New and improved from Bookshare

Bookshare has been busy making improvements over the summer!  Check out what's new and improved:


Web-based Reading and Organizational Tools

The following tools will make it easier to organize, access, and read books directly from an Internet browser.

Bookshare Web Reader (For Individual Members only)

  • Read books directly from your Internet browser without having to download files or install special reading tools. You must have an Individual Membership to use this feature. Learn more.

Reading Lists (formerly Bookshelves)

  • Save books to virtual Reading Lists that will help you stay organized.  Once a book is added to a Reading List, you can access it easily anywhere you have Internet and monitor download activity. Sponsors can also share lists with students with Individual Memberships who can download titles independently, including NIMAC-sourced books, directly from a shared Reading List. Watch a short video for organizations or individuals, or read the Support Center guide.


Updates for Organizational Sponsors

The following updates will make it easier for Sponsors to add student members, manage rosters, and get titles in formats they need.

Organizational Member sign up improvements

  • Set your student’s book download preferences during signup. When you add students to your roster, you can also set their download preference to DAISY Text (with or without images), DAISY Audio, MP3, or BRF (Braille Ready Format) and make sure they get the right format every time.
  • Get your students access to Bookshare at home. When you add new students to your roster, you can also email pre-filled Individual Membership forms to a student or parent / guardian for them to complete to begin using Bookshare independently at home. Learn more.

Add and remove multiple students to your Quicklist

  • You can now add multiple students to or remove them from your Quicklist. This will allow you to quickly and easily download titles for your most active students. Learn more.

Add students to Reading Lists (formerly Bookshelves) from your roster

  • You can now create and add students to Reading Lists (formerly Bookshelves) directly from your roster.  While managing your roster, you can also add books to Reading Lists and ensure your students get the books they need.

Link existing Individual Memberships to your school account

  • You can now link students' Individual Memberships that are not connected to your school account. They may have signed up with Bookshare separately, and you now want to be able to link accounts and share Reading Lists directly with these students. Learn more.


Individual Member Sign Up Improvements

The following updates will make it easier to sign up for Bookshare access at home.

  • Parents or guardians can now complete Individual Membership forms online for students under 18 years old. After completing the online form, you can print pre-filled Membership Agreement and Proof of Disability forms to complete and return.
  • Veterans can now indicate their Veteran status during sign up.


New Books, Spanish Titles, and Book Requests

Now, you can get access to even more books, including Spanish titles.


Read2Go Update for Books with Images

Make sure your version of Read2Go is up to date and take advantage of this new great feature.

  • Get books with images more easily on Read2Go. You no longer need to transfer books with images via iTunes.  Learn more.