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Mrs. Gladioli's Ravioli

by Jane Cline Rubicini

Siblings Patty and Alex are ready for a delicious meal from the best cook, Mrs. Gladioli!

It's Raksha Bandhan!

by Anna Neher

Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan, Brothers and Sisters Day, when kids in India show their love for their brothers and sisters!

A Cheer for Charlie

by Brenda A. Ferber

Charlie realized that soccer was a lot harder than it looked. While he continued to practice, he remembered to cheer for his teammates too.

The Paw

by Barbara Martin-Flint

Sarah and Mama visit the zoo to see Sarah's favorite animal: the polar bear. Sarah tries to squeeze through the crowd to see the bear up close.

Midnight and the Night Watchman

by John Sullivan

On a cold winter night, Tom, the night watchman, finds a stray kitten in the truck yard.

There's a Dragon in My Tree House

by Holly McLaughlin

Jaina has a problem. It's a big problem. It's a rumbling, grumbling problem. There's a dragon in her tree house!

Kelly and Skully

by Amy Tao

Kelly's grandmother is a doctor who has a scary-looking skeleton named Skully in her office. One day, Skully comes to life and explains to Kelly all the important things a skeleton does. Suddenly, Skully isn't so scary anymore.

What's That in Your Backpack?

by Mona Pease

Are you carrying a forest on your back? Of course not! But if you dig through your backpack, you will probably find many things that come from the forest.

Mozart: Boy Wonder

by Marcia Amidon Lusted

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had amazing talent at a very young age, forever changing the idea of what a child prodigy was.

John Wesley Powell: Grand Canyon Explorer

by Jerry Miller

John Wesley Powell was known for his explorations of the canyon land area of southern Utah and northern Arizona, still "unknown" in the 1860s.

Aha! A Haiku

by Andrea Vlahakis

Learn more about haiku, which are short poems, written in a style created in Japan more than 400 years ago.

Weather's Hand in History

by Mike Weinstein

Weather affects us almost every day. When it's raining, we can't play outside. Sometimes weather is even more important. Sometimes weather shapes history.

Growing up in Tornado Alley

by Shawn Termin

Stretching across the Great Plains, Tornado Alley has the perfect weather conditions for forming tornadoes.

Magellan's Madness

by Lori Calabrese

Ferdinand Magellan's ideas were as big as the world. As it turned out, the world was bigger than he—and everyone else—thought.

Camping in the Rain

by Cynde Reese

Seth thinks of a way to go camping even though it's raining outside.

The Expert Witness, Forensic Science, and the Criminal Justice Systems of the UK

by Sue Black S. Lucina Hackman Fiona Raitt

The global nature of crime often requires expert witnesses to work and present their conclusions in courts outside their home jurisdiction with the corresponding need for them to have an understanding of the different structures and systems operating in other jurisdictions. This book will be a resource for UK professionals, as well as those from overseas testifying internationally, as to the workings of all UK jurisdictions. It also will help researchers and students to better understand the UK legal system.

The Routledge History of Italian Americans (Routledge Histories)

by Stanislao G. Pugliese William J. Connell

The Routledge History of Italian Americans weaves a narrative of the trials and triumphs of one of the nation’s largest ethnic groups. This history, comprising original essays by leading scholars and critics, addresses themes that include the Columbian legacy, immigration, the labor movement, discrimination, anarchism, Fascism, World War II patriotism, assimilation, gender identity and popular culture. This landmark volume offers a clear and accessible overview of work in the growing academic field of Italian American Studies. Rich illustrations bring the story to life, drawing out the aspects of Italian American history and culture that make this ethnic group essential to the American experience.

Intercultural Parenting: How Eastern and Western Parenting Styles Affect Child Development

by Koong Hean Foo

How do parenting styles differ globally? How do different, international, parenting practices impact on children’s development? Can we bring together and hybridise different international parenting styles? Intercultural Parenting explores the relationship between family, culture and parenting by reviewing established and evolving Western and Eastern parenting styles and their impact on children’s development. Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and neglecting approaches, as well as newer techniques such as helicopter parenting, are compared with filial, tiger and training approaches, and mixed parenting styles. Practical application sections show how cultural understanding can help demonstrate how professionals might use the information and ideas in their clinical work, whilst parental questionnaires encourage self-assessment and reflection. Dr. Foo Koong Hean brings together the traditional and evolving approaches to the art of parenting practices and also showcases relatively neglected research on Eastern parenting practices. This book is important reading for childcare professionals such as health visitors, early years’ teachers and those in mental health, as well as students in family studies and developmental psychology.

Nicholas and Mr. Pig

by Karen Klozenbucher

Nicholas is getting ready to paint his play-dough pig when he notices it has spots. He discovers the spots are ants and wonders why ants would be interested in his pig. With his mother's help, he conducts an experiment to find out.

Tall Enough

by Gavin Kayner

Andy Wilson Benny is short. If only he were taller, adults would listen to him more.


by Nancy E. Walker-Guye

Follow along with Poppy the bicycle as he helps Greg, Erica, and Jay learn how to ride.

Dog Talk

by Pat Trollinger

You say you like dogs? Want to learn a few secrets of Dog Talk?

Firefly Tag

by Courtney J. Earley

Gordie wants to play firefly tag, just like the big kids.

Addie and Bea Make Adobe

by Amy Tao

Addie and Bea use the perfect material to build a house in the desert—adobe!

The Poor Tinker and the Elves

by Lynn Evans

Originating long ago in Japan, this fable invites readers to evaluate the importance and value of being honest.

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