What is Bookshare?

Making reading accessible to people with print disabilities.


Bookshare is the world’s largest online library of copyrighted content for people with qualifying print disabilities.  What can you do with Bookshare?

  • Access a large and diverse collection of titles for school or pleasure reading
  • Read eBooks on computers, tablets, phones, assistive technology, MP3 players and more
  • Listen to books with high quality text-to-speech voices
  • Read multi-modally (see and hear words as they are being read and highlighted)
  • Take notes, add bookmarks, look up word definitions, and more
  • Download free reading tools for PCs, Mac, and Android devices (learn more)
  • Qualified U.S. students and the schools serving them can join Bookshare for FREE through an award from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
  • Non-students and international members pay a low annual fee (learn more)


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Learn more about Bookshare from this short video.