Step 1: Select a Book to Proof

Some volunteers will choose to work on books that have been requested by members. Others choose a book they find personally interesting. Whether you're scanning your favorite novel or a historical biography, there are some common things to consider when you are selecting a book:

Just make sure that:

  • The book is not already be in Bookshare’s® collection (unless you are improving an existing copy or BSO)
  • It contains copyright information or Public Domain/Creative Commons documentation
  • It has a title page
  • Pages must have numbers (unless it has 35 pages or less)
  • Due to technical limitations, images must be removed (written image descriptions may be substituted)

Please note:

  • New York Times Best Sellers and major periodicals are already being scanned on a regular basis.
  • Bookshare cannot accept:

○     eBooks (even if they have been printed and scanned)

○     standardized tests

○     teacher editions of textbooks

○     copyrighted dramatic works (plays or screenplays)