Back-to-School and Lifelong Learning Start Here

Is your child ready for the new school year? With a little preparation, your child with print disabilities can get the books he or she needs in accessible formats on the first day of class.  That way, your child can spend more time learning, and less time playing catch up throughout the school year.

How can you get ready?

Visit our Back-to-School page for easy tips and tutorials!

What's New with Bookshare?

Over the summer, we have been busy working to make Bookshare easier than ever.  Learn what's new!


Would your child read better with a different kind of book?

If your son or daughter has difficulty reading print books, then perhaps your child has a print disability. As a first step, find out what a print disability is! 

Maybe digital books and multi-modal reading, or audio books and books, or digital braille books from Bookshare® will help. Explore multi-modal reading in this short blog or watch a short video.

You might want to listen to a mom talking about her son using Bookshare.

If Bookshare is appropriate for your child, rest assured that it is FREE for all U.S. students with qualified print disabilities through an award from the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education.


How Do I Get Started?