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We have an active Bookshare® volunteer community and we want to keep you informed! Volunteers can keep up with the latest developments through the volunteer newsletter or by building relationships with other volunteers through the volunteer discussion lists. The Bookshare Volunteer Program staff is available to help with questions or concerns and we are eager to hear your thoughts. We are glad to have you join the Bookshare team and we hope you enjoy your time volunteering with us!


Ways to Contact Us:


Contact us though the website

Make sure to select "Volunteering" in the "My Question Is About" dropdown menu. 


Join the Freelists:

Bookshare’s online discussion group allows the volunteer community to share their expertise on submitting and proofreading books, thus leveraging their combined knowledge.  It also offers a way for volunteers to get to know each other and it is a great great resource for new volunteers. To sign up, send a blank email with “subscribe” in the subject line to:


Check out our latest newsletter

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Browse the Proofing and Scanning Manual

This comprehensive manual covers any questions that may arise during the scanning or proofreading processes.


Check out the Bookshare Blog

Here you will find the latest news and updates from Bookshare.


Guidelines for Freelist Users:


Please be mindful of people's feelings and show courtesy and respect in your online conversations.


Bookshare lists are not an appropriate avenue to promote personal religious or political views, or comment on other people’s perspectives. If anyone feels that a list user is abusing this platform with posts of an unduly negative, biased, or offensive nature we ask that they write in their complaint off-list to the contact information listed above [link again] so that we can address the issue privately.


FreeLists provides an option for receiving all of the messages in a daily digest format. To turn on digest mode, send an email message with the phrase “set digest” in the subject line to 


To unsubscribe from the list, send an email message with the word unsubscribe in the subject line, to