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Currently, only Individual Members can use Bookshare Reader for Alexa smart speakers. It is not available to students on school accounts. Getting students a full Individual Membership is easy and has many benefits. Learn how to give your student an Individual... more
Bookshare Reader for web reads math content in correct math language. Simply open a math book in Bookshare Reader for web, and math content like equations will be read. 
You can select voices available through your device by going to Settings > Audio in Bookshare Reader.   To get new voices, you can acquire them through your device’s speech or audio settings (outside of Bookshare Reader). Once you add the new voice to your device... more
Bookshare’s Reader offers voice options that are available through your device. Voice options are not available through the app itself. You can view voice options through your device system settings. They are also displayed in Bookshare Reader in Settings > Audio. 
Members can use Bookshare Reader with the following shortcutsWindows Computers and LaptopsOpen Table of Contents: Alt + C Open List of Bookmarks: Alt + Shift + B Bookmark: Alt + B Back to My Bookshare page: Alt + Back arrow Where am I: Alt + W Go to page: Alt + P Open... more
The new Bookshare Reader does have the ability to create bookmarks.  The Bookmarks icon allows you to insert a bookmark to remember where you left off. You visually see an orange bookmark indicator appear.You can utilize multiple bookmarks on a page, by selected the “... more
The new Bookshare Reader for web is a free tool that is compatible with these web browsers: Google Chrome version 33+Safari version 6.1+Chromebooks version 14+  The New Microsoft EdgeIt has exciting new features such as: Bookmarking for easy reference Multiple... more
If a book does not have a "Read Now" link, it may be due to one of the following reasons:You may be using a browser that is not compatible with the Bookshare Reader. Please read about compatible browsers here.Your book is not available in a format that works with... more
For an effective reading experience, we recommend using Bookshare Web Reader on the following browsers:Google Chrome version 87 and above Chromebooks version 87 and aboveSafari version 12.1 and above Microsoft Edge version 87 and aboveMozilla Firefox version 78 and... more