Since Bookshare® was founded in 2001, individual authors have asked if they could make their books available to Bookshare Members, whether directly or through a formal agreement with their publisher. Bookshare is happy to work directly with authors to place their books in the Bookshare library if the author holds copyright.

If the copyright is held by the publisher, Bookshare encourages authors to talk to their publishers about making their books available to Bookshare. 

It sometimes happens that an author is made aware that his or her book is available on Bookshare through the efforts of volunteer scanners. If you would like clarification about how Bookshare is able to distribute books without author or publisher permission, please contact Bookshare's Director of Content Acquisition.

Bookshare is also happy to work with author associations interested in expanding access to books to people with disabilities. Through a formal agreement with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), Bookshare works to recognize the special role of authors in creating the books Bookshare Members want to read and to encourage the voluntary support of Bookshare by authors.

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