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First verify that you can hear audio in other applications.  If you cannot adjust the volume setting of your device.If your device's audio is enabled, turn on the Text to Speech engine for Read2Go by doing the following:Open Read2Go.Select Settings.Select Audio.Toggle... more
Apple offers volume purchases to approved US educational institutions. Learn more about the App Store Volume purchase program or sign up here: 
To download copyrighted books, you must sign in using your Bookshare username and password set by a Bookshare sponsor or teacher, or your the email address on your Bookshare account and your case sensitive password.
Read2Go only includes built in text to speech in English.Additional languages can be read if utilizing VoiceOver, for information on how to access books with VoiceOver please see: How do I read with Voice Over in Read2Go
Read2Go runs on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 4.0 or later.  Read2Go is not available on Blackberry, Windows mobile, or Android devices.
DAISY 2.0.2 and DAISY 3 books are supported; however, only Bookshare books are fully tested.Non-Bookshare books will need to be manually transferred into the device using the iTunes transfer process. 
Your school must enrolled in the App Store Volume purchase program ( enrolled your school can buy Volume Vouchers using a purchase order, credit card, or PCard. Program facilitators purchase Read2Go with the vouchers and get... more
Read2Go costs $19.99 for each license. Discounted volume licensing is also available, for more information see: /help-center/how-do-we-purchase-read2go-volume  
Read2Go is available for purchase in the iTunes App Store. 
Locate and download a Daisy book through Bookshare onto your computer.Plug your device in and open iTunes.Select your device on the top right corner of iTunes. (If the device does not appear on the top right corner, please ensure you have the latest version of iTunes... more
We currently offer a number of apps for reading books on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Read2Go and Voice Dream Reader are our two most popular apps, however Capti Narrator is also available for iOS users.All three apps feature integrated Text to Speech, however Voice... more
To read with VoiceOver, please do the following (ensure VoiceOver is already turned on):Open Read2GoSelect Settings Select AudioChange the Read2Go Audio option from On to OffSelect SettingsSelect VisualSelect Display by Page, and turn it offSelect SettingsSelect... more
To download Bookshare books with images Read2Go, first enable your settings:Ensure Read2Go is updated to version 1.1.0Enable images are under the visual optionsWhen the image option is enabled all downloads of Bookshare books will automatically include images if images... more
Read2Go will play DAISY Audio files, however these books must be manually downloaded into the device through one of two options:Download the DAISY Audio files onto your computer and transfer them in through iTunes.OrOpen Safari on the device:Go to www.bookshare.... more
Read2Go is specifically an Apple DAISY reader. Bookshare does offer an Android application, Go Read, for more information please visit Go Read.  If there are specific devices you are interested seeing Bookshare delivered on, please add that feedback in our Bookshare... more