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Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic

by Terry Jones

In this thoroughly satisfying and completely disorienting novel based on a story line by Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Terry Jones recounts an unforgettable tale of intergalactic travel and mishap. The saga of "the ship that cannot possibly go wrong" sparkles with wit, danger, and confusion that will keep readers guessing which reality they are in and how, on earth, to find their way out again.At the center of the galaxy, a vast, unknown civilization is preparing for an event of epic proportions: the launching of the greatest, most gorgeous, most technologically advanced Starship ever built-the Starship Titanic. An earthling would see it as a mixture of the Chrysler Building, the tomb of Tutankhamen, and Venice. But less provincial onlookers would recognize it as the design of Leovinus, the galaxy's most renowned architect. He is an old man now, and the creation of the Starship Titanic is the pinnacle achievement of his twenty-year career. The night before the launch, Leovinus is prowling around the ship having a last little look. With mounting alarm he begins to find things are not right: unfinished workmanship, cybersystems not working correctly, robots colliding with doors. How could this have happened? And how could this have happened without his knowing?Something somewhere is terribly wrong.On the following day, in an artificial event staged for the media, the Starship Titanic will leave its construction dock under autopilot and, a few days later, make its way to the terminal to pick up passengers for its maiden voyage. Although the ship will be deserted during its very first flight, it is nevertheless a major event, watched by all the galaxy's media.Hugely, magnificently, the fabulous ship eases its way forward from the construction dock, picks up speed, sways a bit, wobbles a bit, veers wildly, and just before it can do massive damage to everything around it, appears to undergo SMEF (Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure).In just ten seconds, the whole, stupendous enterprise is over. And our story has just begun.Somehow three earthlings, one Blerontin journalist, a semideranged parrot, and a shipful of disoriented robots must overcome their differences. It's the only way to save the Starship Titanic ("The Ship That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong") from certain destruction and rescue the economy of an entire planet-not to mention to survive the latest threat, an attack by a swarm of hostile shipbuilders. . . .From the Hardcover edition.

Plant Life

by Pamela Duncan

Her luminous first novel,Moon Women, won the hearts of both readers and critics, who called it “richly textured. . . a pleasure to be savored by a writer to watch. ” (Kirkus Reviews) Now Pamela Duncan returns to the rich landscape of the human heart with a lush, resonant novel about mothers and daughters, about family and friendship, about a woman at a turning point in her life and the extraordinary world she discovers in a place called home… It’s Christmastime in Russell, North Carolina. For Laurel Granger, the holiday can’t pass quickly enough. With her fifteen-year marriage ending, the visit to her hometown is bound to be even more painful than usual. And the worst part will be looking at the lives of her mother, Pansy, and Pansy’s gossipy group of friends, for whom life revolves around the plant, the aging textile mill where for decades they have found companionship, a modest livelihood, and a purpose. But with her own marriage disintegrating—the full scope of the disaster hasn’t become clear to her yet—Laurel has nowhere else to turn except Russell, and to the women of the plant. And soon what Laurel begins to see is not the stifling town she couldn’t wait to leave, nor women whose lives seem petty and plain, but a place where powerful secrets have been kept. . . where hearts and lives have been broken. . . and where a group of extraordinary women may have a thing or two to teach her about life. Most of all, as Laurel starts to live and even love a little again, she is faced with her mother, and her mother before her, and what their complex relationship has meant for Laurel all these years. Weaving together the voices of several remarkable women across generations, Pamela Duncan tells a story of faith and forgiveness, acts of love and acts of betrayal. With the same artful brushstrokes that madeMoon Womena wonder, Duncan paints a masterful portrait of seemingly ordinary lives, and of what it means to grow a life and a future—in the rich soil of the past.

The Indian Equator: Mark Twain's India Revisited

by Ian Strathcarron

"Dear me! It is a strange world. Particularly the Indian division of it." Mark Twain's quip arose in the course of an around-the-world lecture tour. Driven by financial necessity, the famed humorist and student of human nature undertook a year-long series of far-flung engagements that would provide both ready cash and the material for one of his most successful books: Following the Equator, which recounts the author's experiences during a two-and-a-half-month sojourn through India.A century after the publication of Following the Equator, Ian Strathcarron re-creates Twain's itinerary. Strathcarron -- who followed Twain's journey through the Middle East in a previous travel book, Innocence and War -- begins in Bombay, faithfully retracing his predecessor's steps through Benares, Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi, Lahore, and other stops along the Grand Tour of 1896. The modern-day writer offers fascinating insights into the region's timeless qualities as well as the rampant changes that have occurred in the course of the past century.

Mirror of Destiny

by Andre Norton

Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree and Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton's books have sold millions of copies worldwide.The king's lottery has determined that Twilla, a young orphaned apprentice of a renowned wise woman, must marry--for only the wedded can survive the terrible fate awaiting those who penetrate the primeval forest. Altered by a talisman of great power, she escapes her unwanted lot and joins a commander's tragically blinded son on a remarkable journey from peril to peril. For they are the chosen who must rescue the vanquished of an ancient war of magic's . . . and shape the destiny of a bloody, disputed land.

How To Cook Everything The Basics

by Mark Bittman

All You Need to Make Great Food

España, Europa y el mundo de ultramar (1500-1800)

by John H. Elliott

John H. Elliott, el más prestigioso hispanista británico, reflexiona con estos ensayos, charlas y artículos sobre la política, la cultura y las ideas en Europa y el mundo colonial. Autor de algunos de los trabajos más influyentes sobre el mundo hispánico, Elliott siempre ha sabido analizar la historia de España y el mundo hispánico con una mirada original y profunda, y es autor de algunos de los trabajos más influyentes en este campo. Este volumen recoge escritos que reflejan sus investigaciones más recientes y su pensamiento sobre la política, el arte, la cultura y las ideas en Europa y el mundo colonial entre 1500 y 1800. El libro contiene catorce ensayos, charlas y artículos de impresionante calado y frescura, escritos con el característico brío de Elliott. Organizado en torno a tres ejes -los comienzos de la Europa moderna, la expansión europea en ultramar y la obra y contexto histórico de El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens y Van Dyck-, este volumen ofrece una excelente visión de conjunto de los temas que han centrado el interés de Elliott a lo largo de una carrera distinguida por su brillantez y espíritu innovador. Reseña:«Elliott es infatigable en su investigación, global en su visión, magistral en la organización del material e infalible identificando las evidencias más reveladoras o representativas. En resumen, su labor académica es lo más cercano a la perfección que se puede encontrar.»Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Four Great Restoration Comedies

by William Wycherley

When England's theaters reopened in 1660, 18 years after being closed by an act of Parliament, audiences embraced the witty and satirical dialogue spoken by "plain folks" characters--it was a new era in drama. The four comedy classics featured in this one convenient collection are typical of the works popularized during one of the most exciting and innovative periods in English theater.Brimming with bawdy and satirical comedies and rampant with notorious womanizers, amorous adventure, and marital discord are works by William Wycherley (The Country Wife), Sir George Etherege (The Man of Mode), Aphra Behn (The Rover), and Sir John Vanbrugh (The Relapse).

Imperios del mundo atlántico: España y Gran Bretaña en América (1492-1830)

by John H. Elliott

El relato definitivo de la épica colonización europea de las Américas. Durante siglos, españoles y británicos levantaron sus respectivos imperios coloniales en América sobre las ruinas de las civilizaciones que encontraron y destruyeron al llegar allí. En más de una ocasión los historiadores han comparado ambas experiencias. Sin embargo, este libro es el primero en el que se hace esa comparación de los imperios americanos de España y Gran Bretaña de una forma sistemática desde sus inicios hasta el final del dominio español en América a comienzos del siglo XIX. El prestigioso historiador John H. Elliott identifica y explica tanto las similitudes como las diferencias que se dieron en el proceso colonizador, en el carácter de las sociedades coloniales, en los estilos distintivos del gobierno imperial, y en el desarrollo de los movimientos que condujeron a la independencia. Elliott estudia cómo las estructuras políticas, económicas y sociales de la América española de la británica acabaron pareciéndose a pesar de los rasgos que las separaban, y cómo todavía influyen en la América del siglo XXI. Con el estilo claro pero riguroso que caracteriza al autor, se abordan aquí los temas fundamentales del fenómeno de la colonización: el interés por los imperios, en boga en la época; el ángulo comparativo (el imperio británico y el español, América del Norte y América del Sur); el encuentro imperial y la resistencia local. En conjunto, un análisis experto en el que se combina la investigación en profundidad con una narración de lectura apasionante.

The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director

by Thomas Chippendale

Thomas Chippendale (1718-79) was the most famous and most skilled of England's master cabinet-makers. So synonymous with excellence in design and craftsmanship was he that his name has been given to the most splendid period of English furniture design.In 1774, Chippendale issued a catalogue of all his designs, a magnificent compilation of 160 engraved plates representing the prevailing furniture styles, particularly the French (Louis XXV), Gothic, and Chinese-manner pieces for which he was best known. The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director, the most important and thorough catalogue of furniture designs that had ever been published in England, was enormously influential, spreading quickly throughout the Continent and the colonies and guiding the style and construction of furniture everywhere. A second edition was formed the following year, and a third in 1762. Today this classic collection is a very rare and highly valued work.This volume is an unaltered and unabridged republication of the 1762 edition of The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. The articles of furniture depicted are extremely varied: chairs, sofas, canopy and dome beds, window cornices, breakfast tables, shaving tables, commodes, chamber organs, cabinets, candle stands, cisterns, chimney pieces, picture frames, frets, and other decorations. The plates contain elegant drawings that show the unique combination of solidity of construction and lightness and grace that was the Chippendale trademark, along with many construction diagrams, elevations, and enlargements of moldings and other details. In addition to the plates, this volume also includes a supplement of photographs of sixteenth-century Chippendale-style pieces, including some executed by Chippendale, complete captions to the photos, and a short biographical sketch of Chippendale by N. I. Bienenstock, editor of Furniture World.The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director is an indispensable guide for antiquarians, furniture dealers, and collectors, and a treasury of ideas for today's designers. Art lovers and other readers will also find it a delightful browsing book.

Neo-Classical Furniture Designs: A Reprint of Thomas King's "Modern Style of Cabinet Work Exemplified," 1829

by Thomas King

Influential guide displays over 300 Grecian designs: fire screens, sofas, couches, chairs, footstools, commodes, sideboards, washstands, bedsteads,and many other items.

Engravings by Hogarth

by William Hogarth

Rake's Progress, Harlot's Progress, Ilustrations for Hudibras, Before and After, Beer Street, and Gin Lane, 96 more. Commentary by Sean Shesgreen.

Empire’s Twin: U.S. Anti-imperialism from the Founding Era to the Age of Terrorism

by Ian Tyrrell Jay Sexton

Across the course of American history, imperialism and anti-imperialism have been awkwardly paired as influences on the politics, culture, and diplomacy of the United States. The Declaration of Independence, after all, is an anti-imperial document, cataloguing the sins of the metropolitan government against the colonies. With the Revolution, and again in 1812, the nation stood against the most powerful empire in the world and declared itself independent. As noted by Ian Tyrrell and Jay Sexton, however, American "anti-imperialism was clearly selective, geographically, racially, and constitutionally." Empire's Twin broadens our conception of anti-imperialist actors, ideas, and actions; it charts this story across the range of American history, from the Revolution to our own era; and it opens up the transnational and global dimensions of American anti-imperialism. By tracking the diverse manifestations of American anti-imperialism, this book highlights the different ways in which historians can approach it in their research and teaching. The contributors cover a wide range of subjects, including the discourse of anti-imperialism in the Early Republic and Civil War, anti-imperialist actions in the U.S. during the Mexican Revolution, the anti-imperial dimensions of early U.S. encounters in the Middle East, and the transnational nature of anti-imperialist public sentiment during the Cold War and beyond. Contributors: Laura Belmonte, Oklahoma State University; Robert Buzzanco, University of Houston; Julian Go, Boston University; Alan Knight, University of Oxford; Ussama Makdisi, Rice University; Erez Manela, Harvard University; Peter Onuf, Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, Monticello, and University of Virginia; Jeffrey Ostler, University of Oregon; Patricia Schechter, Portland State University; Jay Sexton, University of Oxford; Ian Tyrrell, University of New South Wales

The Built-Up Ship Model

by Charles G. Davis

This highly detailed, superbly illustrated manual introduces serious model builders to the hand crafting of ship models from the bottom up, exactly as real ships were traditionally built in shipyards. Clearly, and with painstaking care, every step of construction is explained, from laying the keel to the last details of masting and rigging.For this book, the author chose as a model the 16-gun United States brig Lexington, a merchant vessel converted to military use in 1773, and a veteran of two years of active service in the Revolution. To ensure complete accuracy and to alert readers to possible problems and pitfalls along the way, the author, a naval architect and master model builder, constructed the model as he wrote the book.Photographs illustrate the day-to-day work in progress, so that ship model builders can check their work against Davis's own replica. In addition, over 100 drawings show in detail correct implementation of the more complex instructions. In his introduction, Charles Davis chronicles the exciting career of the Lexington, and the role it played in America's fight for freedom.A classic in its field, The Built-Up Ship Model is not a book for beginners; rather, it is an expert guide aimed at model builders with experience, patience, and a passion for building "the real thing." The reward: an heirloom-quality ship model as beautiful as it is authentic in every detail.

A Narrative of Ethan Allen's Captivity: Containing His Voyages and Travels

by Ethan Allen John Pell Will Crawford

The well-known patriot and leader of the Green Mountain Boys was arrested by the British in 1775 during a failed attempt to capture Montreal. Imprisoned aboard Royal Navy ships, paroled in New York City, and finally released in a 1778 prisoner exchange, Ethan Allen offers a stirring firsthand account of the early years of the Revolutionary War.

The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs

by Ed. Weinberger Ed Asner

In the tradition of Al Franken and Michael Moore, Ed Asner—a.k.a. Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore Show—reclaims the Constitution from the right-wingers who think that they and only they know how to interpret it.Ed Asner, a self-proclaimed dauntless Democrat from the old days, figured that if the right-wing wackos are wrong about voter fraud, Obama’s death panels, and climate change, they are probably just as wrong about what the Constitution says. There’s no way that two hundred-plus years later, the right-wing ideologues know how to interpret the Constitution. On their way home from Philadelphia the people who wrote it couldn’t agree on what it meant. What was the president’s job? Who knew? All they knew was that the president was going to be George Washington and as long as he was in charge, that was good enough. When Hamilton wanted to start a national bank, Madison told him that it was unconstitutional. Both men had been in the room when the Constitution was written. And now today there are politicians and judges who claim that they know the original meaning of the Constitution. Are you kidding? In The Grouchy Historian, Ed Asner leads the charge for liberals to reclaim the Constitution from the right-wingers who use it as their justification for doing whatever terrible thing they want to do, which is usually to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. It’s about time someone gave them hell and explained that progressives can read, too.

The First American Cookbook: A Facsimile of "American Cookery," 1796

by Amelia Simmons

This facsimile of the first American-written cookbook published in the United States is not only a first in cookbook literature, but a historic document. It reveals the rich variety of food Colonial Americans enjoyed, their tastes, cooking and eating habits, even their colorful language.Author Amelia Simmons worked as a domestic in Colonial America and gathered her cookery expertise from firsthand experience. Her book points out the best ways of judging the quality of meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc., and presents the best methods of preparing and cooking them. In choosing fish, poultry, and other meats, the author wisely advises, "their smell denotes their goodness." Her sound suggestions for choosing the freshest and most tender onions, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, asparagus, lettuce, cabbage, beans, and other vegetables are as timely today as they were nearly 200 years ago.Here are the first uniquely American recipes using corn meal -- Indian pudding, "Johnny cake," and Indian slapjacks -- as well as the first recipes for pumpkin pudding, winter squash pudding, and for brewing spruce beer. The words "cookie" and "slaw" made their first published appearance in this book. You'll also find the first recommended use of pearlash (the forerunner of baking powder) to lighten dough, as well as recommendations for seasoning stuffing and roasting beef, mutton, veal, and lamb -- even how to dress a turtle.Along with authentic recipes for colonial favorites, a Glossary includes definitions of antiquated cooking terms: pannikin, wallop, frumenty, emptins, and more. And Mary Tolford Wilson's informative Introductory Essay provides the culinary historical background needed to appreciate this important book fully.Anyone who uses and collects cookbooks will want to have The First American Cookbook. Cultural historians, Americana buffs, and gourmets will find this rare edition filled with interesting recipes and rich in early American flavor.

El conseguidor

by Guillermo Valcárcel

Un encargo sencillo, un misterioso reloj y una lucha desesperada por seguir con vidaDesde hace tiempo la compraventa de objetos de arte en el mundo que rodea al madrileño mercadillo de El Rastro ya no es lo que era. Jota, uno de los conseguidores míticos --'conseguidor', aquel que es capaz de obtener cualquier objeto, por métodos no siempre legales, que satisfaga el ansia coleccionista de alguien dispuesto a pagar--, lo sabe. Le cuesta mucho encontrar trabajos decentes pecuniariamente hablando y debe sobrevivir a base de engaños y trapicheos. Por eso se sorprende cuando Clara Morgades, una de las anticuarias más reputadas del gremio, lo cita para encargarle una búsqueda muy bien remunerada y simple de ejecutar. Tiene que encontrar un reloj y para ello solo cuenta con una serie de fotografías. Lo que en apariencia es un trabajo sencillo lo lleva a sumergirse en el enmarañado mundo de la falsificación y el coleccionismo, en su lado más oscuro, turbio y violento. Un juego de venganzas en el que nada es lo que parece y en el que deberá enfrentarse a su pasado para conseguir su verdadero objetivo: salvar la vida.Guillermo Valcárcel construye con maestría una novela atrayente que acelera el ritmo cardiaco y que dibuja un Madrid de lugares extraños, de piezas únicas, de delirios de coleccionista. Un entramado atípico, peculiar, en el que el engaño, la sospecha y la frustración se entremezclan en un juego de espejos que exige estar alerta.


by Patrick Buckley

Novela en la que Patrick Buckley, guionista de Cuéntame, nos ofrece un ameno relato de la España de los 60 y cómo la especulación inmobiliaria llegó a la costa española Un relato lleno de nostalgia, la historia agridulce de la España que fuimos 1960. La Dorada, un pequeño pueblo de la costa Brava, empieza a albergar turistas de toda Europa que descubren por primera vez las playas españolas. El profesor Gerald Fraser es uno de ellos. Después de llegar al pueblo y conocer a sus gentes, de un carácter tan distinto a la sofisticación de los veraneantes, Gerald se enamora del ambiente distendido y diferente que aloja el lugar y decide quedarse a vivir allí. Sin embargo, el contraste cultural y los nuevos aires extranjeros no solo traen modernidad sino también un cambio radical en el ecosistema costero: el boom inmobiliario. En este contexto, Gerardo, como le llaman sus nuevos vecinos, será espectador del cambio profundo de una sociedad atónita que el profesor defenderá e intentará salvar, junto a algunos de los pobladores, de la voracidad del negocio del ladrillo del que algunos intentan aprovecharse sin ningún escrúpulo. Con una voz narrativa en primera persona, descripciones y reflexiones llenas de lirismo y la visión del extranjero que aterriza en una cultura impresa por décadas de cerrazón y censura, Patrick Buckley, creador y guionista de la exitosa serie de televisión Cuéntame cómo pasó, nos traslada a un momento de nuestra historia cercana marcado por la inocencia de un país que emergía asustado a su libertad.

Democracy in America

by Alexis De Tocqueville

This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923. This IS NOT an OCR'd book with strange characters, introduced typographical errors, and jumbled words. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

The Red and the Black

by Stendhal Horace B. Samuel

A landmark in the development of psychological realism, Stendhal's masterpiece chronicles a young man's struggles with the dualities of his nature. Julien Sorel, a young dreamer from the provinces whose imagination is afire with Napoleonic ideals, sets off to make his fortune in Parisian society of Restoration France. His encounters and experiences along the way incite constant inner conflict, drawing him back and forth between sincerity and hypocrisy, idealism and cynicism, humility and pride, love and ambition.

Chart Patterns: After the Buy

by Thomas N. Bulkowski

Take chart patterns beyond buy triggers to increase profits and make better trades Chart Patterns: After the Buy goes beyond simple chart pattern identification to show what comes next. Author and stock trader Thomas Bulkowski is one of the industry's most respected authorities in technical analysis; for this book, he examined over 43,000 chart patterns to discover what happens after you buy the stock. His findings are detailed here, to help you select better buy signals, avoid disaster, and make more money. Bulkowski analyzed thousands of trades to identify common paths a stock takes after the breakout from a chart pattern. By combining those paths, he discovered the typical routes a stock takes, which he calls configurations. Match your chart to one of those configurations and you will know, before you buy, how your trade will likely perform. Now you can avoid potentially disastrous trades to focus on the big winners. Each chapter illustrates the behavior of a specific pattern. Identification guidelines help even beginners recognize common patterns, and expert analysis sheds light on the period of the stock's behavior that actually affects your investment. You'll discover ideal buy and sell setups, how to set price targets, and more, with almost 370 charts and illustrations to guide you each step of the way. Coverage includes the most common and popular patterns, but also the lesser-known ones like bad earnings surprises, price mirrors, price mountains, and straight-line runs. Whether you're new to chart patterns or an experienced professional, this book provides the insight you need to select better trades. Identify chart patterns Select better buy signals Predict future behavior Learn the best stop locations Knowing the pattern is one thing, but knowing how often a stop will trigger and how often you can expect a stock to reach its target price is another matter entirely--and it impacts your trade performance immensely. Chart Patterns: After the Buy is the essential reference guide to using chart patterns effectively throughout the entire life of the trade.

The Options Edge

by Mark W. Guthner Michael C. Khouw

Capture the fortune you're losing with every trade by learning to exploit options The Options Edge + Free Trial shows you how to capture the fortune you lose out on every day. Buying and selling traditional investments often entails instruments with optionality. Sometimes this optionality is explicit, while other times it is hidden. If you're not leveraging these embedded options to their fullest advantage, you're losing money. Most retail investors don't truly understand the nuances involved in successful options trading and instead rely on more comfortable instruments with fewer complex mechanics. If you're interested in optimizing your portfolio, it's time to step out of your comfort zone and learn what you've been missing. This book gives you the background you need to take full advantage of options in this booming market. The companion website features easy to use analytical tools that help investors find the best opportunities so you can start applying these methods right away. Whether or not you ultimately decide to start actively trading options, the concepts discussed will make you a better all-around trader with greater security in your financial affairs. Most investors buy and sell options every day without ever knowing it. This book relates stories of those who have leveraged options to make fortunes and those who have lost by not understanding the optionality of their financial endeavors. You must know the fundamentals of options, and then learn to recognize hidden options, in order to improve success in all of your investment activities. After taking these steps, you can go on to: Create hidden options at little or no cost Structure your finances to reduce risk and increase wealth Utilize a practical pricing model for smarter investing The listed options are currently the only growing exchange traded financial product in the developed markets, with a current average volume of 20 million contracts--equivalent to 2 billion shares--per day. Now is the perfect opportunity to fortify your finances, and The Options Edge + Free Trial gives you the understanding and practical tools you need to optimize your portfolio today.

La cultura. México (1808-1830)

by Brian Connaughton

Un completo panorama de la vida cultural e intelectual en México desde comienzos hasta casi mediado el siglo XIX. Una visión del horizonte creativo y de las obras más representativas de este período, así como de los aspectos esenciales en la actividad cultural y artística del país. La colección América Latina en la Historia Contemporánea es uno de los proyectos editoriales más importantes de las últimas décadas y una aportación original y novedosa a la historiografía sobre América Latina en la que han participado más de 400 historiadores de diversos países. Presenta una visión plural y accesible de la historia contemporánea de las naciones latinoamericanas -incluyendo aquellas otras, europeas o americanas, que más han aportado a su materialización- y revela las claves políticas, sociales, económicas y culturales que han determinado su trayectoria y el lugar en el mundo que hoy ocupan. Distinciones: Premio de la revista La Aventura dela Historia a la mejor iniciativa editorial

El historiador y su tiempo: Juan Pablo Fusi, un retrato inacabado

by Varios Autores

Juan Pablo Fusi. El historiador y su tiempo es un homenaje al célebre historiador realizado por colegas de profesión, discípulos y amigos. Juan Pablo Fusi es uno de los historiadores españoles más notables de nuestro tiempo. En su extensa obra, ha investigado temas fundamentales del pasado reciente. Sus libros sobre política obrera, el País Vasco, los nacionalismos o la historia de la cultura, entre otros, han aportado tesis esenciales a la historiografía española contemporánea. En sus últimos trabajos ha reivindicado y logrado una historia «de precisión», que escribe con idéntica pasión y fidelidad a su estilo habitual: invariablemente elegante, conciso y riguroso. Maestro e inspirador de historiadores de varias generaciones, más allá de su trabajo académico, Fusi destaca en su faceta de intelectual ético y comprometido, siempre atento a su tiempo. Este libro homenaje reúne las contribuciones de relevantes historiadores y ensayistas, colegas, discípulos y amigos suyos que recorren y analizan su trayectoria historiográfica. Abordan, además, pasajes de su biografía y de su vida profesional, conformando un retrato que en parte es el de toda una generación. La coordinación editorial de Juan Pablo Fusi. El historiador y su tiempo ha estado a cargo de:María Jesús González y Javier Ugarte Y los autores que han participado en su creación son:Mikel Aizpuru * José Álvarez Junco * Rodrigo de Balbín Behrmann * Ángeles Barrio Alonso * Shlomo Ben Ami * Justo Beramendi * Andrés de Blas Guerrero * Mercedes Cabrera * Francisco Calvo Serraller * Teresa Carnero * Luis Castells * María Cifuentes * Carlos Dardé * Maimen Díez Hoyo * Felipe Fernández-Armesto * José Luis García Delgado * Fernando García de Cortázar * Guadalupe Gómez-Ferrer Morant * Antonio Gómez Mendoza * Mercedes de la Fuente * Juana María González * José Luis de la Granja * Carmen Iglesias * Jon Juaristi * Santos Juliá * Juan José Laborda * Antonio López Vega * Joseba Louzao * Margaret MacMillan * Mira Milosevich * Ricardo Miralles * Antonio Niño * Ignacio Olábarri * Santiago de Pablo * Jordi Palafox * José Antonio Pérez * Florentino Portero * José María Portillo * Paul Preston * Antonio Rivera * Coro Rubio * Octavio Ruiz-Manjón * Rogelio Rubio * Jesús Sánchez Lambás * Fernando Savater * Juan José Solozábal * Manuel Suarez Cortina * Susanna Tavera * Gianni Toniolo * Patxo Unzueta * José Varela Ortega

México en el mundo (1808-1830)

by Jaime Edmundo Rodríguez Ordóñez

Un riguroso análisis del papel representado por México en la escena internacional durante una etapa clave de transformaciones, innovaciones e intensos cambios, tanto en Europa como en América, incluyendo las relaciones a veces complicadas con los países limítrofes. La colección América Latina en la Historia Contemporánea es uno de los proyectos editoriales más importantes de las últimas décadas y una aportación original y novedosa a la historiografía sobre América Latina en la que han participado más de 400 historiadores de diversos países. Presenta una visión plural y accesible de la historia contemporánea de las naciones latinoamericanas -incluyendo aquellas otras, europeas o americanas, que más han aportado a su materialización- y revela las claves políticas, sociales, económicas y culturales que han determinado su trayectoria y el lugar en el mundo que hoy ocupan. Distinciones:Premio de la revista La Aventura de la Historia a la mejor iniciativa editorial

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