The Bookshare® Bulletin

Bookshare produces a quarterly email newsletter full of the latest news and events in the Bookshare community. You’ll find tips for using the Bookshare library, news about publishers, events, Members, and links to popular blogs.

Bookshare University Newsletter

Get the news you need to help university students with disabilities. Bookshare’s monthly university newsletter is designed for Disabled Student Services professionals, Alternate Media Specialists and other college and university staff who work with students with disabilities. You will find news about accessible textbooks, finding books, publisher relationships, partners, webinars, and more. 


Additional Bookshare Newsletters

In addition to the general newsletter described above, Bookshare also produces newsletters for specific audiences. Feel free to sign up for any and all newsletters that interest you:

  • Parents in the Know! Newsletter
    This monthly newsletter for parents has fresh and timely information to support their children with print disabilities. Topics include trainings on how to sign up for Bookshare, information on advanced topics like accessible textbooks and assistive technology, and announcements of upcoming events and fun contests. “Parents In the Know” is a valuable and trusted resource. 
  • “Bookshare in Action” for K-12 Educators
    This bi-monthly email newsletter is designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers working with students with print disabilities. It is packed with tips for using Bookshare in the classroom.  Every edition features innovative ideas, new programs, training opportunities and popular book lists.