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Cambridge Introductions to Literature: The Cambridge Introduction to Contemporary American Fiction

by Stacey Olster

The Cambridge Introduction to Contemporary American Fiction explores fiction written over the last thirty years in the context of the profound political, historical, and cultural changes that have distinguished the contemporary period. Focusing on both established and emerging writers - and with chapters devoted to the American historical novel, regional realism, the American political novel, the end of the Cold War and globalization, 9/11, borderlands and border identities, race, and the legacy of postmodern aesthetics - this Introduction locates contemporary American fiction at the intersection of a specific time and long-standing traditions. In the process, it investigates the entire concept of what constitutes an "American" author while exploring the vexed, yet resilient, nature of what the concept of home has come to signify in so much writing today. This wide-ranging study will be invaluable to students, instructors, and general readers alike.

The Android (Animorphs #10)

by K. A. Applegate

When Marco runs into his old friend Erek he doesn't think too much of it. He's got more important things to do, like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek's been hanging with some of the kids at the Sharing, and he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on. So Marco, Jake, and Ax decide to morph and check old Erek out. Just to see if he's been infested with a Yeerk. The good news is that Erek's not a human-Controller. The bad news is that Erek's not even human.

The Secret (Animorphs #9)

by K. A. Applegate

There's something pretty weird going on in the woods behind Cassie's house, the place where Ax and Tobias call home. It seems the Yeerks have figured out one very important fact: Andalites cannot survive without a feeding ground. Visser Three knows the "Andalite bandits" don't feed where he does, so there can only be one other place. Now the Animorphs have to figure out a way to stop a bogus logging operation. Because if Visser Three finds Ax in the woods, nothing will stop him from finding the Animorphs.

Thanks to Nicki (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2007, Book 2)

by Doron Ben-Ami Ann Howard Creel

Ten-year-old Nicki Fleming is about to start fifth grade. She has spent the summer on her Colorado ranch working with Sprocket, the service dog she has been training, and helping her mother, who is expecting twins. In addition, Nicki's best friend Becca was away all summer, and Nicki has gotten to be close friends with Kris, one of the new girls at their school. The start of a new school year is usually an exciting time for Nicki, but this year it's laced with sadness because it means that Sprocket will soon leave for advanced training and eventual placement with a person with special needs. Starting school is also more challenging this year because it means trying to maintain close friendships with both Kris and Becca, who don't know each other very well. Can Nicki find a way to let Sprocket go AND to keep both Kris and Becca close?

Nicki (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2007, Book 1)

by Doron Ben-Ami Ann Howard Creel

Nicki Fleming is a 10-year-old girl who is a natural with animals. She lives on a working Colorado ranch with her parents and younger brother. She is optimistic, generous, and compassionate, and she loves skiing almost as much as she loves animals. Nicki has a hard time saying "no" to people. Whenever anyone asks for her help, she's ready to lend a hand. When Nicki says "yes" to becoming the main trainer of a service dog that she and her mother had planned to train together, Nicki ends up in over her head, and struggles to juggle multiple responsibilities: to her parents, her best friend, her teacher--and to the dog.

Bravo, Mia (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2008, Book 2)

by Laurence Yep

Mia St. Clair can't wait for Regionals. Or can she? Mia has been training all year to master the moves she needs to compete at the Regional Figure Skating Competition. It's her first time competing at that level, and Mia is eager for and worried about Regionals all at the same time. Is she a good enough skater? Does she have what it takes to survive in the world of competitive figure skating--and still be a good sport? When a family crisis threatens Mia's chances of going to Regionals, Mia is heartbroken. But she knows that being a good sport means accepting challenges--even big losses--with determination and grace.

Mia (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2008, Book 1)

by Laurence Yep

Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl living in upstate New York. She has grown up playing ice hockey wit her three older brothers on the pond behind their house. Mia's got the skills and the scrappiness it takes to be a star hockey player, but she's tired of skating in her brothers' shadows and has decided to follow her heart and pursue figure skating instead. Does she have what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skaters? When a new coach arrives, Mia finds herself gently pushed by the coach at the same time that she's pulled by her brothers. Can she stay true to her heart and follow her own path? Can she hold her own in a world of competitive skating?

Chrissa Stands Strong (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2009, Book 2)

by Richard Jones Mary Casanova

Chrissa's had a good summer, practicing for swim team tryouts. Then her world is shaken when she and her friends get mean text messages and there's an accident at the pool. Can one girl put an end to the bullying?

Chrissa (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2009, Book 1)

by Richard Jones Mary Casanova

Chrissa Maxwell moves to a new school in the middle of the year, and the girls in her fourth-grade class are decidedly unfriendly. On the advice of her grandmother, Chrissa tries first to be nice, and then to ignore the mean girls. But they just won't quit, and when the teasing turns into serious bullying, Chrissa must find the courage to stand strong and speak out.

Prajavatsal Rajvi

by Gambhirsinh Gohil

Biography of H.H. Krishnakumarsinhji, Maharaja of Bhavnagar. A good biography is always a source of inspiration. Some parts of the book are a rare kind of literary presentation. The writer has narrated royal happenings of the past never to be seen again. The chapters on falconry, shikar, Ooty hunt, painting, horse-riding, cricket and cow-breeding are the ones which people will like to read again and again. Bapu loved his people and people of Bhavnagar state were devoted to him. They flocked around to have a glimpse of him. Some people even worshiped him like a deity. Bapu in turn tried hard for the upliftment of all the ranks of people whether they were farmers, traders, labourers, officers or businessmen. He had keen interest in various schemes of people’s welfare. The book has given full scope for such descriptions. The writer has provided a historical framework for the growth and development of Gohil rule by various princes of the past, giving a proper exposure to some decades of 20th century. It will be greatly helpful to the students of history.

Gypsyni Diary

by Narendra Phanse

યુદ્ધ એ ‘યુદ્ધ માટેની કળા’ જ છે. બધી જ કળાઓની જેમ યુદ્ધકળામાં પણ વિવિધ પ્રકારના પ્રવાહોનો સમાવેશ થાય છે. તેમાં માનસશાસ્ત્ર, ભૂગોળ, પૃથ્વીનો કુશળતાપૂર્વક ઉપયોગ, આક્રમણ, સંરક્ષણ, શારીરિક અને માનસિક કઠોરતા, ચિંતનશક્તિ, દૂરદર્શિતા, શિસ્ત, હુકમનો આદર, વિવિધ હથિયારોનો અને સરસરંજામોનો ઉપયોગ, ઉપરી તેમજ નીચેના અધિકારીઓ તરફની વફાદારી અને નેતાગીરી (leadership) જેવા પ્રકારો હોય છે. આ બધા પ્રકારના ગુણોની પ્રાપ્તિથી જ સંરક્ષણના ઉમદા અધિકારીનું ઘડતર થાય છે. આ ગુણો દરેક હરોળમાં કાયમી હોય છે. જેમ જેમ વ્યક્તિ અધિકારીની શ્રેણીની નિસરણીમાં પ્રગતિ કરતી જાય છે તેમ તેમ એનામાં પરિપક્વતા આવતી જાય છે.

Ek Ajanya Gandhi ni Atmakatha

by Natwar Gandhi

નટવર ગાંધી નો જન્મ 1940માં સાવરકુંડલામાં. મુંબઈમાં બી.કોમ. અને એલએલ.બીનો અભ્યાસ. 1961–1965 સુધી મૂળજી મારકેટમાં, મિલની પેઢીઓમાં અને અન્ય કંપનીઓમાં નોકરી. 1965માં ઉચ્ચ અભ્યાસ માટે અમેરિકાગમન. ત્યાં એમ.બી.એ. અને પીએચ.ડી. ડીગ્રીઓ મેળવી યુનિવર્સિટી ઑફ પિટ્સબર્ગ, અમેરિકન યુનિવર્સિટી અને અન્ય યુનિવર્સિટીઓમાં શિક્ષણકાર્ય કર્યું. 1976–1997 દરમિયાન અમેરિકન કૉંગ્રેસની ‘વૉચ ડૉગ’ એજન્સી જનરલ એકાઉન્ટિંગ ઑફિસમાં ટૅક્સ પૉલિસી અને ઍડમિનિસ્ટ્રેશનના ડેપ્યુટી ડાયરેક્ટર તરીકે કામ કર્યું. 1997માં અમેરિકાની રાજધાની વૉશિંગ્ટનના ટૅક્સ કમિશનર તરીકે તેઓ નિમાયા અને ત્યાર બાદ ત્યાં જ ચીફ ફાઇનાન્સિયલ ઑફિસર તરીકે નાણાંપ્રધાનની જવાબદારી 2000થી 2014 સુધી સંભાળી. એ હોદ્દાની રૂએ વૉશિંગ્ટનના બાર બિલિયન ડૉલરના બજેટની વ્યવસ્થા અને વ્યવહાર એમના હાથમાં હતા. અમેરિકન કરવેરા અને નાણાકીય ક્ષેત્રે નોંધપાત્ર પ્રદાન કરવા બદલ નટવર ગાંધીનું ઘણા એવૉર્ડ્સથી બહુમાન થયું છે. આંતરરાષ્ટ્રીય ક્ષેત્રે ગુજરાતની પ્રતિષ્ઠા વધારવા માટે 1996માં એમને ‘વિશ્વગુર્જરી’ એવૉર્ડ પણ એનાયત થયો છે. નટવર ગાંધીનું કામ બજેટનું, પણ એમની અભિરુચિ કવિતાની. એમની કવિતામાં એક પરદેશ વસતા ભારતીયની જન્મભૂમિ પ્રત્યેની પ્રીતિ પ્રગટ થાય છે. સાથે સાથે અમેરિકન વસવાટ, વિવિધ ધર્મવિચાર, વિધવિધ રાજકીય વિચારધારાઓ અને મૃત્યુની અનિવાર્યતા વિશે લખાયેલા કાવ્યો દ્વારા કવિ ગુજરાતી સાહિત્યમાં એક અનોખું વિષયવસ્તુ લાવે છે. ગઈ સદીના વચલા દાયકાઓમાં દેશનાં નાનાં ગામોમાં તેમ મુંબઈ જેવા શહેરમાં સામાન્ય લોકો હાડમારીભર્યું જીવન કેમ જીવતા એનું અહીં વર્ણન કરવા પ્રયત્ન છે. વધુમાં નટવર ગાંધીની સાવરકુંડલાથી અમેરિકાની રાજધાની વૉશિંગ્ટન સુધીની જીવનયાત્રા અને વૉશિંગ્ટનને નાણાંકીય રીતે સધ્ધર બનાવવામાં એના સી.એફ.ઓ. તરીકે એમણે જે ભાગ ભજવ્યો તેની રસપ્રદ વાત આ આત્મકથામાં થઈ છે.


by Capt. Narendra

Memoires in the form of a diary written in 1967 by Vimlabai Edited and translated into Gujarati from original Marathi by Capt. Narendra.

Dunkirk: The History Behind the Major Motion Picture

by Joshua Levine

THE EPIC TRUE STORY OF DUNKIRK—NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, AND STARRING KENNETH BRANAGH, TOM HARDY, AND MARK RYLANCEThe Battle of Dunkirk, in May/June 1940, is remembered as a stunning defeat, yet a major victory as well. The Nazis had beaten back the Allies and pushed them across France to the northern port of Dunkirk. In the ultimate race against time, more than 300,000 Allied soldiers were daringly evacuated across the Channel. This moment of German aggression was used by Winston Churchill as a call to Franklin Roosevelt to enter the war. Now, historian Joshua Levine explores the real lives of those soldiers, bombed and strafed on the beaches for days on end, without food or ammunition; the civilians whose boats were overloaded; the airmen who risked their lives to buy their companions on the ground precious time; and those who did not escape.

Drone Warrior: An Elite Soldier's Inside Account of the Hunt for America's Most Dangerous Enemies

by Christopher S. Stewart Brett Velicovich

“A must read for anyone who wants to understand the new American way of war.” — General Michael V. Hayden, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency A former special operations member takes us inside America’s covert drone war in this headline-making, never-before-told account for fans of Zero Dark Thirty and Lone Survivor, told by a Pulitzer Prize-winning Wall Street Journal writer and filled with eye-opening and sure to be controversial details.For nearly a decade Brett Velicovich was at the center of America’s new warfare: using unmanned aerial vehicles—drones—to take down the world’s deadliest terrorists across the globe. One of an elite handful in the entire military with the authority to select targets and issue death orders, he worked in concert with the full human and technological network of American intelligence—assets, analysts, spies, informants—and the military’s elite operatives, to stalk, capture, and eliminate high value targets in al-Qaeda and ISIS.In this remarkable book, co-written with journalist Christopher S. Stewart, Velicovich offers unprecedented perspective on the remarkably complex nature of drone operations and the rigorous and wrenching decisions behind them. In intimate gripping detail, he shares insider, action-packed stories of the most coordinated, advanced, and secret missions that neutralized terrorists, preserved the lives of US and international warriors across the globe, and saved countless innocents in the hottest conflict zones today.Drone Warrior also chronicles the US military’s evolution in the past decade and the technology driving it. Velicovich considers the future it foretells, and speaks candidly on the physical and psychological toll it exacts, including the impact on his own life. He reminds us that while these machines can kill, they can also be used productively to improve and preserve life, including protecting endangered species, work he is engaged in today.Joining warfare classics such as American Sniper, Lone Survivor, and No Easy Day, Drone Warrior is the definitive account of our nation’s capacity and capability for war in the modern age.

The Genius of Jane Austen: Her Love of Theatre and Why She Works in Hollywood

by Paula Byrne

Perfect for fans of Jane Austen, this updated edition of Paula Byrne's debut book includes new material that explores the history of Austen stage adaptations, why her books work so well on screen, and what that reveals about one of the world's most beloved authors.Originally published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2003 as Jane Austen and the Theatre, Paula Byrne's first book was never made widely available in the US and is out of print today. An exploration of Austen's passion for the stage—she acted in amateur productions, frequently attended the theatre, and even scripted several early works in play form—it took a nuanced look at how powerfully her stories were influenced by theatrical comedy.This updated edition features an introduction and a brand new chapter that delves into the long and lucrative history of Austen adaptations. The film world's love affair with Austen spans decades, from A.A. Milne's "Elizabeth Bennet," performed over the radio in 1944 to raise morale, to this year's Love and Friendship. Austen's work has proven so abidingly popular that these movies are more easily identifiable by lead actor than by title: the Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility, the Carey Mulligan Northanger Abbey, the Laurence Olivier Pride and Prejudice. Byrne even takes a captivating detour into a multitude of successful spin-offs, including the phenomenally brilliant Clueless. And along the way, she overturns the notion of Jane Austen as a genteel, prim country mouse, demonstrating that Jane's enduring popularity in film, TV, and theater points to a woman of wild comedy and outrageous behavior.For lovers of everything Jane Austen, as well as for a new generation discovering her for the first time, The Genius of Jane Austen demonstrates why this beloved author still resonates with readers and movie audiences today.

The Cafe by the Sea: A Novel

by Jenny Colgan

The beloved author of The Bookshop on the Corner returns with a sparkling, sunny, soulful new novel perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand. Years ago, Flora fled the quiet Scottish island where she grew up -- and she hasn't looked back. What would she have done on Mure? It's a place where everyone has known her all her life, where no one will let her forget the past. In bright, bustling London, she can be anonymous, ambitious... and hopelessly in love with her boss. But when fate brings Flora back to the island, she's suddenly swept once more into life with her brothers -- all strapping, loud, and seemingly incapable of basic housework -- and her father. Yet even amid the chaos of their reunion, Flora discovers a passion for cooking -- and find herself restoring dusty little pink-fronted shop on the harbour: a café by the sea.But with the seasons changing, Flora must come to terms with past mistakes -- and work out exactly where her future lies...Funny and heartfelt, The Café by the Sea is a delightful summertime novel that puts a modern twist on the classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers story.

River Under the Road: A Novel

by Scott Spencer

From the bestselling, critically acclaimed author of Man in the Woods and Endless Love, a stunning, stinging portrait of class and creativity-and the double-edged sword of successThirteen parties over the course of two decades-an opium infused barbeque, a reception for a doomed presidential candidate, a fund-raiser for a blind child who speaks in tongues, a visit to one of New York’s fabled sex clubs-brilliantly reveal the lives of two couples, one hoping to be admitted to the kingdom of Art, the other hoping for a small share of the American dream, both driven by forces of history they rarely perceive or acknowledge. Thaddeus Kaufman, the son of booksellers, and Grace Cornell, raised in a basement apartment she longs to escape, meet at a neighborhood art fair in Chicago. Soon after, they head to New York, aloft on the wings of young love. Jennings Stratton, the son of a caretaker, and Muriel Sanchez, the daughter of a cop, meet in a house he is refurbishing in New Mexico, and they, too, head for the big city. In a vast Hudson River estate, the lives of the two couples ultimately intertwine. Thaddeus has made it big in an unexpected way, setting off a chain reaction of envy among his friends and peers and forever changing the dynamic of his marriage with Grace, for whom success has been elusive, and art, once a source of solace, has become a font of bitterness. And Jennings, hoping to transcend his reputation as the local Casanova, a man suited only for menial tasks, has ventured into a cycle of theft and betrayal that threatens to destroy the fragile life of his family.Funny and cutting, affecting and expansive, River Under the Road is Scott Spencer’s masterpiece of all that lies beneath our everyday lives-a story about the pursuit of love, art, and money, and the inevitable reckoning that awaits us all.

Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever

by Kelly Leveque

Celebrity favorite health and wellness consultant Kelly LeVeque shares her secrets for losing weight, attuning ourselves to our bodies’ needs, and freeing ourselves from food drama in this essential wellness guide, which includes 88 delectable recipes!In this inspirational yet practical book, the nutritional consultant and holistic healthcare expert who has helped celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Chelsea Handler, and Emmy Rossum improve their health and achieve their goals shows you how to get beyond the food drama of cyclical fad diets and feel and look great by eating well. Kelly’s Food Freedom program helps you set yourself up for success, eliminating cravings, mood swings, and other symptoms caused by food drama. Start your day with her Fab Four Smoothies, including a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie and a Mango Kale Madness Smoothie, which pack protein, fat, fiber, and carbs to balance your blood sugar and keep you full and happy. After breakfast, you’ll thrive with her Fab Four recipes, including Turkey-Stuffed Delicata Squash, Spicy Salmon Nori Burritos, and Anti-Inflammatory Detox Salad, which include the Fab Four food groups—protein, fat, fiber, and greens—that play a role in day-long satiety. Kelly also teaches you how to elongate your blood sugar curve to stay full and happy, and make yourself insulin aware. Kelly has studied the science behind familiar diets to understand how they trigger the body to lose pounds—and why they aren’t sustainable. Instead, she offers a better choice: her four-step Food Freedom program that helps you find your wellness balance between eating enough and deciding how you feel. Once you find your balance, you will lose weight, lose fat, increase lean muscle mass, and drop at least one size. You’ll also enjoy thicker, shinier hair; clear, glowing skin; a remarkable improvement in your overall appearance; reduced joint pain and other inflammations; increased energy; and better sleep.Filled with tips and resources on supplements and cleansing, dozens of delicious, healthy recipes and advice on how to adjust your eating when traveling and on vacation, Body Love is your one-stop resource to living clean and happy!

Flashmob: A Novel

by Christopher Farnsworth

Gifted troubleshooter John Smith, introduced in the acclaimed thriller Killfile, must take down a shadowy figure who has weaponized the internet, using social media to put a price on the heads of his targets in this intense, unstoppable thriller from the author reviewers have compared to Michael Crichton, Brad Thor, and James Rollins.As a fixer for America’s one percent, John Smith cleans up the messes of those rich enough to afford him. But he’s no ordinary gun for hire. Smith is a man of rare gifts, including the ability to read minds. Arriving at the wedding of Kira Sadeghi, a reality television celebrity he recently saved from kidnappers, Smith witnesses a group of gunmen open fire, hitting the bride and others. Though he’s unarmed, Smith cripples one of the killers and is able to pry one word from his mind: "Downvote."Eager to learn more, Smith hacks into the brain of an FBI agent investigating the attack to discover the Bureau has been investigating a nefarious new threat called "Downvote," an encrypted site on the "dark net" that lists the names of celebrities and offers a hefty bounty for anyone who can kill them—unleashing an anonymous and deadly flashmob with a keystroke. Finding a mastermind on the internet is like trying to catch air—unless you’re John Smith. Motivated by money and revenge, he traces a series of electronic signatures to a reclusive billionaire living at sea, accompanied by a scary-smart female bodyguard who becomes Smith’s partner in his quest. The hunt for their prey will lead from Hong Kong to Reykjavik to a luxury gambling resort deep in the Laotian jungle. Yet always this criminal mastermind remains one step ahead.The only way Downvote’s creator can stop Smith is to kill him . . . because while this diabolical genius can run, there’s no hiding from a man who can read minds.

A Most Unlikely Duke: Diamonds in the Rough

by Sophie Barnes

He never thought he'd become a duke, or that the secrets of his past would cost him his greatest love... Raphe Matthews hasn’t stepped foot in polite circles since a tragedy left his once-noble family impoverished and in debt. The bare-knuckle boxer has spent the last fifteen years eking out an existence for himself and his two sisters. But when a stunning reversal of fortune lands Raphe the title of Duke of Huntley, he’s determined to make a go of becoming a proper lord, but he’ll need a little help, and his captivating neighbor might be just the woman for the job… After her sister’s scandalous match, Lady Gabriella knows the ton’s eyes are on her. Agreeing to tutor the brutish new duke can only lead to ruin. Although she tries to control her irresistible attraction to Raphe, every day she spends with him only deepens her realization that this may be the one man she cannot do without. And as scandal threatens to envelop them both, she must decide if she can risk everything for love with a most unlikely duke.

Happily Ever After

by Jennifer Gracen

The wildest of the elite Harrison men is about to tie the knot—if the family drama doesn’t tie him in knots first . . .The prodigal son of the wealthy Harrison family, Pierce Harrison’s wedding to lovely schoolteacher Abby McCord promises to be extraordinary—from the lavish Hamptons resort where the family gathers in anticipation, to the breathtaking ocean views where the couple will say their long-awaited vows. Conspicuously absent are the groom’s estranged parents—who nonetheless seem poised to do their best to destroy Pierce and Abby’s big day . . .Pierce’s siblings, Tess, Charles and Dane have pulled together to protect their beloved brother from their meddling parents. But it seems Pierce’s wounds run deep—so deep he begins to wonder if the powerful love he feels for his bride is enough. Or if it’s even possible for someone like him to have—and keep—the kind of happiness that’s meant to last a lifetime. Will he realize that he’s the only one standing in his way, before it’s too late? . . .

Blue Hollow Falls

by Donna Kauffman

From her free-spirited mother, Sunny Goodwin learned the value of peace, love, and Jerry Garcia. The inheritance from the father she never knew? That’s a little more complicated...Sunny never expected to find herself owning a centuries old silk mill in the shadow of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains . . . or becoming a half-sister to a ten-year-old named Bailey. Once the shock subsides, she plans to cash in and head back home. But the overgrown greenhouse she finds on the property calls out to the gardener in her, and she senses Bailey’s need for nurturing too...And someone else is making it hard for Sunny to leave: Sawyer Hartwell, an Iraq War hero who wants to make the old mill a creative hub for the artisans of Blue Hollow Falls . . . and wants Sunny to share his vision, and his life. But sexy as this ex-soldier may be, she’s not sure she’s ready to give love a chance...“We all know where there's Donna Kauffman, there's a rollicking, sexy read chock‑full of charm and sparkle. Kauffman's characters are adorably human and so very magnetic.” —

Three Weeks with a Princess

by Vanessa Kelly

In Vanessa Kelly’s captivating series, three young women are descended from royalty—in the most improper way. But that doesn’t stop them from pursuing lives rich in adventure. . .Lia Kincaid, illegitimate daughter of the Duke of York, comes from a long line of notorious women. Raised by her grandmother, formerly mistress to the late Marquess of Lendale, she has little hope of a respectable marriage. But the new marquess, her childhood friend, Jack Easton, would make a very desirable protector . . . if he weren’t too honorable to take her to bed.It’s bad enough being saddled with a title he never desired. Now Jack must resist the beautiful woman he desires far too much. Duty calls, and he is duty-bound to choose a wealthy bride. But then Lia makes another outrageous suggestion: asking Jack to devise some tests to find her the perfect paramour. Tests that involve flirting, kissing, and other pleasurable pursuits. Tests that, in a matter of weeks, could transform friendship into the ton’s greatest scandal, igniting a passion even duty can’t deny. . .Praise for Vanessa Kelly’s Renegade Royals series“Will definitely resonate with fans of Mary Jo Putney and Joanne Bourne.” —Booklist“Kelly combines diverting dialogue, delightful surprises and finely tuned pacing to make this a winner.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

High Stakes

by Fern Michaels

The Sisterhood: a group of women bound by friendship and a quest for justice. Now their male allies, the Men of the Sisterhood, have formed a top-secret organization of their own, with the same goal of helping the helpless and righting the wrongs of the world...Investigative reporter Dennis West joined forces with the men of the Sisterhood to help fight corruption and greed on behalf of underdogs everywhere. Now he and his band of brothers are on a mission to help an old friend in danger: Toby Mason was a whip-smart college nerd—nothing like the buff dancer at the Supper Club who’s reached out to Dennis. The owners of the Supper Club adult-entertainment franchise have expanded their empire through tours, contests, and calendars. But Toby suspects the Supper Clubs offer a convenient front for a major drug trafficking operation—and those suspicions have become known to his employers. At the top-secret headquarters of BOLO Consultants, Dennis, Jack, Abner, Ted, Harry, and the rest of the crew gather to formulate a plan. It’ll mean going deep undercover, but the men of the Sisterhood are breaking out their most impressive moves to stop a criminal network that’s stayed two steps ahead of justice for too long...“Michaels listens to fans and delivers one hell of a punch.”—RT Book Reviews on Double Down

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