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101 Glimpses of the South Fork

by Richard Panchyk Steve Levy

Long Island's South Fork--famous for the Hamptons--is now one of the hottest summer destinations for the wealthiest and most famous Americans. But it wasn't always so....When European explorers arrived on Long Island's southeastern-most shores in the seventeenth century, they shared the land with the Montauket and Shinnecock Indians. The South Fork remained relatively rural until the railroad arrived in the 1870s. In this pictorial history, Richard Panchyk surveys how dramatically the landscape has changed, from the famous Montauk Lighthouse and iconic windmills to the sprawling mansions and opulent hotels, and highlights some of the notable figures who graced these shores, including New York politicians and a plethora of artists and celebrities. Showcasing the South Fork's famous faces and places, Panchyk reveals this coastal community's bygone era.

Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains: The First Frontier

by Dave Hurst

Bands of Iroquois, the ill-fated General Braddock and Gilded Age tycoons have all roamed Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains. The rough peaks and dense woods of the Alleghenies were the nation's first barrier to westward expansion. From frontier skirmishes and daring escapes along the Underground Railroad to the triumphs and tragedies of the Industrial Revolution, local journalist Dave Hurst explores thefascinating history and distinctive culture of the region. He regales readers with tales of fly-fishing, bold outdoorsmen, the legend of Johnny Appleseed and the origins of the banana split to capture the essence of Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains.

A History of Boston's Jewish North Shore

by Alan S. Pierce Jewish Historical Society of the North Shore

Forced to flee the brutal pogroms of Europe, Jewish immigrants sought refuge in the beauty of Boston's North Shore. Drawing on their artisan skills, many found work in the tanneries of Peabody and the shoe factories of Lynn, while other enterprising Jews established their own businesses in Salem and Beverly- from butcher shops and groceries to newspapers. Alongside fellow members of the Jewish Historical Society of the North Shore, Alan Pierce has carefully assembled a collection of personal histories from generations of Jewish families. Celebrating the rich flavors of Jewish culture, these accounts capture familiar faces, such as renowned athlete Herb Brenner, and recognizable landmarks like the Kernwood Country Club and the Dolphin Yacht Club, innovative establishments open to all regardless of race or religion. With entrepreneurial spirit, a little determination and plenty of faith, the North Shore's storied Jewish communities have etched enduring marks on its streets and in its synagogues.

Marion in the Golden Age

by Judith Westlund Rosbe

In The Late Nineteenth Century, America's new railroads flooded Marion with extravagant cargo: the rich and famous. For the likes of Mark Twain, Henry James and President Grover Cleveland, whose home here was known as the"summer White House," Marion became a treasured sanctuary from city life. Teeming with prosperity and the blossoming arts, this hamlet offered a setting so breathtaking that it inspired some of the world's foremost creative minds.Encouraged by The Century Magazine editor Richard Watson Gilder, prominent artists, architects, writers and celebrities flocked to Marion. Also frequented by Academy Award-winning actress Ethel Barrymore, it was here that CharlesDana Gibson sketched his iconic "Gibson Girl." Whether following First Lady Frances Cleveland's trendsetting fashion or the well-publicized wedding of Cecil Clark and Richard Harding Davis, the eyes of America were firmly planted on Marion's sparkling shores and glittering guests.

African Americans in Glencoe: The Little Migration

by Robert A. Sideman

The village of Glencoe has a proud history of early African American settlement. In recent years, however, this once thriving African American community has begunto disperse. Robert Sideman, a thirty-year Glencoe resident, relates this North Shore suburb's African American history through fond remembrances of Glencoe communitiessuch as the St. Paul AME Church, as well as recounting the lives of prominent African Americans. At the same time, Sideman poses a difficult question: how can the village maintainits diverse heritage throughout changing times? African Americans in Glencoe reveals an uplifting history while challenging residents to embrace a past in danger of being lost.

Dedham: Historic and Heroic Tales from Shiretown

by James L. Parr

This New England community has made national headlines for the notorious Sacco and Vanzetti trial; it has hosted Presidents Washington, Jackson and Lincoln, among other leaders; and it played a formative role in the establishment of the Animal Rescue League. In popular culture, Dedham made its mark as the setting for several notable films and works of fiction. Author James L. Parr gives a fresh take on Dedham's famous moments and also weaves in lesser-knownstories of its heritage and traditions. This town has accumulated some eccentricities, from the legendary apparitions that haunted the cemetery for most of October 1887 to the still-active, two-centuries-old Society in Dedham for Apprehending Horse Thieves. Explore the intricate microcosm of American history that belongs to thischarming New England town.

Down on the Chickahominy: The Life and Times of a Vanishing Virginia River

by Jack Trammell

For centuries, the "Chick" has blessed the Tidewater region of Virginia with life, even today in the face of deteriorating resources and dramatic environmental change. While an abundant ecosystem thrived in the water, a unique and culturally rich community that once dotted the Chick's riverbanks has dwindled near extinction. Author Jack Trammell spent the past three years on the river researching its incredible past and uncertain future. Drawing on old letters, photographs, and the still extant memories of lifelong watermen like Captains Bill Buck Jr. and Art Conway, he weaves a fascinating narrativeof this river community. Hop onboard and join the search for the record perch, the vanished villages, the proud Chickahominy Tribe, and the vestiges of the Civil War in this definitive and easy-to navigate history of a sacred Virginia tributary.

Poesten Kill, The: Waterfalls to Waterworks in the Capital District

by John Warren

The Poesten Kill has sustained Rensselaer County communities for generations. Native Americans first gained sustenance from the stream's waters and hunted and gathered on its shores. Its wild places, large waterfalls and natural springs served ashealthful inspiration to artists and adventurers. And during the nineteenth century, urban industrialists tapped its power to provide work opportunities for Irish, German, French and Italian immigrants. John Warren paints a vivid picture of the kill, highlighting the force and wonder that has stirred naturalists and entrepreneurs for centuries.

Bridgeport: Tales from the Park City

by Eric D. Lehman

In the late nineteenth century, P.T. Barnum was known worldwide for his traveling circus, but to the city of Bridgeport he meant much more. The city's mayor and benefactor, Barnum was also a mastermind at urban planning. Thus, amid Bridgeport's growing industrial factories, orchestras played from the bandstand at Seaside Park and bucolic hills surrounded Bunnell's Pond. In this collection of narratives, Eric D. Lehman captures the city's natural beauty and richly eccentric history. From the brave women of the Black Rock Lighthouse to war heroes of 'the nation's arsenal', from 'the tiniest general', Tom Thumb, to the tragic death of Jumbo the elephant, these are the best stories from Connecticut's 'Park City.'

Chesapeake Reflections: Stories from Virginia's Northern Neck

by J. H. Hall

Between the Indian and Dividing Creeks, near the mouth of the Rappahannock River in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay, sits a parcel of land called Bluff Point. Like most bay-front villages, the bountiful resources and majestic landscape of this area that once sustained watermen and sportsmen alike have been depleted as over-harvesting, poaching, pollution and continued development have taken their toll, threatening the very legacy of its people. J.H. Hall's family first settled on this land shortly after the Civil War, where they maintained atradition of farming, fishing and crabbing throughout the twentieth century. Hall's words flow as splendidly as the tides in this collection of personal reminisces and local and natural history celebrating the lives of the watermen before him andthe uncertainty surrounding those today.

Birmingham Landmarks: People and Places of the Magic City

by Victoria Myers

Though the landscape has certainly changed, many of Birmingham's early landmarks--testaments to the steelworkers who built the city after the Civil War, as well as those who have since prospered here--remain. In Birmingham Landmarks, Alabama native VictoriaMyers explores the Magic City's most prominent industrial and cultural features. Step back in time to discover Rickwood Field, one of America's oldest baseball parks, and the Carver Theater, the only venue that allowed African Americans to view first-run movies before the civil rights movement. Find out why Birmingham is known as the Pittsburgh of the South at Sloss Furnaces and learn the secrets of Vulcan, who was commissioned for the 1904 World'sFair and has become one of the state's most recognizable monuments.

Haunted Lafayette

by W. C. Madden Dorothy Salvo Davis

Boilermakers Beware: There's a dark and secret side to Lafayette's history that is sure to send shivers down the spine. From storied specters and urban legends, like Amelia Earhart's tragic figure haunting hangar number one at Purdue University Airport and sightings of the ever-elusive Bigfoot, to haunted houses and battlefi elds, with a guillotine suicide in the Lahr Hotel and the Trail of Death, authors Dorothy Salvo Davis and W.C. Madden leave no stone unturned as they examine the tragic past and the haunted present of Lafayette. With stories focusing on West Lafayette and White, Carroll and Warren Counties, Haunted Lafayette is a chilling read that no ghost enthusiast should miss.

Haunted Buffalo

by Dwayne Claud Richard J. Kimmel Cassidy O'Connor

Grab pen and paper, a flashlight and a camera and prepare to embark upon the haunted adventure of a lifetime using this comprehensive guide to some of Buffalo's spookiest sites. Avid ghost hunter and paranormal investigator Dwayne Claud and researcher Cassidy O'Connor entertain readers with storiesof the city's most acclaimed spooks and spirits, such as Tanya, the five-year-old that can be spotted bouncing on guest beds at the Grand Island Holiday Inn. The book includes twisted tales from the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, as well as stories of roaming spirits at Frontier House--a hotel frequented by figures such as Mark Twain and President McKinley. This gripping collection of ghostly tales is sure to thrill anyone fascinated by the unknown.

Haunted Mobile: Apparitions of the Azalea City

by Elizabeth Parker

What unknown spirits lurk among the living in the Azalea City?Mobile native Elizabeth Parker brings together the spookiestOf her Mobile Ghosts: Alabama's Haunted Port City and Mobile Ghosts II: The Waterline to create an updated version guaranteed to send shivers down the spine. How do priceless heirlooms at the Mobile Carnival Museum mysteriously disappear and then reappear just in the nick of time? Who still protects Oakleigh from intruders, years after the Yankee occupation? Who is the little girl who keeps watch over the city from her attic window? Complete with an eerie new story, Haunted Mobile: Apparitions of the Azalea City is a chilling read that no ghost enthusiast should miss.

Haunted Memphis

by Laura Cunningham

Much like its muddy riverbanks, the mid-South is flooded with tales of shadowy spirits lurking among us. Beyond the rhythm of the blues and tapping of blue suede shoes is a history steeped in horror. From the restless souls of Elmwood Cemetery to the voodoo vices of Beale Street, phantom hymns of the Orpheum Theatre and Civil War soldiers still looking for a fight, peer beyond the shadows of the city's most historic sites. Author and lifelong resident Laura Cunningham expertly blends fright with history and presents the ghostly legends from Beale to Bartlett, Germantown to Collierville, in this one-of-a-kind volume no resident or visitor should be without.

Ghosts of the Yadkin Valley

by R. G. Absher

Ghostly footsteps, mysteriously locked doors, and apparitions from centuries past. The rolling hills and hollers of the Yadkin Valley have been home to many historic events, from Stoneman's raid to the hanging of Tom Dooley. These events have left their imprint on the county's architecture and landscape, and some of them have evenleft a ghostly legacy. Ghosts of the Yadkin Valley is a collection of spine-tingling tales, including ghost stories from many of the area's National Historic Register sites. Join local storyteller R.G. Absher as he relates the history behind the haunts.

Haunted History of Kalamazoo

by Robert Dushane Nicole Bray

Kalamazoo's violent and often anguished history has given way to myriad ghostly tales surrounding some of the town's most prominent places. From the tortured souls roaming the Asylum Lake Preserve to the infamous suicide of the amateur actress Thelma, who reputedly haunts the Civic Auditorium to this day, it is no small wonder that the town is fi lled with apparitions longing to make their stories and their presence known. In this startlingly spooky collection of tales, ghost hunters Bray and DuShane gather stories from legend, lore and residents alike that bring new meaning to the age-old adage "seeing is believing."?

Forgotten Tales of Florida

by Kyle Mcqueen Bob Patterson

With such a rich and significant history, it's only natural that some of the best stories from the Sunshine State have been forgotten over time. Thankfully, master storyteller and St. Augustine resident Bob Patterson offers this collection of thestrangest, most fascinating stories and legends in Florida's history from coast to coast, swamp to swamp. Enjoy the saga of William Ellis, a North Florida nature whisperer who escaped from his nursing home with the help of his varmint friends; step into the murk and mystery of the vanishing tribes of the Everglades; and could there really be gator-hungry sharks lurking in the St. John's River? These stories and so many moreawait when you explore the Forgotten Tales of Florida.

Legends & Lore of Western Pennsylvania

by Thomas White

Oppaymolleah's curse. General Braddock's buried gold. The Original Man of Steel, Joe Magarac. Such legends have found a home among the rich folklore of Western Pennsylvania. Thomas White spins a beguiling yarn with tales that reach from the misty hollows of the Alleghenies to the lost islands of Pittsburgh. White invites readers to learn the truth behind the urban legend of the Green Man, speculate on the conspiracy surrounding the lost B-25 bomber of Monongahela and shiver over the ghostly lore of Western Pennsylvania.

Framingham Legends & Lore

by Kevin A. Swope James L. Parr

Just hours after the "shot heard 'round the world" marked the start of the American Revolution, the news from Lexington setalarm bells ringing in Framingham. Minutemen from the town rushed along the road to Concord to help cut off the retreat of British troops. In Salem, where dozens of women were accused of witchcraft, Framingham's founder, Thomas Danforth, helped to end the hysteria and afterward provided sanctuary in Framingham for the families of the wrongfully accused. Staring down the barrels of British guns in Boston, Framingham native Crispus Attucks was one of the first to die for American independence. Though rarely in the foreground of history, Framingham pops up again and again as a backdrop to our nation's great historic episodes. With tales of pirate gold, hypnotized evangelists, blundering spies and bravery in battle, this captivating collection of historical episodes sets Framingham squarely in the spotlight.

Road to Derry, The: A Brief History

by Richard Holmes

When the Ulster Scots arrived in New Hampshire in 1719, there were no roads in Derry (then called Nutfield). Led bythe Reverend James McGregor, the "Moses of the Scotch-Irish in America," the entire congregation of Aghadowey had trekkedfrom their home county of Londonderry, Ireland, to start their lives anew, undeterred by British prejudice or Anglican intolerance. These hardy men and women were great walkers, and during the eighteenth century a warren of footpaths crisscrossed East Derry Hill. Richard Holmes retraces their footsteps, walking the road of Derry's history from its rough-and-tumble politics and early educational institutions through its dramatic split from Londonderry Parish to the sprawling shoe factories of the Industrial Revolution. In this first history in decades, Holmes demonstrates that the hometown of Robert Frost and astronaut Alan Shepherd is also home to a hardworking, free-thinking, vibrant community.

Eastside Indianapolis: A Brief History

by Julie Young

In its early days, Indianapolis was designed to be a city of only one square mile, but as settlers flocked to the Circle City, a steady beat of progress made its way across the Eastside. Through their dedication to maintaining the character of neighborhoods like Woodruff Place, Fountain Square and Irvington, Eastsiders have banded together time and again to preserve the memories of landmarks like the Rivoli Theatre and Al Green's. Julie Young, a lifelong resident of the Eastside, celebrates one of the most culturally diverse areas of Indianapolis as she illuminates the strength and determination that would make any resident proud to call the Eastside home.

Rosary Novenas

by Charles Lacey

First published in 1926 by Charles V. Lacey, Rosary Novenas to Our Lady has brought comfort and hope to many who have turned to Mary, the mother of Jesus, for help in troubled times. Now, for the first time, these prayers have been updated and include the new Mysteries of Light recommended by Pope John Paul II. The format of this new edition follows the rigorous requirements of the original, and also includes instructions on how to pray the Rosary and words for the needed prayers.

A Brief History of Waterbury

by John Murray Edith Reynolds

In 1681, just twenty-eight humble log cabins built around a marshy green made up what is today Waterbury, Connecticut. The town flourished, and by 1850, its brass- and button-making industries welcomed the Industrial Revolution. When the call came for the Civil War and World Wars I and II, Waterbury gave generously: buttons, to adorn United States military uniforms; and young soldiers, to fight for freedom and become heroes. A Brief History of Waterbury details the ebb and flow of this Connecticut town, the climb to its height, the struggles through adversity and scandal and the glory of modern-day triumphs. In this endlessly intriguing account, authors Edith Reynolds and John Murray uncover the true reaches of Waterbury's dynamic spirit.

Princeton, Massachusetts: A History of its Villages

by Joyce Bailey Anderson Alexandra Fiandaca Sheila Dubman

Nestled at the foot of Wachusett Mountain, Princeton has come a long way since the days when cows outnumbered its citizens. Today, within its small circumference, the town boasts four nationally registered historical districts. With anarray of styles from Colonial to Greek Revival, Richardsonian to Romanesque, its distinguished architectural landscape serves as a lasting reminder of the town's many transitions. Anderson, Dubman and Fiandaca document Princeton's growth from eighteenth-century agrarian community to turn-of-the-century summer resort.

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