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Here’s where you’ll get the scoop on what’s been added to the collection - from New York Times best sellers to great reads for young readers to academic and professional books, and a whole lot more. The Bookshare library is growing at a phenomenal rate, thanks to the efforts of Volunteers who contribute books and to the increasing number of publishers who are providing digital files for their books simultaneously with print publication.

Our New York Times best sellers include:

Bookshare® makes sure every best seller from the Times is in the collection. Malcolm Gladwell’s latest books, Outliers: The Story of Success and his classic The Tipping Point are both available.

In its review of The Story of Success, Publishers Weekly wrote that Gladwell’s “gift for spotting an intriguing mystery, luring the reader in, then gradually revealing his lessons in lucid prose is on vivid display.”

Here’s a smorgasbord of other great titles just added to Bookshare that make it abundantly clear that we have something for readers of all stripes:

Movie Tie-ins in Bookshare!

A forthcoming title everyone at Bookshare is especially excited about!


Bookshare is thrilled to be making available Patrick Henry Hughes’ I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams. Our community of readers is going to love this inspirational story of the blind and disabled twenty-year-old musician and student at the University of Louisville who won Disney’s Wide World of Sports Spirit Award in 2006. Sports Illustrated raved about Patrick Henry, “The kid’s a killer pianist and a monster trumpet player. Even though people have tried to stop him... he has done nothing but succeed.”

Here’s Patrick Henry in his own words: “I can’t see, I can’t walk, and can’t do lots of other things. With all this, people might think, ‘Gee, what a terrible thing. How could I bear to live like that.’ But I don’t view it that way. Through my trials, God has given me experiences that taught me important lessons about life, which help get me through each and every day. I’ve never felt any pressure to do more than I can, but I’m always expected to do all that I can. The greatest gift I can give back to others is to share those experiences and lessons.”

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