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Are your students ready for a new school year? With a little preparation, your students with print disabilities can get the books and materials they need in accessible formats on the first day of class.  That way, they can spend more time learning, and less time playing catch up throughout the school year.

How can you get ready?

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What's New with Bookshare?

Over the summer, we have been busy working to make Bookshare easier than ever. 

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More information for:

  • Disabled Student Services Offices — “We tell our students to look in Bookshare first before they request a book from our office.” (from an Alt Media Specialist at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference, November, 2010).
    Learn how Bookshare can save you time and money. Sign up for Bookshare now.
  • Alternate Media Offices — “We scan a large number of books every year for our students with print disabilities, and would like to share these books through Bookshare. We have a lot of books and get more every semester. If your library is bigger, eventually we will be finding more we can use—and so will everyone else.” Marianne C. Oberdoerster, Loras College.
    Avoid duplication of effort; access books scanned by other universities. Have books to share?


Bookshare's University Partners

Typically, postsecondary students with print disabilities must wait weeks to get their textbooks in a format they can read. Meanwhile classes are underway.

Bookshare® created the University Partnership Program to increase the availability of accessible materials and textbooks for U.S. postsecondary students with print disabilities. College and university partners upload books they have scanned for their students to the Bookshare site. This saves time and money for universities by reducing duplication of effort: “scan once, share many times.”

In addition to the Partnership Program, universities are encouraged to sign up qualified students for individual memberships.


Bookshare University Partners:

Alliant International University
Arizona State University
Boston University
College of New Jersey
College of San Mateo
De Anza College
Florida State University
George Mason University
Georgetown University Law Center
Hadley School for the Blind
Idaho State University
Indiana University
Landmark College
Loras College
Michigan State University
Miami University
Monterey Peninsula College
Mohawk Community College
Ohio State University
San Diego Mesa College
Santa Clara University
Santa Monica College
Santa Rosa Junior College
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Stanford University
Texas A&M University, College Station
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
University of California, Berkeley
University of Colorado
University of Idaho
University of Montana
University of Texas, Austin
Utah State University
Whittier College

Good Books

Twenty-one University presses provide Bookshare with digital book files and worldwide rights to those files. Through them, thousands of new scholarly works have been contributed to the Bookshare collection. The University of Chicago Press is the oldest and largest American university press, having been founded in 1891. The Books Division publishes approximately 250 books a year and currently has more than 5,300 books in print. The Press has published over 11,000 books since its founding. The Press is further distinguished by its Journals Division, which publishes 49 journals and annuals.

Here are three recent additions to Bookshare that might be of interest to the students you serve:


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