Are you a Veteran?

Bookshare® honors the service and sacrifices of our Veterans.

  • Veterans with qualifying disabilities will find books for school and for pleasure reading in Bookshare. The collection has a wide range of topics, including an expanding collection of military interest books. See “Good Books” below for examples. Learn how to get started with Bookshare.
  • Veterans Who Are Students are eligible for free Bookshare memberships and many universities have begun programs to serve Veterans.  For example, the California Community College system has begun to serve Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). It is estimated that 16,000 of the 21,000 Veterans and their dependents using the GI Bill at California postsecondary institutions are enrolled at a community colleges. Bookshare is looking forward to working with the Veterans Resource Centers at the California Community Colleges. Other universities with Veterans' programs are encouraged to contact Bookshare to provide students with accessible books. In the meantime, learn how to sign up for a student membership with Bookshare.
  • Veterans Hospitals and Professionals Who Work With Veterans — Help the Veterans you serve find accessible reading material. Sign up your patients for Bookshare – free for students; nominal fee for others. Buy a book block today and introduce your patients to the joys of reading with Bookshare. Sign up for an organizational membership with Bookshare!


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