Partners play a critical role in helping Bookshare® achieve its mission of increasing timely access to accessible materials for all individuals with print disabilities. From digital content and better access technology, to membership and awareness about access technology worldwide, Bookshare and its partners collaborate on programs designed to get books and technology into the hands of people who need them. Working together, Bookshare and its partners offer programs that better serve current and prospective Bookshare Members, as well as the family, friends and teachers that assist them.

Bookshare partners with:

  • Associations, nonprofits and Schools: organizations, associations, schools and individuals who provide programs, services and membership opportunities for people with print disabilities. View list of associations and nonprofits.
  • Access technology providers: companies that create products to help people with print disabilities. View list of access technology providers.
  • Publishers: a variety of publishers that supply high quality digital files for their books to Bookshare. Many publishers also grant permission for global distribution of their books. View list of publishing partners.

To learn more about partnering with Bookshare or to submit a partnership proposal, please contact Bookshare by email.


Types of Initiatives

The Bookshare Partner Program offers a number of ways to collaborate. Bookshare has an established process that makes it easy to collaborate and develop programs. In addition, Bookshare is always looking for new, innovative initiatives. Examples include:

  • Marketing and outreach: reaching out and sharing valuable information that helps current and prospective Bookshare Members. Bookshare offers partners multiple levels of marketing opportunities that can help achieve this goal.
  • Engineering: integrating Bookshare technology into partner products and assuring quality performance.
  • Other: co-developing creative new ideas and initiatives that will help the Bookshare community. Bookshare is always eager to receive and explore new collaboration ideas with prospective partners.

Associations, Nonprofits and Schools

Access Technology Providers

  • American Printing House for the Blind — a source for adapted educational and daily living products.
  • BookCourier from Springer Design, Inc. - a portable reading device designed specifically for people with vision and learning disabilities that make reading difficult.
  • The Braille Institute — a private non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate blindness and severe sight loss as a barrier to a fulfilling life.
  • Code Factory — developer of mobile technology designed for the blind and visually impaired.
  • Don Johnston — developer of proven instructional models, effective literacy strategies and innovative technologies to help struggling learners reach grade-level performance.
  • Freedom Scientific — developer of assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, or have low vision or learning disabilities.
  • gh Accessibility — developer of cutting edge technology that impacts a broad range of people with all types of disabilities to provide the highest levels of access to static and dynamic information.
  • GW Micro — a pioneer in the adaptive technology industry, and continues to lead with innovative, customer driven solutions.
  • Humanware — developer of products that help visually-impaired individuals compete in a sighted world.
  • Kurzweil Educational Systems — developer of scanning and reading solutions for the blind and visually impaired (Kurzweil 1000) and scanning, reading and writing solutions for persons with reading disabilities (Kurzweil 3000).
  • Plextalk — developer of assistive technology devices such as digital talking book players for people who are blind, or have low vision or learning disabilities.

Technology Providers

Bookshare is appreciative of the non-profit licenses provided by these organizations:

  • RTF2FO is a pure Java RTF to XML converter that converts RTF documents to XML ones or in pairs of XSL templates and XML files with textual data in line with the latest W3C specifications for XSL FO formatting semantics. We use RTF2FO as part of our conversion engine when handling RTF uploads from volunteers.
  • Atlassian is the organization behind Confluence and JIRA, products which are key to our workflow.