Proofreading Steps

Bookshare volunteers are acknowledged for the high quality of scanned books in our collection! Here you will learn the steps necessary to correct errors and formatting to make books fully accessible by our members

Step 1 - Select a Book to Proofread

This step shows you how to access the proofreader's check-out queue to download the book you wish to proofread

Step 2 - Review Process 

Learn how to find the due dates for books you have checked-out to proofread; how to release a book if you are unable to finish; and when to reject a book and forward it to Bookshare staff

Step 3 - Proofread a Book

The table in this section outlines the basic tasks and guidelines for completing them. For additional information or to sign-up for an online training session, contact Bookshare's volunteer team

Step 4 - Check-in a Book

This final step will walk you through the process of checking in a book