Getting Started Overview

Using Bookshare® is simple. You can search for a specific title or browse through the library and its special collections, including newspapers and magazines. With a Bookshare membership, you can download accessible titles onto your computer or read them with a variety of reading tools that give you a range of options. To enhance your web experience, you can take advantage of the site’s accessibility features.


Over the summer, we have also been busy making Bookshare even easier to use. Learn what's new!


In this section:

  • Find Books
    How to search and browse the Bookshare library.
  • Download Books
    Information about downloading Bookshare books.
  • Read Books
    Options for reading downloaded Bookshare books, software, hardware and Braille as well as information about embossing options.
  • Reading Tools
    Tools that work with Bookshare books (software and hardware), as well as links to other electronic and accessible book collections.