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Let us help you make the most of your student’s Bookshare account by providing resources for implementing Bookshare.

K through 12 teachers:

Reading Strategies:

Literacy strategies are essential for educators to engage learners and can be broken into three categories; before reading, during reading, and after reading. Pre-reading, or before reading, strategies are a way to prepare students to engage with the text and provides a purpose for reading. These strategies activate students’ knowledge, stimulate interest, and establish a purpose to maintain engagement. During reading strategies guide students in their search for meaning as they make connections, ask questions, and allow teachers to monitor their comprehension. Finally, after reading strategies help deepen, reinforce, and extend students’ learning.

Below are examples strategies that will help engage students in Bookshare books, and can be used across all content areas.

Before Reading:

  • Vocabulary Development: (i.e., Trading Cards, Flip Books, Quick Draw, Pictionary)
  • Build background knowledge
  • Book Walk
  • Setting a reading purpose
  • For additional information, access our Before Reading Strategies Guide

During Reading:

  • Graphic organizers
  • Thinking maps
  • Questioning stems
  • Note taking
  • Think-Pair-Share activities
  • For additional information, access our During Reading Strategies Guide

After Reading:

K through 12 families:

Check out this video for parents to get started with Bookshare:

Video for parents to get started with Bookshare

Check out this short video with implementation strategies for you to use with your students at home.

For information on reading strategies and activities for early childhood educators and families, see our Resources for Early Childhood.

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