Launch into Learning: Resources for Parents

Harness the excitement and energy to return to in-person learning with these helpful resources

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Get your child access at home and school

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School Account

A school account allows your child to log in and read books shared with or assigned to them by their teacher.
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Individual Membership

Individual Memberships allow students to find and read their own books, and, if the memberships are connected to their school account, students can also read books assigned by their teachers. Upgrading to an Individual Membership is free.

Learn how to get your child reading with Bookshare

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Read Books

Set up your child to read books in a web browser or find them a reading tool to read on their favorite device.

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Request a Book

Can’t find a book? Request one.

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Books for Fun

Browse our Special Collections to find books that your child can read for fun.

Connect with other Parents

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Bookshare Forum

Ask questions, get tips, and share your own.

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Connect with other parents on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Parent Ambassadors

Interested in helping other parents with Bookshare? Become a Parent Ambassador.

Get Help with Bookshare

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Learning Center

Learn about the resources and tools Bookshare has to offer your child.

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Need help? Contact us online or call us at 1-650-352-0198 (Hours: M-F, 9am – 5pm PST).

Where Else Can I Find Books for My Child?

In addition to Bookshare, you can find accessible books for your child from these providers.