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Неделя Итальянской Кухни

by Вероника Иванова Claudio Ruggeri

Рецепты приготовления различных блюд итальянской кухни.Подборка рецептов простых и не очень, «украденных» из меню великого повара -- моей мамы.

Загадка Yбийцы

by Сергей Скворцов Claudio Ruggeri

Книга из серии повестей о комиссаре Джермано. От сердечного приступа умирает бывший владелец похоронного бюро, в последние годы занимавшийся исключительно своим виноградником. Смерть кажется совершенно естественной, но проницательный комиссар Джермано сразу понимает, что здесь что-то не так. И начинает расследование...

Review of the 21st Century Truck Partnership, Second Report

by Phase 2 Committee to Review the 21st Century Truck Partnership

In July 2010, the National Research Council (NRC) appointed the Committee to Review the 21st Century Truck Partnership, Phase 2, to conduct an independent review of the 21st Century Truck Partnership (21CTP). The 21CTP is a cooperative research and development (R&D) partnership including four federal agencies-the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE), U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT), U. S. Department of Defense (DOD), and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-and 15 industrial partners. The purpose of this Partnership is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, increase heavy-duty vehicle safety, and support research, development, and demonstration to initiate commercially viable products and systems. This is the NRC's second report on the topic and it includes the committee's review of the Partnership as a whole, its major areas of focus, 21CTP's management and priority setting, efficient operations, and the new SuperTruck program.

Review of the Research Program of the U.S. DRIVE Partnership

by Phase 4 Committee on Review of the U.S. DRIVE Research Program

Review of the Research Program of the U. S. DRIVE Partnership: Fourth Report follows on three previous NRC reviews of the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership, which was the predecessor of the U. S. DRIVE Partnership (NRC, 2005, 2008a, 2010). The U. S. DRIVE (Driving Research and Innovation for Vehicle Efficiency and Energy Sustainability) vision, according to the charter of the Partnership, is this: American consumers have a broad range of affordable personal transportation choices that reduce petroleum consumption and significantly reduce harmful emissions from the transportation sector. Its mission is as follows: accelerate the development of pre-competitive and innovative technologies to enable a full range of efficient and clean advanced light-duty vehicles (LDVs), as well as related energy infrastructure. The Partnership focuses on precompetitive research and development (R&D) that can help to accelerate the emergence of advanced technologies to be commercialization-feasible. The guidance for the work of the U. S. DRIVE Partnership as well as the priority setting and targets for needed research are provided by joint industry/government technical teams. This structure has been demonstrated to be an effective means of identifying high-priority, long-term precompetitive research needs for each technology with which the Partnership is involved. Technical areas in which research and development as well as technology validation programs have been pursued include the following: internal combustion engines (ICEs) potentially operating on conventional and various alternative fuels, automotive fuel cell power systems, hydrogen storage systems (especially onboard vehicles), batteries and other forms of electrochemical energy storage, electric propulsion systems, hydrogen production and delivery, and materials leading to vehicle weight reductions.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017

by 826 National Sarah Vowell

“A gift . . . One wonders how the world might be different if works in The Best American Nonrequired Reading were indeed required.” —USA Today Sarah Vowell, author of Lafayette in the Somewhat United States and other best-selling titles "gilded with snark, buoyant on charm" (NPR), worked with the students of the 826 Valencia writing lab to edit this year's anthology. They compiled new fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, and the category-defying gems that have become one of the hallmarks of this lively collection.

Natürlich gesunde Haustiere

by A. M. A. Julie Massoni

Natürlich gesunde Haustiere ist eine Einführung in die Naturheilkunde für Hunde und Katzen und beinhaltet Informationen über natürliche Ernährung und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, um die Gesundheit Ihres Tieres zu verbessern. Ebenso enthalten sind Informationen zur Anwendung von Käräutern, Homöopathie und Blütenessenzen zur Unterstützung von Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. Es werden natürliche Alternativen zur Behandlung von Floh- und Wurmbefall, Alternativen zu Antibiotika und zu Schmerzmitteln vorgestellt und Informationen über die vegetarische Ernährung von Hunden vermittelt. Es handelt sich um ein Buch, das von einer qualifizierten Tierheilpraktikerin geschrieben wurde, die schon tausenden von Tieren mit einer Reihe akuter und chronischer Erkrankungen helfen konnte. Wenn Sie mehr über die Verwendung natürlicher Therapiemethoden und die Vermeidung vieler Gesundheitsprobleme erfahren möchten, dann ist dieses Buch eine großartige Wahl.

Enforcing Home (The Survivalist Series #6)

by A. American

Morgan has managed to get through a lot. Having made it back to his family and dealt with the issues of unscrupulous neighbors, he then had to cope with the presence of the federal government and their nefarious activities. But with the help of his close knit group, he prevailed. Life is settling into a familiar routine. And with the help of the US Army, they are starting to rebuild their community. But just when Morgan thinks things are assuming some kind of normal, another surprise lands in his lap. He's been appointed Sheriff. Harkening back to a time when law enforcement was a local face in the community, Morgan is forced to step up and be that face, much to his chagrin. With the help of Thad, Danny and the rest of the crew, he accepts the law enforcement challenge, and tries to make a positive impact. But he's in for yet another surprise. New foes will arise; and old ones will return to conspire to destroy his efforts. Morgan's group will suffer loss, injury and constant assault. His new position has made him a target, as well as those he loves. The peace and tranquility that the group has fought so hard for, will continue to elude them. The fight, as Morgan soon learns, is just beginning.

Il Vero Amore di Neve: Una Rivisitazione per Adulti di Biancaneve con Cambio Genere

by Benedetta A. Aj Tipton

Conquiste elettrizzanti per il più giusto di tutti. In un magico regno lontano, vivevano principi maledetti, donne guerriere e potenti magie. A caccia di Red è una rivisitazione viziosa di Cappuccetto Rosso dove gli eroi sono diventati eroine, e niente è come sembra. Il bellissimo Principe Neve non sembra avere molta fortuna. Quando il patrigno geloso di Neve, Victor, viene a sapere che il suo popolo vuole Neve come re, decide che Neve deve morire. Con la sua vita ed il regno su un filo del rasoio, Neve fugge da palazzo. Deve fare squadra con la donna attraente di cui è segretamente innamorato, Specchio, per mettere fine alla tirannia del suo patrigno, costi quel che costi. La bellissima Specchio arrive nel regno di Neve alla ricerca di un’avventura, e finì per essere consigliera di un megalomane. Specchio era contenta di stare a fianco del Re Reggente Victor e gli diceva che era il più giusto di tutto, finchè non venne a conoscenza della crudeltà del auo regnare. Quando i decreti di Victor minacciano la vita di Neve, Specchio sa di dover rischiare tutto per aiutare Neve ad essere al sicuro e fargli riprendere il controllo del regno. Questa favola di cambio genere per adulti include cose a tre sexy FFM, nane esuberanti e l’amore più giusto di tutti. Questo libro AUTONOMO fa parte della serie “Favole Sexy di Cambio Genere” che si può leggere in ogni ordine. Non ci sono finali in sospeso, ed ognuno finisce come dovrebbe: per sempre felici e contenti.

Samuel Richardson in Context

by Betty A. Schellenberg Peter Sabor

Since the publication of his novel Pamela; or Virtue Rewarded in 1740, Samuel Richardson's place in the English literary tradition has been secured. But how can that place best be described? Over the three centuries since embarking on his printing career the 'divine' novelist has been variously understood as moral crusader, advocate for women, pioneer of the realist novel and print innovator. Situating Richardson's work within these social, intellectual and material contexts, this new volume of essays identifies his centrality to the emergence of the novel, the self-help book, and the idea of the professional author, as well as his influence on the development of the modern English language, the capitalist economy, and gendered, medicalized, urban, and national identities. This book enables a fuller understanding and appreciation of Richardson's life, work and legacy, and points the way for future studies of one of English literature's most celebrated novelists.

Desde Auden a Yeats: Análisis Crítico de 30 Poemas Seleccionados

by A. Carolina Álvarez y Karina G. Marchini Geetanjali Mukherjee

Desde Auden a Yeats: Análisis crítico de 30 poemas seleccionados por Geetanjali Mukherjee Este libro es una referencia rápida para los estudiantes de literatura inglesa que busquen ayuda al navegar la poesía de algunos de los grandes poetas del siglo XIX y XX. Este libro es una referencia rápida para los estudiantes de literatura inglesa que busquen ayuda para navegar la poesía de alguno de los grandes poetas del siglo XIX y XX. El libro contiene un an{alisis crítico y profundo de 30 poemas seleccionados de las obras de W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes, John Keats, Philip Larkin and W.B. Yeats. Con una colección de 30 ensayos, el libro tiene como fin ayudar a los alumnos de literatura a obtener un mirada de la vida y trabajo de cada poeta aquí presentado, como también una comprensión de los poemas tratados con la suficiente profundidad. EL LIBRO POSEE: * Una sección sobre la vida y trasfondo de cada poeta para comprender mejor las influencias detrás de sus poemas y obtener un mejor conocimiento del contexto de los poemas seleccionados. * Una explicación sencilla de cada poema. * Una explicación de los temas, motivos y símbolos utilizados en los poemas. * Un ensayo específico para cada poema en particular, analizado para el beneficio del estudiante de literatura. * Preguntas breves para que el estudiante reflexione sobre los temas subyacentes de los poemas. Es una guía invaluable para los estudiantes de literatura en colegios secundarios y universidades o cualquiera que desee obtener una profunda comprensión de algunos de los poemas más reconocidos del último siglo. Este libro es muy útil como guía de estudio y no debe substituir la lectura de los poemas (LOS POEMAS NO ESTÁN INCLUIDOS). Algunos de los poemas tratados son: * W.H. Auden – Blues del refugiado * Ted Hughes – Cuervo tiranosaurio * John Keats – Al otoño * Philip Larki

Plants of Oceanic Islands

by Eduardo A. Ruiz Carlos M. Baeza Patricio López-Sepúlveda Daniel J. Crawford Tod F. Stuessy

Bringing together results from over 30 years of research on the Juan Fernndez Archipelago off the coast of Chile, this book offers comprehensive coverage of the plants of these special islands. Despite its remote setting in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, the Juan Fernndez Archipelago is in many ways an ideal place to ask and attempt to answer basic questions regarding the evolution of vascular plants in an oceanic island environment. By building upon a firm taxonomic base for the flora, a new level of understanding regarding evolution, biogeography, and conservation of the plants is presented. This book is an extensive investigation of the origin and evolution of the flora of an oceanic archipelago, and it serves as a valuable resource for researchers and scholars of island biology as well as for conservation biologists worldwide.

The Impact of Climate Change Mitigation on Indigenous and Forest Communities

by Kirsty A Gover Margaret A Young Lee C Godden Maureen F Tehan

The international legal framework for valuing the carbon stored in forests, known as 'Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation' (REDD+), will have a major impact on indigenous peoples and forest communities. The REDD+ regime contains many assumptions about the identity, tenure and rights of indigenous and local communities who inhabit, use or claim rights to forested lands. The authors bring together expert analysis of public international law, climate change treaties, property law, human rights and indigenous customary land tenure to provide a systemic account of the laws governing forest carbon sequestration and their interaction. Their work covers recent developments in climate change law, including the Agreement from the Conference of the Parties in Paris that came into force in 2016. The Impact of Climate Change Mitigation on Indigenous and Forest Communities is a rich and much-needed new contribution to contemporary understanding of this topic.

Continuity and Change in the Native American Village

by Robert A. Cook

Two common questions asked in archaeological investigations are: where did a particular culture come from, and which living cultures is it related to? In this book, Robert A. Cook brings a theoretically and methodologically holistic perspective to his study on the origins and continuity of Native American villages in the North American Midcontinent. He shows that to affiliate archaeological remains with descendant communities fully we need to unaffiliate some of our well-established archaeological constructs. Cook demonstrates how and why Native American villages formed and responded to events such as migration, environment and agricultural developments. He focuses on the big picture of cultural relatedness over broad regions and the amount of social detail that can be gleaned from archaeological and biological data, as well as oral histories.

Broken Homes: A Rivers of London Novel

by Ben Aaronovitch

My name is Peter Grant, and I am a keeper of the secret flame -- whatever that is.Truth be told, there's a lot I still don't know. My superior Nightingale, previously the last of England's wizardly governmental force, is trying to teach me proper schooling for a magician's apprentice. But even he doesn't have all the answers. Mostly I'm just a constable sworn to enforce the Queen's Peace, with the occasional help from some unusual friends and a well-placed fire blast. With the new year, I have three main objectives, a) pass the detective exam so I can officially become a DC, b) work out what the hell my relationship with Lesley Mai, an old friend from the force and now fellow apprentice, is supposed to be, and most importantly, c) get through the year without destroying a major landmark.Two out of three isn't bad, right?A mutilated body in Crawley means another murderer is on the loose. The prime suspect is one Robert Weil, who may either be a common serial killer or an associate of the twisted magician known as the Faceless Man -- a man whose previous encounters I've barely survived. I've also got a case about a town planner going under a tube train and another about a stolen grimoire.But then I get word of something very odd happening in Elephant and Castle, on a housing estate designed by a nutter, built by charlatans, and inhabited by the truly desperate. If there's a connection to the Crawley case, I'll be entering some tricky waters of juristiction with the local river spirits. We have a prickly history, to say the least.Just the typical day for a magician constable.

Hiding in the Bathroom: An Introvert's Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You'd Rather Stay Home)

by Morra Aarons-Mele

From the marketing guru and host of the popular podcast Hiding in the Bathroom, a breakthrough introverts' guide that broadens the conversation sparked by Quiet and moves away from the "Lean In" approach, offering wisdom and practical tips to help readers build strong relationships and achieve their own definition of professional success.Most ambitious people believe that reaching the peaks of success means being on 24/7—tirelessly networking, deal-making, and keynoting conferences. This is nonsense, says Morra Aarons-Mele. As an eminent entrepreneur with a flourishing business and a self-proclaimed introvert with lots of anxieties, Morra disagrees with the notion that there’s only one successful "type": the intense, super social, sleep-deprived mover and shaker, the person who musters endless amounts of "grit." Hiding in the Bathroom is her antidote for everyone who is fed up with feeling like they must always "lean in"—who prefer those moments of hiding in the bathroom to constantly climbing the ladder or working the room.Morra knows what it takes to make your mark, and now, this entrepreneur who has boosted the online strategy of clients such as the Malala Fund, President Obama, the UN Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shares the insights, tricks, and knowledge she’s learned. Filled with advice, exercises to help readers evaluate their own work/life fit and manage anxiety, valuable tools, and stories of countless successful people—entrepreneurs, academics, and novices just beginning their careers—Hiding in the Bathroom empowers professionals of all ages and levels to take control and build their own versions of success. Thoughtful and practical, it is a must-have handbook for building a fantastic, prosperous career and a balanced, happy life—on your own terms.

Nadie debería irse a dormir

by Álvaro Abad

Asesinatos y tramas de corrupción bajo los espectaculares viñedos y las mejores bodegas de nuestro país UN CADÁVER EN LOS VIÑEDOS DE LA RIOJA Una mañana, el cuerpo de Norberto Obanos, un importante bodeguero de La Rioja, aparece sin vida en su lujoso despacho. Antes de morir Obanos hizo una llamada y dejó en el contestador un mensaje: «Medusa». Todo apunta a un suicidio; sin embargo, es la tercera persona que muere en circunstancias parecidas. UN POLICÍA RETIRADO Para llevar a cabo la investigación, el jefe de policía de la zona llama a Trejo, un policía prejubilado. Trejo sale de su retiro por dos llamadas: la de la policía y la de su hija Irina, con quien mantiene una relación ambivalente y distante. Trejo vive solo, nada se sabe de su ex mujer, pero su ausencia pesa entre los dos. Irina lleva una vida itinerante, vinculada a grupos de izquierda. Con su habilidad e intuición, Trejo descubre que las coincidencias entre las víctimas van más allá del modo en que murieron. Trejo descubre que los tres tuvieron algún tipo de conexión con el Estado... y que detrás de todo ello se lee la firma de un tal «Lobo», que opera desde el pasado y el rencor. Y UNA CADENA DE ASESINATOS QUE COMPARTEN UN CÓDIGO SECRETO: MEDUSA En Nadie debería irse a dormir, el lector baja a las alcantarillas del poder para retratar las zonas de sombra, aquellas donde se firman pactos secretos y se reparten privilegios en virtud de una idea de estabilidad que atenta contra la de justicia. Por otro lado, en el caso de los crímenes de bodegueros riojanos se habla de una mezcla de corrupción política y económica con las mafias internacionales sobre un escenario de lo más reconocible: los viñedos de La Rioja, uno de los estandartes turísticos, financieros y culturales de este país.

El orinal de Rita (Rita)

by Amaia Cia Abascal

Rita está creciendo y tiene que aprender cosas importantes de niña mayor, por ejemplo ¡usar el orinal! Y no es tan fácil como parece... ¡Pero Rita se atreve con todo! ¿Cómo lo conseguirá?¡Crecer es una gran aventura!

Rita ya no lleva chupete (Rita)

by Amaia Cia Abascal

Rita está creciendo y tiene que aprender cosas importantes de niña mayor, por ejemplo ¡dejar el chupete! Y no es fácil. ¡Pero Rita se atreve con todo! ¿Cómo lo conseguirá?¡Crecer es una gran aventura!

25 cuentos traviesos para leer en 5 minutos

by Amaia Cia Abascal Núria Aparicio

25 cuentos breves para leer a los niños antes de ir a dormir Érase una vez un príncipe normal con un deseo muy raro; érase una vez una princesa comilona, y una vaca rechoncha, y un emperador con un traje viejo, y un patito feo de verdad, y una bruja buena, y un elefante, y un ogro... Sus aventuras duran cinco minutos, que es lo mismo que tú tardas en irte a dormir. ¿Por cuál quieres que empecemos?

Retour aux origines

by Myriam Abbas Charlie Cochet

Kelly Sutton, jeune homme enthousiaste , mais qui ne prend pas de risques est un interne américain à la Photonic Royal Society à la Nouvelle Londres. Il travaille sur le Projet Mars depuis plus d’un an, une mission gardée si secrète par la société que même Kelly ne sait pas exactement ce que c’est. Ce que Kelly sait, c’est que sa contribution à cette tâche profitera à l’humanité, et ça lui suffit. Le monde de Kelly se retrouve bouleversé quand le comportement de son mentor l’inquiète et l’amène à enquêter puis à tomber par hasard sur une vérité diabolique. Ce qui est censé être un projet pour faire progresser la vie humaine s’avère être une entreprise capable de destruction massive. La terrifiante réalité force Kelly à choisir entre détourner le regard pour garder son travail, comme il l’a toujours fait, ou risquer sa carrière et même sa vie pour faire ce qui est juste en sauvant l’homme qui a conquis son cœur.

New York in the Thirties

by Berenice Abbott

Nearly 100 classic images by noted photographer: Rockefeller Center on the rise, Bowery restaurants, dramatic views of the City's bridges, Washington Square, old movie houses, rows of old tenements laced with laundry, Wall Street, Flatiron Building, waterfront, and many other landmarks.

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Edwin A. Abbott

This masterpiece of science (and mathematical) fiction is a delightfully unique and highly entertaining satire that has charmed readers for more than 100 years. The work of English clergyman, educator and Shakespearean scholar Edwin A. Abbott (1838-1926), it describes the journeys of A. Square, a mathematician and resident of the two-dimensional Flatland, where women-thin, straight lines-are the lowliest of shapes, and where men may have any number of sides, depending on their social status.Through strange occurrences that bring him into contact with a host of geometric forms, Square has adventures in Spaceland (three dimensions), Lineland (one dimension) and Pointland (no dimensions) and ultimately entertains thoughts of visiting a land of four dimensions--a revolutionary idea for which he is returned to his two-dimensional world. Charmingly illustrated by the author, Flatland is not only fascinating reading, it is still a first-rate fictional introduction to the concept of the multiple dimensions of space. "Instructive, entertaining, and stimulating to the imagination." -- Mathematics Teacher.

Maggie Wilderotter: The Evolution of an Executive

by Sarah L. Abbott Robin Abrahams Boris Groysberg

In a career that spanned over 30 years, Maggie Wilderotter served as CEO of two publicly traded companies and served on 32 corporate and nine association and non-profit boards of directors. As CEO of Frontier Communications, a U.S. telecom company with over $25 billion in assets, Wilderotter executed three major acquisitions, transforming the company's business mix and more than doubling its size. This case explores Wilderotter's career, examining the personal characteristics that made her such a successful executive and board member. The case also looks at the turning points in Wilderotter's career; the decisions she made and the way in which she built her skills.

Central European Distribution Corporation: Hostile Takeover, Bankruptcy Makeover

by Sarah L. Abbott Stuart C. Gilson

In early 2013, CEDC, a large publicly-traded producer and distributer of vodka and spirits in Eastern and Central Europe, has suffered significant declines in its financial performance, is at risk of defaulting on its debt, and is under pressure from its largest shareholders to give them control of the board and to restructure its debt to avoid bankruptcy. The largest shareholder, billionaire Russian investor Roustam Tariko, has proposed an out of court exchange offer for CEDC's publicly traded bonds and investment in CEDC's stock that would give him full ownership of the company. If the exchange offer fails, the company will file for prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States.

Antenna Fundamentals for Legacy Mobile Applications and Beyond

by Raed Abd-Alhameed Jonathan Rodriguez Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini Issa Elfergani

This book highlights technology trends and challenges that trace the evolution of antenna design, starting from 3rd generation phones and moving towards the latest release of LTE-A. The authors explore how the simple monopole and whip antenna from the GSM years have evolved towards what we have today, an antenna design that is compact, multi-band in nature and caters to multiple elements on the same patch to provide high throughput connectivity. The scope of the book targets a broad range of subjects, including the microstrip antenna, PIFA antenna, and the monopole antenna to be used for different applications over three different mobile generations. Beyond that, the authors take a step into the future and look at antenna requirements for 5G communications, which already has the 5G drive in place with prominent scenarios and use-cases emerging. They examine these, and put in place the challenges that lie ahead for antenna design, particularly in mm-Wave design. The book provides a reference for practicing engineers and under/post graduate students working in this field.

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