Bookshare® is a global online digital library for people with print disabilities utilizing the provisions of copyright law that permit the reproduction of publications into specialized formats for those with disabilities. An initiative of Benetech®, Bookshare is dedicated to making reading material accessible to those with print disabilities around the world. Learn more about how Bookshare works.

Bookshare encourages publishers to become partners and participate in this initiative to make accessible content available for those with print disabilities. By submitting digital files to Bookshare, publishers can control the quality of the digital edition and ensure that Bookshare Members have the highest quality reading experience. By submitting files simultaneously with print publication, publishers ensure that Bookshare Members have access to new titles at the same time that the general reading public accesses them. This dramatically reduces the hours of scanning and preparation by volunteers, parents, and school staff to provide accessible books to those with print disabilities. With Bookshare’s solid digital rights management plan, you can be assured that both the Bookshare library and its Members comply with the copyright law.

How to Become a Publishing Partner

  1. Contact Bookshare’s Director of Content Acquisition, Robin Seaman, in Palo Alto, California at 650-644-3412 or send an email.
  2. Complete the Publisher’s Letter of Consent. Sign the form and either mail or fax (with a digital signature) it. Bookshare requires one signed copy. The Publisher Liaison will countersign the document and send back however many copies you request.
  3. Upload files. As soon as an agreement has been signed, Bookshare will send you a username and password and instructions on uploading files. If you prefer to work with your own digital distribution service, Bookshare will work directly with them to obtain files.

Working with Bookshare to Promote Your Titles

The Bookshare community of Members constitutes a network of tens of thousands of individuals who collaborate and share books and information about books. This viral network of readers can spread the word about books they love to a wide community of readers, including sighted readers and those with disabilities that don’t qualify under the Chafee Amendment.

Through its online Reading Room Bookshare can showcase your books to Bookshare Members and visitors and share information about authors along with reviews and information about significant media events.

Benetech’s communications team has generated international press coverage on its initiatives. They will work with you on press releases and media both about new partnerships as well as new titles of particular interest. View the latest announcements about Bookshare’s publishing partners. For more information, contact Bookshare’s Director of Content Acquisition, Robin Seaman.