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Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information in Intelligent Systems: Thematic Area, HIMI 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26-31, 2019, Proceedings, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #11570)

by Sakae Yamamoto Hirohiko Mori

This two-volume set LNCS 11569 and 11570 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Thematic Area on Human Interface and the Management of Information, HIMI 2019, held as part of HCI International 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA.HCII 2019 received a total of 5029 submissions, of which 1275 papers and 209 posters were accepted for publication after a careful reviewing process. The 91 papers presented in the two volumes were organized in topical sections named: Visual information; Data visualization and analytics; Information, cognition and learning; Information, empathy and persuasion; Knowledge management and sharing; Haptic and tactile interaction; Information in virtual and augmented reality; Machine learning and intelligent systems; Human motion and expression recognition and tracking; Medicine, healthcare and quality of life applications.

Nanoelectronic Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (Advanced Structured Materials #116)

by Loutfy H. Madkour

This book presents synthesis techniques for the preparation of low-dimensional nanomaterials including 0D (quantum dots), 1D (nanowires, nanotubes) and 2D (thin films, few layers), as well as their potential applications in nanoelectronic systems. It focuses on the size effects involved in the transition from bulk materials to nanomaterials; the electronic properties of nanoscale devices; and different classes of nanomaterials from microelectronics to nanoelectronics, to molecular electronics. Furthermore, it demonstrates the structural stability, physical, chemical, magnetic, optical, electrical, thermal, electronic and mechanical properties of the nanomaterials. Subsequent chapters address their characterization, fabrication techniques from lab-scale to mass production, and functionality. In turn, the book considers the environmental impact of nanotechnology and novel applications in the mechanical industries, energy harvesting, clean energy, manufacturing materials, electronics, transistors, health and medical therapy. In closing, it addresses the combination of biological systems with nanoelectronics and highlights examples of nanoelectronic–cell interfaces and other advanced medical applications. The book answers the following questions: • What is different at the nanoscale? • What is new about nanoscience? • What are nanomaterials (NMs)? • What are the fundamental issues in nanomaterials? • Where are nanomaterials found? • What nanomaterials exist in nature? • What is the importance of NMs in our lives? • Why so much interest in nanomaterials? • What is at nanoscale in nanomaterials? • What is graphene? • Are pure low-dimensional systems interesting and worth pursuing? • Are nanotechnology products currently available? • What are sensors? • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology work together? • What are the recent advances in nanoelectronic materials? • What are the latest applications of NMs?

Modern Architecture in Africa: Practical Encounters with Intricate African Modernity

by Antoni S. Folkers Belinda A. van Buiten

This book offers unique insights into modern African architecture, influenced by modern European architecture, and at the same time a natural successor to existing site-specific and traditional architecture. It brings together the worlds of traditional site-specific architecture with the Modernist Project in Africa, which to date have only been considered in isolation.The book covers the four architectural disciplines: urban planning, building technology, building physics, and conservation. It includes an introduction with a historical outline and an analysis and comparison of a number of projects in various countries in Africa. On the basis of examples drawn from practice, the author documents and describes the hybrid architectural forms that have emerged from the confrontation and fusion with (pre)modern Western architecture and urban planning, and in so doing he also narrates the history of African architecture.


by Gordon Phillips

Private investigator Ian visits his friend unannounced, only to discover the man lying in bed, not asleep but dead. Ian resolves to find out how his friend died and, if he was murdered, to bring the killer to justice.But the details of the case are bizarre: the door of the condo unit is locked and the only other occupant is a bodybuilder, Horst, found sitting on the living room couch, half asleep or drugged. Ian calls 911 and the cops, when video footage showing no one entered or left the condo around the time of death, fixate on Horst as the most likely suspect.Ian is convinced Horst is innocent and offers his services to help the police solve the mystery of his friend’s death. But the situation is complicated, not only by the self-contradictory nature of the physical evidence, but by the fact that Ian increasingly finds himself drawn to Horst. Worse, the lead police detective shows increasing signs of interest in Ian himself.Love and death become strangely intertwined, their resolution not easily discovered. Is Horst as innocent as Ian believes? Can Ian help solve the locked-room mystery?

Transformations in Tertiary Education: The Scholarship of Engagement at RMIT University

by Belinda Tynan Tricia McLaughlin Andrea Chester Catherine Hall-van den Elsen Belinda Kennedy

This book presents a collection of papers from RMIT’s annual learning and teaching conference, Transformations in Tertiary Education: The Scholarship of Engagement at RMIT. It discusses innovative curricula and assessments, examines transformative student experiences and showcases examples of curricular and extra-curricular activities to promote and develop intercultural awareness and competence. The book showcases high-quality, innovative papers on promising new directions in tertiary education, representing the breadth and depth of teaching and learning at a leading global Australian university. Authors from Australian and offshore campuses address compelling questions related to curricula, technology, and assessment. Further, they employ a variety of methodological approaches to illustrate 21st century global perspectives on learning and teaching.Readers will be introduced to the complex interrelationships between scholarship and practice, innovative learning design and learning outcomes, and the shifting scholarship roles of the university, the teacher and the learner.

Sharing Ecosystem Services: Building More Sustainable and Resilient Society (Science for Sustainable Societies)

by Osamu Saito

Using “the sharing paradigm” as a guiding concept, this book demonstrates that “sharing” has much greater potential to make rural society resilient, sustainable and inclusive through enriching all four sharing dimensions: informal, mediated, communal and commercial sharing. The chapters are divided into two parts, one that focuses on case studies of the sharing ecosystem services in Japan, the other on case studies from around the world including in the regions of Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America and Europe. Reflecting the recent growing attention to sharing concept and its application to economic and urban context, this publication explores opportunities and challenges to build more resilient and sustainable society in harmony with nature by critical examination of sharing practices in rural landscapes and seascapes around the world. This book introduces not only traditional communal and non-market sharing practices in different rural areas, but also new forms of sharing through integration of traditional practices and modern science and technologies.

Eisenmangel beheben mit natürlichen Lebensmitteln: Ratgeber für alle Ernährungstypen

by Klaus Günther

Dieses Buch hilft allen, die von Eisenmangel betroffen sind. Vegetarier, Veganer, Kinder, Schwangere und Sportler trifft es besonders häufig. Auch bei einigen „gesunden“ Diäten tappen wir in die Eisenfalle, eine bisher wenig bekannte Tatsache mit weit reichenden Folgen. Lernen Sie, wie Sie dieses Defizit für sich beheben können. Wählen Sie Ihre täglichen Lebensmittel clever aus – und der Eisenhaushalt wird Ihnen keine Probleme machen. Das Buch zeigt, wie es geht: für Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen, aber auch für süße Snacks. Auf einen Blick sehen Sie, wie viel Eisen Ihr Körper dabei aufnimmt.Hilft Spinat wirklich? Muss ich Medikamente und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel einnehmen, um mir genügend Eisen zuzuführen? Der Lebensmittelwissenschaftler und Biochemiker Klaus Günther räumt mit Mythen auf und gibt handfeste Tipps nach neuesten Erkenntnissen aus der Forschung – mit Rezepten für eisenhaltige Gerichte und Smoothies.

Gesundheitswissenschaften (Springer Reference Pflege – Therapie – Gesundheit)

by Robin Haring

Dieses Referenzwerk bietet einen umfangreichen Überblick zu den zentralen Themen der Gesundheitswissenschaften. Die einzelnen Sektionen behandeln sowohl Grundlagen und Methoden der Gesundheitswissenschaften, Elemente der Gesundheitssoziologie und Psychologie (Diversität, Kommunikation, Resilienz), den aktuelle Stand in der Gesundheitssystem- und Versorgungsforschung, als auch die wichtigsten Anwendungsbereiche in Prävention, Gesundheitsökonomie und Gesundheitspolitik. Berücksichtigt werden dabei die Mikroebene der handelnden Akteure, die Mesoebene von Unternehmen und Organisationen, sowie die Makroebene von Gesundheitssystemen, Gesundheitspolitik und Global Health. Das Standardwerk richtet sich an Studierende, Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler unterschiedlicher Disziplinen im Gesundheitsbereich sowie an Expertinnen und Experten aus der Praxis. Dieses Werk gibt den Auftakt zu der neuen Reihe „Springer Reference Pflege – Therapie - Gesundheit“ und setzt neue Maßstäbe in der Fachliteratur der Gesundheitsberufe.

Werte und Metaphern in der Unternehmenskommunikation: Sensemaking, Mindset, Sprache

by Annika Schach Ulrike Buchholz Victoria von der Haar

Die Transformation durch Digitalisierung und Kulturwandel in Unternehmen bewirken eine Konzentration auf Werte. Stärkere Kollaboration und weniger Hierarchie erfordern Halt und Orientierung aus der Organisation heraus. Purpose, Sensemaking und Mindset spiegeln sich in Texten der Unternehmenskommunikation – besonders in Leitbildern und der Unternehmensphilosophie. Hilfreich ist die Beschäftigung mit Metaphern. So lassen sich sinnstiftende Konzepte identifizieren, in Texte integrieren und im Kommunikationsmanagement einsetzen. Das Buch beschäftigt sich mit dem werteorientierten Kommunikationsmanagement und der Wertevermittlung mit Metaphern in Unternehmenstexten. Der InhaltEinleitung • Werteorientierte Unternehmensführung und Kommunikationsmanagement • Wertevermittlung durch Sprache und Text • Metaphern in der werteorientierten Unternehmenskommunikation Die AutorinnenDr. Ulrike Buchholz ist Professorin für Unternehmenskommunikation an der Hochschule Hannover, Fakultät III – Medien, Information und Design.Dr. Annika Schach ist Professorin für Angewandte PR an der Hochschule Hannover, Fakultät III – Medien, Information und Design.Victoria von der Haar ist Referentin für Unternehmenskommunikation bei der Dr. Wolff-Gruppe, Bielefeld.

Innovation personenbezogener Dienstleistungen als Prozess: Exemplarische Fallstudie eines Innovationsprozesses zur Bereicherung der sozialen Assistenz durch Teilhabebegleitung (Sozialwirtschaft innovativ)

by Gitta Bernshausen Frank Löbler

In diesem Buch wird beschrieben, wie Dienstleistungsprozesse in Sozialunternehmen verändert werden können, um auch weiterhin als Leistungserbringer im Wettbewerb bestehen zu können. Prozesse der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Innovationen sind erfolgreich, wenn personelle und finanzielle Ressourcen eingesetzt, fachliche Expertise und die Kompetenz zum Projektdesign, zur Projektsteuerung und -evaluation sowie zur Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung eingebracht werden. Welche Voraussetzungen für das Erkennen der Notwendigkeit von Innovationen sowie für das Gestalten eines erfolgreichen Innovationsprozesses gegeben sein müssen – und welche Instrumente dabei eingesetzt werden -, wird exemplarisch anhand einer Fallstudie gezeigt.Der InhaltWandel der Sozialwirtschaft: Auswirkungen auf die Unternehmen und die Dienstleistungen • Die Verwirklichung sozialer Inklusion erfordert Innovation • Qualität des Lebens: Ein passendes Konzept für die Gestaltung sozialer Dienstleistungen • Den Innovationsprozess erfolgreich gestalten • Der Innovationsprozess aus der Perspektive von Beteiligten • Individuelle Qualität des Lebens messen mit der Personal Outcomes Scale • Der Innovationsprozess von sozialen personenbezogenen Dienstleistungen. Zwischenbilanz eines ProjektesDie AutorenGitta Bernshausen ist Diplom-Sozialarbeiterin und ist im Vorstand des Sozialwerks St. Georg e.V. in Gelsenkirchen für den Bereich Human Resources, Qualität, Sozialpolitik sowie Forschung und Entwicklung zuständig. Frank Löbler ist Diplom-Sozialwissenschaftler und leitet das Ressort Qualität beim Sozialwerk St. Georg e.V. in Gelsenkirchen. Er ist in dieser Funktion für das Qualitätsmanagement und die Personal Outcomes Scale zuständig.

Frühkindliche Dysphagien und Trinkschwächen: Leitfaden für Diagnostik, Management und Therapie im klinischen Alltag

by Daniela Biber

Die zweite vollständig überarbeitete Auflage dieses Fachbuches widmet sich der frühen Entwicklung der orofazialen Funktionen, der Diagnostik, dem Management und den Therapieansätzen bei Säuglingen mit Dysphagien und Trinkschwächen. Der Schwerpunkt dieser Auflage liegt in der praxisnahen Beschreibung verschiedenster Therapiemöglichkeiten – wie zum Beispiel das Füttern in erhöhter Seitenlage – bei Frühgeborenen und Säuglingen mit Auffälligkeiten im Trinkverhalten. Die logopädische Therapie bei Früh- und Neugeborenen mit Schluckstörungen und Trinkschwächen gewinnt zunehmend an Bedeutung, um eine Basis für die weitere physiologische Entwicklung der Mundfunktionen zu schaffen. Treten schon im frühkindlichen Alter Probleme bei der Nahrungsaufnahme und im orofazialen Bereich auf, kommt es später oft zu Fütter- bzw. Essstörungen, aber auch zu Problemen in der Sprachentwicklung.

Project Action Learning (PAL) Guidebook: Practical Learning in Organizations

by Kris M. Y. Law Kong Bieng Chuah

This book presents the fundamental concepts of organizational learning (OL) and related topics. In addition, it discusses various factors that influence the success of, and readiness to adopt, OL. In the modern competitive market, companies are looking for ways to excel by focusing more on innovation and knowledge discovery. In response, the book presents a ready-to-use tool for driving OL, called Project Action Learning (PAL). The PAL framework helps teams effectively work on, and learn from, meaningful projects. In this regard, equal emphasis is placed on achieving the project outcome and the participants’ learning objectives. Moreover, the book offers a step-by-step guidebook on how PAL-driven OL can be achieved, making it a valuable asset for educators and practitioners alike.

Unsupervised Feature Extraction Applied to Bioinformatics: A PCA Based and TD Based Approach (Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning)

by Y-h. Taguchi

This book proposes applications of tensor decomposition to unsupervised feature extraction and feature selection. The author posits that although supervised methods including deep learning have become popular, unsupervised methods have their own advantages. He argues that this is the case because unsupervised methods are easy to learn since tensor decomposition is a conventional linear methodology. This book starts from very basic linear algebra and reaches the cutting edge methodologies applied to difficult situations when there are many features (variables) while only small number of samples are available. The author includes advanced descriptions about tensor decomposition including Tucker decomposition using high order singular value decomposition as well as higher order orthogonal iteration, and train tenor decomposition. The author concludes by showing unsupervised methods and their application to a wide range of topics. Allows readers to analyze data sets with small samples and many features;Provides a fast algorithm, based upon linear algebra, to analyze big data;Includes several applications to multi-view data analyses, with a focus on bioinformatics.

The Captain's Oath (Star Trek: The Original Series)

by Christopher L. Bennett

An all-new Star Trek adventure set during The Original Series era and featuring James T. Kirk! The saga of James T. Kirk’s historic command of the U.S.S. Enterprise is known throughout the galaxy. But one part of the legend has barely been touched upon until now: the story of Kirk’s first starship command and the remarkable achievements by which Starfleet’s youngest captain earned the right to succeed Christopher Pike as the commander of the famous Enterprise. From his early battles with the Klingons to the rescue of endangered civilizations, Kirk grapples with difficult questions: Is he a warrior or a peacemaker? Should he obey regulations or trust his instincts? This thrilling novel illustrates the events and choices that would shape James T. Kirk into one of the most renowned captains in Starfleet history.

HALO: The Fall Of Reach (HALO #1)

by Eric Nylund

The New York Times bestselling origin story of the Master Chief—part of the expanded universe based on the award-winning video game series Halo!The twenty-sixth century. Humanity has expanded beyond Earth’s system to hundreds of planets that colonists now call home. But the United Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command is struggling to control this vast empire. After exhausting all strategies to keep seething colonial insurrections from exploding into a full-blown interplanetary civil war, the UNSC has one last hope. At the Office of Naval Intelligence, Dr. Catherine Halsey has been hard at work on a top-secret program that could bring an end to the conflict…and it starts with seventy-five children, among them a six-year-old boy named John. And Halsey could never guess that this child will eventually become the final hope against an even greater peril engulfing the galaxy—the inexorable confrontation with a theocratic military alliance of alien races known as the Covenant. This is the electrifying origin story of Spartan John-117—the Master Chief—and of his legendary, unstoppable heroism in leading the resistance against humanity’s possible extinction.

The Dark Between Stars: Poems

by Atticus

From the internationally bestselling author of Love Her Wild comes The Dark Between Stars, a new illustrated collection of heartfelt, whimsical, and romantic poems from Instagram poetry sensation, Atticus.Atticus, has captured the hearts and minds of nearly 700k followers (including stars like Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts, and Alicia Keys). In his second collection of poetry, The Dark Between Stars, he turns his attention to the dualities of our lived experiences—the inescapable connections between our highest highs and lowest lows. He captures the infectious energy of starting a relationship, the tumultuous realities of commitment, and the agonizing nostalgia of being alone again. While grappling with the question of how to live with purpose and find meaning in the journey, these poems offer both honest explorations of loneliness and our search for connection, as well as light-hearted, humorous observations. As Atticus writes poignantly about dancing, Paris, jazz clubs, sunsets, sharing a bottle of wine on the river, rainy days, creating, and destroying, he illustrates that we need moments of both beauty and pain—the darkness and the stars—to fully appreciate all that life and love have to offer.

Positivity and Noncommutative Analysis: Festschrift in Honour of Ben de Pagter on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday (Trends in Mathematics)

by Jan Van Neerven Gerard Buskes Marcel De Jeu Peter Dodds Anton Schep Fedor Sukochev Anthony Wickstead

Capturing the state of the art of the interplay between positivity, noncommutative analysis, and related areas including partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, and operator theory, this volume was initiated on the occasion of the Delft conference in honour of Ben de Pagter's 65th birthday. It will be of interest to researchers in positivity, noncommutative analysis, and related fields. Contributions by Shavkat Ayupov, Amine Ben Amor, Karim Boulabiar, Qingying Bu, Gerard Buskes, Martijn Caspers, Jurie Conradie, Garth Dales, Marcel de Jeu, Peter Dodds, Theresa Dodds, Julio Flores, Jochen Glück, Jacobus Grobler, Wolter Groenevelt, Markus Haase, Klaas Pieter Hart, Francisco Hernández, Jamel Jaber, Rien Kaashoek, Turabay Kalandarov, Anke Kalauch, Arkady Kitover, Erik Koelink, Karimbergen Kudaybergenov, Louis Labuschagne, Yongjin Li, Nick Lindemulder, Emiel Lorist, Qi Lü, Miek Messerschmidt, Susumu Okada, Mehmet Orhon, Denis Potapov, Werner Ricker, Stephan Roberts, Pablo Román, Anton Schep, Claud Steyn, Fedor Sukochev, James Sweeney, Guido Sweers, Pedro Tradacete, Jan Harm van der Walt, Onno van Gaans, Jan van Neerven, Arnoud van Rooij, Freek van Schagen, Dominic Vella, Mark Veraar, Anthony Wickstead, Marten Wortel, Ivan Yaroslavtsev, and Dmitriy Zanin.

Star Trek: The Way to the Stars (Star Trek: Discovery #4)

by Una McCormack

An original novel based on the explosive new TV series Star Trek: Discovery!Despite being an inexperienced Starfleet cadet, Sylvia Tilly became essential to the U.S.S. Discovery finding its way back home from the Mirror Universe. But how did she find that courage? From where did she get that steel? Who nurtured that spark of brilliance? The Way to the Stars recounts for fans everywhere the untold story of Tilly’s past. It’s not easy being sixteen, especially when everyone expects great things from Tilly. It’s even harder when her mother and father are Federation luminaries, not to mention pressing her to attend one of the best schools that the Federation has to offer. Tilly wants to achieve great things—even though she hasn’t quite worked out how to do that or what it is she wants to do. But this year, everything will change for Tilly, as she about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime—an adventure that will take her ever closer to the stars….

The Brilliantly Illuminating Lamp of the Five Stages (Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences)

by Tsong Khapa

The most important commentary on Vajrayana from the founder of the Dalai Lama's school of Buddhism.The Brilliantly Illuminating Lamp of the Five Stages (rim lnga rab tu gsal ba’i sgron me) is Tsong Khapa’s most important commentary on the perfection stage practices of the Esoteric Community (Guhyasamaja), the tantra he considered fundamental for the practice of the “father tantra” class of unexcelled yoga tantras. It draws heavily on Nagarjuna’s Five Stages (Pañcakrama) and Aryadeva’s Lamp that Integrates the Practices (Carya­melapaka­pradipa), as well as a vast range of perfection stage works included in the Tibetan canonical (Kangyur and Tengyur) collections. It is an important work for both scholars and practitioners. A reader of this work will find in it convincing evidence for Tsong Khapa’s own yogic experience and attainment, in coordination with his better-known philosophical and scholarly achievements. The present revised edition of the work is a cornerstone of the Complete Works of Jey Tsong Khapa and Sons collection, a subset of the Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences series. Comprised of the collected works of Tsong Khapa (1357–1419) and his spiritual sons, Gyaltsap Darma Rinchen (1364–1432) and Khedrup Gelek Pelsang (1385–1438), the numerous works in this set of Tibetan treatises and supercommentaries are based on the thousands of works in the Tibetan Buddhist canon.

My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes

by Emily Dilling

Based on Emily Dilling’s popular blog, parispaysanne. com, My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes takes readers on a tour of Paris’s growing artisanal and craft food scene. Visits to markets with local farmers, coffee roasters, and craft brewers in the city offer insight into the exciting development of local food movements in the city of lights and its surrounding region. Complete with seasonal recipes inspired by local products, farmers, chefs, restaurants, and cafés, My Paris Market Cookbook brings the experience of shopping for, and cooking with, fresh locally grown products into readers’ homes and kitchens. A guide for a new generation of culinary travelers, My Paris Market Cookbook provides curious cooks and avid Francophiles with an unique itinerary for rediscovering the city, including tips on how to find the best off-the-beaten path natural wine bars, craft breweries, urban gardens, and farm-to-table cafés and restaurants. It’s the perfect handbook for travelers, food lovers, or anyone visiting or living in France--and those of us who just want to cook and eat like we do!

Godwink Christmas Stories: Discover the Most Wondrous Gifts of the Season (The Godwink Series)

by SQuire Rushnell Louise DuArt

New York Times bestselling author SQuire Rushnell and his wife Louise DuArt share 21 brand-new and 9 classic true-life stories of extraordinary “Godwinks” at Christmastime, proving that what some thought was “coincidence” wasn't coincidence at all, but a supernatural “hotline” from God.Think back to when you were a kid and someone you loved gave you a little wink across the dining room table, like Mom or Dad or Grandma. You didn't say, “What do you mean by that?” You knew. It meant: “Hey kid, I'm proud of you.” That's what a Godwink is: a message of reassurance from above, directly to you, out of seven billion people on the planet, saying “Hey kid...I have you on my mind right now. I love you. You’re never alone.” A Godwink can be an unexpected connection to someone you love, a mysterious pathway to a life-changing opportunity, unanticipated income out of the blue, or an answered prayer that makes you say “wow”! Godwinks let you know that God is always extending you a tangible connection to Him, like a firm handrail on dark, wobbly stairs. Now, just in time for the holiday season, comes Godwinks Christmas Stories, a collection of astonishing true-life stories centered around Christmas that demonstrate how God has shown Himself in the lives of others. He’ll do the same for you. Husband and wife authors SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt remind you that Godwinks are like wondrous gifts left on your doorstep. Their aim with this book is to help you open the door and open your gifts of hope and encouragement.

Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead--My Life Story

by Cecile Richards

<P>To Make Change, You Have to Make Trouble From Cecile Richards—president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund for more than a decade, daughter of the late Governor Ann Richards, featured speaker at the Women’s March on Washington, and a “heroine of the resistance” (Vogue)—comes a story about learning to lead and make change, based on a lifetime of fighting for women’s rights and social justice. <P>Cecile Richards has been an activist since she was taken to the principal’s office in seventh grade for wearing an armband in protest of the Vietnam War. Richards had an extraordinary childhood in ultra-conservative Texas, where her civil rights attorney father and activist mother taught their kids to be troublemakers. In the Richards household, the “dinner table was never for eating—it was for sorting precinct lists.” <P>From the time Richards was a girl, she had a front-row seat to observe the rise of women in American politics. She watched her mother, Ann, transform from a housewife to an electrifying force in the Democratic party who made a name for herself as the straight-talking, truth-telling governor of Texas. But Richards also witnessed the pitfalls of public life that are unique to women. Her experiences paint a powerful portrait of the misogyny, sexism, fake news, and even the threat of violence confronting those who challenge authority. <P>As a young woman, Richards worked as a labor organizer alongside women earning minimum wage, and learned that those in power don’t give it up without a fight. Now, after years of advocacy, resistance, and progressive leadership, she shares her story for the first time—from the joy and heartbreak of activism to the challenges of raising kids, having a life, and making change, all at the same time. She shines a light on the people and lessons that have gotten her through good times and bad, and encourages readers to take risks, make mistakes, and make trouble along the way. Richards has dedicated her life to taking on injustice, and her memoir will inspire readers to hope and action. <P><b>A New York Times Bestseller</b>

Tiffany Blues: A Novel

by M. J. Rose

“A lush, romantic historical mystery...a heroine to root for.” —Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale “Fascinating…an enchanting glimpse of Jazz Age New York.” —Christina Baker Kline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train and A Piece of the World The New York Times bestselling author of The Library of Light and Shadow crafts a dazzling Jazz Age jewel—a novel of ambition, betrayal, and passion about a young painter whose traumatic past threatens to derail her career at a prestigious summer artists’ colony run by Louis Comfort Tiffany of Tiffany & Co. fame. “[M.J. Rose] transports the reader into the past better than a time machine could accomplish” (The Associated Press).New York, 1924. Twenty‑four‑year‑old Jenny Bell is one of a dozen burgeoning artists invited to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s prestigious artists’ colony. Gifted and determined, Jenny vows to avoid distractions and romantic entanglements and take full advantage of the many wonders to be found at Laurelton Hall. But Jenny’s past has followed her to Long Island. Images of her beloved mother, her hard-hearted stepfather, waterfalls, and murder, and the dank hallways of Canada’s notorious Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women overwhelm Jenny’s thoughts, even as she is inextricably drawn to Oliver, Tiffany’s charismatic grandson. As the summer shimmers on, and the competition between the artists grows fierce as they vie for a spot at Tiffany’s New York gallery, a series of suspicious and disturbing occurrences suggest someone knows enough about Jenny’s childhood trauma to expose her. Supported by her closest friend Minx Deering, a seemingly carefree socialite yet dedicated sculptor, and Oliver, Jenny pushes her demons aside. Between stolen kisses and stolen jewels, the champagne flows and the jazz plays on until one moonless night when Jenny’s past and present are thrown together in a desperate moment, that will threaten her promising future, her love, her friendships, and her very life.

Love Her Wild: Poems

by Atticus

The first collection of poetry by Instagram sensation AtticusLove Her Wild is a collection of new and beloved poems from Atticus, who has captured the hearts and minds of well over 300k followers on his Instagram account, @atticuspoetry, including superstars like Karlie Kloss and Shay Mitchell. With honesty, poignancy, and romantic flare, Love Her Wild captures what is both raw and relatable about the smallest and the grandest moments in life: the first glimpse of a new love, a late night drive singing along to a car radio, the irrepressible exuberance of the female spirit, the simple pleasure of a good whiskey. Atticus distills the most exhilarating highs and the heartbreaking lows of life and love into a few short lines, ensuring that his words will become etched in your mind—and will awaken your sense of adventure.

Donna (The Girls of Spindrift #2)

by V. C. Andrews

Book Two of the Girls of Spindrift. From the New York Times bestselling author of the Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina series, now Lifetime movies, continues a haunting new series featuring highly intelligent teenage girls who struggle to survive a specialized high school and find their place in a world that doesn’t understand them. Such is the burden of being brilliant.Being gifted is not something Donna ever wanted. It’s difficult enough to have a Latino father and Irish mother, and her genius only separates her even more from the other girls. They don’t say it, but they blame her for everything that goes wrong, just because she’s different. And on the precise day she tries her hardest to fit in, everything turns out a disaster. A fight breaks out, and somehow Donna ends up in the middle. It’s not her fault, but it’s her word against theirs, and this time, the other girls aren’t going to stay quiet. The only solution might be to escape to the mysterious school her counselor is telling her about: Spindrift. The four Girls of Spindrift novellas together form a prequel for Bittersweet Dreams—available now!

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