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48 Días Hacia el Trabajo que Ama (Spanish Edition): Preparando para la nueva normalidad

by Dan Miller

48 Days to the Work You Love offers plenty of smart ideas for thriving in today&’s changing workforce, this revised edition also includes fresh tips on career search and resume tools, interview skills, negotiating salaries, and more.According to financial expert Dave Ramsey, &“Few categories of our lives define us and grow us spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and as people. Our work is one of those defining areas. Sadly, a &‘j-o-b&’ is what most people settle for. But as Dan Miller so powerfully points out in 48 Days to the Work You Love, &“a calling lights up your life&”.As a leading vocational thinker, New York Times best-selling author Dan Miller helps readers better understand and organize their God-given skills, personality traits, values, dreams, and passions. In turn, they&’ll see clear patterns form that point them toward successful career decisions. 48 Days to the Work You Love is packed with modern insight and timeless wisdom and provides a step-by-step process for creating a Life Plan and translating it into meaningful, satisfying daily work.

49 Marketing Secrets (That Work) to Grow Sales

by Ron Finklestein

49 Marketing Secrets is a book that was conceived to fill the void on marketing books that is tailored to the small business owner. Many of the problems I have solved with my clients are marketing problems: they don't understand marketing, they don't know who to trust, they don't know what to do. The objective of the book is to provide an inexpensive and safe place for mall business owners to turn to receive trusted advice from people who have been there. The book was written by marketing experts and business owner and it describes what they implemented to grow their business. We can all become great marketers. In this book you will discover: 9 Winning Marketing Strategy 8 Branding and Corporate Image Strategies 6 Media Strategies 3 Networking strategies 9 Technology-Based Marketing Strategies 6 Event Strategies 8 Sales Strategies.

The 5-Minute Debt Solution: Get Out Fast & Stay Out Forever

by Chris Hendrickson

What would your life be like if you were debt free? What if you had a way to create a simple plan for not only debt freedom, but financial independence as well? Simplicity is sustainability. The 5-Minute Debt Solution will help you create a simple plan for total debt freedom and financial independence for you and your family. With this book as your guide, financial success is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

5 Step per Sopravvivere alla Chimica: Consigli per Capire una Materia Complicata

by Julie C. Gilbert

Hai difficoltà con la chimica? Non sei solo. È facile perdersi nel linguaggio tecnico. Aiuta qualsiasi libro di testo con queste istruzioni per completare i tuoi compiti ed esercizi. Impara tutto quelo che c'è da imparare e magari divertiti anche nel frattempo. Dentro, troverai … • 13 capitoli semplici da leggere divisi per argomento • Istruzioni dettagliate per avere a che fare con la matematica • Trucchi e consigli per capire meglio • Errori comuni da evitare Bonus: Consigli per comunicare in maniera più efficace con il tuo insegnanre “Eccellente esposizione degli argomenti chiave per gli studenti di chimica di tutti i livelli (scuole superiori e università)” ~ David A. Hunt, Ph.D., The College of New Jersey, Professor of Chemistry

50 Biggest Website Mistakes: Secrets to Getting More Traffic, Converting More Customers & Making More Sales

by Bret Ridgway Frank Deardurff III

50 Biggest Website Mistakes is for you if: You want to improve the appearance of your website, You want your website to convert more visitors into buyers, You want to get visitors to stay longer on your site, You want to have a better understanding of what your webmaster should be doing for you, and You want to learn some of the trick of the trace that will set your site apart from your competition. This book was written to help people get more success out of their website and online business. The information comes from the combined efforts of Frank Deardurff III and Bret Ridgway, who together have well over 25 years of online marketing experience and have an established presence in the online marketing community. You’ll find that the information contained in the book can quickly become your “Checklist” for your online business -- either for yourself or your marketing assistant.

50 Landmark Papers every Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Should Know

by Peter A. Brennan Niall M.H. McLeod

The exponential growth in the number of research papers published in recent decades can make it difficult to identify the key papers that have truly made a difference in the practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery. This book provides readers with a concise reference source for the key papers that underpin contemporary surgical practice in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Covering all aspects of the specialty, the content will help both trainees and specialists to understand the scientific developments and pioneering surgeries that allow us to practice as we currently do. It is essential revision material for those sitting for specialist examinations in oral and maxillofacial surgery. + Presents 50 key research studies on surgery along with full analysis + Additional commentaries from the original authors, experts or editors – providing a valuable perspective on why the study is important + Constitutes essential reading for trainees, residents and fellows, and surgeons studying for professional examinations + Distills all the literature into a compact guide on the must-know scientific articles About the Editors Niall MH McLeod FRCS (OMFS), FDS, MRCS Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, The Royal London and Whipps Cross Hospitals, London, UK Peter A Brennan MD, PhD, FRCS, FRCSI, FDS Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Professor of Surgery, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK

51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life

by Kristen Mcguiness

51 dates. 50 weeks. That was the social experiment Kristen McGuiness--single, living in LA, and entering her thirties newly sober--embarked upon. McGuiness thought facing her struggle with alcoholism would be the hardest part, with love coming easily afterwards. It didn't. Rethinking her previous dating strategy, she embarks on the ultimate social experiment: 51 dates over the course of 50 weeks, and a chance to claim the life she thought was supposed to be hers.Dodging CHAs (Cheesy Hollywood Actors) and men with self-diagnosed RAD (Relationship Anxiety Disorder), McGuiness is determined to find the "perfect guy" by being the "perfect girl." But McGuiness, like all of us, has her own issues to contend with: a longing for the wrong kind of men, a penchant for swearing, and a difficult relationship with her father in maximum-security prison. But as the year progresses, McGuiness begins to develop a new hope for her future--the dates transform into truth-seeking missions, and point her toward a life with satisfying work, a supportive family and, with the help of a local shaman, a comforting spirituality. Told with wry humor, pathos, and an engaging lack of self-pity, 51/50 is a moving adventure.

5G Mobile Core Network: Design, Deployment, Automation, and Testing Strategies

by Rajaneesh Sudhakar Shetty

Get up to speed on 5G and prepare for the roll out of the next generation of mobile technology. The book begins with an introduction to 5G and the advanced features of 5G networks, where you’ll see what makes it bigger, better, and faster. You will learn 5G NSA and SA packet core design along with some design challenges, taking a practical approach towards design and deployment. Next, you will understand the testing of the 5G packet core and how to automate it. The book concludes with some advanced service provider strategies, including architectural considerations for service providers to enhance their network and provide services to non-public 5G networks.5G Mobile Core Network is intended for those who wish to understand 5G, and also for those who work extensively in a service provider environment either as operators or as vendors performing activities such as network design, deployment, testing, and automation of the network. By the end of this book you will be able to understand the benefits in terms of CAPEX and OPEX while considering one design over another. Consulting engineers will be able to evaluate the design options in terms of 5G use cases, the scale of deployment, performance, efficiency, latency, and other key considerations. What You Will Learn Understand the life cycle of a deployment right from pre-deployment phase to post-deployment phaseSee use cases of 5G and the various options to design, implement, and deploy themExamine the deployment of 5G networks to large-scale service providersDiscover the MVNO/MVNE strategies that a service provider can implement in 5GWho This Book Is For Anyone who is curious about 5G and wants to learn more about the technology.

6 Rainier Drive: 16 Lighthouse Road; 204 Rosewood Lane; 311 Pelican Court; 44 Cranberry Point; 50 Harbor Street; 6 Rainier Drive (Cedar Cove #6)

by Debbie Macomber

Come back to Cedar Cove! Visit the characters that feel like old friends, discover new ones, and learn what is keeping the charming town—and Judge Olivia Lockhart—busy! Book 6 in this beloved series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.Justine and Seth Gunderson are trying to make plans and sort out their future after losing their business—the Lighthouse restaurant—to arson. The investigation is ongoing, but the prime suspect disappeared right after the fire. And this kind of crisis can be hard on a marriage. In the meantime, the drama of everyday life goes on for everyone in town: Maryellen’s difficult pregnancy means she needs to ask for help from an unlikely source, Lynette might have to figure out how to handle a broken heart, and someone gets involved with a celebrity!Previously published

The 7-Day Basket: The no-waste cookbook that everyone is talking about

by Ian Haste

70 DELICIOUS RECIPES TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. 'One easy shop and a week of speedy suppers.' The Times'The idea is simple: present a shopping list of goods and you then rustle up meals for the next seven days, saving time, food and money.' Balance Magazine'The food Ian cooks is always so simple, healthy and tasty.' Joe Wicks'Realistically achievable, not requiring unfeasible amounts of ingredients, skill or time,' Men's HealthSay goodbye to multiple trips to the supermarket and to wasted food at the end of the week. The 7-Day Basket is the cookbook you have always wanted. Each chapter starts with a shopping list for the week ahead, followed by seven varied dinners to see you through the week. No more wandering aimlessly round the supermarket wondering what to cook for dinner, this book plans your week ahead, and will have you doing your food shopping in no time. With 10 chapters in the book, Ian does the hard work for you, so all you need to do is shop, cook and enjoy. The secret is all in the planning and Ian's concept means you end up with very little waste as many of the ingredients in the recipes overlap. 1 shopping basket + 1 week = 7 dinners. Each recipe serves two people but simply halve the ingredients if you're eating on your own, or double them if you are a family of four. This will quickly become your go-to recipe book and with your weekly meal-planning sorted you'll no longer be faced with the dilemma of 'what shall we have for dinner tonight?'Example basket:Monday: Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Popped TomatoesTuesday: Middle Eastern Lamb with Toasted Breads & Sage Parmesan OilWednesday: Spaghetti Alla NormaThursday: Tomato Feta Salad with Toasted Pistachio, Apple & PomegranateFriday: Spicy Sesame Sea Bass NoodlesSaturday: Mexican Smoked Chicken Burger, Avocado & Sweet Potato CrispsSunday: Bombay Chicken & Hasselback Potato Bake

Las 7 máximas para la felicidad del alma: Cómo liberar tu felicidad interior

by Paul Rodney Turner

La felicidad es algo que todos buscamos, ya sea en la comida, el sexo, el entretenimiento, las relaciones, los niños, la carrera, los pasatiempos o el sueño. La felicidad nos impulsa, y de hecho define la calidad de nuestra vida. Uno puede tener una riqueza inmensa, pero si no son felices, entonces, en su mayoría, han fallado en la vida. Sin felicidad, la vida pierde su valor y, con la aparente disminución de la satisfacción, estamos viendo un aumento en el suicidio en todo el mundo. En un mundo donde los estímulos mentales y físicos abundan, parece inconcebible que alguien pueda ser infeliz. Seguramente, todos pueden encontrar alguna forma de felicidad, pero desgraciadamente, muchas, muchas personas fracasan y viven sus vidas tristes y exasperadas; o esperanza contra esperanza para que aparezca un poco de alegría en el horizonte de su destino. La felicidad es la naturaleza del espíritu, como se afirma en los Vedanta-sutras: anandamayo 'bhyāsāt - "el alma, por naturaleza, está llena de alegría". Sin embargo, debido a la identificación errónea de nuestro verdadero ser con la materia, perdemos el contacto con este estado natural de felicidad y nos identificamos con el dolor y el sufrimiento de una forma física. Cuando un alma es atrapada por un cuerpo material, se identifica de inmediato con las relaciones físicas y olvida su verdadera identidad como ser espiritual. Este ego falso, influenciado por los modos de la naturaleza material, atrapa aún más el alma en una red de acciones y reacciones kármicas. Mientras que la mente es el instrumento para sentir, la inteligencia tiene una función deliberativa y puede ayudarnos a navegar a través del fango del materialismo. La persona inteligente, por lo tanto, puede lograr liberarse de la ilusión de la existencia material mediante el uso adecuado de la inteligencia. La forma humana es ciertamente una bendición maravillosa, ya que sólo as

7th Grade Revolution

by Liana Gardner Luke Spooner

In this award-winning book inspired by true events, 7th grade turns out to be anything but normal when teachers announce the students' bloodless revolution succeeded and they are now in charge. After conducting a secret-ballot vote on policy, the 7th graders emerge to find the school evacuated and the FBI lurking outside with the task of unearthing a treasure of national importance.The students' mission is clear—discover the treasure before the FBI locks down the building. To stay one step ahead of the FBI, they must delve into history and amass an arsenal to defend their school … because this is WAR!

8 to Your Ideal Weight: Release Your Weight & Restore Your Power in 8 Weeks

by MK Mueller

Get Real, Get Healthy, Get Empowered With This Time-Tested Approach to Reaching Your Ideal WeightTime-tested sugar free diet plan for reaching you ideal weight and finding that feeling of high self-esteem. Why do most diets fail? Because mental preparation is the most important first step and the majority of diets simply call for calorie restriction and food changes without the essential mind body connection that ensures success.The mind body connection. Author MK Mueller's journey to her ideal weight was 40 years in the making with a trail of unsuccessful diets in her wake. It is very much about the mind body connection. Her sugar free diet, tried and true methodology is based on an 8 step program that will help you reach your ideal weight goals. And, most importantly, stay there. With her encouragement and gentle guidance, you can let go of the burden of living life as a weight number and reclaim your self-esteem and personal power.Transformation. MK Mueller's program is not about losing weight but "releasing" pounds that no longer serve you and hold you back by dragging you down and making you feel bad about yourself and vulnerable to health risks. Adjust your attitude first, then adjust the way you eat. MK Mueller's 8 steps to ideal weight will help you achieve your goals and motivate you to keep going. The 8 to Your Ideal Weight sugar free diet plan outlined in MK Mueller's breakthrough book will reshape your body. It offers you nothing less than transformation.Heal the root cause of overeatingRestore your energyReboot your life

8 Ways to Happiness: From Wherever You Are

by Marissa Pei

8 Ways to Happiness is for anyone who has stopped to ask themselves, &“Am I happy?&” or &“Why am I not happy?&”, and is not willing to spend 10 years in therapy or take a pill with side effects that make them feel even worse than they do now. Furthermore, it is for those who ARE taking medication for their "Dis-Ease&” with life and STILL not feeling better. The 8 chapters are focused on common places that human beings get stuck, such as Loneliness, Loss, Hatred, Shame, and Heartbreak, with relatable snapshots and exercises to build new roads into Hope, Love, Faith, and Happiness. Dr. Marissa Pei&’s own pain from the past and fear of the future identify with readers and relay a message of hope. She provides those struggling to find happiness with alternative ways of seeing their own reality, as well as a chance to practice balance tools that shovel out the shii-take from their past and return it as fertilizer for new seeds of understanding about the unique, beautiful, wonderful, precious beings we all are.

87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success: How to Reach Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It

by Robert W. Bly

Bob Bly is not the best-known entrepreneur in the world, and he is not the richest. But the 65,000 subscribers to his online newsletter The Direct Response Letter turn to Bob weekly for advice and inspiration on how to achieve success professionally, financially, and personally. Now in 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success: How to Reach Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It, you get many years of Bob&’s advice compressed into a quick-reading guide to living a happy, fulfilling, and abundant life. Now you can achieve your goals, escape the rat race, and be master of your own destiny. In 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success, you will discover 7 steps to outrageous business success, How to make yourself indispensable, 7 ways to command higher fees, how to become a more confident public speaker, 22 undeniable truths of life, how to start your own home business after 50, 4 keys to success and happiness, how to get really good at anything, 10 ways to achieve Internet marketing success, and more. You may want to be happier. You may want to be richer. You may want to be more successful. By following the simple but proven rules in 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success, you can soon achieve all three goals—and live a more harmonious and rewarding life.

88 Names: A Novel

by Matt Ruff

The critically acclaimed author of Lovecraft Country returns with a thrilling and immersive virtual reality epic—part cyberthriller, part twisted romantic comedy—that transports you to a world where identity is fluid and nothing can be taken at face value.John Chu is a “sherpa”—a paid guide to online role-playing games like the popular Call to Wizardry. For a fee, he and his crew will provide you with a top-flight character equipped with the best weapons and armor, and take you dragon-slaying in the Realms of Asgarth, hunting rogue starships in the Alpha Sector, or battling hordes of undead in the zombie apocalypse.Chu’s new client, the pseudonymous Mr. Jones, claims to be a “wealthy, famous person” with powerful enemies, and he’s offering a ridiculous amount of money for a comprehensive tour of the world of virtual-reality gaming. For Chu, this is a dream assignment, but as the tour gets underway, he begins to suspect that Mr. Jones is really North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, whose interest in VR gaming has more to do with power than entertainment. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, Chu also has to worry about “Ms. Pang,” who may or may not be an agent of the People’s Republic of China, and his angry ex-girlfriend, Darla Jean Covington, who isn’t the type to let an international intrigue get in the way of her own plans for revenge.What begins as a whirlwind online adventure soon spills over into the real world. Now Chu must use every trick and resource at his disposal to stay one step ahead—because in real life, there is no reset button.

8th European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference: Proceedings of the EMBEC 2020, November 29 – December 3, 2020 Portorož, Slovenia (IFMBE Proceedings #80)

by Tomaz Jarm Damijan Miklavcic Aleksandra Cvetkoska Samo Mahnič-Kalamiza

This book aims at informing on new trends, challenges and solutions, in the multidisciplinary field of biomedical engineering. It covers traditional biomedical engineering topics, as well as innovative applications such as artificial intelligence in health care, tissue engineering , neurotechnology and wearable devices. Further topics include mobile health and electroporation-based technologies, as well as new treatments in medicine. Gathering the proceedings of the 8th European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (EMBEC 2020), held on November 29 - December 3, 2020, in Portorož, Slovenia, this book bridges fundamental and clinically-oriented research, emphasizing the role of education, translational research and commercialization of new ideas in biomedical engineering. It aims at inspiring and fostering communication and collaboration between engineers, physicists, biologists, physicians and other professionals dealing with cutting-edge themes in and advanced technologies serving the broad field of biomedical engineering.

9/11: The Simple Facts

by Arthur Naiman Gregg Roberts

Incredible as it seems, the government's version of what happened on September 11, 2001, can't possibly be true. Without engaging in any speculation or conjecture, this book proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. For example, it lists ten infallible indicators of destruction by explosives and four infallible indicators of destruction by fire. The World Trade Center buildings exhibited all ten of the former and none of the latter. (That's not surprising, since no steel-framed building has ever failed due to fire-not even the Caracas skyscraper that burned for 17+ hours, nor the Beijing high-rise engulfed in bright orange flames from top to bottom.) Then there's WTC 7. Not struck by a plane, subject to nothing more than minor office fires, its 47 stories collapsed into their own footprint in a manner indistinguishable from a controlled demolition . . . which may explain how BBC TV was able to report it twenty-three minutes before it happened. Evidence like this (and there's much, much more) is why more than 1,400 architects and engineers, and tens of thousands of senior government, military, CIA and FBI officials-plus pilots, reporters, broadcasters, scholars, and others-are calling for a new, independent investigation.

The 9 Month Investment: A Passive Investors Guide to Achieving 10 Years Worth of Wealth Accumulation in Only 9 Months

by Darin R. Garman

What if you could realistically achieve the kind of wealth it takes most people 10 years or more to accumulate and have this wealth in your hands in as little as 9 months? Sound crazy? Good! Chances are you are one of the millions of people that have been led to believe that you have to wait a long, long time, sometimes up to 30 or more years, for your wealth goals to be achieved. The good news is you do not have to wait that long and can have your financial chips in a matter of months not years! Inside these pages you will find a proven system, complete with easy instruction, to achieving your financial goals now vs. having to wait for your financial payday and hoping your money will be there after working all of those years. The good news about "9 Month Investing" is it not only eliminates your biggest enemy, TIME, the methods are also easy to follow and implement as well. No excuses! Now anyone, if they know how, can achieve the wealth they want and deserve in a matter of just 9 months!

99 Ways to Increase Your Income (99 Ways)

by Frank Martin

At a time when a stressed economy is causing job loss and other financial pains, many people are looking for ways to rebuild or supplement income. 99 Ways to Increase Your Income lays out simple steps to both generate more cash, as well as do a more effective job of hanging on to existing income. Frank Martin is a successful entrepreneur and the author of more than sixteen books. Visit his web site at www. FrankMMartin. com . From the Trade Paperback edition.

99 Ways to Stretch Your Home Budget: Save Up to $2000 a Month--Or More! (99 Ways)

by Cheri Gillard

With words like “recession” and “record unemployment” filling the air, the typical family–regardless of how the economy is treating them–will be paying attention to the budget. That’s why99 Ways to Stretch Your Home Budgetwill receive a warm reception as it delivers scores of practical ideas to save cash around the house. Cheri Gillard, formerly an obstetrical and NICU nurse, is a freelance writer and editor, plus the mother of quadruplets.

À la recherche de miracles: Pèlerines, religion vécue et la Roumanie postcommuniste (21e – Société, Culture, Histoire)

by Monica Grigore-Dovlete

À la fin de l’année 1989, la Roumanie faisait son chemin vers la démocratie. Depuis, le pays connaît de nombreux changements, dont un renouveau religieux. Pourquoi la religion est-elle si présente en Roumanie postcommuniste ? Quels sont les impacts de cette présence accrue de la religion dans la société? C’est sur le terrain, dans des pèlerinages réalisés dans des monastères réputés pour leurs miracles, leurs confesseurs charismatiques et leurs reliques que l’auteure cherche des réponses à ces questions. En observant les croyances et les pratiques des pèlerines et des femmes au quotidien – et sans omettre la conduite des « porteurs de la religion officielle » –, le livre explore quatre thèmes qui constituent autant de facettes de la religion vécue : le sort, le charisme, la matérialité et les reliques. À travers ces thèmes, le livre brosse le tableau d’une religion quotidienne dans un contexte orthodoxe et propose une piste explicative sur le renouveau religieux en Roumanie après 1989, ainsi que des transformations sociales propres à la période postcommuniste. Publié en Français.

A los niños les encantan las canciones infantiles

by Bernard Levine

Aquí encontrarás una colección de canciones infantiles favoritas para que se las lea a sus hijos. Todas estas preciosas y queridas canciones de cuna se han transmitido de madre a hija y de padre a hijo a lo largo de los siglos. Los más pequeños adorarán y se divertirán aprendiendo y recitando estas rimas atemporales. Este es un libro que los niños atesorarán y mirarán una y otra vez.

The A Player: The Definitive Playbook & Guide for Employees and Leaders Who Want to Play and Perform at the Highest Level

by Rick Crossland

Nothing is more important to your success than the quality of your team. In fact, they go hand in hand. Whether you are a CEO, senior executive, manager or an employee looking to raise his or her performance, "The A Player" is packed with proven strategies to get you to A Player status. Businesses filled with A Players are not only more profitable and able to share in that prosperity, but those A Players are happier and lead more purpose-filled lives as well. "The A Player" will teach everyone on your team the required steps to achieve and sustain A Player performance and lead the charge in creating remarkable steps both personally and professionally.

A través del mar: Libro 2 de Las Crónicas de Dartmoor (Las Crónicas de Dartmoor #2)

by Jen Minkman

Sarah y Kian han terminado en Tresco. Han traído a Jinn a casa, pero a un precio - el presidente de Dartmoor está en sus talones, y las únicas personas que pueden ayudarles a vivir en la isla de Lundy en el norte, o en la notoriamente rebelde comunidad de Exmoor. Cuando se unen con Walt y Leia, los Jóvenes Guardianes de Lundy, así como el líder de Exmoor, Un ejército improvisado se reúne para poner fin al gobierno del presidente Jacob de una vez por todas. Los isleños y los continentales harán todo lo que esté en su poder para hacer del Nuevo Mundo lo que realmente se suponía que debía ser. ¿Podrá Kian honrar el legado de su tío? ¿Y Sarah mantendrá a su familia a salvo y descubrirá qué le pasó al hermano gemelo de Jinn? ¡Descúbrelo en esta última entrega de la serie Island/Dartmoor!

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