As parents of student Members, you are an important part of the Bookshare® community. Bookshare is here to support you and your children in acquiring accessible reading materials so they can achieve their full learning potential. Whether you are new to Bookshare or have been involved for years, you’ll find information and resources to help with your children’s education.


Information for Parents New to Bookshare

Are you new to Bookshare? Through an award from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), Bookshare offers free memberships to both U.S. students with qualifying print disabilities and to U.S. schools. As a result, your child can access the largest online library of accessible digital books at no cost. Your child has several options for signing up with Bookshare:

  • Individual membership. This allows your child unlimited access to the Bookshare library. You and/or your child download books whenever you want, except textbooks, which need to be downloaded by your child’s school. Find out if your child qualifies, or sign up TODAY!
  • Membership through your child’s school. Your child’s school can sign up as a Member of Bookshare. The school then registers your child as a qualified student, and a teacher or staff member downloads books, including textbooks, for your child. Contact your child’s school or teacher to find out if they have registered with Bookshare.
  • Both. Your child can have both an individual membership AND be listed on his or her school membership. This option provides the greatest access and flexibility in downloading books.


Discussion and Information Sharing

Bookshare has many avenues for sharing your ideas and insights:



There are a number of resources for parents of students with print disabilities. Keep checking this page for new links:

Information for Parents

Parents Networks

National Resources and Networks


Items of Interest


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to contribute to Bookshare. You can donate funds, books, or time and expertise.

By volunteering with Bookshare, you not only get to help add books to the library, you also become part of a very lively community. Bookshare Volunteers hold contests, sponsor books clubs, and run a discussion group. In addition, Volunteers with print disabilities can earn credits toward their membership fees. Learn more about volunteering.

If you scan a book for your child’s use and want share the book file with others, or if you just want to help build the Bookshare library with other efforts, sign up as a Volunteer.


Customer Support

Bookshare has a number of resources to help with any question: