knowledge of analytic function theory.

The Psychologist's Guide to Professional Development

by Mary-Jo Bautista Greg Bohall

This essential career guide equips new professionals and doctoral students with a robust foundation for a long and satisfying career in psychology and other behavioral health professions. Taking a proactive intervention prevention approach to career planning and building, contributors offer accessible guidelines and advice in core areas such as specialization and niche specialties, the market for services, cultural competence, ethically and legally sound practice, and personal competencies including self-care, the degree-to-career transition, and financial planning. The editors also break down the mental health field into discrete disciplines, each with its own trajectory for its future relevance and sustainability. By bringing this wide range of career information together, this book helps to set much-needed standards for professional development in a demanding, diversifying, and evolving field. Featured in the coverage: #65533; The personal development foundation. #65533; Professional relationships and the art of networking. #65533; The clinical credentialing process. #65533; Clinical, educational, and administrative supervision. #65533; The curriculum vitae and professional marketing. #65533; The early career professional advantage. The Psychologist's Guide to Professional Development serves as an invaluable text for professional development courses in the fields of psychology, counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, as well as a trusted mentor-between-covers for the long term.

Technocratic Ministers and Political Leadership in European Democracies

by Pedro Tavares de Almeida Maurizio Cotta António Costa Pinto

This book provides an in-depth analysis of the 'technocratic shift' in ministerial recruitment, measuring its extent and variations over time in fourteen European countries. It addresses the question: who governs in European democratic regimes? Just a few decades ago, the answer would have been straightforward: party-men and (fewer) party-women. More recently, however, and in varying degrees across Europe, a greater proportion of non-politicians or experts have been recruited to government, as exemplified by the 2017 election of Emmanuel Macron to the French Presidency. These experts, frequently labelled "technocrats", increasingly occupy key executive positions and have emerged as powerful actors in the decision-making process. This edited collection explores the contemporary debates surrounding the relationship between technocracy, democracy and political leadership, and will appeal to scholars and advanced students interested in these fields.

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