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This issue has been resolved, please update to the latest version of Read2Go, version 1.1.0.  
This issue was resolved with the latest version of Read2Go, please update Read2Go to version 1.1.0.
Watch a demo of the Bookshare app for iOS devices at:
Unfortunately we recently started experiencing an issue with Read2Go where books disappear from the My Books list. As of this time we only know of two possible causes for this issue, the first is an error caused by a recent iOS update. We highly recommend completely... more
Before updating, please ensure that the Read2Go app is shut down by doing the following:Double tap the home button.Press and hold an application at the bottom. The application icons at the bottom will begin to shake. Press the Red - button to shut down the app. Press... more
If the information in the "Help" built into the application doesn't answer your questions, you can review the content available in our Help Center, or contact Bookshare Support. For questions about your Apple device, please contact Apple Support.
First verify that you can hear audio in other applications.  If you cannot adjust the volume setting of your device.If your device's audio is enabled, turn on the Text to Speech engine for Read2Go by doing the following:Open Read2Go.Select Settings.Select Audio.Toggle... more
Apple offers volume purchases to approved US educational institutions. Learn more about the App Store Volume purchase program or sign up here: 
To download copyrighted books, you must sign in using your Bookshare username and password set by a Bookshare sponsor or teacher, or your the email address on your Bookshare account and your case sensitive password.
Read2Go only includes built in text to speech in English.Additional languages can be read if utilizing VoiceOver, for information on how to access books with VoiceOver please see: How do I read with Voice Over in Read2Go
Read2Go runs on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 4.0 or later.  Read2Go is not available on Blackberry, Windows mobile, or Android devices.
DAISY 2.0.2 and DAISY 3 books are supported; however, only Bookshare books are fully tested.Non-Bookshare books will need to be manually transferred into the device using the iTunes transfer process. 
Your school must enrolled in the App Store Volume purchase program ( enrolled your school can buy Volume Vouchers using a purchase order, credit card, or PCard. Program facilitators purchase Read2Go with the vouchers and get... more
Read2Go costs $19.99 for each license. Discounted volume licensing is also available, for more information see: /help-center/how-do-we-purchase-read2go-volume  
Read2Go is available for purchase in the iTunes App Store.