Resources for Those Who Train Others in How to Use Bookshare®

On this page you will find an assortment of tools to support your efforts to train parents and other teachers in how to use Bookshare. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these materials, as the appropriate tools will depend on what you are trying to convey and your specific teaching environment. We will update this page frequently so please check back periodically.

In the list below, materials that are ideal for training parents are marked with an asterisk (*).

Introduction to Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) and Bookshare:

Eligibility Guidelines for Bookshare Membership:

How to Sign Up for Bookshare (Schools):

Guidance for Rolling out Bookshare in Large Districts

How to Give Students Individual Memberships (Schools):

How to Sign up for Bookshare (Parents):

How to Download and Read Bookshare Books Using Various Desktop Assistive Technologies:

Other Information on Tools and Devices that Read Bookshare Books:

How to Get Accessible Textbooks

How to Read Bookshare Books on Mobile Devices:

Bookshare Member Video Testimonials

  • High school student Alexis explains how Bookshare helped her stay in school. (2:56) *
  • Carlos and Wallace talk about their plans after high school and how Bookshare helped build their reading skills.(2:44) *
  • Dane and his mother Kathryn talk about how Bookshare helped boost his confidence and help him read independently. (3:04) *
  • Middle school musician Shane McKnight reads Bookshare books despite a learning disability using Kurzweill 3000. (1:56) *
  • An aspiring media producer with a visual impairment, 12th grader Steffon Middleton reads Bookshare books on his BrailleNote. (2:30) *
  • Jessica Pinto, an 8th grade student with a physical disability, reads Bookshare books in an enlarged font on her laptop. (2:01) *

Request a Demonstration Account

Bookshare can provide you with a special account that you can use to demonstrate Bookshare. There are two kinds of these accounts, one for demonstrating Bookshare to organizations (teachers) and one for demonstrating Bookshare to individuals. Simply request one or both of these demonstration accounts and explain why you need it/them.

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