Individuals play a vital role in the Bookshare® community. You can help Bookshare achieve the vision of increasing access to reading material for people with print disabilities.

Volunteer to Add Books to the Library

Many of the books in the Bookshare library have been contributed through the spirit of sharing and efforts of dedicated volunteers. If you are a U.S. resident and over 15 years old, you can help build the Bookshare library by joining Bookshare’s active community of volunteers. Learn more about volunteering.


Donate Books

Bookshare accepts donations of current textbooks needed by students with print disabilities for classes for K-12, college courses, graduate school and professional certificate programs.  We are able to convert these books thanks to funding from the US Department of Education. To learn more about how to donate school books to the Bookshare collection, please email While we greatly appreciate the generosity of donations of other types of books, limitations of space, staff and funding currently prevent us from accepting them.  We suggest you donate these books to other libraries who are actively seeking such donation.


Donated books cannot be returned. If you require any special considerations regarding your donation, please email Bookshare.