Find Books

After you have chosen a reading tool, you are ready to find books! 

The Bookshare® collection grows every day and has a wide variety of titles, including popular fiction for all ages, nonfiction and reference books, children’s books, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, and over 250 newspapers and periodicals.   

There are several ways to find books:


Search for Books

Bookshare provides a number of ways to help you find a specific book. If you know the title, author, ISBN, and even a popular phrase in the book, like “To be or not to be” from Shakespeare, we can help you find it!  

There are 3 ways to search:

  • Standard Search – search quickly and easily by  title, author, ISBN or phrase within a book. Simply type your search term and select “Search.” The Standard Search box is located at the top of every page. 
  • Quick Search – search the collection in a format optimized for a screen reader. Quick search removes the top navigation and allows you to search quickly and bookmark for future searches. Results are displayed in a simple Google-like format that offers quick access to book information and download links. Quick Search is located in your Task Bar after you log in.
  • Advanced Search -  – refine your search to fewer results, using specific criteria like title-only, author-only, or a combination of criteria.  You can also choose to search the Bookshare collection or other partner collections, like the Internet Archive. The “Advanced Search” link is located under the Standard Search field at the top of every page.

For more details on using search features, visit the Support Portal.


Browse Collections

Browsing the collection allows you to find books by perusing books organized by a number of criteria. You can browse by author, category, new books, special collections, newspapers and magazines and more. You can find the “Browse” link under the Standard Search field at the top of every page.

Categories to browse include:


Are you an international Bookshare member? Read our international browsing tips!

Can’t find a book?  You can search our partner collection, the Internet Archive, or you can request a book.  Learn more about requesting books.