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Los zapatos deportivos de Leonor (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level M #22)

by Maurie Manning Earl Ayder

Por un misterioso tubo de pegamento amarillo fosforescente, Leonor descubre un talento que no imaginaba tener. Pero la fama no es todo lo que Leonor pensaba que sería. ¿Descubrirá Leonor qué es lo verdaderamente importante antes de que sea demasiado tarde? NIMAC-sourced textbook

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Grade 4

by Zaner-Bloser

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Zaha Hadid: The Architect Who Never Quit (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading)

by Katherine Gleason

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Zac's New Act (Rigby Leveled Library, Level L #59)

by Cameron Macintosh Tom Jellett

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Zack's Birdhouse (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 1)

by Susan Blackaby Karen Jones

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Zachary's Ride [Grade 5]

by Beth Peck Chenille Evans

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Zachary and the Pony Express [Grade 5]

by Beth Peck Chenille Evans

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Yum! Yum!

by Joann Vandine David R. Clarke

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Yukon Adventures Magazine: Set of 6 (Readers' and Writers' Genre Workshop Ser.)

by Jeanette Leardi

NIMAC-sourced textbook

You're on the Trail! (Reach Into Phonics Ser.)

by Deborah J. Short Deanne W. Kells Donovan Brock

NIMAC-sourced textbook

You're Never Too Young to Save the Planet (Rigby Leveled Library, Level Q #4)

by Misha Herenger Daniel DelValle

NIMAC-sourced textbook

You're Never Too Young to Save the Planet

by Misha Herenger Daniel Delvalle

NIMAC-sourced textbook

You're a Grand Old Flag (Into Reading, Big Book Module 6)

by George Cohan

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Your Pet Crocodile: A Book of Dos and Don'ts (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading)

by David Catrow Annie Howe

NIMAC-sourced textbook. Impossible Pets. People have all kinds of pets— from birds to snakes, hedgehogs, monkeys, wallabies, and even big cats. It's legal in most places, with the right license. But wild animals can't be trained, the way you can train a puppy. And it's really not fair to force them to live in a house or an apartment. So laugh at this silly story about a pet crocodile, but stick to pets who adjust well to living with humans. Many cats and dogs are looking for a good home.

Your Hands (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Kindergarten)

by Betty Lichten

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Your Feet (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Kindergarten)

by Elizabeth Goss

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Your Family, Your Friends and You

by Linda Meeks Phil Heit

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Your Emotions: Your Brain's Survival Kit (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading)

by Carla Mooney Brucie Rosch

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Your Career: How to Make It Happen

by Julie Griffin Levitt Lauri Harwood

Introducing Your Career 7e, helping YOU stand out! THE #1 text of its kind, Your Career, 7e, has a brand new look! This new edition is sharp and focused, and it targets the best practices in today's job search and career-development process. Your Career, 7e, provides everything needed to deliver top-quality instruction and help students stand out in a crowd. Clear instruction guides students through self-assessment, employer research, writing a market-driven resume, and interviewing. Practical assignments and a technology-driven focus connect your students directly with the business community, employers, and the Internet. Your Career 7e provides the necessary tools for students to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace and reach their career potential.

Your Amazing Body!

by Cd Hullinger Lana Rios

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Young Man and the Sea

by Rodman Philbrick

A story of determination and survival from the acclaimed author of FREAK THE MIGHTY. "This thrilling and elegant book . . . will hold the interest of even the most stalwart landlubber. " -- PW Twelve-year-old Skiff Beaman's mom just died, and his fisherman dad is too depressed to drag himself off the couch and go to work. So these days Skiff has to take care of everything himself. But when his dad's boat sinks, Skiff discovers it will cost thousands to buy a new engine. Skiff's lobster traps won't earn him enough, but there are bigger fish in the sea -- bluefin tuna. If he can catch one of those monster fish, Skiff just might save the boat -- and his family.

Young Inventors

by Anne Miranda

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Young Eagle and His Horse (Houghton Mifflin Leveled Books #Level 2, Book 7)

by Lisa Lunney Kristina Rodanas

NIMAC-sourced textbook <p><p> This is Grade 5, Level 2, Book 7 in the Houghton Mifflin Leveled Books series. The book info is as follows: Level: Q / DRA: 40 / Genre: Historical Fiction / Strategy: Visualize / Skill: Understanding Characters / Word Count: 1,267

Young Champions: It's All About Attitude

by Linda Barr

Introduces people who have overcome their handicaps to become extraordinary athletes.

Young and Brave: The Struggle for School Desegregation

by Nancy-Jo Hereford

NIMAC-sourced textbook

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