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Learn about our collectionBookshare makes 983,034 books available to qualifying print-disabled members.  We serve a wide range of readers by making accessible books of many different kinds textbooks, best-sellers and award winners in all genres, how-to and business... more
DAISY and BRF are digital formats for accessible materials. NISO/DAISY 3 is the global digital talking book standard (, supported by many leading libraries, assistive technology software and hardware manufacturers worldwide that serve those... more
Video Tutorial: Bookshare Download Formats × Books from Bookshare are available in six formats that make them accessible to people with various reading barriers:Bookshare Web... more
Bookshare has chosen to produce digital files that can be read with a range of text-to-speech (TTS) tools, rather than books that are human-narrated, to offer members the widest possible selection of materials as efficiently as possible. As a result, we can add... more