Mentor Teachers

Inspire Lifelong Learners!

Are you a Bookshare Mentor Teacher?  Not yet? Learn more here.

For Bookshare Mentor Teachers, here are some helpful training resources that you can use with teachers, parents and qualified students.

To begin, you may want to learn from other teachers in the field.  Here we feature best practices by many of our Bookshare mentor teachers.  You may also want to explore our other resources to learn more about accessible educational materials, assistive technology and instructional tools.

Next you will find some training resources that you can use in your school or district trainings:

1.  Get information on how you can test and demonstrate Bookshare.

2.  Train others using the Bookshare in Depth power point (PPT)

3.  Share our collection of videos, webinars, and other resources.

4.  Host a Bookshare parent training or distribute Bookshare flyers at an after-school event:

5.  Contact Bookshare and schedule a follow up webinar with your group.  If you have a minimum of 20 participants schedule one today by contacting our training department.