Do you serve individuals with print disabilities?

For organizations that support individuals with qualifying print disabilities, Bookshare® is a valuable resource of accessible books. This page contains information and resources for libraries, assistive technology centers, rehabilitation centers, senior centers, community centers, book clubs, correctional facilities, resource centers, retirement communities, and group homes both inside and outside the U.S.

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First Steps

Getting started with Bookshare is easy:

  1. Find out if the people you serve qualify:
  2. If you do serve individuals who qualify, sign up for Bookshare.
  3. Install one of Bookshare’s free reading software applications or use your own compatible reading tools:
  4. Find and read books on Bookshare:

For additional guides and information, visit the Training page.


There are a number of resources for organizations serving people with print disabilities:


We have released new support features on the Bookshare website that make it easier for you to find answers. If you have a question, rather than finding answers in our FAQ pages, you now have access to a new Support Center. If you have new support requests, you can file them within the Support Center. In addition, the Contact Us page will stay on the site for support questions and other general inquiries. Visit the Support Center.

The Support Center has two new features:

  • Request Tracking: When you file a request from within the Support Center or Contact Us and are logged in, you’ll be able to see your requests and their status.
  • Knowledge Base: We have transferred all of the FAQ answers to common questions into a searchable Knowledge Base that you can go to first when you have questions. You can search for your question or browse the categories of Knowledge Base solutions to see if there's an answer that gives you the information you need.  The current FAQ sections will remain on the site until early 2011 so you can try out the Support Center and Knowledge Base, but you’ll still have the FAQs available if you need them.