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The 4th Marine Division In World War II

by 1st Lieut. John C. Chapin

The major ground component of the active Marine Corps Reserve is the 4th Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force. The combat record of this division in World War II was exemplary; in the short space of one year it participated in four major amphibious assaults and won two presidential citations. The interest in its battle record among the reservists who now serve in its ranks has prompted the republication of this brief history, originally published in August 1945 and reprinted in 1974. This new reprint contains a brief history of the reserve 4th Division, written by Colonel Joseph B. Ruth, USMCR, a former member of the 25th Marines. Also included are copies of the division's lineage and honors, a list of its commanders, and a list of its units and their locations.The author of the 1945 history, then First Lieutenant John C. Chapin, served in the 3d Battalion, 24th Marines of the 4th Division. Assigned to the Historical Division when he recovered from wounds received in combat in Saipan, he completed this history and a similar one of the 5th Marine Division before his release from active duty.--E.H. Simmons, Brigadier General, U. S. Marine Corps (Ret.), Director of Marine Corps History and Museums

Translating Popular Film

by Carol O'Sullivan 2011

A ground-breaking study of the roles played by foreign languages in film and television and their relationship to translation. The book covers areas such as subtitling and the homogenising use of English, and asks what are the devices used to represent foreign languages on screen?

Transatlantic Defence Procurement

by Luke R. A. Butler

This volume constitutes the first ever attempt to establish a basis for comparative research on defence procurement regulation. For decades there has been repeated emphasis on the extent to which barriers to trade in Europe and the US prevent a more competitive defence market. Transatlantic Defence Procurement offers a first analysis of the potential impact of defence procurement regulation itself as a barrier to trade between the US and EU. Part I examines the external dimension of a new EU Defence Procurement Directive, focusing on its implications for third countries, in particular the US. Part II examines foreign access and treatment under US law. Part III maps a future research agenda that is essential for a more systematic understanding of legal barriers to transatlantic defence trade. The book provides context for future initiatives, ranging from reformed market access arrangements to a Defence Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and beyond.

Structure And Function In Primitive Society:Essays and Addresses

by A. R. Radcliffe-Brown

This book shows the development of the thought of a distinguished anthropologist for the last twenty-five years, and at the same time illustrate some of the more important changes in the orientation of social anthropology, with which Professor Radcliffe-Brown was so intimately associated during this period. These essays have also demonstrated their value in the training of graduate students in major centres for social anthropology.

Speaking as Women Leaders

by Haleema A’ali Judith Baxter

This book offers new insights on how senior business women in Middle Eastern and Western companies use language for effective leadership in their respective management meetings. The book explores six case studies of women leaders, three in UK companies and three in a Bahraini company. The authors analyse meeting and transcript data to show that, in both cultural contexts, the women negotiate a range of gendered discourses such as 'hierarchy and status' and 'masculinisation' in order to manage their teams with authority and skill. The book challenges received wisdom about the opportunities and constraints each cultural context offers women in public life. While the UK women are constrained by chronic change and uncertainty in performing their roles effectively, the Bahraini women are far better supported by their bosses, yet are constrained by patriarchal assumptions of what constitutes effective leadership. The book demonstrates the use of Feminist Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis (FPDA), which is applied by scholars worldwide yet has relatively few published models of practice.

Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!

by Mariska Van Aalst Jillian Michaels

Does it feel as if you’re fighting your body to lose even one pound—or just to maintain your current weight? Respected health and wellness expert and bestselling author Jillian Michaels has been there, too. So she consulted top experts in the field of metabolism and discovered that she’d inadvertently been abusing her endocrine system for years. After “fixing” her own metabolism, she decided to share what she learned by devising this simple, 3-phase plan that engages all the weight-loss hormones (including the friendly HGH, testosterone, DHEA; and the not-so-friendly: insulin, cortisol, and excess estrogen). In Master Your Metabolism, discover how to:•REMOVE “anti-nutrients” from your diet•RESTORE foods that speak directly to fat-burning genes •REBALANCE energy and your hormones for effortless weight lossMichaels offers a wealth of information throughout, including: shopping lists and online shopping resources, hormone-trigger food charts, how to eat “power nutrient” foods on a budget, smart strategies for eating out, quick and easy recipes, as well as mini-programs for addressing PMS, andropause, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and menopause.From the Hardcover edition.

Animal Suffering: Philosophy and Culture

by Elisa Aaltola

Exploring how animal suffering is made meaningful within Western ramifications, the book investigates themes such as skepticism concerning non-human experience, cultural roots of compassion, and contemporary approaches to animal ethics. At its center is the pivotal question: What is the moral significance of animal suffering?

Muslims and Jews in America

by Aaron J. Hahn Tapper Reza Aslan

This book is an exploration of contemporary Jewish-Muslim relations in the United States and the distinct ways in which these two communities interact with one another in the American context. Each essay discusses a different episode from the recent twentieth and current twenty-first century American milieu that links these two groups together.

Essential Elements For Effectiveness: Optimal Functioning Through Positive Psychology

by Juan R. Abascal Dominic Brucato Patricia Stephenson Lauren Brucato

Beyond a psychology book, this is a guide for getting through life in one piece with a smile. No matter what you want to be or where you want to go, this is a must have.

Scent of Sicily

by Emanuela E. Abbadessa

An impossible love, a noble, expansive Sicily, and a musical demon. A passionate novel with the power of a classic.Luigi has no worldly experience when, possessing only a few rags and the gift of an extraordinary tenor singing voice, he arrives in Sicily to seek his fortune. At the docks, as the crowd pushes him onto the gangway, he hears a sound emanating from a large black shape. It is a grand piano, and his instinct tells him to follow it.Hidden between the legs of the instrument, he arrives in a wagon at Capo Scirocco, with its elegant buildings and great baroque theatre. Having spent the night without shelter, he is famished and exhausted--but before long, he encounters the warm-hearted Rita Agnello, a rich widow and rare beauty who welcomes him into her home. Months go by and Luigi learns to live like a young nobleman at the side of Donna Rita. He feels at ease in the salons of Capo Scirocco, delighting in the warm wind for which the city was named--and which they say drives women wild. Even Rita seems different now--more lively and graceful.Then one day, Luigi discovers that the piano he caught sight of upon his arrival belongs to Anna, the daughter of a citrus-fruit merchant. Every evening, he listens to it from the street and dreams of singing. He is growing up, becoming a man . . . almost. When the scirocco blows, two women are too many to be on one young man's mind.

Liberalism and Human Suffering

by Asma Abbas

This book investigates the sources and implications of our encounters with suffering in contemporary politics and culture, exploring the forces that determine how suffering matters. It counters liberalism's distorting domestications of human suffering, which are most acute in its politics of redress through justice, the law, representation and inclusion. Radically rethinking the subjectivity of sufferers and arguing that our experience of the world is not prior to or outside of justice, but constitutive of it, the book recuperates a materialist politics that emphasizes sensuous activity, reclaims representation, and honors "the labor of suffering. ""

Ozone Hole

by Tasneem Abbasi S. A. Abbasi

This book underscores the re-emergence of the ozone hole problem and deals with it in its current context of exacerbating global warming. It traces the history of the ozone hole from the stage of formation of the stratospheric ozone 'layer', millions of years ago, into the late 20th century when the anthropogenic destruction of that ozone was discovered. The chapters are written to bring the the reader up to the present day. Factors that influence stratospheric ozone are discussed and the ways to halt ozone depletion are cataloged. And more complex interrelationships are being discovered between ozone depletion and two other global concerns: climate change and ocean acidification. This book sheds light on the intricacy of the situation and its portants. The book will be useful to students and researchers looking for a current overview of the ozone hole problem.

The Theatre Of Naomi Wallace

by Erica Stevens Abbitt Scott T. Cummings

Naomi Wallace, an American playwright based in Britain, is one of the more original and provocative voices in contemporary theatre. Her poetic, erotically-charged, and politically engaged plays have been seen in London's West End, off-Broadway, at the Com#65533;die-Fran#65533;aise, in regional and provincial theaters, and on college campuses around the world. Known for their intimate, sensual encounters examining the relationship between identity and power, Wallace's works have attracted a wide range of theatre practitioners, including such important directors as Dominic Dromgoole, Ron Daniels, Jo Bonney, and Kwame Kwei-Armah. Drawing on scholars, activists, historians, and theatre artists in the United States, Canada, Britain, and the Middle East, this anthology of essays presents a comprehensive overview of Wallace's body of work that will be of use to theatre practitioners, students, scholars, and educators alike.

Haiti: A Shattered Nation

by Elizabeth Abbott

Haiti: A Shattered Nation is the definitive inside account of a country perpetually in headlines and in conflict. Renowned author Elizabeth Abbott, who lived and wrote in Haiti, begins with the notorious Duvaliers—father and son—and explores their legacy to the present day. In 1803, the enslaved people of Haiti vanquished their French masters after a bloody war which left tens of thousands dead. Since then, the Haitian people have endured more than one corrupt regime that drove millions into exile, cowed those who remained, and tortured hundreds of thousands. In this revised and updated edition, Abbott ably shows how the early dictators’ legacy shaped modern Haiti as she traces the repercussions of their actions to the present day, and the disastrous earthquake that shook the world.

Mistresses: a History of the Other Woman

by Elizabeth Abbott

She has been called the "kept woman," the "fancy woman," and the "other woman." She exists as both a fictional character and as a flesh-and-blood human being. But who is she, really? Why do women become mistresses, and what is it like to have a private life that is usually also a secret life? Is a mistress merely a wife-in-waiting, or is she the ver y definition of the emancipated, independent female? Elizabeth Abbott intelligently examines the motives and morals of some of history's most infamous and fascinating women, from antiquity to today. Drawing intimate portraits of those who have--by chance, coercion, or choice--assumed this complex role, Mistresses offers a rich blend of personal biography and cultural insight.

Sugar: A Bittersweet History

by Elizabeth Abbott

Sugar: A Bittersweet History is a compelling and surprising look at the sweet commodity, from how it Africanized the cane fields of the Caribbean to how it fuelled the Industrial Revolution and jumpstarted the fast-food revolution. The book explores the hidden stories behind this sweet product, revealing how powerful American interests deposed Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii, how Hitler tried to ensure a steady supply of beet sugar when enemies threatened to cut off Germany's supply of overseas cane sugar, and how South Africa established a domestic ethanol industry in the wake of anti-apartheid sugar embargos. The book follows the history of sugar to the present day, showing how sugar made eating on the run socially acceptable and played an integral role in today's fast food culture and obesity epidemic. Impressively researched and commandingly written, Sugar will forever change perceptions of this sweet treat.

How to Make It: 25 Makers Share the Secrets to Building a Creative Business

by Erin Austen Abbott

This is the ultimate tell-all, show-all guide to making a living by making things. Featuring 25 profiles of illustrators, jewelry designers, ceramicists, painters, clothing designers, and printmakers, How to Make It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the daily rituals and best practices that keep these creative entrepreneurs on track. With Q & As, insider tips, and DIYs from each maker, these pages offer guidance and encouragement to artists just starting their careers and to professionals looking to take their creative business to the next level. Brimming with practical advice and inspiration, this book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in making it as a maker.

Jane Dolinger

by Lawrence Abbott

For almost forty years, Jane Dolinger traveled the world and wrote about her adventures, from the Amazon jungle to the sands of the Sahara. She produced eight books and more than a thousand articles between 1955 and 1995, and she also earned a reputation as a glamorous celebrity and model. Jane Dolinger was an anomaly in her time, a dynamic and attractive woman with an impressive literary talent, a woman who lived and documented a most unconventional and inspirational life. Sometimes controversial but always outstanding, Jane was a pioneer among women and writers. Here for the first time, her life and work are studied in a thoroughly researched yet entertaining literary biography.

Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

by Martin Abbott Mahindra Morar James Corbould Gyanendra Kumar Gautam Abhishek Kumar

Unleash the power of serverless integration with Azure About This Book • Build and support highly available and scalable API Apps by learning powerful Azure-based cloud integration • Deploy and deliver applications that integrate seamlessly in the cloud and quickly adapt as per your integration needs • Deploy hybrid applications that work and integrate on the cloud (using Logic Apps and BizTalk Server) Who This Book Is For This book is for Microsoft Enterprise developers, DevOps, and IT professionals who would like to use Azure App Service and Microsoft Cloud Integration technologies to create cloud-based web and mobile apps. What You Will Learn • Explore new models of robust cloud integration in Microsoft Azure • Create your own connector and learn how to publish and manage it • Build reliable, scalable, and secure business workflows using Azure Logic Apps • Simplify SaaS connectivity with Azure using Logic Apps • Connect your on-premises system to Azure securely • Get to know more about Logic Apps and how to connect to on-premises “line-of-business” applications using Microsoft BizTalk Server In Detail Microsoft is focusing heavily on Enterprise connectivity so that developers can build scalable web and mobile apps and services in the cloud. In short, Enterprise connectivity from anywhere and to any device. These integration services are being offered through powerful Azure-based services. This book will teach you how to design and implement cloud integration using Microsoft Azure. It starts by showing you how to build, deploy, and secure the API app. Next, it introduces you to Logic Apps and helps you quickly start building your integration applications. We'll then go through the different connectors available for Logic Apps to build your automated business process workflow. Further on, you will see how to create a complex workflow in Logic Apps using Azure Function. You will then add a SaaS application to your existing cloud applications and create Queues and Topics in Service Bus on Azure using Azure Portal. Towards the end, we'll explore event hubs and IoT hubs, and you'll get to know more about how to tool and monitor the business workflow in Logic Apps. Using this book, you will be able to support your apps that connect to data anywhere—be it in the cloud or on-premises. Style and approach This practical hands-on tutorial shows you the full capability of App Service and other Azure-based integration services to build scalable and highly available web and mobile apps. It helps you successfully build and support your applications in the cloud or on-premises successfully. We'll debunk the popular myth that switching to cloud is risky—it's not!

The Little Men

by Megan Abbott

In 1953, Penny is just another washed-up, wannabe Hollywood actress who is past her prime. She has settled in to a quiet lifestyle, and when she finds a low-rent bungalow in Canyon Arms, it's a dream come true; Penny takes to the place instantly. But the dream cottage with its French doors and tiled courtyard may not be as perfect as it seems. Penny's new neighbors start filling her head with stories about past tenants, whispering voices, and a suicide that may not have been a suicide at all. Soon enough, Penny starts hearing strange noises and she can't help but wonder about the true fate of the bookseller who died in her home a dozen years earlier. Her suspicions are only fueled by the ominous inscription that she discovers in a book that's closely guarded by her landlord. . . .

Bad Presidents

by Philip Abbott

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are always at the top of presidential rankings. But what about those presidents who consistently appear at or near the bottom of these lists? Based on the insights found in Shakespeare's treatment of two bad kings, Abbott identifies two kinds of bad presidents and examines the case for including eleven in this category. In each case study, from John Tyler to Richard Nixon (and possibly George W. Bush), he finds a tipping point that places them in this unenviable category. Abbott concludes by discussing why we elected these bad presidents in the first place and how we might avoid adding future bad presidents to the list.

Recent Advances in Stem Cells

by Essam M. Abdelalim

This volume explores recent advances in the use of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and adult stem cells (ASCs) in basic and clinical applications. The chapters discuss use of PSCs for drug screening, genome editing, modeling of kidney, motor neuron diseases, and diabetes as well as their application in cancer; ASCs are discussed in the contexts of banking of umbilical cord stem cells, use of multipotential stromal cells (MSCs) for bone repair, cellular interactions during fracture repair stages, and therapeutic applications of neural crest stem cells and lung stem cells. The text is organized by sections dealing with PSCs and ASCs specifically, presenting the reader with a comprehensive examination of both these forms of stem cells. Expertly authored and drawing from a wealth of international perspectives, Recent Advances in Stem Cells: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications presents a succinct yet detailed review of cutting-edge research in this rapidly expanding field. This installment of Springer's Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine series is essential reading for academics, researchers, and clinicians in the fields of cell biology, genetics, nephrology, osteology, oncology, and pulmonology.

Nudge Theory in Action

by Sherzod Abdukadirov

This collection challenges the popular but abstract concept of nudging, demonstrating the real-world application of behavioral economics in policy-making and technology. Groundbreaking and practical, it considers the existing political incentives and regulatory institutions that shape the environment in which behavioral policy-making occurs, as well as alternatives to government nudges already provided by the market. The contributions discuss the use of regulations and technology to help consumers overcome their behavioral biases and make better choices, considering the ethical questions of government and market nudges and the uncertainty inherent in designing effective nudges. Four case studies - on weight loss, energy efficiency, consumer finance, and health care - put the discussion of the efficiency of nudges into concrete, recognizable terms. A must-read for researchers studying the public policy applications of behavioral economics, this book will also appeal to practicing lawmakers and regulators.

Advances in 3D Geoinformation

by Alias Abdul-Rahman

The book presents a collection of accepted papers from the 3DGeoinfo 2015 international conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from October 28 - 30, 2015. All papers underwent double-blind review by experts from around the globe. The conference brought together pioneering international researchers and practitioners to facilitate the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of 3D geo-information. The focus areas include: - Data Collection and Modeling: advanced approaches for 3D data collection, reconstruction and methods for representation - Data Management: topological, geometrical and network models for maintenance of 3D geoinformation - Data Analysis and Visualization: frameworks for representing 3D spatial relationships, 3D spatial analysis and algorithms for navigation, interpolation, advanced VR, AR and MR visualisation, as well as 3D visualization on mobile devices - 3D Applications: city models, Cadastre, LBS, etc.

Forests in Time: The Environmental Consequences of 1,000 Years of Change in New England

by John D. Aber David R. Foster

This important book relates the history of natural and human-induced changes that have occurred in the past one thousand years in New England and explores the modern ecology of this largely forested landscape. Written by leading biological, physical, and social scientists, the book uniquely demonstrates that an understanding of landscape history is essential for the study of ecology and environmental management.

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