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Learn about our collectionBookshare makes 1,010,024 books available to qualifying print-disabled members.  We serve a wide range of readers by making accessible books of many different kinds textbooks, best-sellers and award winners in all genres, how-to and business... more
DAISY and BRF are digital formats for accessible materials. NISO/DAISY 3 is the global digital talking book standard (, supported by many leading libraries, assistive technology software and hardware manufacturers worldwide that serve those... more
Video Tutorial: Bookshare Download Formats × Books from Bookshare are available in six formats that make them accessible to people with various reading barriers:Bookshare Web... more
Bookshare has chosen to produce digital files that can be read with a range of text-to-speech (TTS) tools, rather than books that are human-narrated, to offer members the widest possible selection of materials as efficiently as possible. As a result, we can add... more
Yes, Bookshare has college level textbooks. U.S.laws don't reqiure publishers to provide college level textbooks in alternate formats however we acquire them from colleges and universities through partnerships for scanning and sharing books.Bookshare hopes to build... more