Training Videos

Check out these training videos and learn more about accessible instructional materials in the classroom.

Training Videos

 Bookshare and the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) - A Vision for Implementing Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) in a Large Urban School District.  Learn how DCPS is working towards improved access of educational materials for students with print disabilities. You will be inspired by their ideas and vision.  Watch the video here!


"What Am I?" - A fun video from Bookshare, which we created for administrators, educators, parents, students, and anyone else who will benefit from it. How quickly can you guess its subject?  Check it out!


AIM in the Classroom

Developed by the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials and the Michigan Department of Education, the purpose of these tutorials is to provide a suite of tools for learning about and using assistive technology applications that support the use of accessible instructional materials (AIM).


Check out these additional videos from  the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials focused on classroom implementation and teaching practices.