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Lifelong Learning Starts Here!

Is your class ready for Back-to-School? With a little preparation, your students with print disabilities can get the books and materials they need in accessible formats on the first day of class.  That way, you can spend more time teaching, and less time playing catch up throughout the school year.

How can you get ready?

Visit our Back-to-School page and complete three easy steps to get ready for the new school year! 

What's New with Bookshare?

Over the summer, we have been busy working to make Bookshare easier than ever.  Learn what's new!

Bookshare News

We’ve got some great resources for teachers:

  • Bookshare Mentors are training to win!  They are changing how their schools and districts provide accessible instructional materials to students with print disabilities. Every Mentor is charged with training their fellow teachers, parents, and students on how to download and read Bookshare books.  This year, Mentors are competing to win a number of fantastic prizes including an iPad, Read2Go iApps and gift certificates for school supplies.  Mentors are also encouraged to share their classroom strategies and tips through Bookshare on Facebook. Learn more about becoming a Mentor.
  • “Bookshare in Action” is our bi-monthly email newsletter for K-12 teacher Members. Designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers working with students with print disabilities, it is packed with tips for using Bookshare in the classroom.  Every edition features innovative ideas, new programs, training opportunities and popular book lists. When you sign up for Bookshare as a K-12 teacher, you will receive the newsletter automatically.
  • Free Training Materials for Educators - Visit our training page where we offer webinars, online learning guides, quick guides and links to a variety of resources.  Check back regularly as we make frequent updates.

Good Books

We are constantly increasing the Bookshare library, adding thousands of new books every month. Below are some of the popular collections for K-12 students. If you have recommendations for good books, please post them on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

Professional Development for Schools and Districts

  • Professional Development Workshops - These workshops are hands-on, on-site and scheduled in advance.  Find out how you can schedule a Bookshare workshop for your team!  Learn more.


For Training Purposes Only:

 Bookshare Professional Development Field Training Survey