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Any Other Name

by Craig Johnson

Sheriff Walt Longmire is sinking into a high-plains winter discontent when his former boss, Lucian Connally, asks him to take on a mercy case outside his jurisdiction. Detective Gerald Holman of neighboring Campbell County is dead, and Lucian wants to know what drove his old friend, a by-the-book lawman with a wife and daughter, to take his own life. With the clock ticking on the birth of Walt's first grandchild in Philadelphia, he enlists the help of undersheriff Vic Moretti, Henry Standing Bear, and Gillette policeman Corbin Dougherty and, looking for answers, reopens Holman's last case.Before his mysterious death, Detective Holman was elbow-deep in a cold case involving three local women who'd gone missing with nothing to connect the disappearances--or so it seemed. The detective's family and the Campbell County sheriff's office beg Walt to drop the case. An open-and-shut suicide they say. But there's a blood trail too hot to ignore, and it's leading Walt in circles: from a casino in Deadwood, to a mysterious lodge in the snowy Black Hills of South Dakota, to a band of international hit men, to a shady strip club, and back again to the Campbell County sheriff's office. Digging deeper, Walt will uncover a secret so dark it threatens to claim other lives before the sheriff can serve justice--Wyoming style. A thrilling story of deception and betrayal, packed with twists and turns and featuring the unforgettable characters of the New York Times bestselling Longmire series, Any Other Name is Craig Johnson's best yet.

The Fatal Frails

by Dan J. Marlowe

The statue was knee-high, but it carried a fortune in gold and gems, plus centuries of fame in the art world. Everyone wanted it, and for some no price was too high--love, money, or murder ... Then Killain barged in.The redhead made the first pitch, and she had Killain twanging like a hopped-up fiddle--but not one note about the statue.The Blonde tried to bargain across a wide-screen bed, and she convinced Johnny that he should negotiate--but not about the statue.The Ape had a simple proposition: Hand over the statue or I'll beat in your head! This annoyed Johnny Killain.Much bloodshed and many murders later ...

Doom Service

by Dan J. Marlowe

It happened in Hotel Duarte, a bullet length from the Great White Way, where life begins at eight-forty--and often ends by midnight with a couple of murders.For instance, the murder of a dumb welterweight who took his dive--and got paid off in lead.He was the brother of Johnny Killain's gal, and that was pure bad luck for the fight mob--because Killain went in swinging with no referee to call him off.This great big deadly weapon of a man knew every dirty punch ever invented--and he would use them all to find the killer ...

Doorway to Death

by Dan J. Marlowe

On the streets of a big city people smile and the lights are bright. But there is an alley world of darkness, double-dealing and death; in this world you need muscles and brains to take a step--and only the lucky ones live long.These two worlds meet in Hotel Duarte. Johnny Killain had a fistful of experience with both worlds--and with Hotel Duarte:The girl in 1109 was a schoolmarm from a small western town; but when she visited the city she left her morals at home, stripped off the drab veneer and became an armful of seething hell.The "salesman" in 1938 peddled death on the side--until he turned up cold ... very cold ... on a hook in the hotel icebox.Johnny had the keys to all the doors--to lust, love, greed ... and murder!

Operation Deathmaker

by Dan J. Marlowe

I was driving Hazel's niece, Melissa, to the airport when it happened. The car right behind me in the parking lot stopped and two men burst out. Crouched low, they came at me in a rush.The next thing I knew I was hit in the face with a stream of acid spray. I fell backward into the car. And that's the last I knew. Until I came to.The two guys were gone.And so was Melissa ...Operation Deathmaker ... a whiplash story of suspense, kidnapping, and murder, and a man who wouldn't give up--Drake.

Operation Whiplash

by Dan J. Marlowe

It wasn't at all like Hazel to go off without a word to Drake. But she did. He tried calling her at the motel, but they said she'd just checked out. No, no messages.Drake figured he'd better do a little checking on his own.Which is why he went to see Hazel's business manager, Nate Pepperan, in Hudson. It had been Pepperman's phone call which had taken Hazel to Hudson in the first place. Nate would surely know where she was.But Nate wasn't telling. How could he, with his throat slit?Operation Whiplash--a tense, blood-pounding tale of mayhem, murder, and the Mafia with Drake, the Man with Nobody's Face.

Operation Stranglehold

by Dan J. Marlowe

Drake wasn't expecting visitors ...Which is why he was so wary when Hazel told him about the two strangers pulling into their drive.Drake watched as the two men got out of their car and walked toward them.They were Easterners; the cut of their business suits announced that.They didn't look like hoods.And they weren't cops. Drake had a built-in radar for fuzz.But there was something cop-like in the swaggering attitude.Whoever they were Drake didn't like them.Especially when they tried to get smart with Hazel.That's when Drake shot one in the arm.They quit fooling around then and handed Drake and envelope.It was from Washington. About his friend Karl Erikson in a Spanish prison.Drake wasn't thinking right then about his friend.He was thinking that some damn fool in Washington had blown his cover. And he had better get the hell away fast before his past caught up with him again.

Operation Breakthrough

by Dan J. Marlowe

Drake had the assignment. He was sent to steal confidential files of the Mafia that had been stashed somewhere in a bank vault on an island in the Bahamas.Drake got the files.He also got himself trapped into a deadly private war--with the Syndicate, the local police, and a gang of freelance assassins.The only man who could help him out of the trap was being held incommunicado--behind the thick walls of a Bahamian prison.Breaking out of jail was something Drake knew about. Breaking in was something else again ...

Operation Fireball

by Dan J. Marlowe

Five strangers ...Two million bucks ...One lusty redhead ...And no holds barred.Staying out of trouble might be relaxing for some guys. But too much peace and quite make me very nervous.Hazel--the luscious lady who keeps me busy and happy during long winter evenings--was trying to sell me her retirement plan.I was tempted.But then suddenly an old pen pal turned up with a couple of friends and a scheme that started my motors going full blast.A two million dollar heist. Cash. Already out of the bank and stashed in a nice, respectable museum--in Cuba.They needed me to help them get it back to the States. That should have tipped me. A hijacker trying to get back from Cuba?I shoulda stood in bed. With Hazel.

Poisons Unknown

by Frank Kane

The woman's body undulated. Her motions became frantic. Wildly, she tore off her clothes ... The others followed. Nude, danced to the frenzied drum ...This was New Orleans.Johnny Liddell was no tourist.He had come here to investigate a disappearance. The beating he got by a goon squad, the double-cross from a gorgeous blonde, and the session as target for someone's shooting practice--weren't exactly like being handed the keys to the city. But before he was through, Johnny's tour of the town led him through a ring of blackmail, murder, and the forced prostitution of some of the most beautiful society women in the city.

The Naked Angel

by Jack Webb

Hard-hitting Police Detective Sammy Golden and his two-fisted friend, parish priest Father Joseph Shanley, land in trouble right up to their collective necks, when a baffling case of murder involves them with a bizarre cast of characters, including ... ... a famous strip tease queen ... a wealthy dealer in used cars and dope ... a cold-blooded killer ...and a naked angel who appears nightly on a pure white cloud A fast and furious thriller starring two of crime fiction's most likeable sleuths.

Little Tramp

by Gil Brewer

Where was he? Why was he here, with this kid? What had he done?Hazily he watched her come toward him, saw her hips sway beneath flimsy lace, the swell of full breasts in the skimpy bra. "How did we get here?" he demanded.She laughed "Don't you remember, honey? You kidnapped me ... and ..."Remember? He remembered that she had cost him his job. Dimly he recalled cursing her out in a dozen bars, getting blind drunk. And he had a vague memory of her behind the wheel of a car. She had kidnapped him!Now she was missing, and the cops would be hot on the trail. Which story would they swallow--his or hers?He saw her angelic smile and knew the answer. He was trapped."Come on, Gary," she said. "Let's have some fun."

And the Girl Screamed

by Gil Brewer

They would stop at nothing!The willowy blonde, in a fluffy white skirt, stood over him. She was smoking a cigarette through the black mask that covered her face. "Hello, honey," she said softly. "Do you like me?"She knelt on one knee. Her hand caressed his cheek, the other hand holding the cigarette.As the blonde kissed him on the mouth she ground her cigarette into his fleash. He yelled, but she kept up the kissing and the burning."Atta girl! Give it to him again!" one of the boys shouted. "Next?"They were teen-agers--kids. But they were capable of anything. And one of them had been capable of murder!

A Killer is Loose

by Gil Brewer

He shot Jake Halloran in the head, then turned to me, smiling, the Luger held loosely in his right hand."Hello, pal," he said. "My name's Ralph Angers. What's yours?"That's how I met him, this grave-looking, clean-cut, totally mad young man, who walked through my town with a gun, leaving a wake of tears and agony and murder behind him.

The Bitch

by Gil Brewer

"What I can't stand is knowing she's out right now playing around." The tall, heavy-set man stared at me, his eyes burning a hole in my bullet-proof vest. "Trail her every minute, Morgan. Every minute. Don't let her out of your sight!" It was the easiest assignment in years. I'm Morgan--and I'm one of the guys she played with. The trouble came later--when I found out that her game was MURDER--and I was picked for the fall guy!

77 Rue Paradis

by Gil Brewer

It began here for Baron - the whole grotesque skein of terror - here in this Marseilles street of despair, the street called the Rue Paradis.There was Gorssmann, fat and corrupt, who waited until Baron scraped bottom - and then blackmailed him into treason.And Lili, the dark, lovely gain, who fell in love with Baron - and worked for the man determined to destroy him.Altogether for Frank baron it was a small hell on the street called Paradise...

13 French Street

by Gil Brewer

Alex came innocently into the house. His friend had a mysterious sickness.Alex did not know that the sickness was in a woman's soul, and that he would almost die of it, too.Still another big printing of the high-octane novel that had all America talking and enthralled millions by Gil Brewer, author of Some Must Die and A Killer Is Loose.

The Brat

by Gil Brewer

She looked at the rotting, sun-blasted shack, the one room where they all lived, slept, made love, died. Looked at the dusty lawn where no grass grew. At the steaming swamp, at her tobacco-spitting mother. Saw the sly, lustful eyes of her father's friends. Then she looked at her own lush beauty. Get me out of here, she prayed. Oh, please get me out of here! I'll pay any price.

Juvenile Delinquent

by Richard Deming

Manny Moon, the agile one-legged detective, is back on a case involving the son of his old friend Ed Brighton.Young Joe Brighton had been found by the police standing over the dead body of Bart Meyers, president of the Purple Pelicans--a juvenile gang to which Joe belonged. The knife used to kill Bart belonged to Joe's father, and the police believed they had an open-and-shut case. But Manny didn't think Joe was a killer and when he started investigating he uncovered some very dangerous information that exposed a gang of dope peddlers. Manny had to keep one step ahead of them to save his own life and clear Joe from the murder charge.

The Surfside Caper

by Louis Trimble

Larry Flynn was a special investigator for hotels. And though the swanky Surfside Lodge was not in his bailiwick, he was willing to answer the call for help from the pretty widow that ran it.He'd owed her husband a personal debt, and it looked like a good opportunity to repay it. Besides, there was something mighty strange about her sudden telegram.Now, as he pushed his fast sports car towards the plush resort, he tried to think of what the mystery might be. When a truck came along, rammed him, and tried to force him off the mountain road at the cliff's edge, Flynn had at least part of the answer. It was murder, and it looked as if instead of resting at the Surfside that night, he'd be taking the long sleep at the cliffside bottom.

The Tide Can't Wait

by Louis Trimble

Barr courched down to get out of the sea spray. The rock bulking over his head was wet and slick in the darkness, cold. But it was a measure of protection against the wind and the spray that lashed up from the shallow bay.

Give Up the Body

by Louis Trimble

The characters ...Adeline O'Hara, ex-WAC and reporter for the Teneskium (Oregon) Pioneer, also country correspondent for the Portland Press, who tells the story. She is young, red-headed, and Irish. She meetsTitus Willow, the pudgy passionate professional philanthropist, who is a badly frightened man. He is visitingCarson Delhart, the Portland millionaire, who dislikes giving interviews , and who wants to marry Titus Willow's daughterDaisy Willow, small and babyish, with a penchant for suicide. She is engaged toArthur Frew, Titus Willow's assistant, a very sullen young man who dislikes everyone and everything. He causes Adeline a lot of trouble. Also involved isGlory Martin, beautiful ice-blonde ward of Carson Delhart. She is rumored to be his mistress, and has definite tendencies toward dipsomania and nymphomania. Watching out for her isPotter Hilton, Delhart's extremely efficient secretary, who is cold and precise and at times very frightening. He introduces Adeline toMrs. Edna Willow, Titus' who had a very bad disposition. She is concerned with making a good marriage for Daisy until murder intervenes. Suspected by police isTim Larson, a high school friend of Adeline's and now Delhart's chauffeur. He is in love with Glory Martin. He lives withMrs. Larson, his Irish mother, andMr. Larson, called Big Swede, although he is half a head shorter than his son, Tim. Along with everyone else, they dislikeGodfrey Tiffin, the assistant county prosecutor, who was Adeline's first suitor, whom she rejected. He has never forgiven her and causes her a great deal of trouble even thoughJocko Bedford, the sheriff, s on her side most of the time. Then there isJeff Cook, the star reporter for the Portland Press, who is sent to Teneskium to help Adeline cover the murder, and is involved while helping her to try to prove Tim Larson's innocence. He becomes a good friend ofJud Argyle, Adeline's boss, owner of the Weekly Teneskium Pioneer, who smells his liquor instead of drinking it, andBosco, the cat who saves Adeline's honor, and who had a tremendous appetite for newsprint, string, and shoelaces, andNellie, Adeline's ancient jalopy, whose death causes Titus Willow a lot fo grief later on. She is one of Adeline's problems, along with the missing felt hat, the body in the river, and Jeff Cook.Adeline becomes more and more involved with Godfrey Tiffin, who wants to put her in jail (especially after he finds Jeff Cook's pajama's in her dresser) until her midnight swim in her lingerie and an attempted suicide help point out the solution.

The Big Bite

by Gerry Travis

Independently wealthy Paul Knox works for a global private espionage corporation because he craves the excitement of the job. On a previous mission, Knox fell in love with the beautiful Natalie Tinsley, daughter of a master smuggler and criminal. Now, with the elder Tinsley dead, a Russian interloper has assumed Natalie Tinsley's identity, and is head of a giant gold smuggling ring that is being financed by the Soviets to establish a puppet government in Cuba. The real Natalie Tinsley has caught wind of the project and wants a piece of the action. She meets up with Knox who's been assigned to the case to destroy the smuggling ring. In the remote Mexican village of La Cruz, Knox and Tinsley, with the help of a cast of colorful characters including an etymologist and a stripper, are determined to uncover the Communist plot and the twenty million dollars in Cuban-rebel gold that went with it.

A Deadly Affair

by Ed Lacy

He pulled her to him in a fierce, sweaty embrace, and breathed into her parted lips. Set it up for me to see them, honey. Do it for me and I'll... take care of you...The set-up was cash - enough cash to kill for. But something went terribly wrong. And afterwards, blood had to pay for blood.

Bring Back Her Body

by Stuart Brock

"I want Paula or her body--I don't care which."This was the command of her wealthy, ruthless father. But Abel Cain, who undertook the search, found that he had been presented with only one side of the ugly truth. There were others looking for the hidden heiress too, and among them were the forces of jealousy, greed, and murderous vengeance.When and island orgy held by Paula's friends backfired and the two-faced revelers uncovered a surprise coffin, Cain found the key to his puzzle, one that pointed to something terribly simple and utterly evil.This new novel, an ACE Original, presents some saucy humor, stalking females, and a bevy of up-to-no-good sophisticates thrown against background of fast action and awesome terror. It will keep you guessing and breathless all the way.

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