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Barron's AP Psychology 6th Edition

by Robert Mcentarffer Allyson Weseley

This updated manual offers detailed preparation for the AP Psychology exam and includes: Updated content and test questions based on the most recent version of the AP Psychology course objectives Three full-length exams--one diagnostic test and two full-length practice tests All test questions answered and explained A review of all AP test topics, including research methods, the biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, cognition, personality, and treatment of disorders An abnormal psychology chapter completely overhauled to reflect the latest changes to the DSM Fifteen additional multiple-choice practice questions for each unit with explained answers An analysis of the test's essay section with a sample annotated essay The manual can be purchased alone or with an optional CD-ROM that presents two additional full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and fully explained answers. BONUS! An exclusive online exam included with the purchase of the book or the book with CD-ROM.

Barron's AP Computer Science A: (Seventh Edition)

by Roselyn Teukolsky

This updated manual presents computer science test takers with-- Three AP practice tests for the Level A course, including a diagnostic test Charts detailing the topics for each test question All test questions answered and explained A subject review covers static variables, the List interface, Integer. MAX_VALUE, and Integer. MIN_VALUE. The practice exams contain several new questions on two-dimensional arrays and reflect the new free-response style used on the 2012 AP exam. An optional book with CD-ROM presents two more model AP exams with answers, explanations, automatic scoring for multiple-choice questions, and a scoring chart. BONUS ONLINE PRACTICE TEST: Students who purchase this book or package will also get FREE access to one additional full-length online AP Computer Science A test with all questions answered and explained.

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4: Illustrated

by Sherry Bishop

Designed to meet the needs of users from a broad range of experience levels, ADOBE Dreamweaver CS4 - ILLUSTRATED equips your students with Dreamweaver basics?and well beyond?using the insightful, user-friendly format for which the Illustrated Series is known. Covering the nuts and bolts, new cutting-edge features, and everything in between, the text presents each skill on a succinct, easy-to-understand, two-page spread?making for focused and thorough instruction. Detailed coverage and innovative learning tools maximize user success! From novice to experienced, ADOBE Dreamweaver CS4 - ILLUSTRATED offers invaluable knowledge and insight to take users' skills to the next level.

Algebra and Trigonometry

by Ron Larson David C. Falvo

This market-leading text continues to provide students and instructors with sound, consistently structured explanations of the mathematical concepts. Designed for a two-term course, the new Eighth Edition retains the features that have made Algebra and Trigonometry a complete solution for both students and instructors: interesting applications, cutting-edge design, and innovative technology combined with an abundance of carefully written exercises.


by Ron Larson David C. Falvo

This market-leading book continues to provide students and instructors with sound, consistently structured explanations of the mathematical concepts. Designed for a one-term course that prepares users to study calculus, the new Eighth Edition retains the features that have made Trigonometry a complete solution for users: interesting applications, cutting-edge design, and innovative technology combined with an abundance of carefully written exercises.

Foundations of Astronomy

by Michael A. Seeds Dana E. Backman

Completely current with the newest developments from the field, FOUNDATIONS OF ASTRONOMY, 11e helps readers use astronomy to understand science--and use science to understand what we are. Fascinating and engaging, this text helps you answer two fundamental questions: What are we? And how do we know? This edition addresses the latest discoveries in the exciting study of astronomy, including information to emphasize observations over the entire electromagnetic spectrum; new data on star formation and stellar structure; new insight on global warming and ozone depletion; updated information on the Kuiper belt and dwarf planets; and much more.


by Eugene Silberstein

RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: HVAC 2nd edition delivers training materials with a hands-on practical approach. Based on NAHB/HBI Skill Standards developed by an advisory board of leading builders and educators, this full color, comprehensive text is intended for aspiring technicians and covers the installation, startup and service of residential air conditioning and heating systems. This new edition continues to present material as a theory then explains with how-to instructions while at the same time adhering to the NAHB/Home Builders Institute's Skills Standards for HVAC. Instructions contain step by step procedures with illustrations side by side with the description, giving clarity to the instructions. The first section explores matter, energy, heat and the basics of refrigeration with a view towards building a working knowledge of the behavior of heat and how it is transferred. Next, the start up and service section illustrates the steps that must be followed to make certain that airflow through the system is correct and the amount of refrigerant in the system is within the acceptable range. Finally the installation and service of oil, gas, electric and geothermal heating systems is covered as well as boilers, hydronic heating and radiant heating.

Milady Standard Cosmetology, Practical Workbook

by Lisha Barnes

The Practical Workbook contains detailed interactive exercises such as fill-in-the-blank and matching, designed to reinforce learning and increase student comprehension.

Milady Standard Cosmetology, Theory Workbook

by Milady

The Theory Workbook contains chapter-by-chapter exercises on theory subjects. Included are fill-in-the-blank exercises and illustration labeling exercises. Each workbook chapter begins with a study tip and ends with a list of vocabulary words from the corresponding chapter.

Milady Standard Cosmetology, Study Guide: The Essential Companion

by Letha Barnes

This full color study guide will help students recognize, understand, and retain the key concepts presented in each chapter of Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012. Student lead exercises minimize assistance from the educator. The Essential Companion provides six easy-to-follow features- Essential Objectives, Essential Subjects, Essential Concepts, Essential Exercises, Essential Review, and Essential Notes- that enables students to identify, comprehend, and retain the key concepts necessary for success in licensure and the professional environment.

Milady Standard Cosmetology

by Colleen Hennessey Douglas Schoon Frank Shipman John Halal Mark Lees Catherine M. Frangie Alisha Rimando Botero Bonnie Sanford Victoria Wurdinger Randy Ferman Jim Mcconnell Janet Mccormick Vicki Peters

Since 1938, the Milady Standard Cosmetology has been the premier textbook for Cosmetology education. Each subsequent edition has evolved with the changing styles of the era while maintaining a firm foundation in the basic procedures and applications of beauty culture that have endured for generations. Building upon the strong pedagogical features of previous editions, the Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012 is vibrant and colorful to capture the visual learner's interest and focus their attention on the subject matter which is the cornerstone of their education. The Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012 textbook takes advantage of the most sophisticated methods for relaying information, stimulating thought, aiding comprehension, and enhancing retention. This new edition contains a completely revised section on infection control principles and practices, new procedures, and revised and updated chapters written by industry experts, as well as step-by-step procedures demonstrated specifically for left-handed individuals. Educators and students have access to over twenty instructor tools and student supplements which greatly increase the chances for student success and make lesson planning simple. Each supplement has been tailored to fit the exact needs of the cosmetology student and match the changes made to the new edition. The Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012 is the basis for your students' success during their education and will continue to be a valuable resource as they progress through their careers.

Microsoft® Office 2010: Introductory

by Gary B. Shelly Misty E. Vermaat

Microsoft Office 2010: Introductory provides a project-based, step-by-step approach to teaching the Office 2010 applications.

Microsoft® Office® 2010, Advanced

by Gary B. Shelly Misty E. Vermaat

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010: ADVANCED provides a project-based, step-by-step approach to teaching the Office 2010 applications.

Computer Literacy BASICS: A Comprehensive Guide to IC3

by Dolores Wells Connie Morrison

Bring your computer literacy course back to the BASICS. COMPUTER LITERACY BASICS: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO IC3 provides an introduction to computer concepts and skills, which maps to the newest Computing Core Certification (IC3) standards. Designed with new learners in mind, this text covers Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online - everything your students need to ace the IC3 exam, and finish the course as confident computer users.

Microsoft® Word® 2010: Comprehensive

by Gary B. Shelly Misty E. Vermaat

Microsoft Office Word 2010: Comprehensive provides a project-based, step-by-step approach to successfully teach students Microsoft Word 2010 skills.

Microsoft® Excel® 2010, Comprehensive

by Gary B. Shelly Steven M. Freund Jeffrey J. Quasney Raymond E. Enger Mali B. Jones

Microsoft Office Excel 2010: Comprehensive provides a project-based, step-by-step approach to successfully teach students Microsoft Excel 2010 skills.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010, Comprehensive

by Gary B. Shelly Susan L. Sebok

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010: Comprehensive provides a project-based, step-by-step approach to successfully teach students Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 skills.

Media Now: Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology

by Joseph Straubhaar Robert Larose Lucinda Davenport

MEDIA NOW, Seventh Edition, empowers you to think critically about the media and its effects on culture by providing a thorough understanding of how media technologies develop, operate, converge, and affect society. MEDIA NOW prepares you for encounters in the expanding fields of the Internet, interactive media, and traditional media industries through engaging, up-to-date material that covers the essential history, theories, concepts, and technical knowledge you need to thrive. Extensively updated in a new sixth edition, MEDIA NOW provides a comprehensive introduction to today's global media environment and ongoing developments in technology, culture, and critical theory that continue to transform this rapidly evolving industry and affect our daily lives.

Listening to Music

by Craig Wright

Designed for an introductory course in music appreciation, this lavishly illustrated textbook encourages students to become active listeners who engage personally with what they are hearing. Sound files for the listening exercises are contained on the two accompanying CDs. Wright teaches music at Yale U. Annotation ©2007 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Societies, Networks, and Transitions: A Global History

by Craig A. Lockard

SOCIETIES, NETWORKS, AND TRANSITIONS connects the different regions of the world between chapters, and explores broader global themes in part-ending essays. This innovative structure combines the accessibility of a regional approach with the rigor of comparative scholarship to show students world history in a truly global framework. The "tree, tree, tree, forest" organization assures that students stay engaged and sure of when and where they are in their study of world history. The text also features a strong focus on culture and religion. Author and veteran teacher Craig Lockard engages students with a unique approach to cultural artifacts; such as, music and art. A range of pedagogical features--including focus questions, section summaries, and web-based study aids--support students and instructors as they explore the interconnectedness of different people, places, and periods in the global past. The Second Edition features all new maps--beautiful to look at and learn with---- an open, student-friendly design. Additionally, the text has been extensively revised to sharpen the narrative.

The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History (AP Edition)

by Daniel R. Headrick Pamela Kyle Crossley Richard W. Bulliet Lyman L. Johnson David Northrup Steven W. Hirsch

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Higher Level Biology

by Alan Damon Randy Mcgonegal Patricia Tosto William Ward

Completely revised new edition of the market-leading Biology textbook for HL, written for the new 2014 Science IB Diploma curriculum. Now with an accompanying four-year student access to an enhanced eText, containing simulations, animations, worked solutions, videos and much more. The enhanced eText is also available to buy separately and works on desktops and tablets. Follows the organizational structure of the new Biology guide, with a focus on the Essential Ideas, Understanding, Applications & Skills for complete syllabus-matching. Written by the highly experienced IB author team of Alan Damon, Randy McGonegal, Patricia Tosto and William Ward, you can be confident that you and your students have all the resources you will need for the new Biology curriculum. Features: * Nature of Science and ToK boxes throughout the text ensure an embedding of these core considerations and promote concept-based learning. * Applications of the subject through everyday examples are described in utilization boxes, as well as brief descriptions of related industries, to help highlight the relevance and context of what is being learned. * Differentiation is offered in the Challenge Yourself exercises and activities, along with guidance and support for laboratory work on the page and online. * Exam-style assessment opportunities are provided from real past papers, along with hints for success in the exams, and guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls. * Clear links are made to the Learner profile and the IB core values.

Fitness for Life

by Guy C. Le Masurier Charles Corbin Karen Mcconnell

Fitness for Life is a comprehensive fitness education program that helps students take responsibility for their own activity, fitness, and health. Through Fitness for Life, students are prepared to be physically active and healthy throughout their adult lives. This evidence-based and standards-based program follows a pedagogically sound scope and sequence to enhance student learning and progress. What's new in the Sixth Edition New to this book are three chapters (Strategies for Active Living, The Science of Active Living, and Lifelong Activity) that will help students transition from being active in school to sustaining the skills and motivation to remain active and fit for their lifetime. These chapters reinforce the Stairway to Lifetime Fitness concept, created by author Chuck Corbin, to serve as a guide for physical education standards nationwide. Some specifics include the following: - The New Physical Activity Pyramid for teens - Photos and art to illustrate concepts and engage students - Video that illustrates self-assessments and exercises - Information about the sciences on which physical education and fitness education are based - Information on scientific analysis of human movement using biomechanical principles - Information on simplified scientific method for use in decision making - Web icons and content - Technology features encouraging application as well as understanding - Science in Action feature that provides in-depth coverage of fitness, health, and wellness innovations - Exercise photos with art illustrating the muscles used - Taking Action feature that applies concepts and principles in physical activity - Planning activities for all activities in the Physical Activity Pyramid In addition, the authors went through an exhaustive process in revising and updating all the chapters to reflect current research and the new national physical education standards and fitness education standards. The entire book has been reorganized and completely rewritten. Award-Winning Text, Evidence-Based Approach The evidence-based Fitness for Life text earned a Texty Award for excellence from the Text and Academic Authors Association. It is based on scientific evidence and meets national and state physical education standards and national health and physical education guidelines. Materials have been field tested and used throughout the United States and the world. This comprehensive, interactive new resource will help students in the following ways: - Meet the national, state, and local grade-level standards and outcomes developed for K-12 physical education by SHAPE America based on the new standards outlined in Healthy People 2020 and published in 2014. - Learn the values and benefits of lifelong physical activity through the HELP philosophy, which specifies the goal of promoting health for everyone with an emphasis on lifetime activity designed to meet personal needs. - Become informed consumers on matters related to lifelong physical activity and fitness. - Learn self-management skills that lead to adopting healthy lifestyles. - Recognize and overcome the barriers to reaching activity and fitness goals. - Use technology to promote healthy living. - Separate fitness facts from fiction. - Take personal responsibility for program planning and setting individualized goals. This best-selling text, written by internationally renowned authors and educators Charles B. Corbin and Guy C. Le Masurier and contributing author and educator Karen McConnell, is suited for use in a general physical education or personal fitness class. It will help students meet national and state physical education standards--not only those focused on health-related fitness and ph

Health Opportunities Through Physical Education

by Charles B. Corbin Guy C. Le Masurier Karen E. McConnell David E. Corbin Terri D. Farrar

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Citizens Who Made a Difference

by Carol Domblewski

Find out about how Mary McLeod Bethune, Rachel Carson, and Cesar Chavez helped to make a better world.

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